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  1. Site URL: http://sociallydigitalmarketing.com Hi everyone! I'm having a slight issue with my website in regards to the mobile fall-back image flashing quickly before the start of the background video. In order to fix this issue, I did some research and stumbled upon this code: <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.5.1.min.js" integrity="sha256- 9/aliU8dgd2tb6OSsuzixeV4y/faTqgFtohetphbbj0=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script> <script> var imgSRC = $('.custom-fallback-image').attr('src'); $('.custom-fallback-image').attr('src', 'https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:solid_white_images#/media/File:Borad_blank_space.jpg'); $(document).ready(function () { $('.custom-fallback-image').attr('style', 'display: none'); setTimeout(function () { $('.custom-fallback-image').attr('style', 'display: block'); }, 4000); }); </script> Although it fixed the flashing issue, it then created a problem in which the fall-back image does not ever appear centered on mobile devices. I know this code is the cause of it because when I remove it the problem is fixed, however I'm not sure what alternatives there are or how to fix it. Obviously removing the code altogether would solve the alignment issue but then the flashing problem would reoccur. Does anybody have any advice? Thank you guys so much in advance!
  2. Site URL: https://www.marsharosenblatt.com I am attempting to embed the coding for a Twitch live stream onto my website. It's my friends' Twitch account, and they sent me the following embed code: <script src= "https://player.twitch.tv/js/embed/v1.js"></script> <div id="<player div ID>"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> var options = { width: <1920>, height: <1080>, channel: "<ioustudio>", video: "<video ID>", collection: "<collection ID>", // ["ioustudio.com", "marsharosenblatt.com"] }; var player = new Twitch.Player("<player div ID>", options); player.setVolume(0.5); </script> When I try to add it through the embed window of the video block, it says "invalid video embed" and when I do it through an embed block it says "script disabled". Any insight? Thank you
  3. Hi, Im using the the Mojave template. On my main page, on a banner parallax image, I've added a SquareSpace button which links to a Vimeo showreel. I want the button when click to bring the video up like a lightbox image and play. Is there a way to embed the video to open like this? Thank you
  4. Site URL: https://www.stefanhadzi-longinovic.com Kia Ora, everybody! My name is Mark, I would like to ask if somebody could help with some collected overtime questions. BACKGROUND VIDEO As you may see on screenshots below video is cropped by the Parallax Smart Crop function. Without that function, the quality of the video drops rapidly for almost a half of its length. Is there any way we can fix it? My thought is, maybe there are a chance that if it could be moved down a bit with a code, but I never done it before. On the second screenshot you can see the horse standing behind the screen on the left. Video itself has fixing on that position from the middle till the end of it, which is look great on a desktop monitor or a pad. Is it possible to use same the idea as above to move the video on the right a bit? TOP MENU BACKGROUND Apparently, you can not drop the transparency of the top menu background. Would it be possible do drop transparency by using CSS? If so, Is the video cropped by the menu, or it continues behind it and crops by the screen of the browser? MOBILE FOOTER IMAGES Could somebody tell me please, how to make images smaller size and in one row on mobile view of the website? Kind regards,
  5. Site URL: https://octagon-pomegranate-kh75.squarespace.com/jello-lounge Hi Folks, Vimeo videos are previewing really small when placed in a gallery in York. Is there a work around for this? https://octagon-pomegranate-kh75.squarespace.com/jello-lounge Also wondering if others have the same issue of the custom thumbnail looking low res but res is fine when disabling thumbnail? thanks! Kerin
  6. Hi, I am looking to build a simple website as an online investment packet. I'm wondering which templates would be the right ones to start out with in order to have the following features. Upon clicking the link, the viewer is taken to webpage. At the top is a fullbleed Vimeo video (with all Vimeo controls), and as you scroll down there is text and a slideshow below that. I have been playing with the Lange and Sofia templates. In the first one, I can get the fullbleed video with the Vimeo controls, but I cannot make the video be the first thing seen when the viewer lands on the page - there is always a white space between the video and top of the site. With Sofia, I can get the full screen landing page video, but it is only a background video. It is very important that the viewers can choose when to start the video, and full screen it if they wish. Does anyone have any advice on how to achieve this with a Squarespace template? Or maybe a couple modifications? I've attached a rough mock-up for what I am going for. Thank you in advance!
  7. As of now there's two options for video thumbnail to showcase what's inside that portfolio case. Youtube and Vimeo. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ln183re2yiqgy2k/Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 22.18.50.png?dl=0 There are many other options out there nowadays to host video. I have taking liking of one in particular (Wistia) which has features Youtube and Vimeo doesn't. Video loop thumbnail. As of now I do gifs as thumbnails which is all now poor in quality and large files 5-10 mb in 640px I would like to insert other video formats in particular Wistia, why is it restricted to only these two options? Youtube and Vimeo? Can we open this feature to more video hosts?
