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  1. Hi all Building a site for an event supplier. After recommendations for how best to add the ability for a potential client user to input the address of their event and have it calculate the total cost of delivery to that event (so that they can build in a + £/mile... + £/km). Essentially - similar to WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping. Any recommendations for a Squarespace-hosted alternative?
  2. Site URL: https://www.onegirlsobsessions.com/services PW: enter I have a website where the Timely integration button isn't showing - but when you hover over the area, you can click and the feature works - anyone having the same issue? Code used; <script id="timelyScript" src="https://book.gettimely.com/widget/book-button-v1.3.js"></script><span id="timelyButton"></span><script> var timelyButton = new timelyButton("onegirlsobsessions", {"style":"dark"});</script>
  3. Hello, I am looking to build a simple website for my family and my family's vacation home. It seems like a very straightforward request but I am running into some issues. First, though I tell you what I don't need: - No SEO. This site does not need to be found on the internet - No Financial transactions. Nobody will be buying anything What I do need - Password protect the whole site. This is accomplished using Square space basic settings. - Way for users to upload images and for those images to be added to a photo gallery that is displayed on the site
  4. Site URL: http://letoiledulaclyster.com/ Hi there, I am currently building a site for one of my clients that has a Bed and Breakfast. I want to install a plug-in to view the calendar and create bookings. Any suggestions? I've done some research and I'm looking at https://www.staah.com/ but would love to hear any other suggestions. Thanks! Pam
  5. Site URL: http://www.thecolescampers.co.uk Hello, Does anyone know of a good availability calendar and booking system that would work well to rent campervans? Not appointment scheduling. Have tried Booqable but just looking at other options! Many thanks, Angharad
  6. Can anyone recommend a small hotel booking engine?
  7. Hi, I'm looking to find out if a quanitity can be added to Squarespace Scheduling in some easy way!? The website is for a historical building that will provide tours for individuals and groups at a set rate per person. So the customer needs to be able to book a date but also add how many people will be on the tour so the payment updates correctly for them to make the booking. Maybe be a simple way to do it but I just can't see it... Any ideas and help!? Thanks, Paul.
  8. Hi Paul, sorry to jump in on this thread but I was hoping to get the Lodgify widget banner as in your picture above. I have the code from Lodgify, am putting it a code block on the homepage banner but it is not working. Am I missing something? Thanks for the help
  9. I am looking for advice for the best workflow for selling and scheduling service products on Squarespace while using Acuity. I would like to be able to sell and schedule directing from the store (because I feel it is the most intuitive) but it seems in order for that to work, I would need to send an email with a link to schedule (which we run into ensuring they don't exceed appointments paid for). The other option would be to embed the scheduler within a page about the service and let them pay and book from the embedded portion. Please shed some light on this and point out any other possi
  10. Site URL: https://siteminder.com hello everybody! I would like to integrate a booking system directly via code on my site. Unfortunately I am not quite sure how this should work, because there is no <body>. Can anyone tell me how this has to be integrated?
  11. Hi, I'm looking for the best solution for my customers to book online classes. I've read all the info about Squarespace scheduler, but I can't find whether customers can book multiple appointments and just pay once. I tutor online, mostly one-to-one, so my customers prefer to book a block of lessons at a regular time each week, rather than individual lessons. Is that possible with Scheduler? Thanks for any help.
