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  1. Hi there, I'm curious as to how I would go about creating clickthrough URL's on the individual cards I created in Figma. I'm utilizing an image content section that is designed as a carousel and I uploaded hard designed/flattened "cards" as images in the carousel. I want to make each card it's own clickthrough link to that companies website. I have the option of creating buttons as clickthrough's that live beneath the cards, but I want the clickthrough to live directly on the individual card/image components themselves. Anyone have an idea on how to do this? (I'm proficient in coding so feel free to drop some ideas when it comes to DOM manipulation).
  2. I want to find out if there is a way to change the click through URL for my site logo, rather than it defaulting to taking me to the homepage. I'd like the flexibility to have the logo link to a unique URL address on different pages within my site.
  3. Does anyone know if there is any code that will allow me to customise my Accordion blocks so when you click on a title to expand the image changes to another image rather than the current image getting bigger for each expand point? Link to website the accordion block is on the front page: https://www.cuppastudio.co.nz/ There is also a screen recording attached to explain what I mean 🙂 1604362424_ScreenRecording2022-11-09at8_01_45AM.mov
  4. Site URL: https://star-fox-slbe.squarespace.com/portfolio/aesop-store-openings Hi there, Would anyone know what css to use to create a clickthrough gallery in slideshow? At the moment there are arrows but i'd prefer to have it so you just click on the right side for 'next' and left side for 'previous'. Thanks in advance,
  5. My website landing page is setup as one big image gallery with thumbnail images linking to other individual pages. It's been working fine for years but recently has stopped directing my clickthrough URL links to the other pages. Image tabs in the Gallery just go to a slideshow now, which is not what I want. I've tried re-uploading the image files and changing the URL links to the web page addresses (instead of the clickthrough > content option) but it still won't work. Old links still seem to be fine but any new image links just go to slideshow. Can anybody help me out here? I'm unable to share new work until I get this figured out. Thanks
  6. Site URL: https://www.frontlineacademy.no Version 7.0– Brine family (Heights template) Hello. We have been advised from a marketing firm to make "everything" clickable on our webpage. This to improve SEO (?!). How do we make it so the primary navigation on desktop does not open on hovering, but only if we mouseclick? To clarify we want desktop to behave like the mobile version. Any help is much appreciated!
  7. Site URL: https://apricot-oarfish-s26l.squarespace.com/ Hey Squarespace experts, I have a banner slideshow on my homepage that I am trying to add two custom features: 1) autoplay after a set duration and 2) make each slide have a clickthrough target. site: https://apricot-oarfish-s26l.squarespace.com/ pass: da1234 I understand that the banner slideshow has an option to display a button, but my goal is for minimal UI elements, so if the entire image was a clickable target, that would be great! Thanks in advance!
  8. Site URL: https://www.history-ink.com/ Hi there, I wondered if you could help me make the images clickable on my carousel, as there seems no obvious way to do it. Note I wish to keep the buttons, but make the images clickable as well. In my portfolio section of the home page, screen shot attached. Thank you!
  9. I am trying to get the clickthrough URL of each image in my galleries to open in a new tab. I did some digging and I noticed that each gallery image has the <div class="margin-wrapper"> on it. So I am thinking if I can have anything that has that class open in a new tab I should be good? How can I change all external links contained within <div class="margin-wrapper"> to automatically open in a new blank target tab?
  10. I've been trying to add clickthrough URL's to some images on my site. I can add a clickthrough URL to an external site to an image in the settings tab for that image, however I can't find any way to make this clickthrough open in a new window when it is clicked. I don't really want visitors to leave my site when they click on a an external link that is on an image - such as the Apple Music logo for example. I have a couple of other sites on different templates and this isn't an issue on those templates. Is there any way I can get external links that are on images to open in a new window on the Wexley template? I like the main gallery style in Wexley for the particular site I have on it (a photography portfolio site) which I why I chose Wexley rather than a different template for this site. Is there a different template that has the Wexley style galleries but not the issue with clickthrough URL's not opening in a new window? Many thanks Phil
  11. Site URL: https://sanilodge.co.za/ Wordpress has a high impact background styled gallery which allows custom text headers and descriptions to be added with a button and clickthrough capability. Here is the Wordpress example. I would like the same in Squarespace. Currently there are only static images or video backgrounds possible, that allow text headers, descriptions, buttons and clickthroughs. Is it possible? Are advanced CSS skills necessary? I rely on Squarespace's ease-of-use, and dont have those skills.
