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  1. Site URL: http://whitmanmusic.squarespace.com Hi there. I am recreating a website for a nonprofit formerly on Wordpress. We have our custom domain thru dream host. I am trying to find the cost for domain hosting for Squarespace to see if it is cheaper after first free year. Let me know if there is a link to the current cost for this. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have a landing page that is super simple. This landing page has a dozen URLs that forward to it. My goal is to have the URL that is forwarded to this landing page show up on the page somewhere. This way the person who typed it in, will have some continuity. I don't want to achieve this through URL masking, rather something "on-page". Thank you
  3. Site URL: http://www.sightcareopticians.co.uk Hi I've built a new site for my client using Squarespace. The old site and domain were hosted by a different company. The emails are hosted by yet another company. I have successfully transferred the domain to Squarespace. The email host has given me the MX record as and the SPF as V=spf1 a mx ip4: ~all I entered this information into the custom DNS records on Squarespace. The previous webhost gave me the MX record they were using as mail.sightcareopticians.co.uk with 1 priority and then gave me the instructions: My client's emails have stopped working since the domain transfer and it's probably because I put their mail server IP address ( into the MX record field when I should have put mail.sightcareopticians.co.uk and then set up a subdomain pointing to My client sent me a screenshot of their iPhone email settings and the host is mail.sightcareopticians.co.uk, not the IP address I do not want to ask the client to change their host email settings from mail.sightcareopticians.co.uk to — I want to be able to set this up from my end so they don't need to do anything at their end. I have now set up the DNS setting based on what I think they should be to include the sub-domain pointing to the mail server IP address: Is this the correct way to set up a sub-domain to point to mail server's IP address? I have sent them a test message but I heard it can take 72 hours for these settings to propogate. Any help or guidance with this problem would be great thanks. Col
  4. Site URL: https://www.siloamspringsmuseum.com/ I have been struggling to get my webpage to appear on Google for about a couple of months now. I started working at a local history museum a few months ago. They had already created a webpage using Squarespace, but wanted a fresher look and some updates. The website never had issues with being discoverable until I chose a new template and launched it. I've tried multiple routes, such as making sure the indexing by Google button was on, claiming a sitemap via Google, making sure my website domain (done through a third party) was connected and up-to-date, and so on. No matter what I've done or changed, it still is not discoverable. Can anyone give advice on how to fix this? Here is the website link: https://www.siloamspringsmuseum.com/
  5. I just purchased a domain and have no choice but to use NameBright as the server for the time being but Squarespace's instructions for setting up the new domain don't align with NameBright's DNS editing page. Can anyone tell me if how I've filled this out is correct?
  6. Hello I tried to redirect the index/homepage of my new website/domain to my old website, but it doesn't work. Only the subpage redirect works. What can I do so that both will work? I use this domain only for SEO purposes to create 301 redirects. The domain is conncected from goddaddy , not moved to squarespace. /subpage -> https.//www.oldsite.com/subpage 301 (works) https://www.newsite.com -> https://www.oldsite.com 301 (does not work)
  7. Site URL: http://rayborchers.com Hi everyone, I have a client website running on Squarespace. I am not too familiar with the platform, so I am turning to the forum for help. The domain is rayborchers.com. This page is loading a frame of rayborchers.squarespace.com. All the menu navigation links are pointing to URLs on the Squarespace subdomain, however the URL displayed in the browser address does not change. I'm looking to break the site out of the iframe and have the site live on the custom domain. If this is a setting somewhere in Squarespace, I am unable to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -chris.
  8. Site URL: https://milesingram.co.uk I am trying to connect a domain, I own with 123-reg.co.uk, to a site I am creating. I have connected all the DNS entries except the last one as the required data section is blank, as shown in the screenshot. What do I do? Many thanks
  9. Site URL: https://www.saskatoon-skunkworx.com I'm growing the product offerings I have in my firm and would like to update my website to reflect this. I would like to take the content I have currently on my main page - and move that down into a Products subsection so that I can add additional Product subsections for the new product offerings I am bringing online. For the product I have now and want to move in my website - what's the best approach for making it easy for users to go directly to that one product page/subsection of the website? Can I get a new domain that points to that area? Could I get a domain for say product1.my-site.com and have it point to the subsection of my website that is dedicated to product1? Long term, I'm trying to set this up so that I have my-site.com that shows all of the products I have, and then have direct paths to the individual products also.
  10. Site URL: https://seahorse-bugle-engd.squarespace.com/ I'm trying to connect my Squarespace site to movelab.seas.harvard.edu and I'm finding this to be challenging. I've already received the URL from the Harvard IT team, and I'm authorized to use it by Harvard, but don't "own" the root domain and the root domain is certain shared by many. Any suggestions for how to proceed?
  11. Site URL: http://www.rossmannguitar.com Afternoon, I'm a longtime Squarespace user and have hosted my site here for some 9-10 years. I've started a new side hustle of sort requiring a digital portfolio, but I am not ready to establish a separate webspace, so I hope to publish an unlisted page on my current account. Is it possible to direct/point my Built-in domain to an unlisted page so that I might keep my two 'brands' completely separate on the web? If not, might I have other options? Is a sub-domain my only option? Finally, as I still have ample space on the server, remind me - if I were to register a 2nd domain, could I either Map or Point the 2nd domain to a particular page on my site, or would ANY domain always point to the site homepage?? Thanks! Ross Mann
  12. Site URL: https://www.sparrowtheapp.com/ @colin.irwin or anyone - I would really appreciate your help. I bought a domain on CloudFlare: https://sparrowstartup.com/ I am now trying to connect my SquareSpace account to it. And it's not working. I've followed the guide for updating the DNS on SquareSpace but the DNS statuses on SquareSpace + the actual CNAMES keep randomly changing their status from red to green and back. Please see images below. The DNS settings right now are NOT proxied on CloudFlare. Yet I'm still having this issue. Please help me fix this.
