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  1. hi folks - total newbie here, looking for a bit of advice from more experienced users if you have the time. I'm looking into setting up an online site selling books and gift items both as one-off items and as monthly subscriptions. I've signed up to a squarespace trial and really like the intuitiveness of what I'm seeing so far, but having looked through the help guides and searched through this forum, I'm beginning to suspect it can't quite offer what I'm looking for. 1. I've seen some comments that squarespace hasn't adapted well for selling to the EU in a post-brexit world - is that still the case? (I'm Northern Ireland based and would want to sell to both UK and Ireland with ease). 2. it seems to be the case that a single VAT rate is set for the store, rather than being set for each individual product according to the VAT rate applicable for that product - have I understood that correctly? 3. There seem to be limitations on the degree to which customers can update their subscription details - update address, change billing date etc.. - are there any workarounds for that or is it just something you'd have to live with? thanks for taking the time to read this far - would be great to hear what your thoughts are.
  2. I am trying to set up ecommerce tracking using GTM. I have injected the code in the header and footer (in the code injection area). Do I need to add a dataLayer code as well in the confirmation page as well? And will squarespace allow this code to fire on the confirmation page? I have read the best way to do it is input your Measurement ID key in the integration and squarespace should be passing the transaction info through to your Google Analytics property, but mine isn't showing any transaction in either UA or GA4 through this method.
  3. Site URL: http://www.squarespace.com Hello! We allow our customers to redeem their gift cards online and in-store. Unfortunately, customers are only able to redeem their cards in-store when I am present (staff are unable to help otherwise), because the codes can only be manually typed into the Commerce App (which is on my personal phone). Has anyone found a way to redeem the codes through the desktop version of the website so that our staff can also redeem cards? Our staff have access to the platform through the desktop (so they can fulfill orders, update inventory, etc.), but I haven't been able to figure this part out.
  4. Hi, I’ve come across this great ’shoe finder’ tool on Brooks Running that is like to implement something similar to on my square space site. https://www.brooksrunning.com/en_gb/shoefinder/ Does anyone know how this type of form is made, whether it has a specific name, and whether I could do produce something similar on a square space site? The only way I can think of doing it is to have ”either” “or” images hyperlinked to another page with further questions but I’m open to other ideas!
  5. Hey everyone, wanted to know if anyone figured out how to integrate lulu to squarespace. I have a project in lulu but would like to set up print on demand.
  6. Im trying to sell digital products that will all be over 300mb in size even when zipped. Is there a workaround so I can sell a link to a google drive or outside source? It only accepts files not links. If I cant find a workaround Im most likely going to have to cancel my squarespace ging forward. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Hello I'm doing an e-commerce site for a publishing house. In a product sheet, I would like to dynamically link one or more authors/illustrators to the product so that we can consult their biography and refer to all their works. Do you believe it is possible? Thanks
  8. Site URL: https://www.greencondom.club/ Hey peeps, This is not a question per se, more like sharing a solution I found. I needed to make my website multilingual and multi-currency a while back. I really struggled to find solutions meeting my requirements, so I came up with a solution: Use Weglot for the translation (no page duplicate, can translate the checkout) Duplicate the shop section of my Squarespace site for the 2nd currency (and pay Commerce again) Set up Geotargetly to redirect people according to their location Use Datafeedwatch to list our products on Google Shopping and Facebook Catalog I wrote a detailed guide on how I've done it. Hopefully, it helps someone. Cheers
  9. Hi, I am working on a Squarespace store for a winery and need add some features to the checkout page. The customer's order cannot be processed unless it is a multiple of 12. I've been checking out forums for documentation of similar things but I haven't found much involving Squarespace pages. This website has a version of what I need (https://sage-hills-wine.myshopify.com/cart), however, I looked at their code and noticed that the "Order Limits" feature is integrated with Shopify, which I am not using. Does anyone have experience with this involving merely some custom code inserted via Code Injection, or should I be looking into alternative e-commerce software for this level of customization? Thank you
  10. Hi i want to sell photography prints directly from my Squarespace site. I have seen that there is the Printique extension which looks perfect but this is only available in North America. Are there any options to do this in the U.K.? That will integrate seamlessly with Squarespace? thanks
  11. Site URL: https://falcon-avocado-k4w3.squarespace.com/ Hello! I'm working on setting up a photography print shop site. Currently using the Palmera template. I want to be able to add a second line of text (subtitle with artist name) under each item, both in the grid and the product detail pages if possible. It should look like the attached images. Ideally should also be able to lightly style this line of text, so it's smaller and a different color/opacity than the title. Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance!
  12. My client is a personal shopper for big stores like Target and Kroger. She is wondering if there's a way to have people shop on her website through an API so they can shop on store sites and it will send a list to her so she knows what they want from the store. Kinda like InstaCart or Shipt. I know nothing about API, is this even possible?