  12. Site URL: https://leopard-owl-xw5g.squarespace.com/all-projects Hi, 1) is it possible to unduplicate a blog page? (so its independant and not changing the reference) ? or 2) in gallery layout page how could i add a description plus make the clicks responsive for mobile devices like in blog pages. At the moment one has to swipe : https://leopard-owl-xw5g.squarespace.com/all-projects or 3) do you know a where to find good lightboxes for purchase that i could integrate into squarespace? i would need, a hover description and a sleek clickable behavior like in the blog posts. Problem page is this example: https://leopard-owl-xw5g.squarespace.com/all-projects -no information on the pictures. (via hover) -on mobile have to swipe. i would be happy with a simpe lightbox like in blog pages for example: https://leopard-owl-xw5g.squarespace.com/blog/hongkong-my-love Thanks for any help! Site URL https://leopard-owl-xw5g.squarespace.com/all-projects password: testme
  13. I've got image blocks that are set to clickthrough to another page. I wanted those images to have a hover over effect and I have found the code for that but it only works when you add a custom css block to the page. So I get the image to show up but so far can't find a way to link a URL to it. Is there anyway to link a clickthrough URL to a custom css code? Below is the code i'm using <img src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/53407622e4b0f0bdc6e387dc/t/5dcf181f66e4061a93334439/1573853226998/WinterWandering.jpg" onmouseover="this.src='https://static1.squarespace.com/static/53407622e4b0f0bdc6e387dc/t/5dcf18cc3563fc67fd558d75/1573853393669/WinterWanderingv2.jpg'" onmouseout="this.src='https://static1.squarespace.com/static/53407622e4b0f0bdc6e387dc/t/5dcf181f66e4061a93334439/1573853226998/WinterWandering.jpg’"> The link to the page i'm trying to do it is here www.wraysinclair.com/film - the top one is how I want the clickthrough to work, and the bottom image is how I want the hover effect to work. Does anyone know any code that I could add a clickthrough URL to my custom css block? Specifically the url I want to link to is www.wraysinclair.com/winter-wandering
  14. Site URL: https://www.mfcreativedesigns.com/wedding-portfolio I am trying to figure out how to apply an image hover effect to our clickthrough blog post gallery image links. On our website URL above -- https://www.mfcreativedesigns.com/wedding-portfolio -- you can see a page full of images that are actually blog post clickable links, that once clicked, are full of expanded galleries. Currently, nothing indicates that these blog post images are clickable/expandable, other than the written note at the top of the page. I would like to apply a hover effect that indicates they can be clicked on to see more. Something like an image fade, when the image is hovered over... anything that will give it the visual clickable effect. I spoke with squarespace customer service, and they said our template does not allow this modification, so we'd have to add custom code in order to do so. Can someone please help? Thank you so, so, so much in advance. So grateful for this community! (@tuanphan -- any idea on how to do this?)
  15. Site URL: https://paloma-contreras-design.squarespace.com/ Is there a way to have the buttons on a summary block link out to an external URL instead of the internal blog page? https://paloma-contreras-design.squarespace.com/publications Pwd: PCD I'd like the button "Buy the Book" to link out to purchase the book.
  16. Site URL: https://climateclubs.co.uk/ Hi, When I've uploaded my logos on the home page, (EG See the Forest Fires one), the site design has automatically added a click through that I don't want / lands in a click through error page. Do you know how to remove the click through? I've tried adding the custom CSS & header / footer code mentioned in these forums, but with no luck. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks
  17. Site URL: https://karaleighfordceramics.com/library Hello, https://karaleighfordceramics.com/library I've used a gallery page on this 7.0 site to setup an image library. I've included a click through url on each image which directs to an external site. But I'm having an issue with the search bar on the gallery page. If you click a thumbnail within the gallery page it opens the clickthrough url, but when you click a search result within the gallery page, it open the image in a lightbox., disabling the clickthrough url. I need the search result to open the clickthrough url. Can anyone help please? Thank you.
  18. Site URL: https://fish-primrose-czfn.squarespace.com/config/ Hi, Does anyone happen to know if it's possible to make a background image click-through? My home page has a series of full images. Each image refers to a project, and I'd like the entire image (not just the text) to be clickthrough. Any ideas on code? Thank you! Tommy
  19. Site URL: https://www.thebluntknife.com.au/ Hi, I want to create a click through URL on a banner image. Is there code I can use in this instance? Thank you!
