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  1. Site URL: https://www.bloomboxus.com/subscribe I am selling microgreen subscription boxes in which I send customers seeds to grow every three months. During checkout, I have customers fill out a form in which they choose 3 seeds they would wish to grow. I would like customers to be able to edit the form and change their seeds if they would like to every 3 months, how can I accomplish this?
  2. Hello It looks as if you can't give customers the option to choose either a one-time purchase or subscription options for the same product - am I missing something? Not sure why Squarespace wouldn't allow both, seems like a no-brainer. If i'm not missing something and it actually is impossible, is there a workaround? Any advice and help appreciated. Cheers
  3. I am looking to develop an app that users can subscribe to use. I was hoping to create a subscription product on Squarespace (SS) where the user subscribes, creates a login and then accesses the member area - this could then be a landing page that redirects to the app that sits on its own server. Do you know if there is any way, we could make it so the app only opens to traffic that comes from the members area on SS. Otherwise, a user could simply subscribe for one month, access the app, favourite the url and then come back to it whenever they like without subscribing. Thanks so much Smiles,, Jo
  4. Site URL: http://www.runtobeer.ca Am I missing something or is Squarespace missing an obvious way to manage subscription products and customers? There is no list of active subscriptions? There is no way to get customers who subscribed to a product on an email list. You can export a product but have to manually edit out the duplicate orders for each month and find the cancellations. There is no way to even see how many subscriptions are sold? Or cancelled? Does anyone have any work arounds or can suggest another platform to use that integrates and better manages this?
  5. How do I create a "Subscribe Here" page and how do I save the customer info. For example, I am going to post videos on my website and ask subscribers to subscribe to get early access via email. Can this be offered via Square or do I need a 3rd party app? Scott
  6. Site URL: https://www.huffkins.com/ Is there a way to add multiple subscription options in a drop down list for one product. For example, if we want to offer the choice of either 3 months, 6 months or 12 months on one particular product. Is it doable? Or would we need to add each subscription option as a separate product, so Product 1 (3 months), Product 1 (6 months) etc? Thanks!
  7. Site URL: http://Bitcoin-Trend-Trader.com I have a custom PayPal button that enables customers to buy subscriptions to my indicators. The CSS code is injecting the button at the very bottom of every footer. I need to resize and re-position this button. I am not have any problems with the functionality of the button, only it size and position. I asked PayPal for support and was informed it was a Squarespace problem. I asked Squarespace for support and was told it was my problem. I went on "Hire an expert," and was told my job was too small to be bothered with. One developer suggested I ask for assistance on this forum. Glad to pay someone for the 30 minutes that will probably take. If you would rather have a free subscription to my technical indicators for trading Bitcoin, I would be glad to provide that to you. Thanks for any help or suggestions, Michael
  8. Hi, I`m starting a business where I´m offering software to manage certain business, the software is accessed through any browser and the idea is to require a monthly payment to keep having access to the product (I wouldn't be delivering a new product each month). After viewing the options offered by Squarespace I think the option of "Subscription products" is the thing that comes the closest to what I need, but in the page where it's described it doesn't mention selling software anywhere. So I was wondering if this is the correct use of that product. Also if this product is indeed what I need, I was wondering if there's any API or something that I could use to access the data showing which customers paid and which customers didn't, to connect it to my MYSQL database and automatize the whole thing. Thank you in advance.
  9. I am trying to set-up my store to offer both unitary sales and a subscription option (buy every 2 months) for most of my products. It seems like I can only do one or the other, not both under same product item, which is super frustrating. Ideally, I don't want to have to duplicate my product list and have the subscription option separate. Am I missing something? Is there a workaround? Would really appreciate any insight!
  10. There are some serious failings of the Subscription service that need to be addressed by the developers. I attempted to contact the support chat team, but I was blown off with a "we'll bring that up to the developers". ...I'm in I.T., and that means "go away" in polite speak. Yes, this is a bit of a rant but I hope someone from the development team spends two seconds reading it and fixing it. Let's start with the lack of data transparency specific to subscriptions. There is no way to obtain an export of any of the subscription data. Not through the products export, not through the profiles export. At least with the products export, you can look for the sku and the purchase date to know when the subscription was initiated, but there is no method to determine renewal nor cancellation of the subscription. Well, that is not 100% true, you receive an email, but since the order number that was canceled is not included in the email notice, just the subscribers email address, you have no way to determining what order was canceled; especially since they might be subscribed multiple times to multiple items. The User export is even worse. "Subscriber Since" is blank for everybody, even if they are a subscriber. The data is simply not available export, even though it is listed in the csv file; this was stated by the support agent. Even if it were, the table is not constructed in a manner that lets you determine what they subscribed to, how many subscriptions they have, and most importantly, if they canceled (any of) those subscriptions. I am expecting to have hundreds of subscribers through my website, and per their chat support representative, the only manner I have of determining any of that data is to walk through each persons profile on their website, look to see if they have any recurring charges deep into their profile, then go into there to determine the status of said subscription. ...so I'll need to have me and/or my staff spend hours upon hours per day looking for updates to the subscriptions we will be selling through a web GUI, and then manually update external spreadsheets to keep track of what we own to whom. I am sorry, but that is a completely unusable product. How in the h*** are we expected to run a business in that manner? So, for any dev's still reading this, here is how to fix this issue. Write code to generate the following csv report specific to subscriptions: Order ID, so we can cross-reference the purchase to the orders csv export. Customer email Customer first name Customer last name subscription product ordered - lineitem sku subscription product ordered - product description date/time this Order ID was initially ordered date/time this Order ID was last renewed date/time this Order ID was canceled The usual shipping data always included in export reports Each line in the export should use the Order Number as the primary key to let a single customer have multiple subscriptions listed and tracked separately. Without this report, it is impossible to use the subscription model on SquareSpace because it is impossible to feasibly track all the customer & sales data through your web interface. Provide this report and we can easily automate our entire subscription model in the store. Fail to provide it and your subscription product is pretty much useless as it does not give us a means of determining who our customers are, what we owe them, and if they are no longer paying for our services.
