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  1. Site URL: https://www.holistichealthcorner.co.nz/health-guidance Hi there, I three different blogs (to keep articles seperate from each other when it comes to their focus). To illustrate all blog articles under different page sections, I created a summary page: https://www.holistichealthcorner.co.nz/health-guidance. However, the articles are not previewed with the font which I set my blog fonts to. Any CSS to help with this? Thank you.
  2. On https://active-redesign-1.squarespace.com/watch I use a summary block for videos I host within a blog page. When you select a filter option from one of the dropdowns, or if you click on a category below the video, it will take you to the blog page with the filtered videos. The issue is that the layout/spacing of the content is different than the summary block. I want them to look the same. How can I can I get https://active-redesign-1.squarespace.com/vimeo to be laid out the same as https://active-redesign-1.squarespace.com/watch PW: blackom2020
  3. Site URL: http://anukdesigns.com/blog/halloweentablescape I'm trying to indent the blog post entry title and date so it can line up with the rest of my text. Any idea how to do this without changing the title and date formatting on the blog list page?
  4. Site URL: https://bird-cranberry-j4tc.squarespace.com/blog Site URL: https://bird-cranberry-j4tc.squarespace.com/blog Password: squarespace Hi guys, can anyone help me... I'm trying to use my uploaded font "Monschone" for the Title on the Blog Page (highlighted in red in the attached image) Do you know what CSS is needed to allow this? Thank you much, James
  5. Hey guys! How can I change default "Posts tagged Arctic" to "Tagged Arctic"? I used css below but then I lose the tag name. .BlogList-filter { font-size: 0!important; } .BlogList-filter::before { content: "Tagged"!important; font-size: 16px; font-family: Futura-PT!important; }
  6. Site URL: https://thegingedit.squarespace.com/ Wondering why the 'read more' links appear different on blog previews compared to blog summary blocks on 7.1? On the summary block, it appears as: On the blog, it appears as I really don't mind which one stays, but I want to make them the same - so either remove the arrow and add the same underline on the summary block, OR remove the underline and add an arrow on the blog pages. Pass for the website is "pearler" Thanks!
  7. Site URL: https://www.residenthouse.com.au Hi - I'm wanting to change the fonts for my blog excerpt and read more link. https://www.residenthouse.com.au/blog I'd also like to know if there is CSS to customise fonts on cover pages https://www.residenthouse.com.au Thanks
  8. Site URL: https://cod-dandelion-38r5.squarespace.com/blog I turned off the underline for links, but they're still showing up on my "read more" links on the blog grid. I tried this .blog-more-link { text-decoration: none !important; background-image: none !important; } PW NWFC
  9. Site URL: https://www.championsmojo.com EDIT: to add that this issue only seems to happen when I use the search function to find a blog post in the blog control panel. I'm updating some blog posts for a podcast website. I get the error message below every time I try to make any updates on the settings window of the individual blog post (adding photo, adding tags, or anything.) Sometimes after hitting 'cancel' and then 'discard' the changes will stick, other times they will not. https://www.championsmojo.com/guests https://www.championsmojo.com/episodes Quick research do
  10. Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if it's possible to have multiple basic grid blogs with different aspect ratios in 7.1? The default is, if Blog 1 is set to 3:2, then Blog 2 and Blog 3 will also have a 3:2 ratio. However, for example I want Blog 1 to be 3:2, Blog 2 to be 3:4 vertical and Blog 3 to be 16:9. Is it possible? Is there any coding I can inject into individual blog headers to alter the aspect ratio crop? Thanks!
  11. Im setting up a homepage for my company. I have to make a large portfolio with more than 60 projects with text. I made a blog for this, beacuse i can add slideshows and text next to it. Its amazing but i can only paste 30 posts. I made a categorylist for the posts. So the costumer easy can navigate through the projects. How can i increase the number of posts. Help please! I don't know if i should proceed with the current procedure.
  12. Site URL: https://www.holistichealthcorner.co.nz/mind Hi there, I am desperate with finding out how to set the right spacing for my website and at the same time not destroy the look of my blog grid & blog pages. It seems like the blog spacing reaches differently to the website spacing settings. Page width is 1200px and site margin is 4vw. Challenge 1: blog page doesn't align the blog grid properly (width is on 'insert'). Challenge 2: individual blog pages have added padding on the top (image on the left below), whereas my non-blog pages showcase the spacing correctly.
