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  1. Site URL: http://www.untitled.tv Hi there, Wondering if anyone knows how to build a Gallery Page "template" if thats possible. Right now when I build a gallery page or portfolio I have to individually delete all of the placeholder images and text and then add in new gallery gallery content for each video. I have to make about 40 of these and was wondering if there is an easier way. OR if you know of a way to duplicate a gallery page on 7.1. - All of the other pages allow you to duplicate them, just not the gallery pages.
  2. I recall they used to have a few sample sites for each template. Are those still available somewhere on the site? If so, would you kindly provide a link? I'm just getting started using the Bergen Template. Thanks much! John
  3. Site URL: https://www.woodsedgeevents.com/ I'm wondering if SquareSpace allows a home page with no menu at the top and just photos and an enter button that will then take you to a main page. Is this possible? Thanks, Amy
  4. Hi I know i can add in a manual sidebar using spacers in my blogposts (using the Rally template). Is there css code to enable me to add this sidebar into every blog post page on my site? If not, I have to do it manually every time.
  5. Site URL: https://www.cleanplate.co.nz/ Hi There, My client has a Brine 'Rally' template and at the mo it has a Subscribe to the newsletter footer. She want it to be a contact details footer. What is the best approach? Is the Subscribe form hard-coded into the Rally template? Or can I switch footer styles somehow? Appreciate your help. Best regards,
  6. That doesn't make any sense, why can't I try all kinds of templates on my Squarespace site? https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815378-Starting-over
  7. Site URL: https://lilyrothrock.com Hi, I'm updating my website right now. Pretty large overhaul (I'm shifting my focus of my business). I've been on 7.0 since 2015 and have a legacy plan that's under $100/yr. It has some serious limitations (like no more than 20 pages), and I'm increasingly hating the editing user face. I've been designing client websites in 7.1 for a year now, and I really like how streamlined the design is. I am finding that I'm wishing my website was on 7.1. I know a lot of people here were pretty upset when 7.1 got rolled out, and I'm wondering what people's thoughts are now. Has anyone come around and switched their own site, and decided to pay more for that? Has it been worth it? I'll probably start a new trial and see how much I do like it, and decide in the next few weeks if I'll actually make the switch. Also--my site renews in November, anyone get a refund /credit from Squarespace for this kind of move? Thanks, Lily
  8. Site URL: https://www.huntandgathergrocer.com.au/ Version 7.0– Brine family (Jaunt template) I need help people are complaining my site isn't mobile friendly. all they have to do is zoom out on there phone to show the site in full how I want it to be displayed but they don't and they get a bad experience. Ive tried playing with the padding and mobile break point to fix it but that isn't changing anything What do I do? please see screenshot
  9. I created a separate test account and had certain choices for templates, like Alameda. I then went to my client's account and searched for that template to add, and it wasn't available. There was a whole different set of templates available, even though the menu categories all look the same in both accounts. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Site URL: https://thesonoma.squarespace.com/ It says SONOMA on the url but I can't find that one . Help?
  11. Site URL: https://dinosaur-radish-jbx9.squarespace.com Hi @tuanphan I was wondering if you could help with moving my logo to the centre of the page please. I want to position the logo where the screenshot shows "CREATIVE AGENCY" and then have the small text and "'explore" button underneath. URL: https://dinosaur-radish-jbx9.squarespace.com Password: helloemmett Thanks in advance!
  12. Site URL: https://www.paulavalenzuelaart.com/ I'm not able to identify the SS template used on this site but I'm told by Artwork Archive that their embedded feature that I'm considering is used on this SS site. I love the upper right "Shop Abstract Art" button dropdown and I love the home page one-page scroll which I don't see on any templates...so where would you start? https://www.paulavalenzuelaart.com/ Thank you!!!
  13. I really need help... I've created a shop in the tresoire template, and every new element and box I add applies to every page. If I edit the text box on one page, for example I have a category in shop called "Children's Literature", I don't want my text boxes and text from "Other Literature" appearing on the "Children's Literature" page, I have no idea how to stop this from happening and stopping my changes from applying to all categories within Shop. If anyone has any help or any way I can get around this please help!
