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  1. Site URL: http://www.bigbamboo.photo Hi Guys I would like some recommendations for the best and/or most appropriate Squarespace template(s) for use as an artist Viewing Room (VR) displaying max 30 images + brief intro text. I have a Squarespace website already and could simple create a new gallery page for the VR there, but would prefer to create a separate stand-alone mini-site. Any ideas and/or suggestions? Cheers, Richard Harris
  2. Hi, I am wanting to create a website with stacked sections and a fixed/pinned menu at the top. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am so grateful for any help!
  3. Looking for a template that would be similar to care.com or any sight that has providers and clients of services
  4. Site URL: http://mckarchitects2.squarespace.com Hi there, I am looking to add a search feature to my page but don't see an option with my template to add it? Thanks, Montana
  5. Site URL: http://mckarchitects2.squarespace.com Hi there, I am looking to reduce the padding between different elements across multiple pages on my website. Please see images that show you how large the space is in between each of the elements. I don't see an option to reduce this padding size and tighten it up. I am unsure what my template is but I believe template ID is: 5c5a519771c10ba3470d8101. Please help! Montana
  6. Site URL: https://heptagon-kazoo-kncp.squarespace.com/config/settings/site-visibility Hi people, As I am starting with the template PAZARI in 7.1, the "portfolio" is really neat on the desktop version, and it is possible to customize the number of columns in a row. However, customization of columns is not possible on the mobile version. Any ideas about how to display 2 columns on the mobile version? So basically from this: to this: Thanks in advance!
  7. Site URL: https://www.rubenstomdesign.com/shop Hello there, I just wanted to ask you if you know which template was used on that site: https://www.rubenstomdesign.com/shop I know that it has the templateID: 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e but there are so many designs which uses this template family. Maybe someone of you knows the exact one? Would be great if you could help with that!
  8. I've used squarespace before, a few years ago, and one of the main reasons I liked it was because I can change templates and try different designs. I've just subscribed again today & now it seems that feature is gone & there is no way to change templates. I understand it's all one template now, and I could play around with colours and fonts and page layouts until I've achieved another look..... but why? I don't understand how this decision to give end users more work to do is a feature, or am I missing something? I'd much prefer to just click on a different look and see if I like it or not, which was how it used to be before. Aside from starting a new website with a different template (and then applying for a refund on the old one, another great use of time) is there any way of switching the look of my website? I'm hoping I've missed something obvious...
  9. Site URL: https://zoehough.com/ Hey, I want to change template from Henson to York. I followed these instructions about editing in preview mode https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815598-Switching-templates "To start editing your site in Preview Mode, in the Home Menu, click Pages. Remove the demo content and move your pages from the Not Linked section to the other navigation areas. Visitors won't see these changes until you publish the template." I did this, and started editing. I checked my site (in another browser window) and changes had indeed showed up in my henson-template designed site... the main sentence was now as per the york template, and all the images in the 'banner' for each of my projects had disappeared so I had to re-upload them. Is there another step to take to ensure that no changes occur to my original design while editing in what is meant to be 'preview' mode? I simply want to edit my site in the York template preview-mode, without affecting the content in the original Henson template. Possible? Thanks for any tips!
  10. Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is being safe! I was looking through the templates and I'm trying to match it up with this layout from https://www.sunupapp.net/ Can anyone help??? Thank you so much!
  11. Site URL: http://littlecornerscollective.com Hi all, I'm really content with my desktop products page format, but when I view the mobile version I don't want my products to stack to one column. It makes it so I can only view one item at a time as I scroll on mobile. I'd like to have it look like the desktop version, where I can scroll through multiple columns, but can't find any way to disable the mobile view or anything. Is there any code to change just my shop's products page to look like my desktop version (multiple rows & columns of products)?
  12. It's been recommended that I used a Brine template, but I don't know how to find and view my options. How can I do this? Thanks
  13. Is there a way to switch templates for only my "shop" page, and keep the rest of my pages the same? Currently the template on my whole site is called Wexley, but I'd like the shop preview images to be larger... either a way to edit the coding to make the images larger, or picking a template with larger product previews?
  14. Site URL: https://www.kennedydesign.nl/ Hi, I am hoping someone can help me out. I have used the Matsuna template for my design portfolio and I want to add captions and tekst about each image. How can I do this? I want to give context to the images. Thank you!
