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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, I'm trying to sort my website out where no images titles and descriptions are showing by using the following Custom CSS; .image-title { visibility: Hidden;} .image-desc { visibility: hidden;} .image-title-mobile { visibility: hidden;} .image-desc-mobile { visibility: hidden;} However when the site is in mobile view and the thumbnails for the gallery is active there is huge white spaces where the titles and descriptions are. I would like this removing so the images flow into each other with the smallest of gaps. However I do also need these titles and descriptions read for SEO so whatever solution allows this would be great. www.jayclulow.photography Any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. I have tried any and all code to try and change the color of the banner text on one of my banners but have been unsuccessful. I need both the header and subheader text to be #051920. www.healinginnovations.com/home-2
  3. I've got a custom font that use on my site via an external style sheet. It works really well on desktop and mobile, but not at all on a tablet sized screen. I've tried adding the font through a media query and that makes no difference. Not sure how else to troubleshoot this one anymore.
  4. I'm trying to edit one of my pages to have the banner image be the auto height. Essentially all of the banners are currently half screen in height. I'm looking for one page to have 33% banner height. Se pictures - one are at 100% and then the banner is at optimal height if zoomed out to 33%
  5. Hi, please see attached screenshot. I would like my SHOP menu folder to be in two columns with work for sale on the left (Sand Dunes through Books) and information about the work and additional items on the right (About Our Prints through Give the Gift of Art). Right now it is one long menu. At one point I searched this forum and someone posted custom CSS that broke folders into two columns. You could select which drop-down folder to turn into columns and how many columns. This was a great start but you could not determine WHERE the break occurred, it simply broke it up evenly so if I had more than 3-4 pages the product pages would spill over into the information column and be included on the right instead of the rest of the works on the left. Regardless, the link is now dead for this post and so I can not find the CSS script. Basically: I would like a custom CSS that allows me to always have my work for sale separated from the information about the work and make it manageable to sort related works/locations into columns in the future. Ideally, I would have a mega menu with ways to view collections by popularity, theme, etc. but that seems beyond SquareSpace's capabilities at this point (like so many things...). See second attached.
  6. I used a Calendar block on an Index page and the banner image is showing through the faint grey of the calendar days. I'd like to make each day opaque black. Tried a few codes, but can't get anything to work... mikemorrisonministries.squarespace.com password: 3076852272 And the event blocks just go blank on mobile... anyone seen anything like this? The event thumbnails disappear.
  7. Hi, I have 2 questions regarding my website: I would like to add a bar above my navigation menu with my contact details (telephone number and email). I succeed however (see attachment) I would like to change the background color (now its white but it must be grey) and the bar should only be visible on the mobile website (not on desktop). How can i do that? Thank you so much!!
  8. There is some text on my site that wraps and I'd prefer it not to [see screenshot]. Specifically it's the orange "Writes" text. Is there some code that will fix this? https://spinach-viola-en24.squarespace.com/ pass: support Thanks for the help.
  9. My site collapses to mobile view too early on desktop view. How can I fix that? What the mobile breakpoint code I can use?
  10. Hello, I have an image gallery and I've arranged images alphabetically based on manufacturers. Is there a way I can have some sort of index with all the letters where the viewer selects a specific letter and goes down the page to the corresponding section? This is the blank page I'm working on: https://mastercarsreview.com/gallery Thank you so much in advance!
  11. Hello, I want to change the font for a specific page. If I change it from the Site Styles, it would edit the whole website's font. What custom css should I use to have a different font for a specific blank page. This is it: https://mastercarsreview.com/gallery Thank you!
  12. Hello! Please help if you know advance 7.1 styling or coding! I'm trying to customize my site's font colors in 7.1 . I've gone through the Site Styles and changed the color palette in the general Advanced section, and changed specific items in the Customize section of specific "sets". Also tried deselecting the current theme in sections to have it take on the global style. But no matter what I do, I can't change all the font colors on my site. Specifically, the client wants all her titles and image overlay captions and most text to be Blue. Can anybody help out with this? Do I need to use code? Just a note Squaspace, this is a SUPER important aspect of being able to customize a site, and I wish there were an easier way to do this. I get lost in all the options that are laid out in different parts of the editor. Think others are having this same problem as well!
  13. Hello Community, I would like the height of the images on my homepage in desktop view to shrink (https://www.thecigarbible.com/en/home). The current height is perfect for my mobile view but too tall for anything above the mobile breakpoint. Currently I am using the following code to stretch the images on mobile.
  14. Hello! Does anyone know what Custom CSS I should use to have the titles on the blog page change color on hover? This is the page I want to work on https://mastercarsreview.com/reviews Thank you in advance!
  15. https://bamboo-circle-erbl.squarespace.com/projects The white background behind the gallery should be transparent. I have placed the appropriate code in order for the background to be transparent, however it remains opaque white upon first loading the page. If one RELOADS the page, the custom css take hold. Why do browsers ignore my custom css upon first load only to reject it in favor of custom css upon reload? Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only help.
  16. Hello! My website is https://mastercarsreview.com/ and I want to have a cool animation on my Blog pages "News" and "Reviews", and the "Gallery" page. I want the blog post to enlarge while hovering and the images set in the Gallery page to enlarge also on hover. Does anyone have an idea about the Custom CSS? Thanks you in advance.
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