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  1. This didnt used to be a problem in 7.1. I have a gallery in two columns on desktop view, in fluid engine this keeps two columns on mobile view but I would like a single column stacked on mobile and two columns on desktop. Happy to change all galleries sitewide but does anybody know how to not have tiny thumbnails on mobile?
  2. Hello, There is some kind of overlay on the gallery block that makes png images not fully transparent. See screenshot - a the gallery container shows a box with some kind of overlay. I'll also attach the png image so you can see it is fully transparent. This is a super common issue but I can't find the solution for GALLERY BLOCKS on the FLUID ENGINE. I've gone through the styles for the whole website and set all "overlays" to transparent but it doesn't help. How to remove this overlay? Site is not paid/published yet for client, but screenshot is attached - should be clear what the issue is. I remember solving once before, a few versions ago, but can't remember how! Thanks for your help.
  3. Hello, I am would like to create a split navigation using the code from Station 7, see here /*Make split navigation*/ .header-nav { position: absolute; top: 5px; bottom: 0; margin-top: 0!important; margin-left: -50px!important; } .header-nav-item:nth-of-type(2) { margin-right: 340px!important; } .header-title-logo a { z-index: 1000; position: relative; } This used to work perfectly fine, but since using Fluid Engine, the split does not work anymore and the links are all pushed to the left side. Is there any way to make this work in Fluid Engine? Thank you for your help.
  4. Hello, is it possible to add an additional column to the Fluid Engine grid? I would like to have three 1:1 aspect ratio square text blocks on this page, but I can't center the middle one, and with one space between each text block I'm left with a misaligned layout. I'm open to any solutions you guys might have for this, and thank you for your help!
  5. 100%. I have 5 websites on SS, been using since version 5 and this is the worst SS has ever treated their customer base. I never even got an email letting me know about fluid engine, let alone asking for my input about new features. Nope! Just roll it out on everyone with no way to revert to the classic editor. I would like to permanently block it from touching my sites. The headaches this has caused me and many others is simply unforgivable. We now have so much more to worry about, and working with this fluid editor is just plain awful. The mobile editor is a joke. I guess now that SS is a publicly traded company they don’t care as much about us. It’s a shame. They arent even on these forums and call it “community”. Its really a board to help us cope with their bad decisions at this point. I have emailed my complaint to them but can guarantee I’ll get a canned response like “we’ll forward your feedback to the right people”…sure, because you’ve proven my feedback is so so important to you. and to add insult to injury they just raised their prices across the board. Unreal. I am angry.
  6. Is it possible to add a shopping cart icon to the footer instead of the header? I've attached a screenshot and would ideally like it to be placed in the top right corner of the footer. bearassbikinis.squarespace.com // pw: demo Thanks so much!
  7. Hi everyone I've had fun/frustration building this prospectus mini-site in fluid engine and trying to make it really creative. I thought I'd share since I was looking for inspiration at the start of this project and couldn't find that many examples yet. I'm a creative dabbler not a pro, and this is my first site with fluid engine so would be very happy for any feedback. https://prospectus.ryburnsixth.co.uk/ The good: I found some stuff really nice to use, especially the text sizing and block layering, and I love the control of editing for mobile separately. This site looks so much better on mobile than I've managed before with the old editor. The bad: Some stuff seems glitchy and annoying. Some text 'flickers' on mobile, the carousel pictures don't load quickly. In the editor, once my page started getting long, it leaps all over the place when you hit edit, rather than keeping to your place. There's also weird side scroll background thing going on too which I think is from the section dividers code I used. There's a bit of CSS - custom header font, some section dividers (thanks Chris Schwarz-Edmiston), some video block tweaks (thanks @joseph81), a couple of words made vertical in mobile, but as far as I could I've tried to exploit the in-built features.
