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  1. Site URL: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/lblmvMdp/ How can I embed the below website to view in my squarespace site without opening a new browser tab? I tried an iframe generator and it comes up in squarespace as connection refused. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/lblmvMdp/
  2. Site URL: https://plums-lanternfish-zk73.squarespace.com/ password is: plums I've used both the Headline and Paragraphs to have the multiple sized of Furtura PT in the site. I have not found a css code that will allow me to only change the quotation marks to be Clarendon. I want to match what I did in the previous - version of my client's website - designed in 2016 using Adobe Muse: crimsonps.com. The first place I've used this large quotation mark is on the landing page. I also am trying to find CSS code to create a red under line of some text on the Services page thanks
  3. Site URL: https://www.jaydansalzke.com/blog Hi, I need help with formatting my blog page. I'd like to: Change the page width to match the 85px on the /copy-portfolio and /creative-portfolio pages Centre the content (image and text incl. title, blog excerpt etc.) within that width Keep the blog posts alternating, but have the text alignment alternate too so that it sits 'against' the image Thanks for your help!
  4. Site URL: https://cathrynworrell.com I'm using the Brine template and I've been trying to fix lots of accessibility issues on my site. I've have found (thanks to the SS forum) code to deal with most of it but how can I add form field labels to the newsletter block? I think I may also need alt text for the RECAPTCHA part of the block too. Is it possible to fix this? Thanks.
  5. Site URL: https://www.breannadawnphoto.com/weddings Hi y'all. I am updating the colors on my site and in doing so, I've not been able to fix the navigation bar/heading on the wedding gallery page. I have no idea how to fix it. I just want it the same color as the background, even if it is just transparent. Thank you!
  6. Site URL: https://www.effektfootwear.com/signup Hi all. I have been scouring the web to figure this one out, found my way here, but cannot seem to get the code working. I'm looking to remove the "Last Name" field required for email sign up. I currently have business plan, have tried pasting a variety of codes I have found on the web and nothing seems to work. I am trying to apply this to the landing page where I have successfully removed the header and footer as I want the sign up to be the only action people can take. Is anyone able to help? Thanks, Ben.
  7. Site URL: https://www.seethesightstours.com/amsterdam-tours Hi all, Hope you can help with a coding issue I'm having. I've got a widget to install on our website. The widget is meant to allow people to book tours in other cities (we're a travel company) and we earn a commission on each sale. I've installed the widget correctly and it does appear as it should. However, I've noticed that if you follow the customer journey, then the Partner ID that we have with the partner disappears from the URL and therefore it is not able to track that the sale came from us which subsequently loses us our commission. The code has been copied 100% correctly from the partner and I'm fairly certain it's something in the backend of Squarespace that is the issue. The only thing I can think of is that some of the HTML code is in red for some reason and which is making me think that is the problem. Please see bottom of this post for a snippet. As a complete newbie to coding I've got no idea what to do so if anyone has any suggestions it would be much appreciated. Many thanks 🙂
  8. Site URL: https://www.deakin.group/ Hello I would like to reduce the overall footer height and align the outer elements of the text (margin) to be the same as the header. I have taken a snapshot showing header and footer against each other. Can I add more parts to the grid to accomplish this? Or, is there code I can use to change the margin of the footer to match the header? How can I change the overall height of the footer. (redline on image is approx height of footer) Thanks, Chris
  9. Site URL: https://www.backyardbeans.com/catalog Hello Circle Members! I'm looking to remove breadcrumbs on only one shop collection which is located here www.backyardbeans.com/catalog -- I do not want to remove the breadcrumbs completely or I will lose breadcrumbs that I have set up at www.backyardbeans.com/shop -- is there a way to make sure that shop breadcrumbs can only appear on the /shop and not have them show up at /catalog? See my screenshot, I don't want the green text (the breadcrumbs) to show up for this shop at all. I only want it to show up for the one that is /shop... I'm also using Squarespace 7.0 Thanks!
  10. Site URL: http://jumptownplaycenter.com Hello, I am looking for some guidance on placing RT Pixels for a digital marketing campaign that I am doing. How and where do I place it in my site? Thanks
  11. Hi, I was wondering how to move the product description to above the size and buy now button for mobile... see image attached Is there any code of how to move it The screenshot(3) is mobile version and as you can see its below the purchase button but it needs to be above it, please help me lol . cheers :]
  12. Site URL: https://leopard-owl-xw5g.squarespace.com/ Hi, does somebody knows how i can change my mobile menu hover color to red? It seems only the last three ones work, but not the first 4 rows. Instead these are underlined, which i would like to loose also. https://leopard-owl-xw5g.squarespace.com/ password: testme Any help apreciated, thanks in advance!
