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  1. Site URL: https://www.sherbornyachtclub.org/ When selling memberships, we collect member information in a custom form. When I export the orders, none of the information from the custom form is included in the export to CSV. I see the information in the confirmation email and also in the actual order. Is it possible to export the custom form information that is collected from an order to a google sheet?
  2. Hi everyone, Does anyone know how to export reviews to a CSV or other file? TIA
  3. Hi, I'm looking to export to Wordpress. The user guides say go to settings - which I can do. They continue with go to Advanced. But all I have on my Settings is Site Availability and Billing. Am I in the wrong place or what? Any help appreciated.
  4. Since I cannot find any answers online I will ask here. I am exporting blog posts from one squarespace 7 site and trying to import them into another squarespace 7 site. I am using the wordpress import and export xml file, and it keeps failing. The one time it worked, instead of importing the blog posts, it imported all of the pages from the site, which I thought wasnt even possible. anyway, I need to simple just import the blog posts. any thoughts? I keep getting this error. Thanks — WORDPRESS Import complete. Status: Failed — The import has failed. — com.squarespace.v6.business.content.exceptions.InvalidContentItemException: urlId cannot be null: 9DXR4ELWSH3NLRACA2AM — Importing data from WORDPRESS.
  5. Site URL: https://probackup.io/ Hi Squarespace community, My company probackup.io has built a safe & easy-to-use backup app for popular cloud apps such as Asana, Airtable and Monday.com. It offers daily, automated backups, advanced restore capabilities and a daily sync to Google Sheets. We have had some customers request to roll-out our backup solution for Squarespace as well. Before proceeding on integrating with Squarespace, we are looking to get as much validation as to whether any use cases pertaining to backup, restore or undo functionality are commonly requested by customers, to help inform our business case and prioritize our roadmap. For sure Squarespace does its own backups for redundancy, and offers basic export capabilities, but here are the use cases we have identified from our own customers where we are thinking to add value beyond what the platform already does: - Extra level of disaster recovery - Advanced rollback & restoration capabilities - Continuous access to business-critical data during service outages Curious to hear what the community thinks of a potential dedicated backup for Squarespace? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Migrating from 7.0 to 7.1. I have moved pages to the 7.1 site and now need to move the blog. I need to keep/restore blog comments, so have exported to Wordpress and imported into the 7.1 site. * Zero images imported. * Comments have imported but are not viewing on the actual blog posts. Comments are enabled globally and on the blog pages. Has a single person successfully used this method to restore blog comments in a 7.1 site? Has anyone successfully imported blog images using this method (import into Wordpress and then import into 7.1)? I contacted Squarespace support (usually amazing) but no help at all this time. Thank you to anyone that can save me!
  7. Domain: https://www.spandovia.de/sempro Hi, Is it somehow possible to export all upcoming events at once instead of clicking "Google Calendar" or "iCal" manually for every event? Greetings
  8. Hi! I am using a template to update some pages of a website but not all. I want to merge the two sites (the existing site and the new template website) in my Squarespace account so I can combine them into the same site. How do I do this?
  9. Hi all! My client has an extensive blog on Squarespace. She also has a store in Shopify. We'd like to merge them and bring her blog over to Shopify. I am hitting EVERY wall with this. The only way I've gotten remotely close with is, exporting the Squarespace blog, uploading it to Wordpress, using a Wordpress app to export it, and a Shopify app to import it. Problem is, somewhere along the way, a weird extension is being added to the images inside the posts and they are not being uploaded properly to Shopify. Of course, both of those apps are denying its because of them. Long story short. Anyone have success transferring a blog to Shopify? ANY help is appreciated. TIA!
  10. Is there any way to work around getting all the images from one Squarespace site to another? The import function is broken, per Squarespace, and they only recommend I manually download/upload each image (over 100 blogs!). Does anyone have a work-around?
  11. I am trying to import a Squarespace blog into Shopify. It only exports to a XML file, and I am hitting a brick wall everywhere I turn. I need to convert the XML to a CSV file. I've tried about 20 different converters, and none of them work. Any suggestions?
  12. Site URL: http://www.enjoysnacks We have started using discount codes in our store for expos and promotional events. I have noticed that customer information (billing information) is missing for those orders whose order total is $0. Apparently, Squarespace thinks that shipping information and billing information is the same thing and that customer information for orders of $0 is not necessary. From a marketing perspective, not collecting the information of people placing orders is questionable. Many of our products are ordered as gifts so the billing and shipping information are different. Also, this means that only one email notification is sent out to just the recipient. This means that the person who placed the order is out of the loop for their order. I'm surprised that no one else has encountered this error. I have never seen an e-commerce system not collect the information of the person placing the order.
