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  1. Site URL: https://ellipsoid-ferret-9wnf.squarespace.com/config/pages Site password is Dance. I want to make the text smaller within each of the product blocks. The smallest size it will allow me is 12pt. Do I need to adjust with code?
  2. Site URL: https://thewickerbreaker.com/the-results Hello... Thanks in advance for any advice... I'm having an issue where if I have a long word in the title... the title doesn't shrink... or the word doesn't split to be hyphenated creating extra space on the right side... If you go to the mobile version of https://thewickerbreaker.com/the-results and scroll down to Resolution #5... you can see what I'm talking about... In this case... I can just break down TheWickerBreaker.com to be The Wicker Breaker... and that will work... but there are other a couple words that can't
  3. Site URL: https://reed-sawfish-m2k3.squarespace.com/home-3 Hi there, Having a couple issues and hoping the community can help. I've scoured the forum and frankensteined a bunch of code and running into a wall. Goal: Using Gallery:Grid Simple (See image #1) - Hover over image, caption centered, and clickable to link to another page. Issues 1. After hovering over image, white overlay is not aligned with image. Overlay starts at the center of the image and uses the caption from the incorrect image. 2. Would like to change the font size and typeface. 3. Image is n
  4. Site URL: https://sparrow.squarespace.com/config/ I am working on a 7.1 site - the fonts size for my client is huge (Chrome - PC + Mac). Looks great on my 3 computers (Chrome Safari PC + Mac). Any ideas on how to fix or troubleshoot? Browsers are all set to 100%
  5. Site URL: https://www.kelseyrodriguez.com/shop Hi everyone! I'm trying to make the font size on my shop page a bit bigger than they are right now, as they're pretty small when using my default settings. As you can see in the image, the font size of the categories below "shop" is pretty small. I'd like it to be a similar size, and am just struggling with how to target it with CSS. The link to my site is: https://www.kelseyrodriguez.com/shop Use password 'yellow' all lowercase. Any help would be super appreciated, thanks!
  6. Site URL: https://perch-chipmunk-4ep7.squarespace.com/config/ I am needing to increase the size of an image block slideshow text. Any suggestions?
  7. Site URL: https://stevedavisgraphic.design/portsmouth/portsmouth-tube-map Hi all Does anyone know how I can change the main H1 font - its sooooo massive - to be smaller on my product page? I need this to work across every product I have. I don't want the H1 to change as it works well across other areas of my site, so I am guessing this could be a customisable CSS ? All help massively appreciated Steve
  8. Site URL: https://www.twentyfivedelta.com/ Good Morning Everyone, I am looking to get some assistance on how to adjust the font size of the Banner Text for mobile only. I have this Custom Css already, I just can't seem to find the right code for the banner text. h1, h2, h3, p { hyphens: none; } /* CSS FOR TABLET AND MOBILE */ @mobile: ~"only screen and (max-width: 640px)"; @tablet: ~"only screen and (min-width: 641px) and (max-width: 949px)"; /* CSS FOR TABLET */ @media @tablet { /* Insert Code for Tablet Below This Line*/ h1 { font-size: 60px;
  9. I've added a page to our footer for stockist enquiries as a contact page but the font size is absolutely huge. I need to keep the headers as they are but decrease the size - does anyone know how to do this? Thanks so much!
  10. Site URL: https://www.simonesmerilli.com Hi everyone, For more than 2 months, I have been styling some text on my website with the font 'inter', sans-serif and a 'font-weight' of normal (400), using custom CSS. All the text to which this font is applied appeared perfect and did not show any issue concerning the weight of the font, until two days ago, when the default size of all the elements with the font 'inter' have turned suddenly bolder than usual and cannot seem to be changed (as far as I can tell). An important caveat I noticed is that this happens only on laptop (the browse
  11. Site URL: https://www.sealedwithakissevents.com I really like the look of the image collage block. However I am trying to put a quote in the box rather than a title. How do I change the box to have "body text" or simply just change it. I would really like to have the option to display a quote and image together. But all the options seem to make header text your only option.
  12. Site URL: https://www.seanvantonder.co.za/family-collections Hi guys I have created a page - at the bottom I have inserted custom css as I wanted a border around the text. But now the font does not match the rest of the site. How can I fix this? I used the following css on the page. <div class="boxBorder"> On Location Photography Family of 5 30 Professionally Retouched Images Online Gallery to Share with Friends and Family USB Memoir Box with 25 Jumbo Prints PostNet to PostNet Courier </div>
  13. Hey guys! I have the following question: I'm trying to build a shop at the moment and I don't seem to be able to control the category-titles of my Shop categories. So there is no option to get to the font size or the hyphenation and I always have the category title cut off, when I go into mobile view. Is there any trick to doing that? (See screenshot for closer look at the problem)Thanks, I would really appreciate the help!
