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  1. Has anyone received a solutioin to this issue? We are experiencing the same issue with our wildsidepetproducts.com domain. Has worked flasslessly for years and has suddenly stopped working, returning a DNS error.
  2. Site URL: http://www.foryouth.co Hi, I have a website www.foryouth.co that serves Singapore and the rest of the world, au.foryouth.co and I recently set up my.foryouth.co to serve Malaysia. au.foryouth.co is running for a few months now without any issues. Two weeks ago I set up my.foryouth.co and the subdomain connected perfectly to the DNS records I set up in Go Daddy. As of yesterday, suddenly the connection was removed. When I went to settings-->domain, I didn't see it anymore. Trying to reconnect gives met the error: Domain does not exist This domain is not in our system. Sometimes, it does allow me to try and set it up again, but it fails connecting to the first CNAME (the one with the long code). Does anyone have an idea what is going on? Especially since it was working before? Of course, Squarespace does not have any weekend support. Like why would they. Websites do not go down during weekends, but hopefully someone here can help me out!
  3. Hello, I'm trying to transfer a site from 123 Reg but not having much luck. Below are my 123 Reg DNS an my current SSpace settings, I've unlocked the domain on 123, but it's not working, can anyone see where I'm going wrong please? The 123 Advanced DNS setting are: DNS ENTRY TYPE PRIORITY TTL DESTINATION/TARGET @ MX 10 morechoice-info.mail... @ TXT/SPF v=spf1 include:spf.p... @ A @ TXT/SPF 3b52r9qi7c50u6ehhm4d... autodiscover CNAME autodiscover.outlook... enterpriseenrollment CNAME enterpriseenrollment... enterpriseregistration CNAME enterpriseregistrati... lyncdiscover CNAME webdir.online.lync.c... sip CNAME sipdir.online.lync.c... www A _sip._tls SRV 100 0 1 443 sipdir.online.... _sipfederationtls._tcp SRV 100 3600 1 5061 sipfed.online... And my current SquareSpace settings are: autodiscover CNAME N/A verify.squarespace.com enterpriseregistration CNAME N/A ext-cust.squarespace.com lyncdiscover CNAME N/A webdir.online.lync.com @ MX 10 morechoice-info.mail.protection.outlook.com. @ TXT N/A v=spf1 include:spf.protection.outlook.com -all @ TXT N/A 3b52r9qi7c50u6ehhm4dkrn1o sip CNAME N/A sipdir.online.lync.com Squarespace Defaults Host Type Priority Data @ A N/A @ A N/A @ A N/A @ A N/A www CNAME N/A ext-sq.squarespace.com
  4. Hello, This question is primarily about submitting a site-map with google / “indexing” our website with google(?) so that it correctly appears as the first search for our business website. We have previously used Square Space for our website, www.beilbys.com, since 2018 - however Square space is quite incompatible with our industry (furniture retail in Australia, particularly South Australia). The domain “www.beilbys.com” is still valid until 2023, and I have switched off auto renew, as I have done with our square space website. I’ve purchased the domain www.beilbys.com.au, to capture the Australian market, as we are a localised, Australian business, and that website is live, and we are using Shopify instead which allows for much better presentation of our products, and the overall site looks much better than previously using square space. (Especially on mobile phone view, the background image would cut out and distort, on square space). I am having great difficulty with Google Search still showing our dead Square Space website as the first link to our business website. Even when I have turned the site to private. I have now just hidden all the pages and changed the background to “we have moved” with a link to our new website. I understand I cannot delete “robots.txt” from square space, as suggested by google - but it says I should prepare a sitemap or request an index for my new site? I have no idea what any of that means and none of the google explanations seem to provide any clarity. Could anybody help by explaining how I can stop our old squarespace website showing on google and instead have our new website, www.beilbys.com.au showing up as the first result for our business? Thank you!!
  5. Hi. My domain is hosted outside of Squarespace. When I followed the instructions laid out in the generic "how to update your domain" guide found here https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205812378 and updated the DNS records on my site to the ones in the guide, it completely wiped out my email. I had to spend hours with my site host restoring email. I don't use godaddy. I am not interested in transferring my domain to SS, as I have several other domains through my host and prefer to keep it there. I did not delete any MX records from the DNS so it should not have affected anything else.
  6. Hi! I have a client that wants to connect a second third-party domain name (it's hosted on GoDaddy) to their site, but they have emails connected to that second domain name and we don't want to break those. What's the best way to connect that second third-party domain name to their Squarespace site? Their IT team is saying the steps within Squarespace will transfer it even though I'm telling them it's connecting the DNS not transferring it. Also I'm not sure how to set it up so it won't impact the email addresses for the second domain name. Thanks for the help!
  7. I just purchased a domain and have no choice but to use NameBright as the server for the time being but Squarespace's instructions for setting up the new domain don't align with NameBright's DNS editing page. Can anyone tell me if how I've filled this out is correct?
