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  1. Lets try this again. The last question I posted seems to have not made it anywhere over the past 3 days. How do i nest folders in the navigation for the bedford template, or in other words make it so that a drop down can have a dropdown in it. This is very important to my client. This is very simple. If Squarespace does not allow this I may very well have to use something else. I found one thread about this and it never got answered... The next thread I found about this, they basically said "One level deep is best.", the complaints were ignored, and the question was closed... I am starting to get the idea that squarespace is not a real good company as far as support and flexibility go. i'm begging you; change my mind!
  2. Site URL: http://www.beaugrealy.com/ I am trying to find a very simple template where the images are displayed (like Matsuya), but each image links to a sub-project like in the above link. But I can't find anything. Anyone aware of one? Matsuya is nice, but it would all my images to just be a disorganized mess. The Beaumont template is similar, but very clean. Thanks!
  3. Site URL: http://www.logancreekdental.com/about We had built this site with a transparent header that has a fixed position with the fixed header style set to scroll back. The goal was to ensure the header/navigation is visible on page load + hides as your scroll down the page + shows up as you scroll back up. All of this functionality still works however until today when you scrolled back up the site showed a background for the header until you reached to the absolute top of the page, at that point it faded the background to transparent as intended. Today this behaviour changed (without any edits on our end) in that the header background is transparent always including scrolling back. This makes the header/nav hard to see until you reach the very top of the page. To be clear the original functionality was achieved without any custom css, it was done using the same settings that are still on.
  4. I need a site where I can build a large archive with different sections and photos. The sort of thing an online museum would have. Any suggestions on what template would be good for this sort of thing. The nearest one I found was an online shop but that wasn't really suitable.
  5. Hi, I am looking to build a simple website as an online investment packet. I'm wondering which templates would be the right ones to start out with in order to have the following features. Upon clicking the link, the viewer is taken to webpage. At the top is a fullbleed Vimeo video (with all Vimeo controls), and as you scroll down there is text and a slideshow below that. I have been playing with the Lange and Sofia templates. In the first one, I can get the fullbleed video with the Vimeo controls, but I cannot make the video be the first thing seen when the viewer lands on the page - there is always a white space between the video and top of the site. With Sofia, I can get the full screen landing page video, but it is only a background video. It is very important that the viewers can choose when to start the video, and full screen it if they wish. Does anyone have any advice on how to achieve this with a Squarespace template? Or maybe a couple modifications? I've attached a rough mock-up for what I am going for. Thank you in advance!
  6. Site URL: http://www.alsetpaintingandplastering.com I need constructive feedback on my startup business website! I want to know what I can add or change to gain more clients because this is my first time ever doing this. Please and thank you!
  7. Hi, how can I find free themes/templates to start my website? I made a start but then I saw the remark about de 14 day free trial. But I can't find the free ones.
  8. Site URL: https://www.charleyperrio.com/shop Hello, The site/page in question: https://www.charleyperrio.com/shop I am looking to get rid of the grey line that is underneath the title "SHOP" on the above mentioned website. Also when viewed on mobile the title "SHOP" goes to the far left of the screen rather than staying central, is there anyway to change this also? Thanks in advance, CP
  9. Hello! I want to install either Barbosa or Lusaka templates, which I find in the list of all templates from squarespace.com/templates. But when I am logged in and go to "Install New Template," despite looking in each category, I don't see EITHER Barbosa or Lusaka. Is there a way to see a list of ALL templates when you are logged in? And why do these two not show up in any of the "Top Categories"? Thank you!!
  10. Site URL: https://drurybuildings.com/ Does anyone know if it's possible to create a grid like style like the attached in Squarespace? Or know of any plug-ins/templates available to purchase that are similar? Espescially keen to know if its possible for the two columns with one big image on one side, and the 4 smaller ones opposite (second image)! Thanks in advance
  11. templates for embed youtubes want youtube videos layout in a grid like pinterest auto-play upon hover if template can embed videos from anywhere else not just youtube like vimeo that is also good Making helpful resource site - what's good templates for this screenshot on left side link + explanation on right side only 1 of the helpful sites would show up at once press right arrow -> to go to next helpful site guess google slides or other things would be better for this? what are the steps? does it do it by default? is there a helpful template for this?
  12. Site URL: https://mythicmedicine.love Hi! I'm looking for tips and help for CHANGING A TEMPLATE. I'm designing my highest profile ever website for my ultimate dream client and we will be changing her template, and I want to make sure that I do it in the best possible way to minimize any snafus. She has a thriving online shop, and extensive blog and podcast archive (set up as a blog). I want to make sure that when I am building behind the scenes and getting ready to switch templates that I don't lose anything or make extra work for myself. Her current template is Montauk, and we will be switching to Mojave or Moksha. I would love any tips and tricks, but some specific questions I have are: I was planning to build new pages within the old template, but leave them in the "not linked" section, then once I install the new template I'll drag them into the "linked" section. Does this make sense & is this the best way to do this? There are several pages where I will be creating long scrolling pages using index pages, will this automatically carry over to the new template, or will I need to reconfigure them there? Or would it make more sense to install the new template and create the new pages there? I also think I need to wait to do any brand style/font/color changes until we make the new template live and visible? My #1 concern is that I don't want to disrupt the current site as I am building out the new version of the site with the new template. Thank you so much for your help & insights! I'm so excited for this project! I'm also a Personal Branding Photographer & we are taking new photos for her site next week. Here's the current site (I have not begun the redesign yet) https://mythicmedicine.love Warmly, Tenaya Amelia Sebastopol, CA www.dreamspeakdesign.com
  13. Hello! I plan on changing our site template so that it will display the pages of our forthcoming comic book. Does anyone know which template is best suited for comic books or graphic novels? I've read that using the Blog feature to display our comic pages is a good way to go. Is this accurate? Thanks!
