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  1. Site URL: https://www.nscadv.com Hi, On the main page of my website, the spacing between the content blocks "Services," "Events," "About," and "Contact" is all different. How do I fix this so that the spacing between every word/content block is the same? Thanks!
  2. Site URL: https://chiton-coral-83de.squarespace.com/ I'm wondering how to change the spacing on either side of the navigation links so it's wider? At the moment, the area for navigation links seems very narrow. You can see in this GIF that when I make the screen wider, it becomes slightly wider, then narrow again. Happy to use code if need be. GIF: https://share.getcloudapp.com/6quewQmG https://chiton-coral-83de.squarespace.com/ Pass: pearler Thanks!
  3. Hi! I've been trying for a while to place the Instagram icon more towards the button of my homepage in the mobile version, since now it's too close to the language buttons, but non of the changes I've made seem to have any effect 😞 In the desktop version is in the correct position though. Could you please give me some code recommendations to help me do this?? I don’t know what to try anymore. I'll attach a picture of the homepage in mobile version and the location where I'd like to have the icon. Thank you so much in advance !! πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
  4. Site URL: https://viola-seahorse-l65k.squarespace.com/ Hey there, I’m having an issue with a site that I’m working on, the max width was set to 1920px, which was controlling the header and content width site wide. Its now just controlling the header. Driving me crazy because it was totally fine. Can code conflict with this setting or what would be causing this? Any help would be appreciated. πŸ™ƒ 🀞
  5. Site URL: https://www.deka.solutions/ Hey everyone, Recently viewed the site I created and everything is zoomed in. It is like the margins went to 0px and I do not know why? A good example is on deka.solutions/giving if you scroll down the the video animations, you will see that the video is zoomed in so much that it goes out of the code block it is supposed to be in. Here is a screenshot if what I am talking about. Can anyone tell me why this is and/or how to fix it?
  6. Hi! I am trying to locate the instagram icon in my home page towards the bottom of the screen (in the mobile version) but I can't change it's position (see picture attached). Does anyone have a code recommendation that would help me with that? Thank you so much in advance!!
  7. I'm on the wexley template and I'm trying to create a grid of images that is 5 columns long but for some reason the template makes one of the rows have 6 pictures rather than 5. I really wanted to be consistent and adding a grid from squarespace makes my images too small. I want them to be across the entire page like the picture I attached.
  8. Site URL: https://bronze-seadragon-pc7c.squarespace.com/ I recently purchased a 27" iMac and have been doing my work on it. Previously, I did most of my work on a 15.4" Macbook Pro and sometimes a 21.5" iMac. I'm having a very annoying issue with the 27" iMac. Every time I design a Squarespace site with it, the sites end up looking absolutely awful on normal and smaller screen sizes but looks great on the 27". Then I have to go on a laptop and change everything but then everything on the site is a lot smaller and spaced out on the 27" iMac. Can someone help me with some display code so that I can keep the way it looks on the 27" iMac and then have it change for smaller screens? Example Site PW: goldbess2020 Right now I have the site setup to look good on 27" iMac. When viewing on smaller screens, notice how content is either too large and/or full width. When I bring in the content width to Medium, and then make H2 text H3 instead, the site looks good on smaller screens. But then viewing on the 27" iMac, everything is too small.
  9. Site URL: https://maroon-pufferfish-2cyf.squarespace.com/ Running into some issues - idk if this is an update from squarespace - but my spacing is set to 9vw - and it also spaces my mobile version - something that looks awful - it was perfect a few hours ago, now all my sites look like crap on mobile. everything is squised to the middle - i want it to stay spaced on desktop - but full width in mobile password is: 123 CRITICAL issue
  10. Site URL: https://www.dietlind.net/clients How do I reduce the whitespace between an image block and a markdown block? I have a markdown box with an accordion underneath each logo and I would like to reduce the gap between the logo and the "learn more" markdown box so that the Learn More is closer to the corresponding logo. I added this CSS code below but it doesn't reduce the gap enough. Thank you in advanced! .sqs-block.image-block { padding: 0; }
  11. Hey guys, I've been trying to get 5 images aligned in a row on my site. At first i tried to just adjust the spacing settings, but it changed nothing - shrinking it doesn't adjust the page sections, but enlarging the space does squeeze everything back in (so i'm guessing there's some sort of minimum width in the page sections?) So I decided to try fixing the size of the images with CSS, which led to me having this problem The images resize, except for those 2 on the right, and then they all align themselves to the left for some reason? So, I'm not too sure how to fix this issue. Ideally, I'd like to have the 5 images lined up and to not have too much space between the page sections and the page borders. Could anyone help? Thanks, T
  12. Hi there, I use BEAUMONT, version 7.1. Between blocks there is a huge space as seen in the screenshot. I hoped, the Design section would help me to reduce it, however it seems I have to try via CSS. Can anyone help with a code?
