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  1. Hi There I can not import a csv file of email addresses – always get the same error message: "The first column of your CSV must contain at least one email address." Of course first column contains nothing but an email address. Also the doc has exactly three columns as requested. Nothing works. Even if I download a list that has been created within squarespace, open, export from numbers as csv and import it again – I get the same message. Also tried to export on an pc and exel > same result. I'm desperate. Has anyone experienced issues like these and has an idea how to solve?
  2. This information used to be present in spreadsheets exported from the Orders listing in commerce. Now it isnt. This makes it incredibly difficult to process shipping rates. Was this done intentionally to discourage users from handling their own shipping?
  3. Site URL: https://www.magnusoncustomstamps.com/shop/lovingletter When I make my product, the customer types what they want their product to say. I want to take that information and save it as a csv file. That way I can import it into illustrator and have it type all the orders for me. It isn't an option when I click download csv from the orders page. And the only other way I found is also attached here. But you would have to do each product individually. So that wouldn't work. My goal would be to take the orders each day, save it as a cvs file, input it all into illustrator and have it all typed up. All the finetuning such as alignment and size I would do manually.
  4. Site URL: https://www.transformational-empowerment.com Hi all, I am quite new to Square space and trying to import subscribers to my mailing list via a cdv file. This file looks correctly set up to me, first column email addresses, then first name, last name. But an error message appears, telling me the first column needs to contain at least one valid email address. Working on MacOS 10.15.7 MacBook Air. Happens in Safari, Chrome and Opera bowser. Anybody how could give me a hit or help? Best, Christian
  5. To others in my same boat...I thought a quick explanation would be helpful. I was trying to create a pinterest catalog for my shop and couldn't quite figure it all out, and there is little to no information out there on how to really do it. I only have a handful of physical products, and well over 100 digital files in my shop. So, the provided CSV file that you can find in the "inventory" section of your shop wouldn't work for me. Those of you with just physical products can have a file created for you by clicking on the "export all" button on the top right of your Inventory screen of your shop. You can actually select specific items to export by clicking on the empty circle to the left of each item in your inventory, then pushing the export button on the top right. It may automatically download a CSV file to your computer, or you can click on the file that pops up on the dropdown menu. You're going to get more info than you made need in the CSV file, so you may need to edit it. That's up to you. Back to creating your own CSV file...I clicked on their example of a CSV file to know what I needed to add to a CSV file of my own. Sidenote, they actually require less now, than what their example says. There are actual requirements listed on this Pinterest page, which are the following: Required fields: id (You can decide what the id is) title (The title you have it listed as in your shop) description (something that describes your item...physical, digital, and so on) link (a direct link to the item in your shop) image_link (right click on your image, and select "copy image link" to find your image link) price (the non-sale price that you have it listed) availability (type "in stock" if it's available) condition (although this isn't required, it helps with setting up the catalog...ex. new, used, refurbished.) You may be aware of those requirements, for those who don't hopefully that is helpful. To I don't have excel, because I use google sheets. To start I filled out the top of the table with all the different requirements...as listed above...id, title, description, link, image link, price, and availability. Then I started filling in the requirements for each item. Yes, in order to get a CSV file with all my digital items, I created it my own. Finding out what the image link was, was silly to figure out...because of how easy it is. It took me longer to figure out than it should have, and I didn't find any info out there about it. When you are on the item's page right click on the image, and then select "copy image link" to get the link for you add to the table. After I added all the info for 140 items from my shop to google sheets, I needed to create a CSV file link. I tried saving it to google drive, and they won't accept that link. So after searching once again, I finally found some random video on youtube, that showed how to "publish to web". The video was old, and of course google sheets has been updated. So... Click on File, Share, Publish to Web. The popup has options. I made sure the "entire document" was selected, as well as "Comma-seperated values (.csv)", then I clicked publish. It will ask you if you want it published. Click yes. Then use the link provided, as your CSV link to paste into the required section in the pinterest catalog. Then click submit and cross your fingers that it works...haha! To be honest after trying over and over again...I was shocked it actually worked!! I know these steps are basic, and for some they may know exactly what to do. For the rest of us, I wish I had someone to show me what to do. It would have saved me to much time and frustration. Sidenote, my digital items loaded fine. My physical items listed with "only 1 in stock" got denied. Which I can understand. When it sells it would require that item to be removed from the catalog, and I'm not sure how easy that is to manage. I've never used this newer catalog option. As far as listing things on sale...under the price section on the CSV file, unless you permanently have them listed on sale, its best to do the regular price. I've even learned when linking blog posts about sales, they become irrelevant when the sale is over. These are the tips that have worked for me. I hope they work for you too, however things change often enough so this info may need to be updated. We can also hope that Pinterest and Squarespace have an easier way to integrate in the future.