  13. Site URL: http://adastrastories.com Hi there, I'd like to edit the footer of my blog post beyond what is allowed in Squarespace's design properties, specifically: 1) The comment section. Is there a way to move this higher up (above the social icons/metadata)? Also, is there a way to make the "Leave a comment" larger and bold? Basically, feedback has been that it's too hard to find. 2) I can't seem to find a way to hide the metadata. I was able to hide the author name, but not that. Thank you so much! If helpful, I'll email the password for the site.
  14. Site URL: https://www.carolinehainescoaching.com/blog I'm using a Brine template & I have used this CSS code to fix the position of the header: header { position: fixed; width: 100%; z-index: 4; } But now the top of the content on every page is cut off. Is there another bit of code I can use to put a space in the top of each page? Or can I change the header code to account for this? I'm completely stuck. Thanks for any help! Caroline
  15. Does anyone know if it is possible to add horizontal lines between the blog items on a summary block? I can see posts about vertical lines when they are going across but I am wanting to add lines here
  16. Site URL: https://firstsignals.squarespace.com/ Hey, I set up a summary feed that collects my blog posts in one carousel. Most blog posts are from my own Squarespace site but there are a few ones that directly link to the Source URL (and this is important!) - however, I don't want my visitors to exit my website for a third party's, so I'd like to have the link be opened in a new tab. How would that be possible? This is what I mean, but in a new tab. Thanks in advance and greetings Bastian
  17. Site URL: https://www.goodtimegals.co.uk/previous-events Hello! Me again 🙂 I just love me a blog post and need some help with the CSS to disable the click through of this one too. If anyone could tell me how to do that, it would be lovely. Here is my site- https://www.goodtimegals.co.uk/previous-events Thanks!
  18. Site URL: https://www.timtadder.com/blog/black-is-a-color Really need to find a way to change the Blog on this site to match the overall design of the site. Really hate the way I can not have the photo lead and be full frame, and that the title is on top. Looking to have the blog more closely resemble the overall site. Can anyone help me change or fix the blog styling here?
  19. Site URL: https://www.goodtimegals.co.uk/pub-quiz Hi! I am trying to stop the images linking to the blog posts as they are just to display brands. I know I need CSS something but I am VERY new to this. I was also wondering if there any way to have the carousel move automatically as well? I know- there's a lot happening here. Cheers! Here is my site: https://www.goodtimegals.co.uk/pub-quiz
  20. Using the Basil template, I'm trying to inject code to limit the length (number of characters) of the blog excerpt to just three lines of text, followed by "...", so each and every time I create a new blog post and add an excerpt, the excerpt is always the same length. Is this possible with CSS or with a header code injection on a Blog page?
  21. I've got all the proper settings done for "enable comments" etc, and the comments box shows when my Blog Page is highlighted under the Page Edit menu, however it does not show in any other situation including the published blog page. I've reread the old forum answers but found no solution, only others with the same unresolved issue. Any suggestions or ideas? http://www.josephsavant.com/moto-adventure leads to the link for the following page - http://www.josephsavant.com/newfoundland which in turn does not display the Comment Box or option for Email Subscription. I'm using the Flatiro
  22. Site URL: https://www.spsoundart.com/news I am using Forte 7.0. The titles on blog posts are much too large relative to the text in the post. Yet it only allows you to change both at once with a slider; as the text gets bigger, so does the title. I would like to make the titles of blog posts smaller. I know this will require some code. I believe I had some, but they had me remove it to troubleshoot another issue, and when I put it back in it no longer works. I have seen several other posts on this topic but none with solutions that work with Forte 7.0.
  23. Site URL: http://www.olleriksson.com/blog Hi! I would like to either remove the site title from when my blog posts end up in search results, or edit the title. Is this possible? If possible to edit, can I edit the title for separate blog posts, or would it be for all posts? My template is Hayden, if that makes any difference. See attached picture for example. It's the (Olle Eriksson) that I'd love to remove or change. Thanks!
  24. Site URL: https://www.kinetix.com/status/ Hi there, I'm looking for help adjusting the blog posts per row on our company's status page, used for outages. I don't want to change this using Site Styles because we have another blog that I would like to keep at 3 posts per row, as a grid. For the status page, I would like the content to appear stacked and the title to appear centered. Below are screenshots of the settings I'm looking to achieve (stacked), and how it's currently set (grid): Please help, thanks!
  25. Site URL: https://tarantula-lanternfish-c84p.squarespace.com/ Hi everyone. I have one site with two blogs - one to act as a 'standard' blog/journal and the other to act as a portfolio. I want to remove the date and comments section from the portfolio blog only, so that neither show up on individual posts or summary blocks. Can anyone help with this please? https://tarantula-lanternfish-c84p.squarespace.com/ p/w: yarwoodwhite Thanks in advance!
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