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  1. Site URL: https://plenitudpr.org/donate Hi! I am trying to adjust the height for a specific index page section on my donation page. Could you support with custom css to adjust the yellow index page section with slug #buttons?
  2. Site URL: https://www.harvestfilmco.com/ I would like to change the height of the two buttons on my home page (on mobile only) so that they are centered over the photos. What is the custom css input to change the height of the buttons on mobile only?
  3. Site URL: https://www.anqi-wu.com Hello, I was wondering if there is any custom css code available to adjust the outer padding and site height of my website? I am currently using the Wells template. The style editor menu allows me to adjust the outer padding but only to a max value of 80px. I was wondering if there is code available for me to adjust the padding past the 80px limit, for example 90px or 100px. As well, the style editor menu lets me adjust the site width, but no option to adjust the site height which I would also like to be able to customize. If anyone could help that would be
  4. Site URL: https://photojourneys.co.uk/ Hi there, I have added two blocks on the following page, side by side - https://www.photojourneys.co.uk/journeys/istanbul While the height of the blocks looks fine whenever the maximum width of that section is reached (see screenshot 1), this is no longer the case whenever the page is narrower (think 16:9 screen viewed in portrait mode, as illustrated in screenshot 2). I was wondering whether there was a way for the map block to resize along with the text block? I would like for the two blocks to be of the same height at all time
  5. I'm really struggling to get an image to display properly in the first section of a page in 7.1. If I add the image to any section below the first section, it will display properly. The first section on each page appears to have a shorter height, I guess because of the site header. But I can't seem to find any combination of image sizing that won't cut off the top of the image when it displays. I have the section height set at 100%. I've dragged the focus dot up to the very top of the image. I've resized, cropped, and re-loaded at least a dozen variations of image sizes and nothin
  6. Hello all, I would like to be able to go UP from the homepage. Is there a way to achieve this? Thanks very much in advance! Best regards PS: Imagine a horizon and ultimately the visitors should be able to choose if they scroll up into the sky, or down where the website follows. As I am using the Burke template, I'd also need to figure out how to smooth the (parralax ?) scrolling. (right now im experimenting a 2part banner pic)
  7. Site URL: https://www.sierraccook.com/ Hello everyone! I am struggling to figure out how to change the height sections on mobile. On a desktop, the large height sections look great, but on mobile they are spread way too far apart. This is the amount of space on a desktop: And this is the amount of space on mobile: I would like for the distances to be about the same on both screens, and would also like for the images on mobile to be the same width. Since the images of the phones are actually background photos, changing the hei
  8. Site URL: https://parrotfish-prism-sd2e.squarespace.com/appointments I am working on this page: https://parrotfish-prism-sd2e.squarespace.com/appointments It is a beauty clinic that wishes to display its Schedulicity booking page from within Squarespace. I went into their Schedulicity profile and I am inserting the following code from Schedulicity's Website to embed their Scheduling Widget into a code block: <script type="text/javascript" src="https://api.schedulicity.com/public/widget/CNN5S9/embed"></script> The code block creates the desired 'portal' to the fol
  9. Hello, Can anyone guide me on this how to fix such kind of image for mobile view? PFA Thanks in advance! Regards, Rukhsar
  10. Site URL: https://romablack.squarespace.com/contact Hi Guys, What is the best solution to stop my map scaling down in height when next to a form block? The form block keeps a consistent height and the map block just shrinks. I want the map to be consistent in height and shrink the width instead? Images attached. Thanks Dan
  11. Site URL: https://turquoise-platinum-pr9s.squarespace.com Hello, I'm looking for custom css code for the mobile version of my site. My two problems are: 1. I would like to reduce the height of the mobile footer, so the links are closer together. 2. The background I uploaded shrinks when viewed as mobile. This does not happen on the first section of the home page. Password: jjj Any help would be great, Jacob. @tuanphan
  12. Hi all I am trying my best to create a website for my new store, I dont have a URL for it as I am currently trialling new versions, and looking in between 7 and 7.1. In 7.1 is there any way of reducing the height of the categories bar? I cant find it anywhere and have been searching the internet all morning. Have attached a screenshot of the 7.1 version, compared to how it looks on 7, which I much prefer, asides from the navigation coming up as a side panel. If anyone can help would really appreciate, the categories bar is so massive and distracting!