  8. Hi All, I can't find much on this workaround so here goes; I'm trying to make a searchable Video Gallery for 7.1 based site. As you need to post videos as separate blocks and can't draw a feed from a gallery, like images, I'm looking at a blog for the ref engine and video posts. This then allows tagging and categories for search bar. BUT.. Ideally, we would like a button to search for specific categories, instead of having the user randomly search with a text input. My CSS is no-where near this level so looking for clickable function for a button to replicate a search term input. ie, a presenters name. The search filter seems to work well otherwise. The only other issue I can see is if we protect this area as a members area from Google ref, It will affect the internal search. I think? Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. Site URL: https://atlschoolofphoto.com/ I'm wondering if anyone has experience creating a Member Area with videos. I'm interested in creating a Member Area for my students to have exclusive access to Zoom recordings of virtual workshops. The videos are already uploaded to Vimeo. When I create a Member Area page, I can add these videos from Vimeo. My problem (logically speaking) is when I upload the videos to Squarespace in the Member Area, should the videos be password protected? Should they be public? If they're password protected, this is just another step our students would need to take to see the videos. If they're public, what's the point in having a paid Members Area, when they could just view them for free on our Vimeo page? Anyone find a good solution? Thanks in advance!
  10. Site URL: https://mostcreativereiner.com/ Hi Everyone! I had an idea to create an interactive claymation portfolio (you can look at my website for some work examples). Anyways, I was thinking of having a tv, where there are three interactive buttons, a channel up and down, and an antenna, which are interactive toggles between video projects. For example, if you were to click on a channel button, it would start an animation where someone clicks the button, and then the channel changes. Any ideas on how to get something like this done on squarespace? I know itd be javascript, but any other thoughts would be appreciated. I've written some sort of psuedo code with the idea: Thanks! count = 0 Buttons: channel_up channel_down antenna define pixels (x,y whatever) = channel _up define pixels (x,y whatever) = channel_down define pixels (x,y, whatever) = antenna if channel up gets pressed: play mp4 of clay hand clicking the button switch the mp4 on the tv count = count + 1 elif channel_down gets pressed: play mp4 of clay hand clicking the button switch the mp4 on the tv count = count +1 elif count == 3: change to staticky video if antenna gets clicked: play mp4 video again count = 0
  11. Site URL: https://www.visuelle.dk/ Hi! I'm trying to work around an issue on this website: https://www.visuelle.dk/ The problem is that the video on the front page is not suitable for mobile view. Is there a code where I can replace the video with an image in the mobile version? Or an even better way to work around it, that I don't know about?
  12. Site URL: https://www.thetablehay.com/private-views I am helping a client build this site. We have created a folder of pages, each of which consists of embeds of Instagram TV videos. On the desktop, each embed is complete, with title and description underneath. On mobile (tablet and phone) each embed renders differently, some cutting through the frame at the bottom, some cutting through the description (ie. horizontally through the text), and some are complete to match the desktop version (this seems to be the behaviour of the last video on the page). Squarespace will not address this bug as it involves external services, but I am wondering if anyone has this behaviour and a workaround for it? Thanks in advance...
  13. Site URL: https://lukesargentdp.com/ I'm working on my personal portfolio site lukesargentdp.com I'm using the template Carson and I'm using index pages to showcase my work with video thumbnails linked from vimeo. The problem is for the Homepage and the Music Video page the videos fit the site instead of fill leaving letterboxing at the top and bottom of the screen (sometimes it fills but most of the time it fits). On the Narrative page it fills every single time leaving no letterboxing. Some projects like Steam! are linked from the same vimeo link onto the homepage (click on my name) and Narrative and one fits and one fills I want to figure out how I can fix this so the videos in the background always fill leaving no letterboxing. I have been told this is possible with CSS can anyone help me with this?
  14. Site URL: https://katefreemantle.co.uk I would like to host meditation videos on my website to either sell or for my members who subscribe monthly to be able to access/download/stream. Currently I have thinkific too but would like to cut down on the costs of too many platforms?
