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  1. Site URL: http://www.meltingpotbarcelona.com I'd like that my site follow this model www.exitdesigncom (pictures sliding on the right side) . I cannot find the option at the editor. Can you help me?
  2. Hello! I am trying to make Slideshow Reel autoplay in a photo gallery -frustrating as all of the other slideshows but this one already have autoplay Is anyone aware of a workaround? Do I need to have the business version of squarespace to enter custom CSS for this or is there a workaround for the personal version?
  3. Site URL: https://www.lellasoper.com Hello, Please help. Im trying to add a gallery block and when I follow the steps on the help page : Edit a page or post and click an insert point. For help, visit Adding content with blocks. Scroll to Gallery in the menu and select Slideshow, Carousel, Grid, or Stack I don't have an option for the gallery in the menu? Therefore I can not select Slideshow.. why is this? and how do I work around it. I know this is very simple, however I have filled the steps over and over and I still is not appearing the same as it does on the help
  4. Site URL: https://jensegger.com I'm using the Margot template. I've created a slideshow block using an existing gallery of photos. Each photo allows for a title and descriptive text. I've added this to each image which on desktop and tablet, displays the image with the text overlaid. On mobile, the text is not visible. I've snooped around the settings but don't see any configs for adapting this. Does anyone have any suggestions? I dug around a little bit in the browsers developer console trying to find some obstructing code but have yet to find what I need. Thanks,
  5. Site URL: http://reindeer-soybean-fs8a.squarespace.com Hello, Please help. 1. I would like to have my slideshow reel to the right side of the page (not centre) static filling the whole side of the left from top to bottom. 2. I would like to remove foot header & site footer ( so therefore slideshow takes from top to bottom of page) and instead move the navigation bar to the left of slide show reel, in the centre of the page Please see images : currently : How I would like:
  6. Site URL: https://www.rainyroofquotes.co.nz/ Hey everyone. Mobile only, how to resize the gallery bottom padding/spacing so that it matches the padding/spacing on top of my gallery? Thanks in advance.
  7. Site URL: https://roadrunner-rhino-alr9.squarespace.com/ Oof - I do hope some day that Squarespace will over more caption options. I would like to have text ON the image itself, like the heading sample image in the screenshot below. In H1 or H2. This must be possible with a whole lot of CSS, no? Or is there some other workaround anyone has sorted out? password NWFC
  8. I am trying to decide which template to use for a site that will behave like https://www.zara.com/us/ . Or should I go with 7.1. I am proficient in CSS and Javascript. Thank you for any advice.
  9. I can't edit this section, I don't even know where these quotations are coming from. Can you tell me how to edit this? Doesn't make any sense; There's no sign of the content in the quotations and when I click use exiting gallery it changes but I don't even know where it's being populated from...
  10. Site URL: https://www.benhughesphotography.com/ Hi, I'm trying to find a way to set the "Initial gallery view" for individual pages/galleries. For most of my work I like the overview look and so I have the Gallery Options set to "Initial Gallery view: Thumbnails" and my Home page set to slide show to display a single image. But I have a photo project that I would like to display in a slide show format when you click on the page and not show all of the thumbnails first. I can't come up with a way to do so as using the Gallery options changes every gallery on the site.
  11. Site URL: https://www.dannyrothschild.com/design/posters Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to add spacing between images in my slideshow reel gallery on Squarespace 7.1. Every option I've found so far cuts off a portion of the image, and when viewed on phones, the images are no longer centered. I don't need to add any padding on top or bottom, just between the images, but without cropping them. Anybody know how to do this? Thanks!
  12. Hi Friends ! first post here . I am trying to create a portfolio page on my website . I want it to have a grid style image blocks but when clicked I want it to enlarge to a gallery /slideshow that can be then clicked through . Is there any way to do that ? I have been trying to figure this out for a week now ! Need urgent help !
  13. Site URL: https://littleemberslearning.co/overview The slideshow gallery block at the top of this page, littleemberslearning.co/overview, doesn't show thumbnails on mobile. Is there a way to force the thumbnails to show using CSS?