  8. I am trying to get the logo and the navigation within my header to align with the content in the grid below. As you can see I have a boxy style with my images and when the screen size is below 1200px this works perfectly but how can I get the header to be in this alignment when the screen size is above 1200px? https://juliajeckell.squarespace.com/ Password: juliajeckell Thank you in advance
  9. Hi all, I'm wondering what the best practice is around a site that is already built in Classic editor – is it ok to start using Fluid engine on new sections, or best just to stick to Classic? I know it can cause some code to need adjustment so I'm happy to keep sites all one (either Classic of Fluid), but this is for a client site and they work with another freelancer who is keen to use Fluid. I guess I just want to be able to say best practice is to stick to one, and stop messing with it 😂 Thanks
  10. Does anyone have any idea why when I position things on mobile, it keeps pushing all the blocks farther and farther down the page? I've tried with Fill Screen both enabled and disabled, thinking maybe it was forcing everything vertically centered, but it does it either way. I've never experienced this before on other sites, but it's the first time using Fluid Engine on this site. Screen Recording 2022-11-15 at 11.03.13 AM.mov
  11. I'm using FE and cant find the CSS to add a border around an image block that uses a shape. To add a border to an original image, I use the code below and make sure the image is in "fill" mode. You have to adjust/size the block to fit the image but it seems to work. #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1668125166103_10204{ border: 3px solid black; } But when I switch the square image to a round shape, the border stays square as you can see below. Im obviously missing something. Can anyone help?
  12. I'm using FE and cant find the CSS to add a border around an image block that uses a shape. To add a border to an original image (one that hasnt been adjusted with the "shape" option), I use the code below and make sure the image is in "fill" mode. You have to adjust/size the block to fit the image but it seems to work. #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1668125166103_10204{ border: 3px solid black; } But when I switch the same square image to a round "shape", the border stays square as you can see below. Im obviously missing something. Can anyone help?
  13. When building sites with fluid engine, I end up getting this weird spacing issue in edit mode. Here's a loom video. Essentially, every time I move any element, the whole page jumps down. If I move the element back or click the back arrow, the page jumps down again. I end up having to discard changes so the weird spacing jumps don't take effect. I've reached out to support and they're saying that they can't see the issue on their end, and that it's probably my browser. I use Google Chrome, I cleared my cache and cookies, I opened an incognito window, I switched to Safari, and this issue still happens regardless of which browser or computer I'm on. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Do you know how to fix it? Any advice would be so helpful.
  14. Good morning I am having problems editing my site. When i go to edit the mobile view, the changes are also made in computer view. Is there a way to edit mobile view independently? I am using 7.1. Thanks in advance
  15. Site URL: https://www.thecreativeinka.com/about Hi all - I've been trying to get this Rotating Words script to work on my About page for far too long. While it works just fine in the codepen.io website, it does not seem to want to animate when live on my Squarespace 7.1 FE page on my website. When the section is scrolled to/loaded, it seems to just jump once, but never rotates to the other words. What i've done/tried: Code block (this is where I placed the HTML code) Custom CSS (where I placed the CSS coding, coded under the block ID#) Javascript code: I've tried placing this in the page's code injection header within <style> tags, and have also tried to place it in Advanced > Code Injection, in the header - but neither option seems to want to make this animate as it should. I think my issue is where/how to place the javascript code as I do think I've placed the HTML and custom CSS in the correct places. This is the animation I am trying to insert: https://codepen.io/kenwestphal/pen/xqRZYZ Any help is appreciated.
  16. Hi Everyone, I need some help in understanding why the Shape blocks in the fluid engine don't display the drop shadow after exiting Edit mode. In the two sets of screenshots below, in edit mode, the drop shadow on a rectangular shape shows correctly. Upon saving and exiting edit mode, the drop shadow disappears - or more so a hairline of it is visible around the rounded corners of a rectangle shape. All settings are via the SQSP settings for the shape and there is no custom CSS. Changing the stretch setting for the shape somewhat remediates the shadow issue but not completely. Is anyone else having the same issue by replicating it (simple shape block with SQSP drop-shadow setting set to on), and any thoughts on how to fix? thanks in advance.
