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Found 9 results

  1. Site URL: https://marcotronconi.com/ Hello there, I'm new into coding. In my website https://marcotronconi.com/ I would like to add a line of code that plays the thumbnail video (see the upper first thumbnail) only when overing with cursor and returns as a static image when not overing. (similar to the current youtube thumbnail experience..) The url for the YT video is https://youtu.be/rZBLXaa4cgw The media (so the url) is pasted in: Page setting> media Will the code be injected in page settings > advance / or / as a "code" content block inside the interested page? I have the personal plan, so i can only use css. Thanks a lot, and greetings from Italy, Marco
  2. Site URL: http://goodstuff.ventures Hi, I made a background video using a mp4 in a code block. It works fine, expect on mobile - the video section / block "overflows" (I am not sure that is the right term) . It becomes larger than the whole site / body. I attach a screenshot so you understand my problem. Does anyone knows where that comes from? Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://garlic-aardvark-ej86.squarespace.com/ Query: How do i change the height (only for mobile view) of a headline banner that I have used to play a video in the background? Password:qwerty
  4. Site URL: http://www.glossi.io Hi all, I have a background video in one of my sections and the fallback image displays for a moment when the video hits the loop point. Is there a way to fix that or disable the fallback image on desktop? Thanks Jonathan site: http://www.glossi.io pass: Hi5Speaker
  5. Site URL: https://isabel-wilkerson.squarespace.com/ I have a background video loop that's stuttering on Firefox. It's embedded from Vimeo on a 7.1 site (pre-launch). Pretty sure it was working fine embedded from YouTube but we wanted to eliminate the YouTube artifacts floating through from time to time, so we moved it to Vimeo. I see someone else posted a similar issue here but not close enough to solve my problem that I can figure out. The site is here: https://isabel-wilkerson.squarespace.com/ Password: flashlight Can anyone help? thanks! ~Laura
  6. Site URL: https://billhoran.com Whenever my site loads on desktop, the mobile default image flashes for a second, then video starts. it's not a big problem because the overlay "dim" is applied the whole time. On mobile (iPhone), the page loads and I see the mobile default image for a few seconds at full brightness, then the overlay dims it. Then, sometimes the video loads. It seems like that setting is loading later than maybe the rest of the page? It's really frustrating because I could make a dim default image, but it would get dimmer once the video loads. Is there perhaps a way I could not use the Squarespace default filters but dim it in code that would load immediately? Thanks!
  7. Site URL: https://thepostvillage.com/ Hello, I came across a site using Brine ( https://thepostvillage.com/ ) and have been trying to figure out how they got the front page background video to not extend into the nav bar at the top while also leaving a gap / padding at the bottom. On the rest of their pages their banner images & videos extend into the nav bar, however. Digging into the index style options I haven't been able to recreate that look but also haven't found much CSS wise. How are they achieving that tidy crop?
  8. Has anyone experimented with different bitrate or resolution settings to optimize how fast the background video loads? Curious what people are using.
  9. I have a huge problem with how video is used in the background on websites, and that is how long takes to load and show the video. No matter if you are on a super fast connection it still takes 5+ seconds to show the embedded video for first time users, and at that time most users have left the website. It also doesnt matter if you have a small looped clip witch should take a second to download in the browser because of the embed time. On mobile it fails to load, even if it was working fine a couple of weeks ago. Right now the background video option is unusable because of this. Why cant users embed video from a server themselves instead of using vimeo/youtube? I am envy of the speed video backgrounds take on platforms like wp, webflow etc. Why is squarespace lagging behind on this, do you want us to switch platform? Is there a workaround trick for this? I have searched all over but still no luck .
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