  11. I have some short-term programs that clients will be required to pay in full for up front so I made these Packages. I also have some longer-term programs that I would like to be able to allow clients to pay over time or at least break the payment in two. 1). If I set the the longer-term programs up as an Acuity "Package", it seems the only choice for multiple payments is to require a deposit. So if I require 50% up front, when and how does the other 50% get paid? 2) If I set up the longer-term programs up as an Acuity "Subscription", it looks like I can choose "monthly" billing as an option. Am I reading right that Paypal does not allow this, only Stripe and Square?
  12. Hello, I'm trying to figure out a clean solution to enabling a pay-per-view + subscription option for online video content. We're looking to include webinars and teaching videos on our website, and I'm wondering if anyone has found a clean way of enabling visitors to either a) pay-per-view or b) create a subscription to access video content. I've found a few outside platforms, but they appear to be quite costly, and we'd like a clean integration into the Squarespace site. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  13. Site URL: https://www.hillside.solutions/compostclub My problem: Whenever someone stops paying us their monthly subscription product fee, they still have access to a private, password protected page we created to provide them subscription related info. If I migrate the password protected page over to a free members area, the same issue exists. If I make it a paid members area, they're charged twice. Unless I migrate all customers over to the new platform, but then I lose my various subscription product variances. The solution I'm looking for: Is there a way to couple active subscription products customers with a members area? Meaning, when they cancel their subscription product, they lose access to the member area?
  14. I am setting up subscription products, but am wondering if each month if it will just charge the product fee or also their shipping charge that they chose on their original transaction? An example would be the subscription is $50 and they chose $12 shipping to make their first payment $72, on their automatic payment the following month, would it charge just the $50 or the full $72?
  15. I am setting up a website for a client, and she's interested in creating a paywall for online videos - including payment options both as payment per video and also as member subscription. Second, she's interested in requiring payment for event registration. Essentially she's looking for new ways to offer her teaching and training, and offering her courses online seems like a smart ways to allow her to widen her audience. On Squarespace, how can I: 1) set up a paywall for individual video content? (we can use vimeo or youtube, or other video platforms as needed -- also has anyone used Zype to set up this paywall on a per video basis?) 2) offer a subscription service to unlock all video content (I saw Memberspace and Podia might be good options here?) 3) require payment for event registration Thanks for your help and suggestions here!
  16. Site URL: https://www.popomafoods.com Is there a way to add product subscription as an option to a product page? The built-in Squarespace subscription functionality makes it the only option for a product. ideally, we would like to do “Buy-now” or “subscribe and save” thank you for any help you can provide!
  17. Site URL: https://www.tristarbincleaning.com We use SS commerce for home services. We have ONE "item" that people can purchase, but several subscription products. It works really well. The bones of this system is good. The biggest problems: If somebody's credit card gets compromised or expires, they have to update their card. Good luck. So far we have had exactly TWO customers over 7months pull this off successfully. Everyone else updates the card in their account (NOT in their subscription) and the end result is that the subscription gets cancelled 10 days later. SS does not make this process clear and we are losing customers because of it. We cannot change prices on subscriptions. Say we want to lower our subscription price to beat a competitor. Can't do it. Well, you can, but you have to cancel everybody's subscription and then entice them to re-subscribe. You should NEVER force somebody to cancel their account o change the price. Think what would happen if Netflix cancelled everybody's account when they raised the subscription price. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to work around these? SS is zero help. They respond that this is the way the system is designed and if we want we can enter a feature request. (done and done, no response…)
  18. It would be really useful to be able to view a dashboard/overview of active subscriptions. We sell products on one SKU and the same product under subscriptions that has a differing SKU, this makes the SS inventory function completely useless for us and we need to be able to, at a glance, account for upcoming subscriptions.
