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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, Apple pay does not seem to be working for the newest iOS update. Version 16.1. Is anyone able to advise whether they are experiencing this issue or any trouble shooting I could action please? We have actioned test orders on 3 different iPhones. All with the latest iOS 16.1 but when you double click to pay it remains on the checkout page and no order confirmation comes through. We have had customer complaints that it isn't working too. Squarespace help centre is taking some time to get back to us. So any help would be appreciated. Many thanks Amy
  2. Site URL: https://thegivingplatemeals.com/home I have a client that is having problems with customers being unable to choose pickup locations while selecting Apple Pay or PayPal. Any solutions?
  3. Site URL: https://www.satorirhode.squarespace.com Not sure what the issue is here, but I've toggled the option for Apple Pay on the square space site created, but the option is simply not showing up to potential customers. Only major credit/debit cards are being accepted. Please help!
  4. We have finally launched our first site on Squarespace. Overall the process was fantastic, the tool is quite intuitive. The last item to test was payments. This is were it all fell apart. We have set up both Stripe and PayPal/Venmo. We also enabled Apple Pay as that is popular with our audience. As of this afternoon we are still unable to accept payments via Apple Pay or Venmo. We have an open ticket and have been informed that this is escalated. Are others having any payment issues? Is there anything out of the standard documentation that we might be missing? We have tried all the basics, Apple Pay make sure the switch is on, Venmo, make sure Safari is allowed to do web purchases and Pay Pal one touch purchase is off. We are just out of ideas and our new audience is not very excited about our pages.
  5. Site URL: https://www.goosethemarket.com/ Don't turn on Apple Pay if you ship orders. The shipping options don't appear for customers who use Apple Pay -- they never see them or have the option to choose one. Instead, Apple Pay automatically selects whatever shipping option happens to be first in your list of shipping options...but doesn't tell the customer this or give them the option to change it. Customers only find out which shipping option Apple Pay picked for them if they read their confirmation email very carefully. Causing lots of issues for our business and our customers. Reached out to Stripe and Apple Pay support about this -- took over two weeks to get anywhere, and then they said they won't do anything or answer any questions because Apple Pay is an integration through our Squarespace store via Stripe...so now waiting (again) for Squarespace to address this. In short, don't turn on Apple Pay if you ship orders and have any more than 1 shipping option.
  6. Site URL: https://www.syllyweek.com Hey everyone, I just wanted to bring up this request in hopes of gaining support. I run a small business as a personal driver providing on-demand rides. Due to the nature of my business I give people rides late at night and can't always get clients to schedule ahead of time (sometimes they themselves don't know when they will be heading home). Many have my personal number but I want them to use the website. It's less than easy for a customer after a late night out to look for, get out, and enter their credit card information to pay on the site, but I think if apple pay was added, it would make this a whole lot easier, as almost all of my clients use iPhones. I know customers can save their cards to have the site remember it next time, but as I'm frequently getting new clients needing rides right away it just would be so much easier to complete the transaction before they even board by only having to push one button. It's for convenience, but would make such a difference for my business and providing a great experience. I think this would benefit anyone that has demand from clients wanting to schedule close to appointment time and of course just enjoy the ease of use that apple pay brings. Thank you for your consideration.
  7. Site URL: https://www.rakocoffee.com Is there a way to add some custom CSS to the circled text ("Or checkout with credit card...") so that I can make it slightly bigger and maybe a little bolder with color or font-weight? Seems silly to be so small like this. Problem is I'm not able to inspect the element on my phone and that view obviously doesn't come up on desktop/web view. Any help appreciated!
  8. Hello ! I just activated apple pay on my website. The issue is that Apple pay automatically selects a shipping option. Is that normal ? Thank you in advance
  9. Site URL: https://www.hoganscider.co.uk Hello I have a couple of free delivery options on checkout (collect from ourselves and local delivery) plus two courier options. Squarespace displays them in the order of cost so the Local delivery appears first. Many purchasers especially if they use Apple pay, accidentally select this option and the order comes through without paying for a courier charge. Which then involves a bit of to and fro on email. It would be good to be able to display the courier options first in the list. Is this possible? Many thanks, Jane
  10. Does anyone know why square space restricts access to Apple pay for physical goods and gift cards? It seems trivial to add it to all products and hurts the seller rather then help. After taking a look into the apple pay page, I'm still unable to find a clause that states we cannot sell digital goods/ services. Hoping to get this accommodation added sooner then later since I feel like i'm missing out on a lot of conversions. APPLE ARTICLE: https://developer.apple.com/apple-pay/planning/
  11. Same problem here. Activated my Apple Pay to my stripe account, turned the AP switch on in Square Space, and even entered my subdomain in Apple Pay on Stripe as a trusted domain. Removed pickup option from store. Apple Pay button won't show up on Safari on M1 Mac and also not on my iPhone 12 Pro.
  12. Site URL: https://raritanrivermusic.org I maintain a web site for a classical music festival, which operates as a non-profit. As such, they are eager to get their patrons to make donations. I put a bunch of "Donate" links and buttons to make that easy. However, we've discovered that if you happen to be trying to make a donation using an iPhone and Safari, and you happen to have Apple Pay configured on your iPhone, the donation diaglog always displays an Apple Pay option for making your donation. Right below that, there is another option to pay with a credit card. So far, so good. The problem is that a footer with the text "Secure SSL Checkout" hides the credit card option. You can scroll to see the credit card option, but as soon as you take your finger off the screen, the footer hides the credit card option again. Has anyone else seen that, and if so, is there a way to make sure both the Apple Pay and the credit card options are both clearly visible and accessible? Thanks!
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