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  1. I am using the Five template for my website, primarily because I wanted 3 columns in my blog. However, the text attributes for image captions are hard coded (weirdly enough) to be all uppercase and the text color is a dark gray. Problem is the background on my canvas is dark gray, so the image caption doesn't read very well, AND I don't like all uppercase. Now, I know how to go in and add custom css code, but I don't know what code I need to put in in order to change the image caption text color and have it be capitalized (rather than all uppercase). Thanks for any help!
  2. I am currently working on my website, and when I edit the text it won't line up correctly on my website. It'll look like this: Hi Hello My name is Santa Claus But when I am editing it on my side of things it looks straight and normal. Please help!
  3. A recent update to the Commerce App has changed the formatting of the text fields of custom questions, and can no longer be seen in their entirety (the text goes off the screen to the right). Can text fields please be made to wrap (like it did before) so all text is shown? We can no longer fulfill orders on-the-go becuase we cannot see all of the entry from the customer.
  4. Hi, How can I adjust the banner text in a specific page (home page) without adjusting the other pages. The text current position = center of the banner. Because the font is white, I would like to bring it down a notch to make the text more visible (the text would be on the road instead of on the forest). See picture attached. Is there a CSS code that could use? Thanks!
  5. I keep trying to change the font on my text and every time I leave the design tab, the font reverts back to the original font for the Ishimoto template. When I go back into the Site Styles editing tab it shows that the fonts are what I want them to be even though they are still showing as the original fonts to the template. What can I do??
  6. How can I add a gap (paragraph break) to separate different paragraphs in my markdown? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I'm running the Ishimoto template. Could someone advise how I can make my Navigation menu text display in bold text? Many thanks for helping
  8. Hello I need a drop shadow CSS for all of the white text across the entire site. I have found ones for header only and all text, including black text. I need one just for the white text, though all of it. thank you!
  9. Hi guys, I've added code to a summary block to add a background and outline to it (to make it look like tiles). I am now trying to make the excerpt font bigger but the tile-code doesn't seem to recognise this change. So when an excerpt used to run e.g. over 3 lines and now that it's bigger it's 4 lines the tile background stays as it was and the text is cut off at the bottom. This happens only occasionally, sometimes when I reload the page it looks fine. I attached a screenshot. Here is the code I used (Tudor/Skye template): .summary-item{outline: 12px solid #FFFFFF; background-color: #FFFF
  10. Hi, my code for justifying text on blogpost using the Henson template is not working. .page-content p { text-align: justify; text-justify: inter-word !important; } Can anybody help me out? Thank you! here is the website: https://www.factorie.be/blog/2018/10/26/entre-vigne-et-verger-4r75e-8g4z6
  11. So for the past couple days I've noticed typos that I have fixed and saved have been coming back. I've fixed the same typo at least three times. Today I noticed on two pages text blocks have been swapped around when I haven't moved any of the blocks on those pages. Is squarespace glitching out?
  12. For only the first banner on this site I'm trying to put a white glow behind the text so it shows over the image. I've sort of figured out the CSS code (below) for the effect I want on the heading but I'm not sure exactly how to apply this to only the body on this banner without making it show up on all of them. h1 { color: #FFFFFF; text-shadow: #FFF 0px 0px 5px, #FFF 0px 0px 10px, #FFF 0px 0px 15px, #FFFFFF 0px 0px 20px, #FFFFFF 0px 0px 30px, #FFFFFF 0px 0px 40px, #FFFFFF 0px 0px 50px, #FFFFFF 0px 0px 75px; }
  13. Hi everyone! I’m having some trouble with markdown and I’m hoping someone in the community might be able to help. Using markdown, my goal is to have a line of text in H2 centered AND fade to a different color when you hover over it. Using the code below, I’ve been able to get the text to fade when I hover over it using the markdown code below. But I haven’t been able to figure out how to center it, it stays left-aligned. There is also a strange thin line that’s appearing under the text that I’m not sure how to remove. (Screenshot of code is attached as the Squarespace forum translated the
  14. I am trying to create a list of subjects with information after a colon for each subject, and want to have all the information line up afterward. Something along the lines of this (but with the information spaced farther out and lining up): Colour: Yellow Shape: Crescent Texture: Soft Type: Fruit I know in various programs the tab button is usually used to do this, however, it doesn't have this function in the site editor. I managed to get a good attempt using separate text boxes, one for the subject and the other for the information, but with this method, it does not line up or work pr
  15. I have a banner image with description text & button on top of it. I'd like to add background to the description text to make it more readable. I've been using this CSS below, but to no avail. Please advise - thanks!
  16. Today I noticed Squarespace has changed the method of inserting a URL link into text. Instead of a mini-box with all the usual controls easily accessible, it has changed to a massive box with all kinds of stuff I don't use. This results in more work for me because if I want to set to "open in new window", I must click through, adding extra clicks. This is problematic for any posts we do that have a large number of links. Even worse, the "Open in new window" toggle is sometimes invisible as it's blocked out by an overlaying tool ribbon from the editor, and you can't scroll out of it. This is
  17. I am trying to add a button to my text box without the button forcing everything else to bend and be disrupted. I just want a small button that viewers can click on that will take them to a separate link. I know how to get to the buttons and place a button I just cannot get the button to where I want it to go
  18. Looking to increase the line spacing in my About page: http://www.giorgiabrugnoli.com/about-the-fox How can I do that ? thanks !
  19. I want to position the text label under the text input field on my form. Does anyone know the code needed for that? Thanks!
  20. I have text title and description on photos in Project Gallery page. The text does not show up on mobile.how can I get the text to appear? It works fine on PC.thank you,
  21. Hi, I'm trying to change the color and font size of the overlapped text on stella theme. I've spent quite some time try to figure this issue out on my own but have not had luck. In trying to change the color from orange to white, and size "weddings" to not shift down. Help would be greatly appreciated
  22. I'm using the Basil template, and need to centre text using Markdown for a single section of an Index page. I've referred to other posts and used their suggestions, but they are not working. it is likely to be something small that I'm doing wrong. I'd be really grateful for help please. I've copied & pasted my Markdown below, and attached a colour screenshot of the same. <strong>Win A Free Engagement Session!</strong> Many thanks for any help!
  23. How do I make the text width in articles take the full width of the page and not be just 1/3 of it?
  24. Why are the fonts specified in the CSS code below not appearing on screen? I'm trying implement my code on an unlinked page in the Brine template. I've inserted the CSS code via Design-->Custom Code. Only Freight Text is appearing, not the other fonts. Project HTML <div class="tt-canvas-inner-21813"> <span class="tt-layer tt-21813-layer-1">LEGALITIES</span> <span class="tt-layer tt-21813-layer-2">This page was last updated in </span> <span class="tt-layer tt-21813-layer-3">JULY</span> <span class="tt-layer tt-21813-layer-4">20
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