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  1. Hello Square community! I am creating an online commerce site and I am having a pretty easy time setting up the page, aesthetic and look. However, on the main page when I click the 'Shop now' tab on my home page, I takes me to a blocked page. I am not sure if I'm entering in the wrong URL link on the tab but it doesn't take me directly to the specific item. What am I doing wrong? Photos below.
  2. Site URL: http://www.theheartofthewildling.com Hi there, I am really hoping that someone can help as Squarespace have not responded to me yet and my website is offline. I am not techy at all so please bear that in mind when replying. I have no idea who this issue sits with but I'm beyond stressed that no-one is able to help. I transferred my domain from Squarespace to GoDaddy a few days ago, it completed within a few hours and I got an email confirming this. The site was live for another 24 hours. I contacted their helpdesk via chat (would be helpful if Squarespace had a human at the end of theirs!) because I wanted to create a domain email with them to the site that I'd just transferred and it was not available. They asked me if I'd already set up an email address for that domain - which I had briefly with Google Workspace over on Squarespace but then cancelled because I could not find my way around their convoluted interface. They said it was still registered to them and they would request for it to be taken off so that I could set up a domain email with them. Now, within an hour of this conversation with GoDaddy, my site went down. I've had several conversations with GoDaddy who have been trying things on their end (I think reverting to their default nameserver and adding CNAME and A Forms data). All the help articles I've tried to follow with my limited knowledge from Squarespace have pointed me towards DNS settings. However, I can't access this at all under that domain - simply getting this: Unable to load records Something went wrong. Please try again RETRY I'm SO insanely frustrated. I do know what is happening and finding a human to help seems impossible at short notice. I have submitted an email to the helpdesk but they are yet to respond. I don't even know if I can seek this kind of help on this forum or if I need to employ someone to actually help me. I'd be grateful if anyone knows what is going on and can help me fix it. Thanks.
  3. Site URL: https://khaki-saxophone-9bb5.squarespace.com/ So I am looking at this useful link. I have added a file link to both a non-linked page AND the page I want to render the chart in (after failing with the non-linked page link). The links themselves work a treat so the files are there ok - see url below. I have tested d3 is working - it definitely is. My super simple code references the file: d3.csv("SunburstLevels.csv", function(error, data) { console.log(data); }); but I get a 404 error.. I have also tried "/s/SunburstLevels.csv" and "https://khaki-saxophone-9bb5.squarespace.com/s/SunburstLevels.csv" but these generate CORS 200 errors. I think maybe I have put the link in the wrong place? Or duplicate links? Help would be much appreciated. Bryony
  4. Site URL: https://www.warm-me-up.com/blog/category/Revitalising+your+repertoire Hi there, we had a user reach out to us who noticed that the Blog category URL they had was broken. https://www.warm-me-up.com/blog/category/Revitalising+your+repertoire I noticed the only difference between theirs and the one I can see if I navigate to the page is they have no capital 'R' for 'Revitalising' and mine does. If I replace the 'R' to a 'r', I also get an error message. My understanding is a URL shouldn't be affected by capitalisation? Does Squarespace do an exact match of text when it filters the categories? Is there an easy way to avoid this being a problem? Many thanks in advance for any tips/info/advice!
  5. Hey! I was wondering if anyone knows the code to move the "login" button to the left to align with the rest of the buttons on the mobile site. and will this affect the alignment on the browser view?
  6. Site URL: https://www.ragedarling.co.uk/twitch Hello, I'm trying to create a link to an external page via the "New Pages" tab. When I select new > more > link and input the title (for example, Twitch) and the link (https://www.twitch.tv/ragedarling) and click save, the re-direct doesn't work. Instead it shows my error page. I've even toggled to open in a new tab but that doesn't resolve the issue either. Does anyone have any idea?
  7. I cannot edit my styles. Thank god I have no deadlines regarding my website but despite changing browsers and devices it still has that error (screenshot below, sorry it's in french). I assume that's probably a bug for everyone but it's been a month since I first saw that error and it's still there. What should I do ??