  13. Site URL: https://magnolia-hawk-8wyh.squarespace.com/ I have a newsletter block in my footer. The spacing between the header and the sign up is too large because I don't have a description. Is there a way to make the description space not visible or reduce the spacing? Password: thisisart
  14. Site URL: https://www.josefsalvat.com Struggling to get rid of the white space on mobile without cropping the site on desktop. Have tried a few custom css solutions but obviously not coding right for my template. can anyone help? thanks!
  15. My site: www.isissakomadajohn.com I would like there to be space around each item in my index like in the Wexly template, instead of each item touching on all sides as is default in Flatiron. I have been using the code below, but it is cutting off part of each image, it seems cropping from the right side and the bottom. Any suggestions? /* Flatiron: Add 8px white space between index items */ /* set the white space on each side of page */ #container-content { padding-left: 8px!important; padding-right: 8px!important; } #grid .item { margin-left:-8px; a { border: 16px solid #fff; } /* Overlay size on hover */ .wrapper { margin: 16px; } }
  16. Site URL: https://red-grouse-yf96.squarespace.com/ Hi, I'm hoping to get some help removing some spacing in between header / section, and between sections on the Home and Services pages, below. Link is https://red-grouse-yf96.squarespace.com/ password is 12345
  17. Site URL: https://puma-orb-9lss.squarespace.com/news Hi, I am using the plugin Lazy Summaries. It has the options to edit the margin (gutter width). But it doesn't let me edit the vertical and horizontal "gutter width" or margin separately. I found the settings in the code. And the gutter is effecting gallery like this. #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1604436917292_4899 .sqs-gallery-design-autogrid-slide { width: 30.897703549060545%; margin-right: 3.653444676409186%; margin-bottom: 3.653444676409186%; } So I added this.. .sqs-gallery-design-autogrid-slide { margin-bottom: 20px !important } However, these percentages adjust based on the page size. So by doing this this code injection does not adjust. I'm totally stumped as to how I can increase the bottom margin while still allowing it to adjust. πŸ˜” If anyone knows what might help please let me know. Would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Site URL: https://www.melissatakai.com/ Hi there, I was wondering how I could reduce top padding on a specific text block? I've attached images of what I mean. As you can see, there's a lot of spacing between the text block and gallery block above. It looks pretty bad on mobile. I'm trying to move them closer so it looks like a caption. I'd like to leave bottom spacing alone. Also, I say "specific text block" because I would like to do this on my homepage only, if possible. Thank you so much!
  19. I created 2 rows for 2 text blocks which looks fine on desktop, but on mobile the text is to far apart and it creates linebreaks. How can i reduce the spacing between the 2 text blocks? I need a css code to work on multiple pages like this I used this CSS code to create the rows: @media screen and (max-width:640px) { .sqs-row .row { display: flex; p{font-size:0.8rem!important} width: 100% !important; } }
  20. I reached out to Squarespace and they informed me that there isn't a way to remove spacing between 2 text blocks on mobile, and that the text boxes automatically stack vertically. They said that I might be able to add some custom code to remove the space. I haven't been able to find anything about this. Is there anyone that knows how to do this? I've added quite a bit of custom css into my site, but this is one thing I can't quite figure out. On desktop, the 2 blocks are side by side. On mobile, again, they are stacked, but an awkward space appears. screenshots attached. (note the content doesn't match as I've updated since taking screenshots). Thank you in advance for any help!
  21. In my store, I would like to have the info on the right to be aligned to the top of the section, at least in line with the picture. There is always a space. Any ideas why? Highlighted it in RED.
  22. Site URL: https://www.artsconservatoryforteens.org I'm struggling to find a way to add spacing on mobile, in sections that have a background image. See attachment for example. On desktop the home rotator looks great. But on mobile it's so small. I'd like that home rotator (the image that says "study with renowned...) to be much bigger/higher which means somehow adding spacing above and below the content and stretching that background image proportionally. This particular section is a gallery. But I can't get it to work in regular sections with a background image either. Does anyone have the CSS code for this?
  23. Site URL: https://www.littleemberslearning.co Hello, I implemented a hamburger menu into my desktop site. However, I can't figure out the spacing. The navigation menu items are super spread apart so you can't see them all. Help?
  24. Site URL: http://www.averyasks.com Hello, I have a page with written content that looks fine in edit mode, and then all the spacing gets squished together when I hit save. How do I get it to save the way it is spaced in the edit mode.
  25. I used two columns for bullets on desktop and it looks good, but then on mobile I'm getting an extra space where the break in the columns should be on desktop. See screenshots of both as reference. Please let me know if you have any solutions for mobile. Thank you!
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