  13. Site URL: https://www.dustandsunshineleather.com/shop Hello, 1 - I would like to limit the number of products shown on my client's main shop page. Is that possible? As it stands, when a customer goes to the shop, it's quite overwhelming. 2 - I'd love to have a thumbnail image for each category be the first thing a customer sees on the shop page. Is that possible? They would have to click on the thumbnail or the category name listed in the left-hand column to get to the full list of products within that category.
  14. Hi all As a newbie here and to websites in general I have a few questions. I am using the 14 day trial and have been given a URL by Squarespace and can see you get a free domain when you sign up to a plan. Do you get a choice over what this name is or is it just the random one they give you on the trial - or do I need to register it elsewhere first? I plan to use the site for ecommerce I currently sell on Etsy but do all my listing from my phone. Adding products from a laptop is not practical because the photos are on my phone. I am aware there is an app could i add products from there or at least the photos of the products? Otherwise I have to download them from google photos on the laptop then upload them. I sell vintage so its not the same repeating product its quite a large inventory. Thanks!
  15. Hi! I actually have a question for fellow e-commerce store owners here. I've been running an online t-shirt company for almost 3 years now. Basically, its just a graphic design tee dropshipping store. In those 3 years, I was using a 3rd party fulfillment company called Red Stag here in the US for bulk orders - and for the most part that has been working well. For smaller orders, I do the usual direct to customer dropshipping set-up, and if its bigger orders from retailers, I work with Red Stag. However, fairly recently (give or take the last 3 months) I was keen on seeing if I could actually start doing customized shirts, which would require me to drop my supplier (as they don't offer than option) and take everything in-house. I was wondering what software (for tracking, inventory, etc) are y'all using for your stores that are self-managed? I could still stick with Red Stag but from a financial pov, it only makes sense with bulk orders. Would love some input and feedback regarding this - any comments at all is highly appreciated. Tysm!
  16. Hello, I'm currently building out an e-commerce website for our fashion boutique and we're finalizing some technicalities. We currently use Shopify as our inventory database (because Stripe sucks) and we display our product via Squarespace. I've linked each product with an individual Shopify buy button, adding the code to the product's "Additional Information" section. Everything is smooth and the checkout process has no problems, but the biggest problem is the spacing between the description of the product & the positioning of the buy button. You can clearly see it in the screenshots. Is there a way I can pad the code to move it up or add the code in a way to have the Shopify buy button directly under the product description? Adding spacers and other blocks do not help. Thank you!
  17. Does anyone know how to integrate Lightspeed HQ POS with Squarespace? I can't seem to find anything. If anyone has any third party recommendations or some code that would work, please let me know. Thank you.
  18. Site URL: https://www.benjiplant.com The categories of my shop do not appear for mobile devices once I select the category I want to go to. For example, the first picture is of the shop home page and the second photo is after I click "plants". How do I make it so the categories appear at the top?
  19. Hi! i'm helping a friend with her website, she is a yoga teacher. She has multiple class options (eg Monday class, Tuesday class etc). She wants the customer to be automatically sent the correct zoom for the day of the week they purchase (but not have access to other day's codes) I've looked into digital downloads but this isn't suitable for various reasons. Thank you!
  20. Hi I have a question about email notification from ecommerce. When a product sells can we send a notification to an additional specific email for that product only? we want notification to the account email as well, but want the ability to send an additional email notification to specific emails that would change for specific products.
  21. Site URL: http://deargraduatebook.com Hi, all...I co-wrote and published a book in March called "Dear Graduate." It was designed as a gift for graduates of any age. Instead of asking, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" it asks, "What will you do when you group up?" We've received great feedback on the book, finding it strikes a nerve with a lot of people...in a good way. We're also distributing to a handful indie booksellers around the US. I do marketing for a living and we acquired 6,800 visitors to the site. We converted many, but without knowing why people didn't buy the book, I'm trying to figure that out. Certainly some of it is that the book isn't for them (or doesn't move them), the price point, having to pay shipping, not being from a known publisher, etc. Was curious if the Squarespace community might take a look and let me know if there is anything that you find is a turn-off or that wouldn't make you want to buy the book. We posted the full book online, as it really needs a way to be seen and read before buying. I know that helped sell books as well as likely inhibit others from purchasing it. Appreciate any and all thoughts...and congratulations to all the graduates out there! Charlie
  22. Hi! I want to add some products onto multiple pages but pull from the same/one inventory, is that possible? if so, how? Thanks in advance!
  23. Site URL: https://www.soulwines.ch Hello, I was wondering if there is anyway of adding line breaks to product titles? Here is my site www.soulwines.ch Thanks for your help Sean
  24. Whether you’re prepping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday or getting ready for Boxing Day sales, the holiday season has arrived. There are so many ways to prepare your website and business for the holidays: give your website a holiday themed makeover, have special sales, update your product offerings, etc. How are you preparing your website for the holiday season? What is your go-to strategy? Share in the comments below!
  25. Site URL: https://www.superscientists.org I'm interested in adding some web based augmented reality to my web page. It would be quite simple, just playing videos, not any 3D models, but I would like to use my existing squarespace site to do this. I've found a company that can write the AR.js that is needed. Do I just add this to code in my page? Any advice on using AR and squarespace would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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