  13. Site URL: https://www.forgottenparts.inc Hello, I'm having a hard time with getting my videos to keep looping on my website page. Here is the code that I have, any suggestions? Thank you! <video autoplay="autoplay" "loop=true" style="width: 100%" controlsList="nodownload" src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/62ebc29e65b64e406b23c9d5/t/62fb2477c3c4313129738663/1660626044370/082098029-logging-truck-sunset_H264HD1080-2+%28online-video-cutter.com%29.mp4"&loop=1&autoplay=1&muted=1> <source type="video/mp4" > <body oncontextmenu="return false;"> </video>
  14. Site URL: https://www.laterrarossa.com Thank you to you all for your help in adding a scroll down indicator to several of my pages. I am having difficulty in making the indicator arrow a button which jumps to the next section within each page of my site: https://www.laterrarossa.com. The code for the scroll indicator is below: <div class="scroll-down"></div> <style> .scroll-down { position: absolute; left: 50%; bottom: 10px; display: block; text-align: center; font-size: 20px; z-index: 100; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: 0; width: 13px; height: 13px; border-bottom: 2px solid white; border-right: 2px solid white; z-index: 9; left: 50%; -webkit-transform: translate(-50%, 0%) rotate(45deg); -moz-transform: translate(-50%, 0%) rotate(45deg); transform: translate(-50%, 0%) rotate(45deg); -webkit-animation: fade_move_down 4s ease-in-out infinite; -moz-animation: fade_move_down 4s ease-in-out infinite; animation: fade_move_down 4s ease-in-out infinite; } /*animated scroll arrow animation*/ @-webkit-keyframes fade_move_down { 0% { -webkit-transform:translate(0,-10px) rotate(45deg); opacity: 0; } 50% { opacity: 1; } 100% { -webkit-transform:translate(0,10px) rotate(45deg); opacity: 0; } } @-moz-keyframes fade_move_down { 0% { -moz-transform:translate(0,-10px) rotate(45deg); opacity: 0; } 50% { opacity: 1; } 100% { -moz-transform:translate(0,10px) rotate(45deg); opacity: 0; } } @keyframes fade_move_down { 0% { transform:translate(0,-10px) rotate(45deg); opacity: 0; } 50% { opacity: 1; } 100% { transform:translate(0,10px) rotate(45deg); opacity: 0; } } </style> I have also added this page anchor code lower on the page: <h2 id="instagram">Instagram</h2>
  15. Site URL: https://www.breannadawnphoto.com/home Hi all, I am trying to get my text aligned on the bottom right of my image, on my hompage, just in the mobile view. Is there a code or trick to this? thank you!
  16. Site URL: https://processworkuk.squarespace.com Hi, I'm trying to show the year on the date side tag that shows on an event thumbnail - currently it only shows Date & Month. Site - https://processworkuk.squarespace.com Password - ProcessworkUK2022 Any help would be great.. Thanks!
  17. Site URL: https://skylabnyc.com/ So, before I posted this I did research on it in the Squarespace forums. But, I'm no coder so I just wanted some clarification on what I read. I wanted to put this code into my site (i have a live commerce site). It's a discord chat window I wanted to try out, the code is this: <iframe src="https://discord.com/widget?id=880540850617196594&theme=dark" width="350" height="500" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" sandbox="allow-popups allow-popups-to-escape-sandbox allow-same-origin allow-scripts"></iframe> When I put that into an embed block under code snippet nothing comes up. It's a blank box. When I try a code block nothing shows up. Is this because my site is on HTTPS and that is protecting me from putting in code that someone could use to hack into? If I were to lower my site security would this then work? If this is the case, is there no way to use a Discord chat window with HTTPS? Any help would be appreciated, thanks everyone!
  18. Site URL: https://www.history-ink.com/ Hi there, I wondered if you could help me make the images clickable on my carousel, as there seems no obvious way to do it. Note I wish to keep the buttons, but make the images clickable as well. In my portfolio section of the home page, screen shot attached. Thank you!
  19. Site URL: https://www.laurewelfling.com/ Hello everyone. I'm trying to add on my home page ( Crosby template) a high resolution photo, it doesn't come in jpeg or anything but it code. When I'm trying to add a block on my page it won't let me add the code bellow. I don't know if it's because my template doesn't permit it or if it's because i don't know how to do it 🙂 thank you in advance for your help. <div data-prodibi='{"type":"grid","settings":{"container":"rrdo74lqmo20exk","branding":false,"account":"peterrodger"}}'><script>;!function() {if (window.prodibiAsync == null) { var s = document.createElement('script'); s.async = !0; s.src = 'https://max1.prodibicdn.com/libraries/pages/prodibi.embed.2.0.min.js'; document.body.appendChild(s); }window.prodibiAsync = window.prodibiAsync || [];prodibiAsync.push({ type: "settings", settings: { account: "peterrodger" } });}();</script></div>
  20. I need to pass the date of the event to an external site. where can I get a list of the variables that can be used?
  21. Hi guys, I'm working on a website for a real estate agent and we're looking to implement a home valuation tool for a potential buyer to enter their information on their property in, so they can get a estimation on their home value functioning like this example on this website http://valuation.thepreferredrealty.com/sludwick@TPRSold.com Anyone know of any tools that work well with squarespace that isn't quotool? Client said upon testing that software that it didn't seem to provide accurate estimates.
  22. Does anyone know of an existing Home Valuation Tool that you could add to a real estate website? This would be something that would give you a basic instant value report based on the address of the home.
  23. Site URL: https://www.persistnashville.org/student-resources-copy Hi, I was trying to create a clickable image that will change into another image when hovering over it. Because I have zero coding experience, I followed the tutorial posted by Carl Johnson on YT that achieved the exact effects I was going for. However, it's only working in editing mode (see picture attached). If you click on the actual url you'll see that everything, including the non-coding blocks have been squished to the left. I have redone every step in his video twice and the layout is still messed up. I haven't found a fix for this on the forum. Does anyone know how to fix this? Greatly appreciated!
  24. Hi, I was wondering how to move the product description to above the size and buy now button for mobile... see image attached Is there any code of how to move it The screenshot(3) is mobile version and as you can see its below the purchase button but it needs to be above it, please help me lol . cheers :]
  25. Hello. I am looking for code that will allow me to change the font size on a gallery grid block ( not a summary block). Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You
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