  8. Hello I have 2 domains with 2 squarespace sites. Now I have created a 301 redirect in godaddy, from example.com to hello.com (not real names) which works. But I have a page on example.com/page that I want people to be redirected also to hello.com/page Is this possible? I tried the url redirect in settings /page -> https://www.hello.com/page 301 but I get a 404 message, page not found.
  9. Site URL: http://corcoran.squarespace.com my friend started a web build and wanted me to finish it off, it loaded fine on his machine until this morning now when we open up the website editor, we are both greeted with a 404 (screenshot attached). The site has been out of trial mode and on a billing schedule for a least 1-2 months and was having zero issues, this morning nothing is accessible but i can still see the formatting and site styles applied to the button in the navigation. Also attached is a screenshot of the dashboard that shows that squarespace sees that there is content but it is somehow redirecting to somewhere unknown, i'm not sure how to troubleshoot this or if the site must be rebuilt from scratch? has anyone ran into any issues like this before?
  10. Hi all, I'm new to SquareSpace development and need some guidance to make it work locally. I tried both methods described on site, and also used a real password and an app password. The Java app fails on me, and the node wrapper also fails, but differently. Toolbelt This is what happens when I try to login with the toolbelt This auth url weirdly gives me a 404. squarespace-server The server was giving me what seems to be a success feedback (the logo and the url), but the localhost 9000 is giving me ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED My system: Windows 10 WSL 2 (Ubuntu 20) My store: It is in Development Mode, and is not a purchased store, as I said I'm starting with SquareSpace.
  11. Site URL: https://www.leighsuggs.com/ Hey I'm wondering if this is an issue that I can fix within Squarespace? I recently switched a client over from 7.0 to 7.1 and rebuilt her website with a few changes to the way it was organized and with a bunch of new content. We connected the old domain to the new site and canceled the old site. When I initially resubmitted the sitemap for the new site and requested indexing on all important pages, there was no issue and her ranking was excellent - showing up 1st in google search results. Now, her home page is not being indexed at all because of a soft 404 issue -- all other pages are being indexed with the exception of https://www.leighsuggs.com/ and https://www.leighsuggs.com/home -- both of which are active links as far as I can tell. And incidentally -- these are the most important pages to be indexed! I submitted a help request to google and their response was that the URL doesn't exist? Help. I've tried removing the home page as the page that people get directed to when there is a 404 message (to catch the old random links from her old site that may exist on various institutions websites) and that didn't help so I turned that back on. Anytime I request indexing within google search console it thinks for a little while and then says "Oops! something went wrong!" I've tried over and over again for the past week with no results. Attached is a screenshot of what it looks like within console. Anyone else run into this problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cami
  12. Site URL: http://comohandcraftedgifts.com Hello, Went live with our Squarespace store on 9-11-21, have around 150 product pages, not getting much traffic other than direct searches. I used Google Search Console to look in to this, found that my site has a total of 5 valid pages, 1 excluded page, no pages with errors, and no pages that are valid/with warnings. I checked on a couple of pages, requested indexing, and both were rejected for the same reason, "Indexing Issues Detected With URL". Next page said "Page Fetch Failed: Not Found (404) I used a Squarespace template to create all product pages, didn't mess with any of the generated URL's for any of the pages. One of the reasons we chose Squarespace for our eCommerce business was the ease of use, as I do not have the time or know-how to do a lot of trouble-shooting to find out why our pages are not showing up. If anyone can offer some ideas, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Patrick
  13. Site URL: https://abeducationbehaviorconsultingllc.com/ My mobile app layout looks different then the desktop app. How do I fix it?
  14. Hi everyone, There is a page on my Squarespace site that I cannot locate anywhere - I only know it exists because it appears in my Google Analytics pages. What I think happened is that it was a page that was deleted but is still indexed by Google. I've tried going to it and am always shown an error message that this page does not exist. I've also gone through all the deleted pages on my Squarespace site to try to figure it out, but I'm unable to locate it. I've re-indexed my site through Google Search Console twice now. My concern is that this is a top 10 most visited page on our site and I can't figure out how our traffic is ending up here. Any ideas on what to try?