  15. Site URL: https://www.zachkononov.com/press-media Hi all! I'm trying to embed a YouTube video to my website with a URL that starts the video at a specific timestamp. I pulled the URL from the YouTube video at that specific timestamp (2:06), but when I play the embedded video, it always starts at 1:45. On my boyfriend's laptop, it starts at 0:00 sometimes and 1:45 other times. I have changed the URL to different timestamps as a test, and it still always starts at 1:45 or 0:00. The page with the video is here: https://www.zachkononov.com/press-media. The video in question is the second video on the left, at bottom of the page. Regular video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-sJCxXyHg4 Timestamp video URL: https://youtu.be/4-sJCxXyHg4?t=126
  16. Hi, I'm new to Squarespace...as in just signed up! I'm looking to set up a website, that I can sell/deliver content such as online training/courses? Videos etc that people would be able to watch/access, as part of our course? Are there any pointers that you would recommend? Sites created via SquareSpace, that offer courses/sell courses/training, as a business using a template, Or any templates you'd recommend to get me started? Lots of questions...thank you in advance :) Shirley
  17. Site URL: https://www.shopartc.co/altamaha-river-sportsman We have a video channel on Rumble. I attempted to add 4 of our videos using Video blocks to this webpage, but they took up the whole width of the webpage, and I wanted them to display much smaller (like how they appear now). I chose to use Embed blocks for these videos and copied the iFrame code manually to each of the blocks. The first video looks great - it is centered and is responsive on mobile devices/resizing the browser window on desktop. No problems there. Videos 2-4 display off-centered to the left within the Embed block area, and they are NOT responsive on mobile devices/resizing the browser window on desktop. I checked the code for these videos I'm using, and they're identical in dimension specs in the code, so there should be no issue with the code itself in videos 2-4. Also, all 5 of the video thumbnails on Rumble are 16:9 ratio. To troubleshoot, I attempted to create a second Embed block of the first video that is displaying/behaving correctly by copying/pasting the code into the block, and this second version is misbehaving and looks/acts like Videos 2-4. -OR- if there is a way to change the dimensions of the Video Block to not be the full width of the webpage, maybe this would be the better way to go? NOTE: I am NOT a web developer, but I am semi-experienced with design. Thank you all so much!!!
  18. Site URL: https://www.davidoscroft.com/ Going round in circles trying to get the Vimeo content to embed edge to edge in this template. Any ideas welcome! I'm sure its something simple I'm missing!
  19. Hey all, I'm wondering how I can make the landing page (in particular) for a website I've been working on more dynamic. Two websites we've been looking at for inspiration: (1) Santa Fe Brewing Co. https://santafebrewing.com/ (2) Human Rights Campaign https://www.hrc.org/ (1) is obviously a pretty high-end website. We like the text bleed over video/images, and videos overlapping each other, and the scroll functionality, in particular. Any idea whether those things are possible to do in Squarespace? I imagine the text animation effect might be possibly to do with GIFs, but it seems challenging if not impossible to have blocks bleed over each other. (2) seems quite a bit more do-able. Again, we love the text bleed over video, and would like to imitate that and some of the color blocking effects on our own website. It looks to me like the color blocks are images designed in Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign and then dropped in with color coordinated backgrounds, but I'm obviously no expert. Any help would be appreciated--whether that's guidance on how to achieve some of these effects or more direct work. If you think you'd be able to imitate either of these sites, we'd be happy to compensate you for work on our site. Thanks, Phil
  20. Site URL: https://qerkoweb.squarespace.com Hey guys, i am just creating a new product page and there is a few last things that i need to figure out. https://qerkoweb.squarespace.com/ pass: itspaid One of them, and the tough one i guess – I need to open a youtube video after click on image in hero section. Ideally, i want to open it in something like pop up lightbox, because i don't want users to exit this page. I cant use a video block, because it shows video too small and thumbnail is small and cropped. I tried it and you can see it here: https://qerkoweb.squarespace.com/ One of the solutions would be somehow edit a video block to be bigger. Maybe? Thanks for help, Mat
  21. Site URL: https://meditateinthewestmidlands.co.uk We have a live-stream page for meditation classes. These are recorded and put up for people to view during the week after the class. When the video & thumbnail are added to the video block the video box often changes format and the thumbnail gets cropped so the text can't be read properly. Is there something that can be done to fix this? We've tried adding a new block, & adding the link & thumbnail again. Sometimes this works but more often it doesn't! Any help would be appreciated, thank you. This is a link to a page with a video block that is formatted correctly; https://www.meditateinthewestmidlands.co.uk/stream/cp14 This is a link to a page where its gone horribly wrong!! https://www.meditateinthewestmidlands.co.uk/stream/cp24
  22. Hello, I was trying to customize my carousel instagram section in footer. first I made it full bleed with #footer-sections .content-wrapper {padding-left:0!important; padding-right:0!important; max-width: 100%; } and then I changed a little bit the appearance of the images with: .sqs-gallery-design-strip-slide img{ border-radius:10px; width:200px!important; height: 200px!important; object-fit:cover; margin-left: 10px; } Everything worked perfectly except the videos from instagram Any recommendations what should I do? M.O.
  23. Hello! I'm trying to figure out how to create a full bleed video that opens in a lightbox when it's played. Has anyone ever accomplished doing this? Any and all help is much appreciated! Thanks so much!
  24. Site URL: https://autotable-square.squarespace.com/ I have a video block, which include youtube link but they are not centered in mobile view.
  25. Site URL: https://www.justinphang.com/google-ugh-moments Hi there, The problem I'm trying to solve is the 16:9 videos appear small in my website's mobile view. Is there a way to tweak the embedded videos to be more of a 1:1 or 4:3 ratio before tapping? Tapping it will still play the video in it's actual aspect ratio.
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