  17. The mobile editor has gone weird all of a sudden. All my content has been locked to full width, and I can't change the sizes of any containers. The only thing that can be edited is the size of the container in terms of how much xtra space is in it underneath the text or image. I can edit text - change H1/h2 and so on, also the images can be aligned left or right, but that's it. I am also unable to change the size of my sections, currently resulting in way too much empty space I am using a piece of custom code (JS + html) that changes the breakpoint for the mobile editor (so that content doesn't look like crap on tablets...), and it has been working well up until today with no issues Anyone else running in to this, or knows how to fix it? cheers Nathalie
  18. Hi, I put two anchor links on my homepage. Both are in buttons and go to the same section on the same page. Both work separately after a refresh. However, when i click the first anchor link it works but when i want to test the second anchor link without refreshing the page it doesnt work. My page isn't currently live but I want to make sure that if someone was on the page live, both work every time the button anchor link is clicked and they go to the same section. Is this just a backend thing? Or should i create multiple anchor link codes that land to the same section? Thanks.
  19. I am having an issue with extra space added on my live site only, see images. I want to remove the extra space.
  20. Meet Fluid Engine’s new block, the shape block— a fun, new tool designed to make your content stand apart and stand out! Whether you’re looking to add a touch of whimsy to your design or to emphasize particular content, choose between 29 shapes to get the job done. Put your personal touch by changing the color to echo your brand or add a drop shadow for a bolder effect. To highlight the “Our Story” text on this site, I added three shape blocks (one oval and two circles) to my page and positioned them behind my text block to give it the effect of a background. Have you added shape blocks to your content? If so, reply with your site’s URL; we’d love to see what you’ve created!
  21. Site URL: https://steven.squarespace.com/test I don't understand why it's there. I double-checked the section setup and made sure that the block fills up the section completely edge to edge and top to bottom, but that pesky bottom padding still persists. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  22. Site URL: https://www.keystorage.com/resource-center Issue 1: I have a page I am developing where I have block areas I made with the text tool. the text area has a background image which makes it seem more like a button block. The problem I have run into is only the text is linked and not the entire background area which I did setup with a pointer. I have tried to add an eventlistener using JavaScript to make that whole area clickable and then load another page on click. Nothing I seem to do works. I was using this code here I got from w3schools: <script> document.getElementById("block-yui_3_17_2_1_1665162425531_150044").addEventListener("click", loadExternalPage); function loadExternalPage() { window.location.href = "https://info.keystorage.com/s/PKJLgJMExM3M9yW"; } </script> Issue 2: I use background images from the static and hover image states. While hovering the image changes to its hover background image but there is a flicker of blue that comes before the hover state. Im pretty sure this blue comes from the section intrinsic color theme I have chosen. Is there away to get rid of that blue flicker?
  23. Hey, I would love to create this scrolling effect in one column in fluid engine. see https://nayatraveler.squarespace.com/journeys-peru-walking as example. I've got this so far https://bat-parakeet-pken.squarespace.com/, password: testing. which works, but it messes up my editor mode and can't edit properly. I know a lot of questions have been asked, but haven't found the right solution for this in fluid engine. Appreciate the help! Thanks
  24. I'm building a site in 7.1 with Fluid Engine (which is great 😀) but it doesn't look great on tablet screens, especially when viewed in portrait. On mobile's it's great as the new mobile view editing option means you can reorder elements - which I love. I'm thinking if I can just make it switch to the mobile layout sooner, ie for ipad portrait width, then it would look great on tablets too. There doesn't appear to be a mobile breakpoint setting in 7.1 as there was in previous versions and the CSS I've found online doesn't seem to be working, is there some CSS I can add that will adjust the mobile break point in 7.1 sites built with Fluid engine? Many thanks in advance to anyone that can help!
  25. Hi there! I'm currently struggling uploading videos and changing the video aspect ratios as I'm trying to post previous TikToks and Instagram reels on to my portfolio website, but every time I upload it it turns into a 16:9 ratio with the blank borders around it. Is there a way to change it through CSS rather than getting the embed code from the social media websites directly since I'm uploading it from my own drive? For reference I'll be uploading into a gallery-like section so I can't have the borders next to each other as there will be 3 videos in 9:16 all next to each other. Thank you!
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