  14. Site URL: https://concrete-ww.com hello I have introduced my wife to squarespace and I seem to have different settings see attached screenshot my site has a different menu I the design settings and I can change the template easily but I can't even see this on my wife's count any ideas or help appreciated please
  15. Hi, I am new! I really like the look for the 7.0 "Impact" template but would like to use the newer templates. Can anyone tell me if there is a similar template to Impact in v7.1? Many thanks.
  16. Site URL: https://www.petermckinnon.com/ I want to create a website exactly like Peter Mckninnon, It's minimalist design is killer and unfortunately I'm not able to find any template which is offering me type of thing which I am aiming for, I don't know how to code that's why I'm on squarespace so please guide me step by step to accomplish this goal. I have great hopes from you guys, it won't cost you life but it could save me weeks of work. Thanks in advance. NOTE: I want to make an exact copy! (besides text and imagery)
  17. Hi, I'm using the Avenue template and have several Features pages linked to from the main home page. On each Feature page, below the prev/next footer section, it displays my entire home page. Is it possible to hide this home page part, and if so, how? Users can click on the top links or "Back to" in the footer to get back to the home page. Thanks.
  18. I have been having trouble figuring out what would be the best templet for me to get started working with. Home Page - Full screen video background. If that is not possible full screen scrolling images for home page.
  19. Hello I am making a website for a local community project. I would like a template that has a blog section, can host video, has a donation button / link to Paypal, has a calendar section, and can show a live feed of associated Facebook group. Could you recommend any templates that would suit this? Also Is it possible to have more than one admin who can work on the website? IE More than one person who can login either from different user name or different computer thanks for any help.
  20. Site URL: http://www.benwaddington.squarespace.com I just started work on a new site, having been a Sq user for a few years. I somehow got stuck in a random template when adding the new site to my account. With my old site I have the option to go to Design > Templates (this is still in place) However with my new paid up site, the option for templates has gone. How to switch from my original random selection? Which is currently a fashion boutique!
  21. Site URL: https://www.sliim.org I'm having trouble finding a good directory plugin I can use for Squarespace. I used community box and have been having endless problems with functionality and accessibility. Is there another site similar to it that works better? I can't seem to find anything about directories for squarespace. If you go to my site and go to Find a Practitioner, you'll see where the directory loads. This is a super important aspect of my site and business. I really need to change this ASAP. Thank you
  22. Hey all, I need to add a custom `.less` file to the template. With my template directory open in my code editor, I added a new file `custom.less` under `styles` directory. I then edited the `template.conf` to reference this new `.less` file. My expectation was that all `.less` files in this `.conf` file would be picked up and rolled up into `.css` and included on the site, but it does not seem to work that way. Is this a feature of Squarespace developer experience at all? Am I missing something? Thanks.
  23. Site URL: https://www.pollen.love/ I would like to align my site tite/logo to the left instead of center. Is this possible? I have used previous versions where this task was very easy and now they seem to have taken away that option. Very frustrating.
  24. Site URL: https://owl-dove-wtt7.squarespace.com/ I'm having trouble adding captions to a masonry grid gallery on my home page. My website (https://owl-dove-wtt7.squarespace.com/) has a gallery with all the pictures I want but I can't find a way to place a caption (preferably white text over black) onto every picture when you go into lightbox mode and hover over it. Is there any work around? Do some templates work better with this CSS? I am using Gates template. https://decagon-pear-tmt5.squarespace.com/iberostar-selection-bavaro/ http://www.tedgorecreative.com/recentwork/bp7vahg4hiuha15msewehl79p2mxod
  25. Site URL: https://www.myrandomviews.com/ For all you squarespace users, like me, (my random views , built on Avenue) who have been using SS for quite a while. What template really gets your attention? What template would you use now if you were building your site today? And why? Your answer will help those who are building a SS site for the first time and it may also help those who just want a change. I will start. I think that if I were to build now or make a change Tremont would be my first choice. It has some very unique features, and I like the defualt template landing page. Tremont Demo. Second choice would be Momentum, really interesting horizontal scrolling features. Momemtum Demo How abou you? What template just grabs you? Would you use the one you are using now? Why?
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