  19. Site URL: https://pomegranate-badger-p3wd.squarespace.com/ I'm trying to make a custom checkout process that has this flow, similar to this site: https://www.offscreenmag.com/buy/issues 1. select product, tap next 2. select subscription option, tap next 3. fill out checkout details, 4. purchase I'm currently using Shopify's "Buy Button" option as a code block in a SS page. But this is very limiting. I also tried using Squarespaces checkout feature, but their Support Team confirmed currently there is no way to purchase a product and subscription in the same checkout experience. Would anyone have any recommendation or ideas on customizing the checkout to mirror a similar checkout experience? @bangank36, @tuanphan, @creedon
  20. I'm trying to offer my clients the option to pay for a service upfront or in monthly instalments. Is it possible to only apply a subscription to a variant rather than the product as a whole?
  21. Site URL: https://johnnysfresh.com I've just built a site for a Produce company that is selling subscriptions to a weekly produce box delivery. Essentially, you choose your town (as a variant) which will then guide what day we will deliver your box. Since it's a weekly subscription to a specific town, we'd like to put a limit on the number of boxes we can handle within that town. For exactly, we can currently handle doing about 100 deliveries within a day. We plan to scale up carefully, but we're stuck in the fact that the subscription makes the quantity unlimited. In our preliminary offering, we sold over 200 boxes to one town in less than an hour. We've moved to a model where the site is invite only to prevent the onslaught, but that makes it really hard to market with the site. We'd like to be able to capture leads from people so we know who to go back to when we're able to scale. Is there any way to limit the number of subscriptions sold for physical products by variant? I suspect I'm not alone in this challenge. Thanks in advance for any ideas! Joe
  22. Hi all. I run a fitness website where clients in my area sign up for outdoor fitness classes. We charge a recurring monthly fee and a per class fee. So if a client books zero classes in a month they are charged $20. 1 class: $20 + $8. 4 classes: $20 + ($8 x 4). Etc. I am unsure of how to do this (or even if I can do this) in the new squarespace site that were building. Does anyone know of a way to charge a recurring monthly fee (which occurs monthly obviously) as well as a per class fee via the appointment-setter for each class an individual schedules. Please do not just tell me to average it out because the monthly fee is a psychological tool that leads to significantly more engagement and revenue. We learned this the hard way. Would I create a membership area (with a monthly fee) and then put the scheduling page (with per class fee) behind the membership paywall? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  23. Site URL: https://www.natuswellness.com Hello, We are trying to setup a subscription that requires an additional up-front fee for the first installment. I know this is possible in Stripe, but I dont see how this is possible in Squarespace Advanced Commerce. To illustrate what we are trying to do: - Month 1 = $200 (regular price of $100 + an additional $100 for an initial consultation) - Month 2 through X = $100 Another option would be to bundle two products and only offer the bundle: - Product 1 = $100 for an initial consultation (1 time charge) - Product 2 = $100 recurring monthly payment (subscription) Are either of the above possible? If not, is there a plugin that works? We want to avoid custom dev work with Stripe due to the costs. Thanks
  24. Site URL: https://www.yourfitmatecoach.com hello I have a subscription product managed via the ecom package. I am trying to stop customers to cancel their subscription without telling us. At the moment, they can simply access their account and unsubscribe. I have hidden the login access from our website, but they can still do it by clicking on a link in the confirmation order email. I can't disable the customer account access and I can't remove the unsubscription link from the account I am trying to stop them accessing their account. Would you have a way around, either by: - removing the 'unsubscribe" link from the account - stopping the access to customer account (redirect doesn't work and is not possible) - any other ideas? thanks for your help
  25. Site URL: https://www.funicularmagazine.com/shop/funicular-infinite Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me because I may have just screwed myself big time. I'm an editor of a literary magazine and our team decided that instead of selling traditional subscriptions that require manual renewals each year, we would move to using Squarespace subscription products to streamline the whole process. The problem we're having is that we were under the assumption that the date customers are charged was tied to when the product was posted, not when the person ordered. To explain further, we release issues three times per year. Let's say we release an issue on Oct. 1 and Customer A orders on Oct 1, we send them the current issue. They are informed that four months later (Feb. 1) they will be charged for the next issue and we will send it to them. That's our ideal set up. However, when Customer B orders on Nov 1, they will also get the current issue that Customer A received, but their renewal date is four months from their purchase date (Mar. 1). This is one month after the second issue releases. Basically, anyone who buys a subscription after the day the issue releases will get it late because the charge date can't be changed. This isn't ideal and not how magazine subscriptions work. Is there any way to consolidate every order to a single date so that all customers are charged on the same date every four months no matter when they placed their order? Right now you can't move the charge date sooner, only later, which doesn't help. It's left us in a position where we either just mail them when their order is due, creating a scenario where subscribers will receive issues at different times or we ship them all at the same time and wait for the charges to occur when they're scheduled and risk people cancelling before a payment has been taken out for the latest issue. Any help is appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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