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  1. So I had an idea and was wondering if it would make sense. For the 7.1 themes I think it would be great if we had the following features/options: Instead of having Built in Names like Lightest and Darkest we can Custom name them depending on our intended use. So instead of Lightest 1 I might rename it "Main" and the Lightest 2 might be "Background Blue" Instead of having 10 Themes to start which could be confusing to the end client after a site handoff and end up having incorrect styles applied we are able to add "Themes" as needed. Have the Themes have the ability to be linked or synced to each other. So if I used Lightest 1 as my "Main Theme" but I used Lightest 2 to Make Some text and buttons a different color all the other elements stay linked to the the Main theme so if I change something on Lightest 1 it also changes on Lightest 2. There would be a clear indication if the item was synced to another theme or was custom to that theme and could easily be reset. Another way to do it would be to Have an option when Selecting the color is to simply add a Same as and then you select the theme and if one changes they all change. So for example when you select the color it would say, Pallet | Custom | Select Theme.
  2. Site URL: https://www.quirkilymade.com/ Hi there, Hope you've had a wonderful festive season wherever you are πŸ™‚ I have a couple of questions around Dark Mode in Squarespace 7.1, I'm still figuring my way around 7.1 so I'm still working my way around the rodeo of 7.1. I was wondering if anyone knew how I could optimise/set colour choices to text/section blocks in dark mode for my site or to swap out my site logo (currently a png with black linework on a transparent background) with versions in white/reversed in dark mode? Not sure this is possible yet within 7.1 or if this is something that can be done through CSS customisation (preferably not Javascript/JQuery since I'm on the personal plan). Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!
  3. Site URL: https://julehjaelpen.dk/ Hi Squarespace The white links are not visible on mobile menu. Because the background is white. How can I customized the links to be black - but only on mobile view? Best, Marianne
  4. Site URL: https://www.ortner-china.com/ Dear all, I currently have a number of pages for which I have used the following code to switch off the header. However, I feel the code might be faulty, since it does sometimes show up a plane, blue colored header (see images attached). <style> .page-banner-wrapper {display:none;} </style> I'd like to turn off the header for all pages but the home page. Could anyone suggest an alternative style code to do so? Thanks!
  5. Am I missing something? How am I unable to edit any lock screen styles in 7.1? Is this another 7.1 error they're working on? The only 2 styles I can change are the background color and the password box styles--AKA pointless customizations. I guess I'm just wondering... are they serious? Edit to add: Just in case anyone else finds this thread down the road... Just spoke with a Squarespace rep who says it's NOT possible to do this. I seriously can't believe it.
  6. Is there a way in CSS to change the color of my nav links and logo when first opening my site with a photo background but when scrolling begins have the link color and logo color change?
  7. Site URL: https://www.miacucina.com.au/ Hello SS forum, I am a small business owner, with no formal training in IT, but I have recently moved my website from Wix, over to SS. I am now wanting to update my homepage with the graphic below. I originally added it with the font as a jpeg and then realised it won't work for iphone view etc. As the font package does not include this bold font, I am struggling to figure out how I can create this, preferably without coding. SS customer support have no solutions for me, so perhaps you have some thoughts?
  8. I started working on a new site a few months ago and initially I did not think I would need a webstore, but as things developed I decided that I would like to have one on the site. When I went to edit the webstore, as I have on my other squarespace sites over the years, instead of letting me change all the usual things I am able to change, it says β€œThis layout is being beta tested. Styling options may change over time.” Does that basically mean I can do nothing in terms of stying my webstore until Beta testing is over? I did not preview the webstore when I started because I did not think I would need one--but I definitely would not have chosen that starter had I known I couldn't change the image sizes and move things around how I like. Are there any options to change how the store looks other than changing the entire site?
  9. Site URL: https://adammannphoto.com/shop When I "quick view" a product in my store, all of the product details are not showing up. Well, they're technically there, but they're displaying in white. I cannot find an area in the design menu to adjust colors for the quick view contents. I went through all of my color schemes and the header and paragraph text are always black, never white. Any ideas how to fix this?
  10. Hi all, I want to have different style in different page in my site. Is it possible? Thanks
  11. Site URL: https://pomegranate-badger-p3wd.squarespace.com/ I'm trying to add a dashed border around a button via custom CSS. Here is the code I have so far, .button-block .sqs-block-button-element { color: black !important; border: 2.22px dashed #000000 !important; padding: 10px 44px !important; } Currently, there are too many dashes, and I'm trying to "space" them out more. I'm trying to increase the length of each individual dash, please see attached. Would anyone know how to adjust this? changing the border: 2.22px isn't working, just makes the line thicker (and I'm trying to keep the same thinest of each dash).
  12. I need to change the hover menu that appears in navigation. My fixed header color is red and the hover menu is also red. I want to change the hover menu to a different color. I tried using the theme editor (Site styles -> Colors -> Selected theme (bright 2), but for life of me, I can't find the correct option to change this. I would prefer to change this via the style editor provided via Squarespace (i.e. without entering custom code if possible). I am using the Roseti template. Thank you in advance.
  13. Hi, Im having issues with a very simple task. Im trying to edit the font color of my Headline on the Promotional Pop-up style editor. For any unknown reason, it doesnt change. No matter which color I choose, it always stay in color red. With other fonts, like the body or buttons, It changes to whatever color I choose, but not with the Headline...