  14. Site URL: https://www.gatiodaniel.hu/ Hi, The slideshow (reel) looks perfect on desktop, but on mobile it crops in and I would prefer to have a slideshow there which might be less tall, but without the cropping. Is there any special code for that? Thanks.
  15. Site URL: https://www.elliotcamarraceramics.com/ I'm having an issue with excessive padding between galleries on the mobile view of my site. Apparently if these were "normal sections" the padding would be customizable, but as gallery sections it is not. i'd like to add a custom code to modify the mobile view without impacting the desktop view. is this possible? thank you so much!!! screenshots of the problematic mobile view attached. mobile view: desktop view:
  16. Site URL: http://ryandandelion.art/ Hello! I need help with three things. How do I change: - Wells gallery title font (working on desktop but not mobile) - Wells primary navigation font (working on desktop but not mobile) - Wells gallery navigation control font (both desktop and mobile) I greatly appreciate the help! Here is the custom code I'm using: //---Body/Header font--- @font-face { font-family: 'HelveticaDisplay-Light'; src: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5577a31fe4b013708f1743a1/t/5f676ac9b71066357b080fc5/1600613067730/He
  17. Site URL: https://www.vincelam.com.au/photography/places Hi there, I just got started on Squarespace. I want to resize the bottom of the autoplay slideshows/galleries on this page for mobile - there is a big gap/large spacing between the slideshow and the following block (particularly on the bottom). Can this be achieve whilst maintaining the spacing on desktop? Thank you in advance! :)
  18. Site URL: https://tangerine-hypersphere-6rdr.squarespace.com/ Hi! I'm working on a page that has a slideshow gallery in it. I am having a problem where, on mobile, it has an unnecessary amount of space below it. I used this code to reduce the section height, but am now struggling to center the slideshow. Attached is a screenshot of what it looks like now. Is there a way to align the gallery itself to be within the section block? https://tangerine-hypersphere-6rdr.squarespace.com/ (pw: gronk) data section id: 5f508fefd198ad5b484cc9d5
  19. Site URL: http://momentsbymarionmueller.com Hi.. I cannot work out how to reduce the space around the gallery block / slideshow on mobile. See attached screenshot. It looks ok on desktop, but large areas of space happen on mobile. Any ideas? Thanks
  20. Site URL: https://yigal-shtayim.squarespace.com/ Hello! I know that this question has cropped up here and there on the forum but I have not yet seen a solution or a definitive answer as to whether this is even an option using custom CSS code. Here goes: I am working on a site right now and would like it if you could zoom-in from the lightbox. Ideally this would be a -/+ with a slider bar on the button that would allow someone to pan around... Here is an example: https://www.artsy.net/artwork/katarina-riesing-cardi It would really stink if I had to move everything over t
  21. Is it possible to have a slideshow gallery in 7.1 inserted into a column (2-column width page) - any help on this would be much appreciated!
  22. I have a normal page that is set up in a two column format and in one column I wanted to put in a slideshow that takes up half the page (one column) but the slideshow block is not available (7.1) I can create a gallery section with a simple slideshow but then it is in one full-width column and really doesn't go with the design. I can't seem to move the gallery section into the 2nd column and support says it is not possible. Does anyone know of any way to make a slideshow in a two-column format? any work arounds or plug-ins?
  23. Site URL: https://www.careershubluton.co.uk/ Hello. I currently have a slideshow on my homepage but I don't like the way it looks. I want to know if there is any way of making it look like this website: https://www.cwcareershub.co.uk/ thanks
  24. Does anyone know how to add padding to the new slideshow reel in 7.1?
  25. hi friends, wondering if someone can help - i'm working with an image gallery slideshow - but i was hoping to add a button that is displayed in the corner for the whole time. this button can link out to the same page regardless of image shown behind it. any tips on how to do this please? thanks for any help. image reference of what i would like to do below:
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