  6. I have designed my site and now ready to import product inventory. Is there a way to import "additional info" or does it have to be added to each product individually. I am asking because there is not a column for it on the "csv" template.
  7. I have a custom form a customer needs to fill out during checkout. How can I add these custom fields to the CSV download?
  8. Hey all! I am curious about you guys having problems importing products by csv, when you have a huge amount of items (maybe greater 100 or even more?). I had to set up a store only for 40 items but he fact, that you can only assign an "image url" to the item, problems formatting the csv file correctly and so on took me a lot of time until I just decided to do it manually. Can anyone share his/her experience here? I just saw, a lot of forum posts regarding the csv problem.
  9. Is it possible to use the SFTP, to upload a CSV file, then have a custom page that would display the CSV data in a Table?? I'd prefer, if I could add custom code to a Squarespace page, that would read the CSV file. We would like to have the CSV file uploaded nightly and require a SFTP location to upload the file to. I created a folder called Inventory, with a test.html file, but I am not sure how to view it. I was going to have the Test.html file read the CSV file and display the information. I assumed, I would be able to go to https://www.strongbridge.us/Inventory/test.html
  10. Site URL: http://www.shapelyevents.com/shop Hello, please help! again. I am to switch my site from squarespace 7.0 to 7.1. In that I realize that I have to start from scratch. I'm starting with my store and i'm trying to get my inventory from one site to another using the csv sheet as recommended. I exported it from my current live squarespace store. I HAVE NOT EDITED IT. LEFT IT AS IS! When i try to import it on the new platform, 7.1, i'm getting an error message and nothing is changing. I would hat to have to manually add all these items. I dont understand why there's an error if I havent changed anything. Things to note: - I am still in my trial period. I haven't made the site live as yet being that I wanted to build it then launch it when I can swap it out with the current one. Is this a factor? because I'm also getting a pop up telling me that certain features are only available in a commerce plan but I would think I could be able to build out my store using the imported csv before I launch it. I've attached photos of my process and what I'm getting. Someone...anyone...please help.
  11. I have information that I want to put in a table. What is the best way to do this?
  12. Does anyone know of a programmatic way to remove entries from the "Files" list in the Link Editor? (7.0/Montauk) Sure, you can manually select "Delete" on each file, but that is so clumsy when you have a lot of junk files. And why would you have a lot of junk files? Because every time you import a product .csv file, apparently that filename gets added to the list of files in the Link Editor. Then if you later try to use the Link Editor to link to a static file you actually care about, you have to scroll thru all the .csv files you have ever imported. So, before I get started on setting up our new store (with products whose prices will be updated daily via .csv imports) I am wondering if there is a way to deal with Link Editor file clutter. Anyone have any suggestions? (Am I the only one who's ever had this problem? I am mystified as to why the product import .csv clutter up the list. You can't reuse them, you can't download them, and you can't tell how big they are or when they were uploaded. In fact, even failed import attempts add filenames to the Link Editor list. I contacted Customer Care about this a year ago and they said they'd look into it, but I just did a little test and found that the problem still persists.)