  14. Hi there, I am totally new to Squarespace. So I am currently using the trial version to see if this platform is for me. So i signed up (on the German website) and searched though the templates. After I chose one I was wondering why it was so different to what I read about in terms of handling. Eventually I figured it was 7.0. This was somewhat pushing to me because I can only find 7.0 templates ( and i first need to install them to see that, really annoying) and I even got a link in the webinar where I could supposingly find the 7.1 templates- but its only the 7.0 ones. I even logged out of the account as I read you cannot switch from 7.0 to 7.1, still I am only offered 7.0. Where do I find 7.1? What’s going on here? Thank you in advance! Lis
  15. I'm using the Harris template and adding some custom code which uses both the standard template CSS classes (i.e.: sqs-block, html-block, sqs-block-html, sqs-block-content,quote-block, sqs-block-quote) and custom CSS. All looks good, but my concern is that, if the standard classes change, the page will not render properly. How likely is that they will change? Thanks, Ivan
  16. Site URL: https://www.jenniferandersensmith.com/jens-blog/first-blog-post-live-october-17-2020 My blog posts show a series of social media icons that I do not use and I don't know how to remove them. I've attached a picture that shows my blog with two lines of social icons. The first line with 3 icons is what I want- I added those with a content block. The second line, highlighted in red, was just there when I posted the blog. How do I get rid of it? I am a complete novice when it comes to coding so bear that in mind please. TIA
  17. I'm just starting out with squarespace and I put a site together with a basic tamplate, but now I want to change it because it doesnt have some features I want which are included in another template. So I was following along on how to switch templates here , but when I get to step two I cannot see a link to edit the template. In the design menu I there is no link to template. There is an image attached of what i can see. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, :)
  18. I am investigating rebuilding a simple Drupal site on thequarespace platform. If possible this would be a major time saver for us in the long run. We would no longer have to worry about our web host Linux OS updates and Drupal CMS updates and in terms of backend UX it would be a much nicer platform for our comms team etc to use. The site I want to rebuild is a simple brochure type website (no client login etc). The URL is:https://www.sciencegallery.org/ As a quick test in just an hour or so I've built a pretty close approximation of the home page using an out of the box Squarespace theme:https://endive-cranberry-fnhp.squarespace.com/ We could probably live with some limitations if it meant a significant saving in time and effort. ** Some questions: Will Squarespace Dev tools let me get even closer to the theme I am trying to rebuild (the header and menu layout in particular)? When creating a custom squarepace theme can I modify a base theme or do I have to start from scratch? I'm wondering if more experience Squarespace users/devs think this is doable/advisable. Does squarespace let me define specific content types with custom fields that I can then style anyway I want?
  19. I like the template and layout of my current live site, but I would like a different color theme to switch to (while keeping the same template). Currently my design is in a a "dark mode", but I would like the option to easily switch to a lighter mode. Is it possible to design the same template with different color styles to have ready to switch at ease? Or do I need to work all within the live template and change the colors, fonts, etc? Thanks!
  20. Site URL: https://sararose-design.com/ I tried to use the solutions provided in this thread, but was unable to achieve the results I'm looking for on my website, which I'm using the Henson template for. On every page of my website, I would like only the website tagline text (from the Index/Home page) to appear after scrolling to the bottom as it currently does. However, the banner image for the individual page displays at both the top of the page (desired) as well as again at the bottom of the page simultaneously with the tagline text which makes that area look broken How might I go about removing the repeat instance of the banner image on individual pages while still keeping it at the top of the page? Secondly, I have a banner image set for this page, which is a Gallery, that appears when you hover over the link in nav, but is not visible on the page itself as it is on non-gallery pages. I would like these all to be treated the same, however. Is there a workaround there other than not using a gallery page?
  21. Site URL: https://www.careershubluton.co.uk/ Hello I want to know if it is possible to test a new template without disrupting what I have already Can I experiment with a different template in the background while my current website stays live without any change
  22. Site URL: https://est-bostoncopywriter.com/ Hi. How can I tell which template this site is using? https://est-bostoncopywriter.com/ Thanks in advance!
  23. Site URL: https://www.talkballuk.com/ Due to my template not allowing for the addition of a sidebar, I have manually placed content blocks to assemble my own. I only want the sidebar to show on individual blogs/articles. This 'manual sidebar' works great on a desktop view and tablet view - but works bad on mobile view, with all content being shifted to the bottom of the page. Is there a way that I can disable my makeshift sidebar for mobile devices? I've spoken to a Squarespace Expert and they informed me that the only template that has a built in sidebar, that disappears in mobile view, is Ishimoto but you cannot place it on individual blogs/articles. Does anyone know some code that would help me to get around this? Thanks in advance.
  24. Site URL: http://siblingandrival.com Hi, I would like to change my website template. We have a film company and do documentary, travel, commercial work etc. Does anyone know of a site where we could have those tags across the top as a navigation and then the tagged films would show on the page depending what people are looking for? Many thanks
  25. Hello, I actually work on my personal website and I wanted to know if it was possible to import some functionality from "Rally" template. I especially look for the search bar, the social link navigation and also for my main page the index from Rally with the section manager. Is it possible? If yes what's the point to focus and not forget for the import. I work on the Lange template.
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