  13. Site URL: http://www.aqua-ellipse-e5tx.squarespace.com I currently have my site on a WIX platform and want to point my existing URL (www.tonyhillphotography.co.uk) to my new SquareSpace site. My domain is registered with 123Reg. I have read the guides on transferring existing domains to a new site, but am still a bit confused with some of the settings on my 123Reg account (screen shots attached). Do I have to change my 'Nameserver' details, and if so what do I change them to? I guess I will need to as they both reference WIX. What are the SquareSpace equivalents? Which elements do I need to change and which do I need to leave alone, on my 'Advanced DNS' page (see attached)? I need to keep the 'Pixieset' settings as these link to my client pages on my site (externally hosted, not on WIX and will not be on the new SquareSpace site).
  14. Site URL: https://www.thestorehousechicago.org/ Hello, I am having an issue with mapping the Stripe C-Name to my squarespace hosted custom domain, since I want to send Stripe emails from my domain name. Candidly, I am not even sure where value to insert into what. Does anyone know where to insert the Stripe Name and Value (first screenshot) into the SquareSpace DNS settings (second screenshot)? Or should I be using google since my email is from GSuite?
  15. Site URL: https://www.meetra-germany.com/ Hi, Because of a rebranding, I've built a new Squarespace site (www.hallogermany.com) and would now like to redirect my old domain (www.meetra-germany.com) to the new page. Some of the sub-URLs have changed, so I understood it would be best to have a page-level 301 redirect and submit the new sitemap to Google to keep my good ranking for these sub-domains. Now, here is where I'm lost: I've submitted a detailed list for 301 redirects in the URL mapping. Now I need to deactivate the old pages in order to activate all 301 redirects. However, Squarespace requires me to assign a landing page as long as the site is active, meaning at least one of the old pages needs to stay live and will be recognized as the landing page. Now, how can I set-up active page level redirects for the entire site and make sure that none of the old pages show up on Google? Squarespace suggested me to make the old domain my secondary domain. In this case however, I would not be able to submit page-level 301 redirects, meaning I would loose my Google ranking. Is that right? Or did I get this wrong? Do you have any pointers for me on what I got wrong or how this could be solved? I hope my question is understandable and would really appreciate your help on this. I've been stuck with this issue for some time and am unable to find the answer I'm looking for. Big thanks! Jana
  16. I want to move my square space domain to my square space webpage. I tried settings -> domains -> use a domain I own I get 2 warnings: This domain is registered on another Squarespace site This domain is already associated with a Squarespace site I can't figure out how to get around this. Any thoughts?
  17. Site URL: http://productlab.com.au Sorry this may be a simple question, but Im looking to completely redesign this website, with all new copy and content. it currently has some basic forms only. What is the most seamless way to do this, without interruption to the existing site? Start a new sign and repoint the domain? or is there a simpler way ie. apply a new template to a staged cluster of content?
  18. Site URL: http://www.aapiern.org/ We are looking to configure our domain, minus one url (/health), to temporarily redirect to an external domain. What is the best way to do this? URL mapping seems to redirect everything if I do: Should I just use some javascript on each page minus the one we want to stay up?
  19. Site URL: https://www.burners.co.uk My domain www.burners.co.uk was set to redirect to www.burners.ltd.uk. I transfered to domain to squarespace and it's still redirecting by default, and it's not showing any way to sort it out, any help would be apprecitated.
  20. Site URL: https://paddlefish-sawfish-nwja.squarespace.com/close-to-home Hi I have a Squarepage and my own domain. But sometimes the page address are quit strange form my domain name - www.photosbyskovlund.com Why is this address shown https://paddlefish-sawfish-nwja.squarespace.com/close-to-home
  21. A client who is a blogger is wanting to use unique links to send visitors to sites where she has a discount code. For example, she has a thrive market discount code. Instead of using her unique link, she wants me to set up www.mywebsitenamehere.com/thrivemarket that will forward visitors to that unique link. I've done this before on other platforms, but not Squarespace. Can someone please provide insight?
  22. Has anyone used Cloudflare with their Squarespace domain before? I'm trying to connect my domain to Cloudflare so that I can use my subdomain on Kajabi and continue to run ads on Facebook. Any help is great! I've been trying to follow both Kajabi's walkthrough and the vendor-specific DNS records on Cloudflare's website, but it's proving difficult since I don't have all of the corresponding DNS records that Cloudflare shows in their walkthrough. Kajabi Walkthrough: How to Point Your Domain to Your WordPress Site and Your Subdomain to Kajabi Using Cloudflare – Kajabi Help Center Cloudflare Vendor Specific DNS Records: Adding vendor-specific DNS records to Cloudflare – Cloudflare Help Center
  23. I have a site that is happily not published and password protected. I want a copy of that site, but a separate landing page, with many pages deleted, and published and not password protected. I thought I obtained and verified the second domain, but when I go to /config/ the URL seems to be my original site and not the copy. I don't want to delete many pages only to find that I have altered the original??
  24. I recently created a website and it doesn't have the domain that I purchased because I switched templates causing me to create a entirely new website in my account dashboard. How do I switch my domain without having to start over from scratch? Please help!
  25. I recently pointed my 1&1 registered domain, masonsmn.com, away from justhost where I had a wordpress site built toward my new site/removals constructed using squarespace. I would like to view a few pages of the old site as they were previously (i.e. I messed up. In hindsight a few screenshots then would have been a good idea). Does anyone know how I can access those wordpress pages at this point? Thanks,
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