  13. Site URL: https://www.spacegallery.co.uk/prints/test I am trying to import <br> into description field - it shows when i inspect the page - but does not render - I know that Saurespace stopped supporting <br> how do I get around this - I need to import 100's of descriptions with line breaks in
  14. JoPV

    CSV variants

    Hi all, I have over 1000 products that I have managed to import, however, I am struggling with the product variants. When I upload, the variants seem to import into the product but it doesn't create individual entries, I can do this manually on separate line entries but this would take me forever and I need to import my live file every day. Any ideas on how I fix this, please?
  15. Check out this thread they seem to have killed/locked from further comment: https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/153289-error-when-importing-product-list/ THIS is the exact problem I am witnessing, and it is VERY distressing. It seems to revolve around when they changed the way you would populate the CSV file. I hace worked with the tech geeks now for a LONG time, no resolution. What I was able to load in 1 minute 26 seconds (200 products--NO IMAGES, NO VARIANTS), no will not even get recognized by their system as a valid file. For "paul" to recommend in that previous thread to communicate with them, is a slap in the face to us that know what we are doing. It is true....they had me check browser, different system, all updates, make sure "extensions" weren't getting in my way.....all a cover-up to their inability to admit they have a problem here. They deal with me like I don't know what I am doing. I have ~50,000 SKU's to upload here....pretty pathetic I need to use their CSV limiting me to 200 at a time. And then when I got the CSV to work 1 1/2 weeks ago....set about setting up my son to start blowing out 200 product CSV's to upload, then all of a sudden, their system doesn't even acknowledge the file type. So far I have gotten handed off from tech-to-tech....one girl seemed to be onto something, and she told me it would get escalated to someone...then I am contacted by some other tech the next day, and he wants me to go through the same BS I did countless other times. GET WITH THE PROGRAM SQUARESPACE!!! I successfully load up 10,000 sku's via crazylister/ebay CSV file....and am also in the process of muscling my way through listing 1500 SKU's at a time with the walmart marketplace system. GET IT WORKING, AND GET IT WORKING NOW!
  16. I am in the process of importing my products using the upload template CSV. Many of my products have multiple variants. According the the documentation, "you only need to enter the Products Page URL for the first variant." When I leave the "Product Page" column empty for variants, however, I receive an error for each after import reading: Product page not found Make sure the URL corresponds to an existing product page When I try filling in the "Product Page" column for each of the variants (I am using "shop"), the system interprets each row as its own unique product, and I have a bunch of unnamed products rather than variants. As far as I can tell after many reviews, there are no other errors within my CSV.
  17. Help! I just spent a good chunk of time updating all of my prices in Numbers on my Mac, saved the .csv file, and it updated a few quantity changes I had made, but absolutely none of the price changes. Help! I REALLY don't want to spend even more time doing it item by item from the site itself. I'm moderately tech savvy, and nothing promising came up when I tried to google this issue. TIA! Dani
  18. had a CLEAN list of 1400 emails and Squarespace import wouldn't allow it. I split into smaller lists of 333 each and IT WORKED! hope this helps yoU!
  19. Site URL: http://www.metamodernmusicshop.com Hello, Last night I uploaded 5600 products, 200 at a time, using .csv files, based on the Squarespace template. Got that all working...however, none of the items show up in the store. What's the point of the bulk import if they don't show up. When I go to my Inventory, all 5600 items are there and listed as they should. The live URL is www.metamodernmusicshop.com There is one product showing up, but that is because that was an individual entry added via "Add Product" Can someone please guide me as to why this is happening? The monthly commerce plan is my subscription type. Please tell me that all 5600 products have to be manually uploaded...If so, what is the point of a bulk .csv import? Thank you in advance for your help. Really need to get this store up asap in light of everything happening around us. Thank you
  20. Site URL: https://www.phelpsrefinishing.com/ Last December I tested the whole bulk editing process on a copy of my client's site, so I could be sure the same procedures would work on January 1 when every price had to be updated. Now I'm in the same process for an August 1 update, and have not succeeded yet in making any test imports work. Of course the test site uses different SKU numbers, so I export the test site inventory, make a test change, and import it back to the site. The import result is just duplicate products with completely new SKU numbers -- no change to the products displayed on the test site. It worked so well last December that I didn't make many notes on how I did the bulk editing...except for notes on how to get the variants updated. Tech support hasn't solved this with me yet. Anyone else have ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Meanwhile, I'll keep trying different things and if I find a solution, will post it here.