  8. Site URL: http://www.sightcareopticians.co.uk Hi I've built a new site for my client using Squarespace. The old site and domain were hosted by a different company. The emails are hosted by yet another company. I have successfully transferred the domain to Squarespace. The email host has given me the MX record as and the SPF as V=spf1 a mx ip4: ~all I entered this information into the custom DNS records on Squarespace. The previous webhost gave me the MX record they were using as mail.sightcareopticians.co.uk with 1 priority and then gave me the instructions: My client's emails have stopped working since the domain transfer and it's probably because I put their mail server IP address ( into the MX record field when I should have put mail.sightcareopticians.co.uk and then set up a subdomain pointing to My client sent me a screenshot of their iPhone email settings and the host is mail.sightcareopticians.co.uk, not the IP address I do not want to ask the client to change their host email settings from mail.sightcareopticians.co.uk to — I want to be able to set this up from my end so they don't need to do anything at their end. I have now set up the DNS setting based on what I think they should be to include the sub-domain pointing to the mail server IP address: Is this the correct way to set up a sub-domain to point to mail server's IP address? I have sent them a test message but I heard it can take 72 hours for these settings to propogate. Any help or guidance with this problem would be great thanks. Col
  9. Site URL: https://cosmicencounter.com I have managed cosmicencounter.com for several years at Squarespace, but now I need to change the primary domain name to futurepastimes.com. All site content will stay the same. My company also owns futurepastimes.com, it's registered with GoDaddy and I will transfer it to Squarespace. But I want to keep the cosmicencounter.com domain, and set up a permanent 301 redirect so that all existing links with the cosmicencounter.com/blahblah url will automatically redirect to the new primary domain, futurepastimes.com/blahblah. I think I need to take the following steps in this order: Transfer futurepastimes.com from GoDaddy to Squarespace. Make futurepastimes.com the primary domain Make cosmicencounter.com, currently the primary domain, the 301 redirect domain Does this sound right? Thanks for any advice.
  10. Hi, I connected an existing domain. It is coming up with the extension (.squarespace) and I needed it to be a (.com) Please advise.
  11. Site URL: https://www.automatedcontrolsuk.com After many issues with cpanel and connecting the domain, we have decided to create a new domain and re-direct it to the current one (www.automatedcontrolsuk.com) The new domain (www.automatedcontrols.uk.com) links up fine, however the current one comes up with the below message: Domain Not Claimed This domain has been mapped to Squarespace, but it has not yet been claimed by a website. If this is your domain, claim it in the Domains tab of your Website Manager. How do I go about claiming this? The reason we created a new domain was because cpanel wouldn't connect up properly and they were quite unhelpful when it came to contacting them to rectify this. It was a better solution to just create a new one and redirect it but now that doesn't work. Feels like we're going round in circles with this domain!
  12. Site URL: https://www.ankaraexperince.com Hi, I created a first website for my wife's small business (ankaraexperience.com). Having no experience with this, I just sort of yeeted out something to get me started. Now, I have a bit of an idea what I actually want my site to look like, so I created a copy of my published site, and made changes to that. Now, I would like to publish that new site under my old url. But, I can't figure out how to do this. It doesn't appear that I can copy pages from one site into another. What is the process to do this? Also, the new site has the word (copy) at the end of it (because I copied the website), but I can't figure out how to remove this. Thanks! -- Nehir
  13. Hi everybody. I need to give my website a one more domain address. It has to be a subdomain of another domain. But when I add a required CNAME record to DNS (with a 947c*********8rjw string) Godaddy warns that this can affect the root domain (and probably other subdomains). Is it really so? If yes, how to modify that DNS record then?= Thank you so much! Regards, Dan
  14. I'm still inside the trial period but I was nevertheless able to successfully map my Squarespace site to my domain. However, all mail to @mydomain.com is now bouncing. As a layer of complication, I run all @mydomain.com email through Gmail, so my DNS records include Google's MX records, but my email only started bouncing after I made the switch below. My A records look like this: NAME: @.mydomain.com | TYPE:A | [squarespace IP address] NAME: *.mydomain.com | TYPE:A | [mydomain.com IP address] NAME: ftp.mydomain.com | TYPE:A | [mydomain.com IP address] NAME: mail.mydomain.com | TYPE:A | [mydomain.com IP address] Obviously, I have the two Squarespace CNAME records in there as well. On the Squarespace page to check whether your zone records are properly set up, I recall there were three additional @ A records, all backups. They disappeared once the first one was recognized. I don't think that has anything to do with my problem either, but I'm mentioning for the sake of completeness. So, is there anything I'm doing wrong here? Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Hello, I had a domain connect to a old Squarespace template that was a old design. I have removed it from my old one and tried reconnect it with my new site. I've tried following the guide but there is no drop down anymore. Its asking to transfer. When i have gone to do that it says.. Transfer in Progress To complete the domain transfer, please contact your current provider and update the IPS tag to TUCOWS-CA. When i have gone to go daddy they have no idea what im talking about. Can anyone help me connect my site!!!! NOTE: SQUARESSPACE. GIVE US A NUMBER TO RING!