  20. Hello, On a product page i have built, I am trying to disable the option to be able to click on the image which takes you through to a page with the single product on. As i'm only using one image per item that I'm selling i do not need a click through option. Does anyone know the coding on how to disable this please? Many thanks!
  21. Site URL: https://stingray-cone-9ek4.squarespace.com/turer2 Hi! It would be really nice if I could have clickable images on this page as well as having clickable buttons(As I now have.) "https://stingray-cone-9ek4.squarespace.com/turer2"! Could someone help me with this? I found some other questions about this, but I couldnt get any of the codes I found to work with my site:)
  22. Site URL: https://dragonfly-pentagon-ym6h.squarespace.com/ site password is 123 I used code blocks to create a mouse hover-over effect on the three top images on my homepage. When I add, let's say <a href="https://dragonfly-pentagon-ym6h.squarespace.com/directory"> (or any other link to any other of these images) so that when you click on the blue image, it goes to the directory page, the click area seems to expand to the section below so no matter where my mouse is, any click will act as if I've clicked that hyperlink. It also increases the size of the section below. What gives? Here's the code I used for each of these code blocks: <a href="https://dragonfly-pentagon-ym6h.squarespace.com/directory"> <img src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/6238af5e19bb205556416810/t/625345f3de22634c0986fa0d/1649624563271/searchVectorPart1.png " onmouseover="this.src='https://static1.squarespace.com/static/6238af5e19bb205556416810/t/625344a058497c282010c687/1649624224879/searchVectorsecond.png'" onmouseout="this.src='https://static1.squarespace.com/static/6238af5e19bb205556416810/t/625345f3de22634c0986fa0d/1649624563271/searchVectorPart1.png'">
  23. Site URL: https://www.jmarz.art/portraits Password: SuperSecretePassword Hey all, I'm a c/c++ programmer, done a bit of kotlin for two apps I've developed and dabbled in a few other languages due to needed to be able to...and I guess this is one of those moments. I never was one for javascript, html, or anything of the sort so sorry for my limited knowledge but how would one go about setting a clickthrough link via an image in the gallery so that a user can be redirected to the gallery link. This sort of works on the first gallery (Forest Collection // 01) but then I have a unintentional loop once I get to https://www.jmarz.art/forestcollection01 . Every time I click on the the first photo (first is the top left photo) it'll go to the clickthrough link again which is what I am trying to get rid of. The intended flow I'm trying to achieve is: User goes to https://www.jmarz.art/portraits - in which they can see a series of photography sessions User clicks on a session of interest, which would lead them to that session. If the session of interest was Forest Collection // 01, then they would be sent to https://www.jmarz.art/forestcollection01 Once here, the user could click on the top left most picture (the first one) and start viewing the collection. In reality the user could click on any at this point an view the collection, but they all must allow the user to view the collection, not have a clickthrough link that basically just takes them to the same URL.
  24. Site URL: http://julieyi.com I wanted to add a hover effect to my images but I found the only way to do so was with a code block. However, I also need it to have a clickthrough URL but I'm not sure exactly how to do so. The top image (blue) is linked to the page I want the image to go to and the bottom one (indigo) is how I want the hover effect to appear. This is the code in my code block right now. <div class="image-swap"> <img src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/60447065cf5af74e6a6abd0f/t/60b95c39a44b106603815351/1622760507050/choreoblocks+icon1.png"> <img src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/60447065cf5af74e6a6abd0f/t/60b95c46e45ebd6d8126b2c7/1622760519575/choreoblocks+icon2.png"> </div> (Additional question if anyone also happens to know but I'd like these images to also have rounded corners but the code I used doesn't apply to the code block. How I can do this as well?) I'd appreciate any insight on this issue!
  25. Site URL: https://flower-bat-t5ng.squarespace.com/ For my portfolio page, I am using image blocks. When I enable the clickthrough feature i.e specify an image file to be opened when a user clicks, the file opens in a new window separately, i.e just the file without description /title Is it possible for the file to open in the same portfolio view like below and then have a prev/next button in the bottom to go to the next image? I know this feature is available for portfolio pages, but the problem there is I cant have varying aspect ratios for images, every image gets fit into a square and I don't like that very much. Appreciate if you could help on this soon. Password for site : Underconstruct21 Thanks a ton.
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