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Found 5 results

  1. Hi! My website is based off the Brine template that I have customized. The font sizes I have chosen look fine for a desktop view. But all of my text needs to be reduced to a smaller font size for mobile viewing. I'll add a photo of what it looks like in mobile view in the design panel. I've watched several tutorials on adding custom CSS code to reduce font size on mobile, but anytime I inject that code nothing changes. I do have a h4 custom css code in there already. When I inject code it says "syntax error on line 1". Is there something that I'm missing or not doing correctly?
  2. Hi all, sorry to be a bother but could someone provide the custom css code to increase the mobile navigation font for my website. Template: Ethan. URL: www.triggersanj.com Thank you in advance.
  3. Currently, the font for the header/title for 'Comments (0)' is set to Header 3 and is pulling through the same size for the heading across the rest of the site. However the font is being cut off for some reason and I would either like to change the font to one of my other headings or resize the font. Any ideas how I would do this? I cannot seem to do this in the site styles. Many thanks,
  4. I have a form with a text area. I would like to change the placeholder text size and also the size of the text entered by the user. I tried css below but it didn't work. Also the text the user enters into the text field on a contact form is too small. How do I reference these items? TIA See screen shots. .form-wrapper .field-list textarea { min-height: 200px; resize: vertical; font-size:14px; } textarea { overflow: auto; vertical-align: top; resize: vertical; font-size:14px; }
  5. I've tried at my limited CSS to change the font on this Page using the Advanced tab. Nothing is affecting it. I've looked at the page source to find something but no luck. I would like to change the size of the item titles: https://www.jimfelder.com/photographersgear
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