  16. I have been hosting my site with Squarespace (version 5) for 10 years and today my site appears to have disappeared. 😧 Today I went to my site URL and that's when I began to see the following issues: 1. On my domain (hosted elsewhere), Squarespace is now displaying a "custom domain" mapping page. Weird, but Um ok I thought this domain issue would be easy to fix until I encountered another issue....... After noticing my site not showing up on my domain properly, I then tried to access my site by typing in my regular account URL with the Squarespace subdomain affixed to it (e.g. mysite.squarespace.com). Then I saw this.... 2. On my account URL, my site is gone and Squarespace is displaying a page that says the account is "Available." WHAT? How can MY account, that I've been paying for for many years, be Available suddenly out of nowhere? How can this be happening when I have a monthly plan? Can someone please let me know how I get my site back online? Also, does anyone know how to get expedited support from Squarespace on this matter? I opened a ticket but as I use my site for work, I don't have time to wait around until tomorrow to get this resolved.
  17. What is the advantage or disadvantage of connecting a domain vs simply forwarding the domain? For example, the .com is the primary domain, but we also own the .ca, .co, .info & .net of the same name and similar named domains. Domains are registered thru GoDaddy but website is hosted with Squarespace. In the past, we have simply forwarded the address to the primary domain but Squarespace allows us to connect non-primary domains. Any disadvantage of connecting multiple addresses to the Squarespace site instead of simply forwarding? Any advantages? Thanks in advance!
  18. Site URL: https://milesingram.co.uk I am trying to connect a domain, I own with 123-reg.co.uk, to a site I am creating. I have connected all the DNS entries except the last one as the required data section is blank, as shown in the screenshot. What do I do? Many thanks
  19. Site URL: https://tutorlim.com hi guys - we are looking to expand internationally and just wondering if anyone has done this before: q1. can squarespace websites/ domain be configured from tutorlim.com to https://tutorlim.com ( United States ) https://au.tutorlim.com ( Australia ) https://uk.tutorlim.com ( United Kingdom ) https://sg.tutorlim.com ( Singapore )
  20. Site URL: http://whitmanmusic.squarespace.com Hi there. I am recreating a website for a nonprofit formerly on Wordpress. We have our custom domain thru dream host. I am trying to find the cost for domain hosting for Squarespace to see if it is cheaper after first free year. Let me know if there is a link to the current cost for this. Thanks.
  21. Hi, I have a landing page that is super simple. This landing page has a dozen URLs that forward to it. My goal is to have the URL that is forwarded to this landing page show up on the page somewhere. This way the person who typed it in, will have some continuity. I don't want to achieve this through URL masking, rather something "on-page". Thank you
  22. Site URL: https://www.siloamspringsmuseum.com/ I have been struggling to get my webpage to appear on Google for about a couple of months now. I started working at a local history museum a few months ago. They had already created a webpage using Squarespace, but wanted a fresher look and some updates. The website never had issues with being discoverable until I chose a new template and launched it. I've tried multiple routes, such as making sure the indexing by Google button was on, claiming a sitemap via Google, making sure my website domain (done through a third party) was connected and up-to-date, and so on. No matter what I've done or changed, it still is not discoverable. Can anyone give advice on how to fix this? Here is the website link: https://www.siloamspringsmuseum.com/
  23. Hello I tried to redirect the index/homepage of my new website/domain to my old website, but it doesn't work. Only the subpage redirect works. What can I do so that both will work? I use this domain only for SEO purposes to create 301 redirects. The domain is conncected from goddaddy , not moved to squarespace. /subpage -> https.//www.oldsite.com/subpage 301 (works) https://www.newsite.com -> https://www.oldsite.com 301 (does not work)
  24. Site URL: http://rayborchers.com Hi everyone, I have a client website running on Squarespace. I am not too familiar with the platform, so I am turning to the forum for help. The domain is rayborchers.com. This page is loading a frame of rayborchers.squarespace.com. All the menu navigation links are pointing to URLs on the Squarespace subdomain, however the URL displayed in the browser address does not change. I'm looking to break the site out of the iframe and have the site live on the custom domain. If this is a setting somewhere in Squarespace, I am unable to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -chris.
  25. Site URL: https://www.burners.co.uk My domain www.burners.co.uk was set to redirect to www.burners.ltd.uk. I transfered to domain to squarespace and it's still redirecting by default, and it's not showing any way to sort it out, any help would be apprecitated.
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