  12. Hi there, I am trying to set up my ecommerce store to take bookings on specific dates, however limit the availability on each day. I want this to connect to either the product or checkout so that it is one user journey. How can I do this please? So far I have tried Acuity and customising the checkout but none of these are the right solution. If there is no current solution, can a Squarespace developer help with a custom solution? Many thanks, Elise
  13. Hi, I have a potential client who wants a web site with a reservation/booking system. The services offered on the web site will be volunteer projects, and it should be possible to choose arrival and departure dates. The customers should also be able to pay online. Any suggestions on which solution that will work well for this purpose? All advice and suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Hello, I'm starting a bike rental company, and I'm wondering if with this platform, I can schedule times people would like to rent bikes as well as charge them for their rentals? All the best, Joe
  15. Site URL: https://prism-begonia-3bgx.squarespace.com/config/pages Hi Circle, I hope everyone is healthy and safe in this unusual times! Im still building a website for a Accommodation client and this client would like to integrate all its bookings. So, if someone books in Booking.com or AirBnb or by the Website she would get all the information synchronized in one place. Can you recommend something for this matter? I know Wordpress has some plugins for this. Also, what way do you recommend the clients booking within the website? Thanks in advance, Daniel
  16. Site URL: http://www.berkshirecamino.com I'm starting a business that provides guided walks in a specific location in the U.S. I am just beginning to build my SquareSpace website. Can anyone recommend a template that lends itself well to a tour company for registering for walks on specific days? Should I create a block with calendar functionality similar to how a lodging place would operate? Thanks in advance.
  17. Hey there, I am having some issue with a booking widget (Timely) being unresponsive on mobile and tablet devices (please see screenshot). Can i please have some assistance with the CSS to fix this? Desktop view is perfect. Template: Brine Thanks Kristen
  18. Hi, Just wondered if anyone can recommend a solution to allow clients to check the availability of a property on Squarespace and to take the payment, I can see the scheduling tool but I believe that I need it to do more than that e.g 1. client to look at a calendar months ahead to see when its available 2. clients picks a week 3. Confirm 4. Pay - Paypal ? 5. Send the client a notification 6. Update the calendar to say booked. Happy to pay for a third party product, I have also been told that I would need a ical feed to be able to sync multiple site
  19. Site URL: http://www.campokaruna.com Hi, I am wanting to switch over to Squarespace from a Wordpress site and I need to know if I can use my current calendar booking app with it. It is called Pinpoint booking system. It is a wordpress add-on or extension. Please advise so I can finish my site design and change to a paid site. Thank you!
  20. Hi, I have created my website with a booking page its for a cottage where clients can book the period they want and pay, all works well. The property is also advertised on another third party website which also takes booking on my behalf. I need to sync the two site so that the availability is seen across both sites, the the third part say that I need a ical feed from squarespace, is this possible and how do I do that? Any help as always much appreciated 🙂 Thanks
  21. My client's site offers services that require her clients to book times. I want to make it so that after her clients purchase the service (through squarespace checkout), they're directed to a calendar page to book the time/date of the service they just purchased. Currently she has her clients pay her via PayPal site after they book, so it hasn't been an issue, but we want to move the payment process to her site (through squarespace), and I just don't know how I can get her clients to pay for the service then be directed to the booking page. I tried doing a code injection, using the embed code
  22. Hello and welcome to Scheduling on Squarespace! Are you interested in learning more about Squarespace Scheduling, like how to set up your Availability or book your first appointment? The Squarespace Scheduling team invites you to join us for one of our Get to Know Squarespace Scheduling webinars. In this expert-led webinar, you’ll learn the basics of the new built-in Scheduling tool and get to know more about our features and pricing plans. During the webinar, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have with our team standing by to assist! The webinar is f
  23. Hi I'm looking for a booking system to add on to a client's Squarespace that can take bookings for accommodation. I'm considering suggesting Checkfront. Does anyone have any experience please or an example of Checkfront working from a Squarespace site please? Thanks! :)
  24. Site URL: http://southcoastvillasja.com Greetings! My name is Emma Watson and I am creating a website that will allow users to choose from a selection of luxury villas across the South Coast of Jamaica. I am having trouble with a few things.. 1) I have created a page called Villas, this shows an image of the villa with a small description and a prompt that will take them to a hidden page of the specific villa selected. Once they reach the page that has extensive info on that villa another button show be there that says book. How do I create page that will allow them to choose whi
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