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  1. Hi! I have created forms on a website and want to use the Lightbox design. My problem is that the send-button at the bottom of the form is "invisible" - the text is white as well as the outline of the button. It is only when I hover over the place where the button is that the text send (skicka in Swedish) appears. You can see it on the pictures. I have tried to customize the buttons in different ways and change colors but I can't seem to change this particular button and frankly I have no idea where to change this so I have really just tried randomly. The problem is only when I use the Lightbox design, not when the Lightbox-mode is turned off. Can anyone help me?
  2. How can I assign a specific color to the background of my website only for the mobile version ? I am looking to give my website an off-white color (#EEEDEB). It works well for the computer version, but appears total white on the mobile version
  3. Site is craigkleila.com, password is password When I scroll, my navigation with the color #191918 turns black. How can I keep the #191918 color on scroll? See image.
  4. Hello, Do you know if it is possible that the folders in the header stay red after I click on the links in the wrapper? So that I know which main category I clicked on? Thank you so much for your help! https://koala-circle-rbwp.squarespace.com/
  5. Hi guys! Could you please tell me how I can center align and change font color to red then all in bold letters? What should I add here: <span style="color:red"> **WORKSHOP 1:**</span> It would look something like this. Thank you!: WORKSHOP 1:
  6. I used the following code to set a custom background for my website .page-section{border-top : 5px dotted orange} But for some reason the border has a light green background to it, how can I make it so that its only the orange dots and the background color is just the color of the section.
  7. Hi there! I am working on a website for a client and noticed the mobile version has a cream 'block' on top of the page. Does anyone know how I can either remove whatever this is? Or know where I could change this so it reflects the color of the page? Thanks!
  8. Hello, I want to invert the colours on my mobile header just on the homepage only from black to white. I've manage to do this for the desktop view but need done for the logo and hamburger on mobile. https://www.commonmanners.com/ password: common
  9. Hi all, hoping someone might be able to help! When viewing my site in Safari and scrolling to the top of the page, it allows a little bit of 'bounce' to scroll up beyond the site header. Currently when this is done it is revealing a white background. I would like it to be the same ocean blue colour as the header bar. It seems to work correctly on a page where the first section is a solid background, but on a page where the first section has a background image, the site background area is displaying as white, and I can't figure it out! Any help is massively appreciated, thanks! URL: mango-pear-zcpc.squarespace.com Pass: tuition
  10. Hi all ! So I am creating blast email templates to send to my contact lists, where I choose a specific color for my section background (let's say, green). It looks great and all, but when someone receives it on their phone or tablet, and their dark mode is turned on, then the background color inverts and it looks really bad. Is there a way to force the background color on any devices? Thank you so much for the help!
  11. Hi there! Can you please share how I would be able to change the font color in a tag cloud in Bedford? Thanks so much!
  12. Hi, I set up our website in 2020 and everything has been fine till I noticed today the gradient background I set up for every page is gone. The footer is also weird. When I check the CSS and change it, it only changes the footer colours. I haven't changed any CSS codes, so not sure what has happened? The code I used for it: .site-wrapper{background: linear-gradient(to top,#A9ACB6, #00688B, #000000)!important;} .page-section, .section-background{background:transparent!important;} Any help appreciated!
  13. Hi all, I've used a piece of custom code to make the Shop and Product Pages on my website have black header backgrounds, and white text - this is due to the header including a logo which requires a dark background to be seen. The code I'm using is: body.collection-type-products .header .header-announcement-bar-wrapper { background-color: black} body.collection-type-products.view-item .header-announcement-bar-wrapper * { color: white !important; } However, this code is not applying to the Cart Page. From some other threads, I've seen suggestions on how to accomplish this effect on the Cart Page; however, none of the code seems to be working for me. Have I done something wrong with another piece of code? Website is: https://chamber-orchestra-demo.squarespace.com/ PW is: ChamOrch Thanks,
  14. Hi Could someone help me, I've recently transferred over the ownership to my client and they have given full permission as a contributor & website editor. I need to still access the website 'design' element to change colours, fonts etc but this section isn't showing. How can we resolve this? Many Thanks Nathan
  15. Greetings - so want to change color for item headings: www.konsulentoppdrag.no/annonsering Headings being 'Alltid nummer 1...' + Gratis SEO.....etc.
  16. Hi guys, I am wondering if anyone has an easy solution to having a dark and light version of the logo that works with the colour settings in the nav/header? For example, the logo looks great in white on a banner image but when I have a page that doesn't have a banner image the logo is lost on the white background. Site URL: https://www.beyondjanebeauty.com Password: maint8n Template: Sonny Version: Squarespace 7.0 Thank you in advance!
  17. Hello, I am trying for some time now to change the colour of the font in my summary block at my home page but I cannot. This blue color is very distracting (see articles, reviews). I am not sure how to do it. I have restored to the default themes more than once, tried to edit the color manually, but nothing happens - it does not even change color. I have repeatedly searched but nothing! I think I might be missing something! Same when I put a link in the text - the color is orange and cannot change it. Here is my website. Any help would be very appreciated! www.filmmining101.com
  18. Hi, My footer colour is set to black. However this now means you can't see 'Powered by' and means 'Squarespace' in white looks like it's floating. Is there anyway to change the colour of this text so it's all white on black background? Simply can't find a solution. TIA
  19. Hi, I have been playing with using different colour themes on my site to see what I liked best. It (selecting a theme) was working but now when try and change the selection in the 'Edit Theme' section it doesn't save. The box on the right of the edited section I'm working on just stays the same. I am now stuck with some colour themes I don't want on a couple of pages. Please Help! Many thanks
  20. So my header video on my webpage is white and I entered the following code to change my logo from being white to black: <style> div.header-title-logo a { content:url("https://static1.squarespace.com/static/62be1ed4d381561fd3a56266/t/6351781395709916a95a1b92/1666283539559/Brende_Logo_Black.png") !important; max-height: 70px; } The only problem it changes all my buttons on the page to being white. It was originally a maroon button where it says "Hire Me" both in the navigation menu and on a block in a section.
  21. I have Squarespace 7.0 for my site. I would like to change the background color of one section on a certain page like the photo attached. I was told i have to add a custom code because i dont have 7.1. Any advice?
  22. Hi there I am trying to figure out how I can change the background color of a specific image #block background ("DISCOVER the goal that matters most"). Is there a way to remove the background color from green to blue and change the font to white on mobile only? https://hazelseybert.squarespace.com/services-overview pw:DDD
  23. Is there a a way i could change the color of just ONE word in my menu bar? I want to draw attention to one specific tab. But, I don't want this tab to be the button at the end of the menu bar. I want it to stand out like this: Home About Me Gallery Cultural Spotlight Contact (Button)
  24. Site URL: https://greyhound-oval-dpl7.squarespace.com/ PW: test Hi all, When trying to update the colour palette (specifically the black colour), it updates across about 70% of the site's components, with certain components sticking to solid black (#000000). Any ideas why? It's mostly things like buttons and text links, but not only those things. Helppp! Grateful for your assistance here, everyone 🙂
  25. Is it possible to change the colour of arrows on product page on my webstore? I have images on a white background and currently can't see the arrows to scroll through product images. thanks,
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