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Found 19 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.decarbonista.world/challenge Hi all, I'm looking to add a semi-transparent background color to the content blocks (or at least the text blocks) in a Cover Page layout for a client. Website is: https://www.decarbonista.world/challenge I've pasted in the code in the header of the Cover Page, but it doesn't seem to be working. Code below. Not sure what I'm doing wrong? <style> #yui_3_17_2_1_1593622491163_415 { background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5); padding: 30px; } </style> Thanks! -Scott
  2. Site URL: https://piccolo-oleander-tf9j.squarespace.com/cover Hi guys, I'm trying to use the cover pages to display a bloc of text next to an image, but I'd really need to have 2 simple fixed buttons to go to the previous/next page (easy href in html). I'd love to have them positioned in the bottom left and right corner, but for some reasons, the code injected in the URL only appears during the loading part of the page : after that, it simply disappears. Do you guys have any idea how I could make it work ? Thanks a lot in advance ! https://piccolo-oleander-tf9j.squarespace.com/cover PW: 1234
  3. How can I set up a Coverpage on 7.1 similar to this? https://www.curatedandmade.com.au/ I have added CSS to hide the head and footer however can not find a setting to have the slideshow background with a text box with white background like the example. Was curatedandmade.com.au designed on 7.0? Thanks, Leanne
  4. I'm currently making a cover page on my Squarespace site, with the Rally template (7.0, Brine). I'm using the default cover page just called "Cover". I love everything about this template except that my cover page navigation is all in one line. Is there any way I could make each button/navigation link start a new line so they're not cramped together?
  5. Site URL: https://www.keoghmediation.com/ Hi, A client of mine had already had a site built with SquareSpace when I came on board and I'm a newbie with this platform so hoping someone can help here. The client would like to add an eye-catching information box to her Cover Page, to inform her customers about the changes happening to the business due to COVID-19. From what I have read, I can't add HTML code to the content of a Cover Page in order to, for example, stylise a paragraph block. Is that correct? If not, would someone be able to explain how to add the following code to a section of the Cover Page text (not the whole block, just the last paragraph)? <p style="width: 70%; margin: auto; color: white; border: 3px solid #f4946a; border-radius: 25px; background-color: rgb(199, 90, 0); font-weight: bold; text-align: center; padding: 40px;"> If code can't be added like that, can you tell me if it's possible to recreate the Cover Page layout as a Standard Page? As far as I can see there are a few pre-existing page layout options and then the blocks of content that can be added and I assume from there I would use code to style, say, a image card block into a replica of the Cover Page. Does that seem right? Any info would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  6. Site URL: https://ori-elnatan.squarespace.com/ Is there a way to move the social icon and tuck it right underneath the body text? Squarespace 7.0 Cover Page
  7. Site URL: https://orielnatan.squarespace.com/ Client wants a single page microsite, similar to the old Cover Pages. Currently on Squarespace 7.1 Please see: https://orielnatan.squarespace.com/ pw: gaia Is there a way around this? No footer, no scroll, simple one page site.
  8. Hi all, any ideas how you add a cover page in 7.1 ?? The option is missing and looks different to the video tutorial....
  9. Site URL: https://danielkobin.com/ Hi there, I was able to load a custom font (Hanson) as H3 but am having issues getting it onto my cover page of my website (Wells template). If that's not possible via CSS custom code, I was then hoping there would be a way to change the logo positioning of the cover page from top of the page to dead center of the page. I'm trying to do either of the following. 1. Load a custom font (outside of the standard SS fonts) and make that the font of the Cover Page HEADLINE text. (I was able to load the custom font in CSS, but am not sure of a code fix to change the cover page headline). Or 2. Move the Branding Logo/Text to the center of the screen (see attached example with the "Test" text). Currently with this cover page option, I can only place it top center. I want to stick with this cover page template, so please let me know if anyone know of any solutions. Thanks!
  10. Site URL: https://www.shelleyandcompany.com/coverdraft1 Hi! I am a coding NEWBIE. Working on a client website. We are hoping to max out the "Dare to Dream" logo on the cover page. They want the logo to be larger and almost towards a full bleed. I'm hoping to somehow override the logo size restrictions on the cover page. (see attached for example on desired size). I photoshopped the image/logo and uploaded that, see here but I am running in to the issue of the logo getting cut off on the mobile site that way. I think the client would be happy with the page if I could get the logo just a BIT bigger. Any help is much appreciated. All my best
  11. Site URL: https://www.rogerberges.com Hi everybody, I'm using the flatiron template for my website and for Portrait for the cover page, I'd like to speed up the images on the cover page but I can't find any code in any forum that works for me. Could someone help please, I'll appreciate it. Best
  12. Site URL: https://www.huesofcomfort.com/ I would like to create a cover page with an image, but also have the site header showing over the image - so both the site header and page are all one.
  13. Hello guys, I am not a coder at all and already contacted support before posting here... So here I am. My problem is : I'd like to have a cover page to anounce that I'm droping my collection soon with a custom background etc... But the thing is that whenever I click on the logo in my header it brings me back to the cover page and I'd like the header logo to be linked to my "shop" tab. The support advised me to use a custom code but I have no idea on how to do this... If you guys have any ideas please let me know. Thank you very much, with kind regards.
  14. Is there any way at all to add a block to a Cover Page? In particular, I'm trying to add a series of logos.
  15. Is anyone else running into this problem? I need to set up a "coming soon" page for a client, but there are no options to do this anymore? The chat support fellow told me to put up a lock screen, but I can't capture emails on a lock screen. Advice? This seems so weird! Even Wix does cover pages.
  16. Can you please help me putting the squares [Português] and [English] with the same width? Thanks in advance
  17. Can you please help me putting the squares [Português] and [English] with the same width? Thanks in advance SITE: www.mal-parado.com
  18. I'd like to create a Homepage that is a split page with two images on either side of the page. I want the left side to have one of my wedding images with a clickable button (centre and two thirds down the photo) where clients can enter to wedding portion of my website. Then on the right I'd like a family photo with a button (centre and two thirds down the photo) where clients can enter the family, maternity etc portion of my website. So I have two questions: How do I add an addition image to my page and; How do I move my buttons to be over top of my image and two thirds down on each photo? The cover page example I used is "Flash". Thank you in advance!
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