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  1. Site URL: https://www.solokasfocus.com Here is my new fitness blog website. I have zero website/design experience - I would very much appreciate any feedback! Good, bad, and ugly - thank you in advance!
  2. Site URL: https://www.theotherartgirl.com/ Hi everyone! I started an art blog a few months ago and Iā€™m hoping to grow it over the coming year. At the moment I post think pieces, exhibition reviews and artist interviews. Would really love some feedback on the web design/content etc. Thanks!
  3. Site URL: http://www.greener-steps.com/ I just created my first website! I'm starting a sustainability consulting company in AZ. We will be working with local businesses to improve their sustainability šŸ™‚ I'm looking for any and all feedback! Website formation, if it's comprehendable, easy to follow, etc. Thank you so much in advance! I'm super excited!
  4. Site URL: https://customdesigncrafts.com/ Any feedback on this site is welcome! I am looking for ways to improve it including any seo tips, design tips or overall flow...give me all the critiques!! Thanks!
  5. Site URL: http://www.simpledomus.com Hello! I am looking to release a new interior design blog within the next weeks, I've worked on design and had great help from this community, so I just wanted to see if anyone has any other feedback on this? Right now the site is only in spanish, but I am looking to offer also an english version within the next months following this guide from tuanphan https://beaverhero.com/squarespace-2-languages/. I am specially worried about loading times, I don't know if it takes too long too load. I tested it on pingdom and gt metrix and tried
  6. Site URL: https://www.abhishekmaji.com/ Hey everyone Hope you are all doing well. I recently switched to "FLATIRON" template and made some major updates in my website. Was wondering if there's a way to play any default video in loop in my "VIDEOS" page like they have in Vimeo (https://vimeo.com/abhishekmaji) I know it can be done in the COVER landing page but is there a chance I can make it happen for my "VIDEOS" page too? Maybe by adding a custom CSS code?
  7. Site URL: https://guitar-dragonfly-4xlh.squarespace.com/ Hi Squarespace community! I just piloted my first website, Junipurr Studio, a digital hub for cat parents to share resources for cat care and animal advocacy. I would love your feedback on the design (and content, if the subjects interest you)! Any feedback you'd like to share would be much appreciated. A few questions, in case specific prompts are helpful: Is the mission of the site clear? Are the color and image choices pleasing and relevant? Is the website layout logical? Resources page - It's cu
  8. Site URL: http://meganrosehealth.com Hi! Silly question, but I would love feedback on my site, however the domain is still connecting and could take ~48 hours. Is there a way to share my site here for feedback without it being live? New to this and would love some help! Thanks!
  9. Site URL: http://www.pamelagomez.online I would appreciate feedback on my portfolio website. This is my first crack at Squarespace so any content or design suggestions would be much appreciated.
  10. Site URL: https://servantleadership.ca Hello all! I'm about to start a new website project for an existing client. We have their current website built on Squarespace and the new one will be on Squarespace as well. All of the content is changing so we were going to start a brand new site in Squarespace. We were thinking this through as they have made some great moment with their SEO and get hits from all over the world - they recently landed jobs with Canadian Tire (Massive Canadian retailer) and Vodaphone in Egypt! They are concerned that with this brand new website they will lose
  11. Site URL: https://www.elizabethdotdesign.com/home Hi My site is a work in progress, I'm spending hours just looking at it and making small tweaks, but still not feeling happy, so I never get on with actually adding all the products etc. Looking for any advice/opinions on the design. Mainly of the homepage. It just doesn't quite look right but Im not sure what to change. Thanks
  12. Site URL: https://www.brigittebard.com As a holistic dog trainer I also address diet, use supplements and am selective about food and treats. I would like to add a page that links to products and items I recommend for my clients that I use for training as well as for a better quality of life for the pups. Would love feedback on my website as well as guidance how to incorporate a product page into the site.
  13. Site URL: https://magenta-gopher-xkxw.squarespace.com/ Hey guys, About to launch my first ecommerce site selling essential oil air fresheners. Would love some feedback on how it looks, and if you think I need to redesign any sections. Thanks in advance!
  14. Site URL: https://www.bryceholloway.org/ Back on the job market with my videography/editing/directing/photography, I worked at a channel called Click and a lot of my recent work involves them. Love to hear feedback in terms of design and how to be unique and stand out. Any feedback is appreciated. I read everything.
  15. Site URL: https://www.logorado.com/ Hello everyone, I'm a freelance logo designer and I'm updating my portfolio website. And I would like to hear what you think about it. Thank you for your time!
  16. Site URL: https://www.madebyrach.net/portfolio I am trying to get my projects in my portfolio to underline or fade (words get slightly transparent) when hovered over. I am using the Quincy template. I've put my website in for your reference; if it takes you to the Home page for some reason, just navigate to my Portfolio and when you hover over my various projects, it doesn't give any user feedback - it just stays white. Is there any way I can inject code or use CSS to customize this? Thank you! -Rachel
  17. Site URL: https://Sportsnu.in Hi All I would request you to please review the website and share your feedback. Please share your experience. the site address is sportsnu.in Pw is squarespace Thank you.
  18. Site URL: http://www.immortalglamour.com Hello! We just created our website and we have had almost 100 people look at our website and most of them don't ever leave the home page. And not one sale, we would have thought we would have at least 1 but nothing yet. We didn't know if there was something wrong on our site that no one is telling us about. We are worried because we have sold our products on Etsy before and we have done really well and didn't have any issues with our products. If anyone has the time, please take a look at our website and give us your feedback please.
  19. Site URL: http://shopmaisaguam.com Any and all comments are welcome. šŸ™‚
  20. Site URL: https://eatgonanas.com/ Looking for website feedback!
  21. Site URL: http://www.spbotanicals.com Hello SquareSpace community! I am new to operating on SquareSpace, and am hoping to receive some constructive criticism. I have transferred over from WordPress, and so far I enjoy the transition. The learning curve is not so steep, and that makes the design process fun. If there is any feedback that you can give me I would greatly appreciate it! Another pair of eyes is always helpful. Thanks in advanced! Kindest Regards, Leslie Sun Pure Botanicals www.spbotanicals.com
  22. Site URL: http://www.two-rocks.co.nz Hi there! Have just launched my website- still working through the SEO checklist and getting everything where I want it to be so I would appreciate any constructive feedback! My goal is to attract newly engaged couples, most likely females, off social media or google to an easy to navigate site which clearly explains options they have when it comes to hiring a wedding planner. I am also considering putting in a section saying "what does a wedding planner do?" or "why hire a wedding planner?" or possibly integrating a blog.... Hope th
  23. Site URL: https://www.dutch4beginners.com Hello, I have launched a new website and I would greatly appreciate any feedback that you could give. Thanks!
  24. Site URL: https://www.jazzmaastricht.com Love to hear what you think of my client's new website I made for them. English version: https://en.jazzmaastricht.com/
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