  14. Hello, I just found the new Auto Layouts in version 7.1 They are perfect! Is there a way to get a border and shadow around the boxes? Is this something that can work with CSS?
  15. Site URL: https://www.powerhouseoutletmedia.com/ Hello, will someone help me with this problem please. Store password: phomedia
  16. Site URL: https://www.blueridgeresearch.com When I go to Site Styles and look at fonts, I do not see an option for Heading 3. It is just not there. See screen shot below. I am using the Burke template. Heading 3 shows in the text editor when I click into a text box but if I choose it, my text shows as tiny dots. I want to change it but it isn't in my site styles. Does anyone know how to fix this? FYI, my site is locked down for maintenance so you can't really view it. Any help is appreciated.
  17. Hi, I'm currently designing a site in squarespace. I'm a documentary photographer. I'd like to be able to customise the look of my captions as show in the attached screengrab. I'm wondering if this is possible through the SquareSpace designer. I couldn't find a way - instead I'm using the following custom CSS/HTML: Custom CSS .gallery-section .gallery-caption p whenwhere::before { // respect new line in Description textbox content: "\A"; white-space: pre; } .gallery-section .gallery-caption p whenwhere { color: #990000; font-style: italic; } Custom HTML I am using a custom <whenwhere/> element for the date/time + location part of my caption: Walter Kruger sits in the wreckage of the Corrugated Iron Church. <whenwhere>3 January 2021. Yuwaalaraay Country / Lightning Ridge, NSW.</whenwhere> This is entered in the Description textbox for the image. The images are displayed using a Gallery Section. Is this possible from within the SquareSpace designer at all? I couldn't find a way through the designer to access and style gallery captions, but that could (probably) just be me. Thanks! Michael
  18. Site URL: https://www.chalkvscheese.com/shop/theouting Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to edit the style of the waitlist form. Currently it looks like this for a sold out product on my website (pic 1). I would like to make it look more inline with what I've done with the newsletter form that's currently in the footer of my website (pic 2) - align to the centre and only have a solid line rather than a white box and an outline button. The padding is also huge under this form, is it possible to minimise so it matches the other product pages? Help please!
  19. Hi, my site setup is currently utilizing the standard unedited drop down style, but I'd like to customize it to something closer to the attached photos. The 1st pic is a screenshot of the top menu on another site & then the 2nd is a screenshot of that site when you hover over one of the menu items. Pic 1: Pic 2: Basically instead of just showing the titles of the sub-headers when you hover over a menu item, I'd like it to display photos of the different sub-headers. Any help pointing to something either out of the box that Squarespace offers for that or custom coding is much appreciated! thanks
  20. Site URL: https://faithstrongculture.com/new-index Hi, I know I've done this before but for the life of me everything I'm trying doesn't work! I'm pretty sue it's a simple setting. I have a video banner on an index page and when I view it in mobil mode there is a large chunk of white space at the bottom. What setting do I need to change to get rid of this? I don't think any of the minimal CSS I hav on the site is affecting it. Screen shot blow but you can visit for yourself. Thanks!
  21. If you find yourself frustrated with saving updated color or other styling's this is the proper process with less glitches: 1. Click Edit on your page. 2. Click the Paintbrush in the top right. 3. Edit your styles. 4. Click close on the right-hand site styles editor. 5. Click Done/Save in the top left. Furthermore, if you don't do the exact process, after you hit Done/Save, you can simply hit the ESC key and it will back out of the editor into the main Squarespace Panel.
  22. Site URL: https://www.allieandburke.com/wedding I am trying to remove the lines from the quote block styling in the Julia template. It looks particularly weird on the left-hand side when the text is right-aligned and then there is a random floating line on the left. I embedded custom code on this page to create the vertical timeline. The timeline is pulling in the quote content. If possible, I am really trying to avoid using a new SS template. If anyone has any tips or tricks to remove this line styling that would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you have any questions!
  23. Site URL: https://www.herbolea.com/faq Hello everyone, we are adding a new page dedicated to FAQs on our website. The page was created correctly following an online guide but the titles of the "questions" in the mobile view have a spacing line too short. (mobile guide: https://www.holdspacecreative.com/blog-list/how-to-create-an-faq-dropdown-menu-on-your-squarespace-therapy-website) In the browser version, on the other hand, it looks good. We tried to insert various codes in the custom CSS section found in similar posts on the forum without unfortunately being able to change the situation. Maybe it would be enough to reduce the font size of the title? Or is there some code we can use to increase the spacing? Thanks for your attention. Lorenzo
  24. Site URL: https://www.maeskeller.com/projects Hello, I'm an illustrator using Squarespace for my portfolio website, and I had a question that I was hoping to find assistance with. On my site I plan to have a list of completed 'projects' for people to view. I wanted to organize these projects in 'card' layouts, with each card being a different color as you scroll down. However, Squarespace does not seem to allow me to change the background color of individual cards. When I try to change the color, it changes both the projects being shown on the page, rather than just the one. Is there a way to individually customize each image block so that my cards are different colors? Attaching a screenshot so that people can see what I'm talking about. Thank you!
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