  13. Hello, I have carousel gallery blocks as a banner in the first section of a page. How can I change the height of this section for mobile & tablet? Thank you. Katja
  14. Site URL: https://graffdesignco.squarespace.com/about I am using the Hover Portfolio section on my About Page and I noticed that I can't change the section height in the Edit area like we could a blank section. Is it possible with code, for me to be able to decrease the height on the portfolio hover section? I decreased the hover image size considerably to accommodate a section height decrease. There is a password set on the site as its still in development, it is: alana I would very much appreciate the help, thanks so much! Edited to add: I noticed when I increased the
  15. Site URL: http://www.takebackyourcareerpodcast.com Hi there, I am trying to increase the height of my footer in mobile only so that a floating web player script does not block the footer section. Is this possible? password: boots135 Thank you
  16. hi everyone.. working on a fundraising site for covid-19 relief.. trying to embed a contribution form via code block but the height is limited, forcing one to scroll to see full form... I also tried putting the code into a squarespace embed block. I tried putting entire embed code i was give, including script, into a squarespace code block. I tried putting entire embed code i was given, including script, into a squarespace embed block. I tried injecting script into site-wide head as well as page specific head. I identified block ID and tried CSS injection to change height of block.
  17. Site URL: https://www.marekslavicky.com/en/home/#shop Hi all! I want to decrease the height of the gallery section, so the images inside become smaller. I use the Gallery section Simple grid, with 3 images only (on vertical 2:3 format, which I must keep). However, they are too big to fit a desktop screen. I increased the spacing to 150, which helps a bit, but then they are too far away from each other. Any help (including CSS or code injection) would be appreciated! Thanks, Marek
  18. Site URL: https://turquoise-platinum-pr9s.squarespace.com/ Hello, I could really do with some help. I am looking to change the height of the first image on mobile. I've gone through a lot of options so could really use your help. I can't unfortunatley provide access to the site as it's through an agency and they haven't published it. I could also use help with finding the block-id for the image. I've used the Chrome plugin but it only provides the y_u_i. Note: I am using the Hill template (7.1). Thank you, Jacob.
  19. Site URL: https://www.groepspraktijkderonde.be/ Hi, I would like to have all buttons below the text blocks in 3 columns on the same height. Now they are getting mixed up. I used spacers, but if my text blocks don't all have the same amount of text, they get a different height. Anybody that can help me with the css to be applied to these specific text blocks /buttons or how to fix this? Website: www.groepspraktijkoudenaarde.be Password: Berchemweg5
  20. Site URL: http://tylerdipaola.com Hi, My website is tylerdipaola.com I need to make the spacing underneath my logo be the same as above the logo. I've been struggling to find the code to make it work. Thank you.
  21. Site URL: https://www.ascensiuspress.com/letterpress#/north-of-boston I want to be able to control the height of a gallery slideshow (or all gallery slideshows) without having to have all images the same aspect ratio. It seems to me that there should be a slider function in settings, but failing that, does anyone have css to control the slideshow height?
  22. Site URL: https://roadrunner-orange-6ge5.squarespace.com/ Site URL: https://roadrunner-orange-6ge5.squarespace.com/ pw: olipp Hi there, I posted this question a few days ago and forgot to include my password. My apologies. Would someone know the question below...? I am in the process of building a portfolio website to promote my graphic design services using the template Mark Novo. In the 'work' section i showcase individual design jobs showing several images of the project. Most gallery images are fine to be displayed in landscape orientation, but f
  23. Site URL: https://roadrunner-orange-6ge5.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I am in the process of building a portfolio website to promote my graphic design services using the template Mark Novo. In the 'work' section i showcase individual design jobs showing several images of the project. Most gallery images are fine to be displayed in landscape orientation, but for some images I would like to use a portrait orientation and increase the height of a few individual images. One example is shown in the attached screenshot, where the laptop is cut off... I would like to increase the height of th
  24. Site URL: https://www.mentalhealthfirstresponders.com/about How do I change the height of this banner section in tablet? The height is way too big when it shows up in tablet. https://www.mentalhealthfirstresponders.com/about I am having trouble with many sections of my site having much more white space on the top and bottom in tablet than on desktop. What class should I target to change the height or width of a particular section in tablet? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Hello, I would like to add a thin colored banner at the top of my index page. When I add the banner image for that section, it's much larger than I'd like. How can I target just that single index section without impacting any other index pages? Thank you so much!
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