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Found 14 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.kindness.co.nz/ Hi There For some reason, the front page banner on my website (https://www.kindness.co.nz/) is loading waaaay too slow and its affecting th traffic to my site!! It loads fine on desktop but this is what people see for at least 10 seconds before it switches to responsive. see attached image Any ideas why?
  2. Site URL: https://www.lauramichelledigital.com Hi there, I'm trying to hide the complete top banner section on my mobile site, but I can only find the code for the block id which is hides the big logo image, not the background image. Can somebody help me with the correct code snippet please?
  3. I must be missing something obvious here... Why can't I find sitewide banners anywhere in 7.1 or the help? I've been going in circles for a couple hours. All I am finding is how to put up banners one page at a time.
  4. Site URL: http://www.hummingbirdbyvictoria.com How might I adjust by banners so as they fit when looking on a mobile device? They look fine on a laptop, but too big on mobile... I've attached a screenshot
  5. Site URL: https://seynova.com Hey guys! Trust everyone is well and keeping safe. I wanted to ask whether your site's width (as seen below) is the maximum width you should adjust your images for? When initially optimizing images on my site, I resized the banner images to 1500px according to SS help guides etc as they listed it as the 'maximum width' SS will stretch the image to. Should it in fact be 1200px?
  6. Site URL: https://www.camphebron.org/ Hello -- I have client that has a banner image on their home page that they do not want re-sized when going between desktop and mobile. https://www.camphebron.org/ Thanks for assistance!
  7. Hey you all! I'm pretty new to SS, so bare with me. I'm trying to reduce the spacing between the video and banner of the index page. It's the black block/banner here on my site to my site www.drpodcasts.com I've tried this code I found here on these forms, but it didn't work: <style> #page { padding-top; 30px; padding-bottom: 0px; } </style> Basically, I want to shorten the size of the banner page so the video is nearly flushed with the video. I know I could do this by going to Design>Styles>INDEX:PAG
  8. Site URL: https://macquarie-homestay.squarespace.com/ Hi, I am converting this site to Squarespace https://www.macquariehomestay.com.au/ Password for https://macquarie-homestay.squarespace.com/ is "home" a m trying to get the swrld on the banner but can not see how it is possible v's how we got it to work on the original site using our own CSS Any assistance would be grateful Thanks in Advance
  9. Site URL: https://www.wordsalive.org/quaranteensprompts Hi, I'm having trouble getting my banners to load correctly on mobile view. On some devices, they get zoomed in and cropped incorrectly. I'd like them to be at full width, zoomed out so they look the same as they do on a desktop. I've temporarily removed the banners from pages and inserted them as an image blog instead. However, blog pages don't allow an image block for a header to there are still banners there. I'd like the banners to work site wide. https://www.wordsalive.org/quaranteensprompts Thanks for your help!
  10. Site URL: http://www.5dsignworks.com/banners How do I center the grid gallery so that its not aligned to the left? http://www.5dsignworks.com/banners
  11. Is it possible to add a banner image, other than the initial one placed through settings>media, to a non index page? Id like to add a series of full width images to some portfolio pages I am building. Thanks in Advance
  12. Hi, I am using Squarespace 7.1. At the top of my home page I want to have three full bleed banner style pics transitioning as a fading slideshow. I am looking to achieve the following: - I would like the text headings that I will have overlayed on top of the images to remain static during the image transitions - I think these need to be a separate text blocks so they're not affected by the image fading - I would like the slide fading to transition slowly (not abruptly like the current ‘Gallery’ fade setting) How can this be achieved? Any help much appreciated
  13. Guest

    Multiple banners

    Hello all, I currently have a custom CSS that activates the sites Light and Dark Modes based on device settings. I recently had some blog banners made with Red/Black and Red/Grey font colours. The Red/Black logo doesn’t look great on Dark Mode. Is it possible to have multiple banners uploaded (either via CSS code etc) for a site that rotates and changes based on whether the site is on Light or Dark Mode? Black/Red banner when in Light Mode and Black/Grey banner when in Dark Mode. I’m using the Avenue Template. Any help and guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in ad
  14. I’ve been trying to change the banner/header height in the Bedford template by inserting this in the CSS editor but it’s not yielding any results. #collection-xxxxx #banner-thumbnail-wrapper { height: 50px; } Does anyone have any suggestions on what else can be done? I would also like to be able to edit the height of the banner when it’s a slideshow. Thanks!
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