  21. Site URL: https://www.colonia-jewellery.com/ My problem is getting 200+ images to load into my site using the download csv file. I have tried a site called postimages, where I uploaded the images and got the direct link url to appear. I copied this into the hosted url column. As a trial I uploaded just one product. The image didn't appear. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this issue , please?
  22. Site URL: https://dressupandparty.squarespace.com Hi, I'm fairly new here but here goes, hope you can help! I am setting up a store which has approx 3000 products in. I have a large spreadsheet of every single product in, and from the supplier, three image files for each product. I am trying to find a way to bulk upload the images for the products in a far quicker way than copying and pasting 3000 links into the spreadsheet. For example: Image file name is 12345.jpg currently stored locally, but I need to host it to be a link. I need a link that is for example www.website.com/anything/12345.jpg. In my spreadsheet I can format the cell to have "www.website.com/anything/*TEXT*" which means I could process ALL links in the sheet at once, as long as they all follow that formula with the image filename at the very end. Is there an easier way to do this? I have found a website that works in a similar way, but when I tried it it wouldn't work properly. Dropbox for example adds a jumble of characters in the web address so this won't do. I'm really struggling to figure it out! I've tried google drive, dropbox, flickr, even squarespace's own static addresses but these still add a jumble of characters! Please let me know if you can help! Thanks, Brendan
  23. Guest

    csv image links

    hi there I exported my product as CSV, but notice the hosted image URLs are different than the actual URL CSV URL: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5985d732c534a5778bda2d3b/5ab556911ae6cf2ed3a2f5e4/5aa076e4e4966b07314d2c66/1596206821222/http_%252F%252Fs3.store.hypebeast.com%252Fmedia%252Fimage%252F2013%252F06%252FSunday_Sunglass_19_2.jpg Actual URL https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/5985d732c534a5778bda2d3b/1520465637011-W1M4IZCR3U9AM0A34WJS/http_%252F%252Fs3.store.hypebeast.com%252Fmedia%252Fimage%252F2013%252F06%252FSunday_Sunglass_19_2.jpg is there anyway to export the actual URL instead?
  24. I have just realised there is an arbitrary limit of 3 to how many options you can import/export. Of course I have a product with 4. Does this mean that I 1) have to manually add the 32 new products with the very clunky web interface? 2) won't be able to bulk update this product in any useful way? ( If I remove the additional option, I get errors about duplicates) This will pretty much make product management impractical. Does anyone have a useful work around?
  25. I'm working through some gnarly product imports and want edto share this formula I came up with. It's nothing complicated, but it was useful to me. This formula, where 'A2' is the cell containing a product title, strips out special characters in the title, replacing them with hyphens, and makes the whole thing lowercase. In this case, I'm replacing spaces, commas, and forward slashes. Finally, it replaces two consecutive hyphens with one, should that happen. All of the nesting makes it look like nonsense, but that's really all it's doing. =IF(ISBLANK(A2),"",LOWER(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(A2," ","-"),",",""),"/","-"),"--","-"))) In one case where a clothing store client has the product's brand name as a tag and not in the Title, I created one of the above for the Tags field value and then concatenated it with the title URL string. That way the product page URL would contain the brand, hopefully improving SEO. This formula will work in Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers.
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