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Found 8 results

  1. Evening all, I have need to create a button via a code block that I want to put on multiple product detail pages in my shop. It's a button that does one thing and it needs to do the same thing on about 10 different products. I'm wondering if there's a way to save these code snippets and add them to other pages without having to re-create the same code block 10 different times?
  2. Site URL: https://www.davai.squarespace.com Hi I am currently unable to edit multiple sections on the homepage of the site i am currently working on. (davai.squarespace.com - password: davai) After a conversation with the support team, they told me that the forum might be a good place to troubleshoot this issue. The issue is probably caused by some code i injected in code blocks, or by some of the CSS injected to the site. I have attached a video, showing the issue, as you can see, i am able to edit the first two sections, as well as the header and footer. Anything
  3. Site URL: https://lifejoytherapy.com/faqs Is there anyone who can help diagnose why the following code block isn't rendering?? See screen shot - this is how I've added it to the site. Plan is a Business Plan so should cover JS. I so hope someone can hep! Thank you so much!
  4. Site URL: https://chihuahua-wrasse-j3yk.squarespace.com/ Hi there, One image in a code block (the frames) isn't appearing for me on Safari. On Chrome it appears just fine, but on Safari I'm getting that little blue box with the ? inside (it's only partially visible in the screenshot since it's being blocked). I have absolutely no idea what could be causing this! It's an img src HTML script and that's it, then it's CSS to align it on the page. Thanks in advance! PW for site: edstudio
  5. Site URL: https://www.gallopapartments.com/ Hi @tuanphan I cannot adjust the size or center this video via unlinked files. I don't want to insert a Youtube link via the page's banner because it shows top and botom black borders that I don't want. So I added this code from https://www.amusing.ly/blog/2018/8/10/looping-videos-on-squarespace to the Code block to display my video instead. But I don't know why the video gets out of the frame. Please see picture below. The video is on the home page. Can you show me how to adjust its size and how to center the video? Website: www.gallopap
  6. Is it possible to link some of the text in a code block? I would like to link just one of the bullet points in this block. Thank you😁
  7. I would like to make a fetch request from my squarespace site to a weather data provider. The code works fine when I write it into a code block directly on the page. My issue is that the code contains an API key that I want to keep secure, yet accessible. My strategy to keep this "simple" was to use the method described in this article to upload my file that runs the script which uses the API key, and then reference that file using <script src="/s/javascriptfile.js"></script> The biggest question is whether storing an API key in an uploaded file linked on a disabled
  8. Site URL: https://suzan-terzian-draft.squarespace.com/homepage-content Hi everyone, Having some trouble with the spacing between code blocks for my client's side below: https://suzan-terzian-draft.squarespace.com/homepage-content If you scroll down to the 2nd image block, you'll notice there are 3 different sets of additional text headings which i created using code blocks (h4, h5 & h6 headings), entitled "4th type of text heading...", "5th type text heading..." etc. But you'll also notice there's a huge spacing between these 3 code blocks as well as the "Learn More
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