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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, would anyone be able to share with me a code I could add in so my homepage banner would stop zooming in? I need it to be in the original size I have uploaded. It's a picture of me and I currently have 1/3 of my body cut out 😃 I'm in Version 7.0– Brine family (Sofia Rey template). Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone, i have a client who wants to do a squarespace upgrade. The site is an art site and she wants no cropping what so ever. She wants to upgrade to the newest 7.1 after reading about all the features. My issue is that the portfolio page (she wants as a home page), forces a crop on all images and doesn't seem to have a way to turn this off. Is there a fix or should i rely on coding? (I'd rather not code, she ends up breaking things easily, when she does her own editing.) Thanks for the help, Justin
  3. Hey, My product images seem to either be cropped to all portrait or all landscape. I need some to be portrait and some landscape and I'm selling a range of photography. Am using version 7.1. Otherwise I really just want my photos to display as they are originally with no auto-cropping! How can I turn this off? Would appreciate any help!
  4. Site URL: https://echidna-octopus-ewe3.squarespace.com Hello, I would like an image block to zoom in/become cropped when in mobile view: The image block with the words 'Barnabas Poffley': I like the way it looks in desktop but want it to become zoomed on mobile such that the words are the same size as the image below. does anyone have any ideas I think I have exhausted all gallery/icon block design options. I have read through here for the past few hours but struggling to make anything work for me. Any help much appreciated.
  5. Site URL: https://www.kailynmoore.com/lumify Hi there! I'm creating a portfolio site and all of my full width images crop on mobile to the point you can't tell what you're looking at. I am looking to remove this responsive feature on ALL full width images (not just 1 instance). Ideally, the image would just span the actual full width of the screen regardless of the screen size, so no cropping ever occurs. Can anyone help me with this? I've looked everywhere for a solution and this seems like it would be a common issue. pw: kailyn
  6. Hi! I am using a gallery section using a simple grid layout to display a gallery of book cover art. The books have different sizes and the simple grid layout crops it into a consistent ratio so the book cover art gets cropped. How do I disable cropping? I don't mind if the images are all different sizes. Thank you!
  7. Site URL: https://www.aptentdigital.com Hi! My website has a large amount of white space to the side & below. Wondering if anyone knows of some simple CSS/HTML that I can use to essentially "crop" the site? I've tried setting a max-width to #site and that doesn't work. Any help is greatly appreciated! Here's my website: https://www.aptentdigital.com Thanks!
  8. Site URL: https://star-vibraphone-9fse.squarespace.com/ Hello, I am working on store to sell Photography Prints. I would like to use the Lightbox feature to have the option to view my images in Full Screen. The lightbox feature unfortunately drastically crops the images. Is there anyway to view the images via lightbox, in uncropped formate in fullscreen ? Is there a code for this ? I found some solutions on the forum, but they dont seem to work for me... Please refer to the screenshots attached. Thank You ! Alex
  9. I'm using a brine template. I want to have banner images on each page, but I would like the images to always display full width. Another way to say this is that I would not like the images to become cropped horizontally if the window is scaled. ideally I'd like to retain parallax, but this is not necessary. I have toyed with making the pages indexes, and putting a 1-image gallery at the top of each one, but the images are not all the same height so I run into other scaling issues when I try to do this. If I were to go the gallery route, I would like to find a way to control t
  10. Site URL: https://contrabass-bell-s8c5.squarespace.com/ I uploaded a background video but when i view it on mobile, the video crops out. Im looking for a way to fix the crop Thank you so much https://contrabass-bell-s8c5.squarespace.com/ password: market2020
  11. Site URL: https://www.stevenhughesphotography.co.uk Hi All So Ive my home page gallery all great looking on a desktop. Full width images as I've purposely chosen. However, when I dial up the site on my mobile, its cropping in very close. Rather than keeping the full width that I'd prefer. I want the emphasis on the image width, not the height. EDIT Seems like turning off fixed height resolves this. Can you do this only for mobile
  12. Site URL: https://belwooddesigns.com I have some images for products that are portrait and some that are landscaped. Some look good on mobile and some that are cropped out like crazy. Is there any way to make changes on each product in the design tab? I noticed when I make a change it changes them all? I supposed I can delete the Items block on the store page and sit there listing them one by one with product blocks which would kinda suck. You can see an example of what I mean below with the original item. I'm not super familiar with editing the CSS if thats the only fix but I
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