  14. I used this code to add different fonts within the same line of text throughout my website: custom CSS: @font-face { font-family: monarcha; font-style: italic; } h1{ text-align: center; } This is what I entered as the HTML within the page: <h1> a <i>MOOD</i> BOARD that <span style="font-family: monarcha">inspires me</span>. </h1> Everything looks great when I am editing my website in Chrome, however when I opened it in Safari or on my phone the font size or the entire font itself has changed. On Safari th
  15. Site URL: https://www.careershubluton.co.uk/ Hi, I'm struggling to change my font style and size across my whole website. I want to set specific size, style and weight to fit our branding. I need separate styles for: 1. Title 2. Heading 3. Sub Heading 4. Body Copy 5. Small Copy Not sure where to look to edit this. Thanks
  16. Site URL: https://www.maartendelobel.com/ Hi, I want to change the fontsize of my captions underneath my pictures that's on a masonry gallery page. Squarespace doesn't support this, but may be somebody can provide me a CSS-code for it? Thank you.
  17. I need to make one area of text on a website smaller than the Normal text style. Is there anyway to do this and not change the rest of the text?
  18. Site URL: https://vanilla-sunflower-m9gz.squarespace.com/config/design I have added a custom font to my 7.1 SquareSpace site but the font is too big for the header navigation. How can I make the font smaller? I have tried to add the following code, as found on another forum thread, but it hasn't made any difference. .header-nav-item a { font-size: 10px; Thanks in advance.
  19. Site URL: http://www.gardenclubofoldgreenwich.org/bulbs I have a store and the size of the product titles is tiny. I tried adding <style> a.product-title { font-size: 4em !important; } </style> to the page header, but it didn't change anything.
  20. Site URL: http://reemdesigner.com Hello! would appreciate help on this issue ❤️ I am building my graphic design portfolio with the NOVO template and I want to publish it soon but noticed that when looking at the mobile version, at the bottom in the titles of <previous and next project> the font gets super big and I want to customize this size so its appropriate for mobile. How can I do this? Also, any idea of the appropriate font size for this section for mobile? also, in the same section, is there a way to separate between the lines a bit more (eg. Barcelona Design Week (add
  21. Site URL: https://modernist.club/cocktail-club Hello! The font size for product title is fairly large. I tried inserting CSS code to minimize it, though it looks like it's getting overriden by something else. Custom CSS screenshot here: https://drops.tray.io/yAuYOJzG This is the page: modernist.club/cocktail-club Appreciate any pointers on how to resolve or ways to hard code the font size. Thanks!
  22. Site URL: https://www.exclusivewineexperiences.com/ Hello everyone, I have a small problem with changing the font size on my primary navigation menu. I choose the primary navigation line, I go to styles, fonts, I choose the size, save but it doesn't work. Even when I refresh the page still it doesn't work. Any recommendations? Thank you in advance, Stylianos
  23. Site URL: https://www.cowanandsons.squarespace.com Please help! 🥴 I'm trying to make the product titles smaller in the "Related Products" section. The two most logical options aren't working: .ProductItem-relatedProducts-link { font-size: 16px !important; } and a.ProductItem-relatedProducts-link { font-size: 16px !important; } I've tried some random things too, but having no success! Password: raeburn
  24. Site URL: https://www.gildedfarmsny.com/what-we-do Hi, I am having trouble where the font size on text that I have overlaying a photo doesn't change size when I switch to mobile. I have tried both of these custom CSS code suggested in other posts but neither have worked: 1. @media screen and (max-width:767px) { body[data-dynamic-font-sizing-enabled="true"] .sqsrte-large { font-size: 15px !important; } } 2. @media only screen and (max-width: 640px){ p{font-size:1rem!important} } Any ideas of how to fix this? Thanks for your help, Erik
  25. Site URL: https://turbot-armadillo-ja5c.squarespace.com Hi, The issue relates to the first page of the website, Password: SandraCB I have used the CSS below to increase the size and font of the Gallery text, however, this code removes the French accent over the E of IDÈES. I have pinpointed the issue down to this CSS as if I remove it the accent reappears. //increase size of font on Grid images// .sqs-gallery-block-grid .slide .margin-wrapper .image-slide-title { font-family: "Charlemagne Std", Times, serif; font-size: 22px } Can anyone help? Many than
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