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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, My name is Christopher Ponte and I recently created a portfolio website with Squarespace. Designing and customizing my website was simple and I had no issues whatsoever, however I have run into a problem now that I have made my website go live. When I was doing the Squarespace trial and designing my website, the url I used was " chris-ponte-design.squarespace.com/config/ ". When I was done designing my website, I upgraded my account and purchased the Personal Plan, choosing to pay annually in order to have access to a free domain for a year. I chose the domain " chrispontedesign.com ", and afterwards I set it as my primary domain and chose to make website go live. However, when I try and input that url on a web browser, I'm taken to a 404 error screen. My question is, why does this happen? I've tried to to search for what the issue is, but I'm unsure. Is it the fact that it takes 72 hours before me or anyone else is able to access my website? Is there an issue with my links, and was I supposed to update/change anything when I set my primary domain as " chrispontedesign.com". I imagine that this is a common problem, and I apologise if the answer to my question is on the Squarespace support page and that I've simply failed to find it. I've included some screencaps that showcase the issue I'm having.
  2. Hi, Looking for clarification on how to use a 301 URL redirect. I changed my primary domain about a year ago (incidentalsewing.com -> incidentalwildland.com) but still currently own both domains. I understand that in order to use a 301, the old domain needs to be disabled or deleted. I think I'm ready to do that, but before I do I have two questions: 1. How can I see how much traffic if any is still using the old web address, and can I see where they're coming from? 2. How do I disable the old domain? Do I just let it expire? Thanks!
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