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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! Would anyone have any insight as to how I would be able to enable a header image on my homepage? I'm using the theme Haute which doesn't seem to have the ability to do so however the blog feature does. I want the header image to be at the top and full width even though my site width isn't full width. Ideally something similar to that on Bedford or Brine themes. This is the site I'm currently working on: https://seabass-arugula-rx3f.squarespace.com/ Any guidance would be appreciated! TIA! :)
  2. I have been trying for days in CSS but cannot get the font in anything to change. I am trying to get the site title and the blog title headings on the home page to change. Here is what I have, but it seems to have no effect and I have tried several variations. TIA!!! @font-face { font-family: 'QUANTIFY'; src: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5dfa8d8f3dca077a2e9c02d2/t/5dfab078f9cc2c0a444b03dc/1576710264403/Quantify.woff); } /* Custom Font - Site Title */ .site-title span { font-family: 'QUANTIFY' !important; } /* Custom Font - Header Main Navigation */ .main-nav * { font-family: 'QUANTIFY' !important; }
  3. Hi, can I add pages to this template, please?I saw three pages on the Haute demo on your website however I will need more as s photographer and blogger.Please advise. Thanks,Eliza.
  4. Hi Squarespace forum, I'm trying to update and tweek my website and in need of a bit of help.I am currently previewing the Haute template - and it is beautiful https://www.squarespace.com/templates/haute . I love the blog design layout, but I feel the gallery options don't suit my photography in the way that I would like it displayed. The gallery layout I absolutely love is Mary Jane Ansell's use of the Ishimoto template: http://maryjaneansell.com/contemporary-romanticism/ . It's gorgeous, I love how the carousel is very clean, the images fill across the screen, and how the images that aren't highlighted are faded into the background. As a photographer ( www.meganpopelier.com ) I want my images to be be seen as a whole clean image within the computer screen frame (something that is lost in the stacking gallery option), but I am also about to start blogging, and would love to combine the two. The suggestion given to me via Squarespace help, was to keep the Haute template, and to use coding to create a gallery like Ishimoto. Any suggestions?? Thank you in advance
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