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Found 22 results

  1. Site URL: https://coconut-lime-t224.squarespace.com/contact-2 The password of this site is SS Hello all, My questions about the 7.1. contactform: 1. Do you know if it's possible to decrease the distance between the 'Name' field and the 'Email' field in the contact form? It's bigger than the distance between the 'Email' field and the 'bericht' field (message-field). 2. Do you know if it's possible to decrease the size the button? Thanks a lot for your help!
  2. Site URL: https://www.justgoodjuju.com We are trying to work with the Squarespace Customer Account functionality (rather than move to Memberspace at this time) but we have run into some significant issues. It would be actually be more efficient if we could actually enroll the user into the Customer Account rather than have it handled by SS (because there is no way for SS to alert us when someone signs-up or produce a list of all registered customers with the date they signed up) so that we can then manually add them to a MailChimp Audience and set a tag that identifies them as a registered customer. Can anyone help with any of the following: 1. Is it possible to prevent the automatic Sign-Up form (so that we can create our own form which we will then use to enroll the Customer manually)? 2. If 1 is not possible, is there a way to hide the 'Sign Up' option from the Sign-In form? 3. Is there any way to get a list of Customers who have signed up with the date they signed up (the supplied CSV extract from Commerce/Customers does not include anything about whether they have an account (although it is displayed on the screen)? 4. Is there any way to create a Mailchimp update that also sets a tag when adding to an existing Audience? If so, we could at least create an admin page in the site that does the update quicker and safer. Any thoughts on this would really be appreciated.
  3. I'm trying to set up a bilingual website. I can't seem to be able to translate the form fields. I selected "French" for my website, the fields are named in French. Now I'd like to know if I can edit the language of those field names for the English version of my website. The site is a 7.0 one using Keene, I found the below workaround for newsletters, but I'm not sure how to rework it for my form. https://sf.digital/squarespace-solutions/translate-the-squarespace-newsletter-block
  4. Has anybody had any experience with adding their own validation to a Squarespace form? Essentially stopping the normal submission process, checking some custom validation, then continuing as normal/stopping the submission if there was an invalid entry? I have a client that needs some number fields to be submitted within a specific range and a few other variations on this theme. I'm hoping to find a simple solution, but I'm also happy to go with a very complicated one 😆 @michaeleparkour Do any of your plugins do this, or perhaps this is something you have come up against?
  5. Site URL: https://www.dlopezlaw.com/es/comunicacion I am creating a multilingual site and have managed to do everything I need it to do except changing the time caption (Hour and Minute to Hora and Minuto) on the contact form on the Spanish version. I was able to follow a previous question to change the first name and last name caption but can't figure out how to do the same for the Hour and Minute (I am hiding the second option).
  6. Site URL: https://shop.valvomax.com/ We have an automotive parts website where customers would select year, make, and model of a vehicle by using drop downs. I want the system to return the correct part number based on the filters selected by the customer. For example, someone might select year = 2018, make = Ford, model = F150. I want the logic to return an output value of "M12-1.75" based on these selections. How would I do this within Squarespace?
  7. Hi team Does anybody know how to link a pop-up form from convert kit to a squarespace button? Followed the instructions of convertkit - but when I put the link code in the button it converts it to code block - if I remove the anchors and just have the url - it goes no where. picture attached. Any help appreciated! <3
  8. Site URL: https://www.weddingphotographyandfilms.com/packages-and-pricing Hello, Wanting to add code to my form where when a user inputs a date, if the date is not available/booked, it popups a message or alert on the page. Can that be done and if so, can someone provide me a sample that I can build off of here? Thanks!
  9. Site URL: https://www.hpch.org/home/#contact-us We're starting to get some spam on our contact form. Are there any ways you might suggest to help prevent this?
  10. Site URL: https://www.crossfitulysses.co.uk/health-and-fitness-challenge My 1st use of the forum so apoligies if its inthe wrong format I found code to hide my banner (got that working) 1st- I would like to see if i can move my form button into the header 2nd- Its our only call to action button on that landing page, can i replicate it? https://www.crossfitulysses.co.uk/health-and-fitness-challenge
  11. scpro

    Forms in checkout

    I have a required form linked to the purchase/check-out of an item in my store. I am looking for the data on that form to be stored on a google drive. I do have other forms on my site that I do have linked to a google drive but I do not see an option to get into the storage tab of the check-out form. Many Thanks, Shawn
  12. Hi!! 🙂 I was wondering if there is any way to customize SquareSpace's forms, I do not like the fact that it asks for a second address line as they is not needed for my website. What's more, if there any way to customize the address to only ask for a city? Or for the phone number to be in one box? Thank you in advance!!
  13. Hey, is there any chance to change the DOB format in forms from mm dd yyyy to dd mm yyyy? Thanks in advance Katrin
  14. I have a form with a text area. I would like to change the placeholder text size and also the size of the text entered by the user. I tried css below but it didn't work. Also the text the user enters into the text field on a contact form is too small. How do I reference these items? TIA See screen shots. .form-wrapper .field-list textarea { min-height: 200px; resize: vertical; font-size:14px; } textarea { overflow: auto; vertical-align: top; resize: vertical; font-size:14px; }
  15. Hi friends! I have a contact form set up, and I'm hoping to have a "Sign up for the newsletter!" checkbox be selected by default, meaning if you don't want to sign up for the newsletter, you have to deselect it. How would I do this? Thanks everyone! I assume it's not necessary to share a URL for something like this, but if it is, please let me know.
  16. I am hoping to get some help. Until yesterday I had just a basic site and used a zoho form for orders but wanted to incorporate my orders through Squarespace. have created my Products page which is currently in unlinked but my main issue is, once customers place their items in the cart (or even before, I don't care), I need for them to upload images. I have create a new form in Wufoo and have the code (and created a page w/the same name as my Products page currently under my Home that has this form) and basically want this to appear when they place the order or click a button or try to checkout. I am finding I can't add a block below my products but above the footer which would have been ideal so don't know how to do this to get it to work. Any advice would be so very welcomed. Thanks.
  17. I would like for my customers to be able to upload photos when they submit a form on my website. Squarespace does not currently offer this feature. Are there any reliable third party websites that have a plug-in which I can use? Or does anyone know how to code this?
  18. The form boxes/fields are generally pretty large. I was wondering if there was any way to make them smaller since there is no other sizing options? Thanks!
  19. Bradford template - place to fill in the forms as a small font - I cannot change the font size
  20. I've a need to add a payment option to a form. It's for an application to an educational institution and there is a fee to submit the application. What is the best way to go about this? Frank
  21. I'm using the FIVE template and I would like my form font to be larger. I'm attaching a screenshot of it below. It is actually magnified in the picture below.. it shows much smaller to me. Not sure why it's magnified. The solution & css code provided in this thread did not work for me. I also tried changing the body text as one of those solutions suggested that it's where the font style is pulled from. That did not work either. The solution & css code provided in this thread did not work either. I tried it in both the main css for all pages, and then on the buy now page where the form pops up. This is the page where the form is; you need to 'add to cart' for it to pop up. Any help would be very much appreciated!
  22. What would be the CSS to adjust the vertical spacing between a forms input fields. I'm using a form block.
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