  15. Site URL: https://nolan-demo.squarespace.com/our-work I'm currently using the Nolan template in 7.1. Is it possible to have a 'feature project' at the top basically a larger version of the project thumbnails that functions in the same way? So the structure would be 1 column with the feature project spanning the full width, then back to the 2 column structure? https://nolan-demo.squarespace.com/our-work
  16. Are there any existing templates that can allow horizontal scrolling instead of the usual vertical scroll? Or is there any way to add a code to make it happen?
  17. Trying to use Safari 13.1.1 in Mac OS 10.15.5 (Catalina) to edit a 7.1 template. Incredibly glitchy: after I make a single change, I'll suddenly be put back at the top of the page, even though I need to change other items in a field. Perhaps I'll click the pencil icon and not get into edit mode. I'll make color adjustments that not only don't stay, but again I'm simply taken to the top of the page. There's no rhyme or reason why or when any oddity will happen, though it's frequent. I can't concentrate on what content I want to create since I seem to be fighting the system so much. Are there incompatibilities I'm not aware of? Should I be using Firefox or Chrome? I don't recall this happening two years ago when I was working with 7.0. Thank you!
  18. Wondering if anyone could make a suggestion for a colorful and "light" template to showcase videos and photos. Thanks!
  19. Site URL: https://www.jimaikman.com/about I'm using the Forte Template. There is an option to have a header in the upper left corner of the site on all pages, with a tagline that appears beneath it. But the tagline only appears when the site is viewed on giant monitors - it does not display the tagline on most laptops. This is not ideal. I haven't been able to find any code solutions. Any ideas? I'd rather not make a jpeg.
  20. I'm trying to look at the Live Preview Pages for the Brine template family but when I click on the link for Anya, for example, it takes me to the URL https://www.squarespace.com/templates/browse/anya but shows me all Popular Designs. This means all the links I click on show me the same templates, which can't possibly be right. How can I view the templates for each family?
  21. Site URL: https://www.libbypeterson.com Does anyone know what template has a scroll like this? If it isn't a template feature, is it something that can be easily added via HTML or CSS? thanks
  22. Hi, I'm building my website, I'm creating two versions, one in Spanish and the other in English, I changed the language to English, but when I'm going to do add the footer, the newsletter, it continues appearing in Spanish, somebody knows, how to make for the templates be translated into English? Thanks.
  23. SQS 7.1 has a number of solid page templates, but I often create pages in a specific layout with sections and copy according to different needs, such as a lead page with PASTOR copy or photography portfolio galleries. I would love to be able to save a layout and reuse it across the site, and even across multiple sites. "Duplicate Page" is an okay workaround, but being able to create and save a landing page template would save me and many other designers HOURS of work. Or, please just create some lead page templates and add them to the page templates when creating a new page.
  24. Hi, folks - about a year ago, I was working on my first Squarespace website redesign for a client. As someone who was/is still more familiar with Wordpress, I was wondering what the best way was to create the new design for my client without (a) messing up their live site and (b) creating lots of complex/duplicative work for myself. In the end, it turns out that working on a new template and redesigning within the "template preview" mode in 7.0 met my & the client's needs just fine. I'm linking the old thread below in case useful for anyone! However, I'm now working on another redesign project in 7.1. I don't like 7.1! 🙂 In particular, I've noticed that templates are gone -- and with no ability to switch templates, we appear to have lost the ability to use that template preview mode as a staging site. So, the question -- how do you redesign a site in 7.1 without affecting a client's live site? Is there anything similar in 7.1 to what 7.0 had, where you could make and preview changes to both design and content in a new template and publish your redesign (as a new template) when it was ready? Have other folks developed workarounds? I know developer mode is also gone in 7.1 now so 🙃🙃🙃🙃
  25. Site URL: http://www.sashataran.com Hi, I am trying to install a new 7.0 Template onto my existing 7.0 site, however it doesn't let me. Whenever I click on "Install New Template" it brings me here (screenshot attached) and then only lets me "Start With" or "Preview" the template. Neither Start with, nor Preview leads me to an option to install the template. Specifically, I'd like to install Sofia. I've tried selecting "Start With", and it loads for a second before bringing me here (second screenshot of footer). Is there something I'm missing here? Thanks for any help!
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