  15. Site URL: http://www.ancientwisdomcurations.com I am suprised that I cannot get an answer from Squarespace on how to export all the products and have them SUCCESSFULLY IMPORT to another platform like ETSY, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Amazon, and other large platforms. I use my website to putt all my product on initially with the hopes of being able to export them to other sites. Problem is they export fine, but are not accepted for one reason or another by other platforms. I can't be a best practice to retype all of the pictures and data for every sight. This is 2021, not 1989. So, what are we supposed to do to successfully export and import. It's obvious that Squarespace Customer Support doesn't know, so I was hoping for some guidance..... Thanks,
  16. Site URL: https://www.augmentum.com.au/articles-list Hi am trying to change the layout of the blog posts on my website. Currently I have all the blogs on one page, with category buttons to take people to different topics. However I have over 30 blogs so they are not all displayed. I would like to have a specific article drop down menu on the navigation bar to allow people to click on the topic of interest and then be taken to a page with a summary block displaying all the articles on that topic. I already have all of these articles written - is there a way to do this without changing the URLs of the articles and breaking the links? I'm trying to avoid setting up a redirect. Thanks for your help!
  17. Site URL: https://www.brokkar.com Hello there ! We are just about lo launch our website, and our news section don't publish the news added on the development and design interface. We see the news on the square space plattform, but when these should be publish on the web site, these don't show up. We think is an URL issue but we can't figure out the solution. Could anybody pls help ?
  18. Site URL: https://makeenmarketing.com/ Hey Everyone, I have some questions related to Website loading speed issues, I need some tips for how I enhance my website loading speed , if someone has a deep knowledge for this issue, suggest me some plugin, and tools to resolve this issue. Thanks Areeba Khan
  19. I'm using Neil Patel's Ubersuggest tool to resolve issues on my website and learn SEO. I'm a newbie at all of this and having a time trying to figure out how to find and resolve my 4xx return status codes issues. The links take me to empty pages (of course). Any suggestions on how to figure out where these are and how to resolve them would be appreciated. Thanks.
  20. Site URL: https://www.sumofeight.com/ We have 1 of this item left to be purchased on our web shop. However, when on my phone, recently this message has appeared stating I cannot add the item to the cart as there is only 1 left. This should not appear as we want the last one to be sold, and we have not set this up (that we know of), but cannot find how to stop the message from appearing! Or as to why it appears Any help as to what to do would be great, thank you 🙂
  21. Site URL: http://metgal.art/ Password: thisisart Is there a way to get this up on my site for my 404 page? https://codepen.io/akm2/pen/BonIh I put the HTML in code block. I put the CSS in the Custo CSS, and I tried putting the Javascript in the header, footer, page code injection, and code block, but can't seem to get this work. Any help is appreciated.
  22. Site URL: https://thefavoriteco.com/ Hi all, I have no idea what's going on. I suddenly see lots of direct traffic in GA going to this url: http://www.thefavoriteco.com// (I don't know where the extra slash is coming from in the URL or why there's so much traffic to it/ and time spent on page). Has anyone had this issue? I just found this post and maybe it's the same issue? Thanks!
  23. Site URL: https://andrewfreedman.com Hello, I am currently working on the 404 page of my site and I would like to hide just the navigation on the 404 page and keep it on the main page. I tried a few different pieces of code but the closest I have seen to get is just hiding the entire header. I need this because I realized my menu is made up of anchor links so they are useless on the 404 page. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Best, Andrew Freedman
  24. Site URL: http://musicfog.com We migrated a ten year old site from SS5 to SS7 Bedford. Went smoothly, but now SOME of our external blog post permalinks are resolving to 404. Doesn't matter how old, it's unpredictable. All the unresolved links are formatted as [blog link].html. The .html extension seems to be the problem. If I remove the extension the page resolves. Is there any way for SS to treat links ending in .html (their old SS5 default) the same as ones that don't? (It seems to already be doing this for many links). Here's one example -from an old FB post: http://musicfog.com/home/2020/9/21/noel-mckay-the-old-pawnee-waltz.html And here's the link that works: http://musicfog.com/home/2020/9/21/noel-mckay-the-old-pawnee-waltz
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