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  1. Hey guys, Please help! I just finished designing my site using the York template - and am viewing the mobile version of it. However, it seems the mobile adaptation possibilities of this template are very limited. I can't find options to edit the necessary style tweaks for mobile on this template. I've attached screenshots below, both of mobile and desktop. My problems are the following: 1. On the index pages, the images look fine when they're scaled to large on desktop. On mobile I want them small. Otherwise they're too big and too cropped. 2. I'd like to adjus
  2. I am trying to add a page description under my title on my homepage. I am using Jasper template. current action is on hover, it displays title of the page. I am hoping for it to display title and small description on hover. any thoughts or code that might be able to achieve this? Image is of current action.
  3. Hi! I'm trying to code an index page's images to all be greyscale until you hover or mouseover them. Is this possible? I feel like this is a fairly simple fix but I can't figure it out looking at the inspector.
  4. Hi, what's the CSS code to align all header and body text to align left for mobile, but remain centred for desktop? Thanks!
  5. I'm trying to find a solution for a Jones template Limitation. If you have any information please reply. I'm trying to find a way to Customize the Catalog Playlist Embedded in the Jones Template. I've tried to get help from support but they weren't able to assist me any further but they gave me this idea to ask the community. Thanks in advance.
  6. Something I would like to modify in the York template is to have it so that the Index Layout displays consistently between Desktop and Mobile. Currently you can only choose between s/m/l/xl for Item Height in Index Layout section under Site Styles menu, resulting in either having the IL display properly in Desktop and cropped in Mobile, or vice versa. How might I go about writing a CSS code mod telling the Index Layout to be Xlarge in desktop, and small in Mobile? Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank-you kindly -
  7. Hi guys, I'm new here! I'm trying to add a button in the main navigation menu, unfortunately I am using York and that feature is not supported. I have found some custom CSS in another forum post but unfortunately doesn't work on York. I've attached an image of what I mean, I would like a similar button like the "subscribe" button in the attachment. Could anyone help? I'm absolutely new to CSS so I would really appreciate some help! Thanks
  8. Want to assign h1,h2, h3 to blog feed on blog entries. all type classes for blog can be edited but no ability to control their responsive behaviour? would essentially need: blog list title font - h1 blog excerpt font - h3 blog read more link - h3 using lange template. https://www.designsuite.com.au/insight any info would be much appreciated!
  9. Hi all, I've searched the forum already, but all posts rearding this topic seem to have been deleted. I'd like to add a sub-header to the index item text, using a different font size and style (I am using the York template). Any ideas on how to accomplish this? (I've customised parts of my template already, but haven't found a solution on this one yet). Would really appreciate the help. :-) Thanks & best, Almut
  10. Have an issue with the York theme. Need to hide the banner images and have added code (below) to the Advanced tab which seemingly takes care of it. But it's only in the control center for Squarespace. The live version doesn't hide it at all. Any thoughts? <style> .js-page-banner-image {display: none} </style>
  11. Hello @tuanphan I'm currently trying to figure out a way to make a website friendly towards a client base that is divided into 3 different language groups - English, French and Chinese. Currently, english is not a problem as t's the default language on Squarespace, but I am wondering if anyone has any ideas around how to switch between languages or translate headings and text through a hover function? For example, the perfect situation would be if a client who lands on the home page could scroll down the page and hover over a heading to read it in their native language or ha
  12. Hi All, I'm currently running the York template. I am having an impossible time getting the company tagline to remain visible on mobile devices. Can anyone help? Thank you, C
  13. Hi Squarespace team, Could you remove the double vertical scrollbar that magically appears on York template without making any change to my portfolio. For community check, the issue appears essentially on Google Chrome. https://www.squarespace.com/templates/ On the official "Squarespace templates" page choose York template in Popular Designs then Preview York (reference to my screenshot below). The same issue showed up on my professional Squarespace portfolio and needs to be removed:https://www.itsanthonymeric.com/ I prefer to ask here before asking for solutions on Twitter about this iss
  14. Hi, I'm having some issues with my company's new website. I added a lot of custom code and now I'm troubleshooting. One of the main issues is that the header and footer are not showing up on any of the supporting pages. I don't want them to show up on the homepage/landing page at all, but I want them to show up on all of the other pages. Is there any custom CSS or anything that might help clear this issue?I've tried adding this snippet to make it work: header {display: block !important;} My website is www.themodernbrand.com Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks.
  15. I would like to remove the banner from pages (not the home page). I'm using the York template, here's my site https://pendower-test-site.squarespace.com (p/word: septembertest) I'd like Page 1 to have no banner displayed. Thanks!
  16. How can I adjust the size of the video banner on my home page https://pendower-test-site.squarespace.com (p/word: septembertest) Thanks!
  17. Hey there, This question is specific to the 'York Template' On the main index page, I'm looking to remove the 'Index Item Text' and click-through function on an individual index section, the idea is to use the full-length banner as an image inbetween information links (above and below) rather than a link to an information page. I was hoping there would be a line of CSS that I could inject or even a suggestion on another process of uploading which might work. I'd appreciate any help on this! Thanks
  18. Hi Im hoping to use the burger menu on desktop instead of a type menu on the York Template. I have tried a few solutions for other templates but they havent worked. Any ideas? thanks Bobby
  19. I'm trying to figure out how to edit the background color of the footer on the York template. I've tried pasting a variety of CSS into the Design CSS editor, including the ones below... but I keep getting errors. First one I've tried: #page-footer-wrapper { color: white; background-color: black; a { color: white; } a:hover { color: gray; } } The error I got was -> "error evaluating function rgba : color functions take numbers as parameters" The second I've tried: #footer { background: black !important; } The error I got was -> "error evaluating function
  20. Hey @tuanphan , This is York Template Specific, I'm looking to edit the Navigation Title's within each Index-Section with CSS if possible. For example, I'd like to turn this line: "Retailer Management Service —" Into: Retailer Management Service— Obviously, the template already has preset line breakpoints, but in a perfect world, I'd like to be able to break the line so each word is isolated on its own line, and have the ability to change the colour of each line of text. Eg: keep the text white and highlight the "—" Is this possible with just CSS? Thanks
  21. Hello,Working on a website and I would like the secondary navigation to only appear on the 'shop' page, not on every page. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Link to website: https://mackerel-endive-atgz.squarespace.comTemplate: Jones (York family) Thanks!
  22. Hello,So, I was wondering out of interest if it would be possible to do the following on the York template.At the moment, I have a grid of logos which if I want, on click, I can open as a larger image in a lightbox view. What I would like to do is, on click, show the full logo with typography. In other words, a different image to that shown in the grid. Below is a link to page in question. https://weegiant.net/monomarks Thanks for any help ;)
  23. Hello! I am working on this site: https://rectangle-gecko-tryt.squarespace.com (password is: test) This site uses the York template. We have a markdown block that contains an embedded catalogue. It looks great on the desktop breakpoint. However, the padding is huge on the mobile and tablet breakpoints. I have been looking on here for tips on how to tighten the padding around/within a markdown block but everything I see on here seems to apply to images or other block types. Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks in advance!
  24. Im trying to align banner description to be on the left on one page only but I am getting the code wrong. Any assistance appreciated! Thanks
  25. Seems like there is only the standard to have the title and description placed below or next to an image in the Projects pages in the York template. I'm trying to get additional text boxes Or a work around for placement of Title and descriptions to be on top for one instance or in all. I've tried to make an image with copy above but the text obviously doesn't scale for mobile so it looks inconsistent. Please help! Is there some code that can be imputed in to the description box (don't see that as an option either) or some other solution?
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