  13. Hello, I have a basic text news section on my page. My client wants to edit the text himself, but we all know that editing text blocks on sqsp can be often tricky, especially for someone who isn't used to working with sqsp. Is there any way my client can write the text in like word/excel doc. and it will be automatically updated to sqsp? Thanks
  14. Does anyone here have experience exporting about 5-6k blog posts/pages from a Squarespace site to a new WordPress install? If so, any tips or tool recommendations? Or would you be available to offer support on this portion of the project? A few notes: most posts only have one image, some also have an image gallery (3-4 images) blog posts have commenting turned off (there are no comments) no new content will be added to the site moving forward do you know if the urls can be preserved during migration? site template id is: 57861367725e252062509138 Thanks! Jes
  15. imazele


    Site URL: https://www.illmatic-store.com Hello, If i want to use UPS for my expedition. How to display the relay points for the customer? Thanks in advance !!
  16. Site URL: https://www.NMLRA.org My company uses the desktop version of quickbooks for accounting. We're also using inventory in quickbooks to keep track of stock and sales, mainly so the funds are deposited into the right accounts. Currently, I'm unable to find a way to easily export sales from Squarespace into Quickbooks desktop. Does anyone have a solution, either first or third party to make this simpler or even automated? We cannot use quickbooks online due to the sheer size of our company and the lack of necessary features in QB online. Thank you
  17. Hi, I would think a majority of people running an ecommerce business supports multiple sales channel (i.e. squarespace, etsy, amazon, etc.). With that each channel has it's own dashboard and metrics and it is not efficient to have to login to each to view metrics. Add in the fact that they are not aggregated across all channels so you don't get a complete picture of what's going on across your business. I don't see any solutions out there that would allow a consolidated view across channels but we don't even have the ability to create one ourselves due to squarespace not enabling us to download/export site analytics. Does anyone else share this pain/frustration? Thanks, John
  18. Hey guys, I'm new to posting here and usually don't do this but I'm having trouble finding information that is specific to the problem I'm running into. Our Squarespace site really wants to sell gift cards this holiday season and that has been set up successfully thanks in large part to the tutorials on the site. The problem I'm running into though is that I'd also like to advertise for these on Facebook and Instagram but I'm unsure as to how I would set that up through Facebook Catalog. I tried to just add them in but I'm running into some issues since I can't list these under a proper category and I'd like to not have our shop flagged for looking shady or misrepresenting what were selling. Any idea how to list virtual items to Facebook Catalog that would link back to our site? Thanks, Chad
  19. Hi everyone ! I would like to export this codepen design https://codepen.io/isladjan/pen/abdyPBw on my squarespace site (version 7. 1 ) in a normal page (not landing). HTML and Java seem to work, but I'm blocked with the CSS code, it seems that I need to install a ScrollTrigger plugin (not sure), otherwise the CSS mess up the whole page. Should I install this plugin or an equivalent which allows the page to do parallax effect ? I guess it should be done with high precision as the design is rather complex with many elements. If someone could help me with the whole procedure with the adequate codes and where to paste them, I would be very grateful. Thank you very much in advance !
  20. Site URL: https://www.rhizomedc.org/ Hi My organization is doing a retrospective on our first 6 years of existence, and we need a list of all of the events that have happened in our space. It's a long list, not at all practical to assemble manually. Is there a way to generate that automatically? Specifically to compile all past Event titles into a single document? Thanks
  21. Site URL: https://www.bridgecapeann.com/ When exporting data for multiple line orders via a single transaction, is there any way to have all the fields populated as the first line? My data currently shows the first line fields completely filled out, but subsequent lines are blank except for Quantity & Item.
  22. Site URL: https://megadoors.ge How can I export products to European countries ? with internet website or ...
  23. Site URL: https://thewanderingpost.com/ Hi There! I haven't found any discussions on this particular topic, so I thought I'd post. I have an existing Squarespace site and account which I like very well--but due to the pandemic I am changing to a new model of service that will necessitate very different site content, function, and product lines. My question is, what is the best way to "archive" my current site while building a new one, preferably in the same account? Can I have an "active" site and an "archived" one, so I can easily switch back over if I need to? I do not want to open two Squarespace accounts just to maintain a prior version, but I have considered letting my current account "expire" and be archived so I can reactivate it later, while opening a new account. Is this advisable? The best solution I have found is to export my site content, but this isn't ideal for me because I am more interested in maintaining my site's design/functions/settings for a later date.
  24. Dear Squarespace community, Hi from India, I am in need of a web designer who can design and explain the website for an export import company. Let me know how much it would cost me and it will be great if you can send me a quotation for such work. (*kindly mention some of your greatest work and link of such website) Thanking you in advance.
  25. Site URL: https://bullismoonline.it/ Greetings, I want to take the articles of an active website that has been built with Jekyll on GitHub and import them on my new website here on SquareSpace. Since there are many articles I’m looking for a way to do it in bulk. Is it possible? How? I can’t install any plugin there (it’s not WordPress), but all the articles are simple HTML pages or Markdown txt files (it depends on the article).
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