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  1. Site URL: https://trout-triangle-bzxz.squarespace.com/config/ Hi there I need some advice on how to insert text inside of a slideshow block. Can anyone help me with this please
  2. Site URL: https://www.summergrayphotography.com/contact Hi there, I am using a slideshow with captions to highlight some customer testimonials on my website. In desktop the captions work fine, but in mobile the testimonials are cut off in the middle. Is there any way to add more room so the full caption can be seen? You can see the page here, under my contact form: https://www.summergrayphotography.com/contact I have uploaded a picture of what it looks like on mobile. I have tried various bits of code from pervious forum questions but nothing has worked. Any advice appreciated!
  3. Hello, I am wondering how to change the overlay color in slideshows, I cannot find the option in site styles. It is showing it in a boring grey. I would like to be able to change it, and maybe also the font style, can anyone help me? Thank you very much!!
  4. Site URL: https://www.jclcontractingllc.com I can't figure out how to do small slideshow of text. I basically need a slideshow on my about us page to show 4 (maybe more in the future) snippets of text and it rotates thru them automatically like every 30 seconds or so. I was able to found this, which is basically exactly what i want (besides a transparent background), but i wasn't able to implement the HTML and CSS using the </> code content block on the page but I'm also not fluent in either language unfortunately so it's most likely may be user error. Any help would be greatly a
  5. Site URL: https://notforprophets.squarespace.com Hi, I've added a gallery section to a new client website but the images are stretched? I am using the Slideshow Simple option but there are no settings to changes the aspect ratio? In 7.0 you could easily switch to make sure that the images were displayed as they should be but right now some of the images are being stretched to fit the width? Is there a quick way to stop this from happening? https://notforprophets.squarespace.com Page is About Me Password to view: @ndrewbudd Many thanks in advance.
  6. Site URL: https://www.stephenbutler.co/ Hi, I have slideshows and want to add title and description underneath each image. Squarespace only seems to give you the option to add the text OVER the image. Could anyone help? Thanks
  7. Site URL: https://alligator-horse-4t36.squarespace.com/ Context: On my homepage, I have code to enable a split screen. The first section is text, the second is a fullscreen slideshow gallery but it displays with the images on the left and the text on the right. On mobile, it stacks the gallery slideshow gallery on top of my text. For mobile, I want to: 1. Switch the order so that the text appears first, then the slideshow below (they are in different sections) 2. Make the slideshow 75% as tall Password to website: 1
  8. Site URL: https://glockenspiel-lily-ypyr.squarespace.com/floor-plans-s-d Hello! I would like to have images in the simple slideshow enlarge when clicked or zoom in and move with the cursor when hovered over. Basically I want people to be able to see the details of each image (floor plans in this case). I'm a novice to coding, but I was able to find a basic code that makes the image enlarge when hovering. My issue with this is, you can't move around the image to see different parts of it while zoomed in. Any advice or work-around would be much appreciated! I've seen some
  9. Site URL: https://fitzmaurice.works/artworks Hi, my page https://fitzmaurice.works/artworks shows a gallery of recent artworks. When an image is clicked it opens the Lightbox. Is it possible to have the description display in this view? I suspect not. I'm new to Squarespace so is there another way to achieve this without creating a page for each image I wish to display in this manner? Thanks, Robert
  10. Site URL: https://www.alliancepackaging.ie Hi I have two large gallery slideshows (full width) at the top of my homepage but the animations between the images are not working. When I apply one it animates once and then never again. I have some code on the site but I believe this issue was there before I added it. I wanted to see if anyone had come across this before. Site is in 7.1
  11. Site URL: https://oriole-buffalo-2d5z.squarespace.com/home-2 Hi, I'm trying to move the arrow controls and captions of my slideshow gallery (section 3) Here's my site URL: https://oriole-buffalo-2d5z.squarespace.com/home-2 (password: inda) Any suggestions on how to: 1) move the slideshow control arrows to the upper right corner? 2) increase the weight and size of the arrows? 3) move the captions to the upper left corner and change the font family and size? ps. I dont' want to use a summary block unless there's a way to link the images to other pages on
  12. Is it possible to have a title and description of the image on gallery slidehow on Wexley template?
  13. Site URL: http://brijtrivedi.com/ Hi all, When I click through the slideshow on my homepage the site url slug changes along with it, is this normal? Is there anyway to stop this? I am using 7.0 and Brine template. Thank you!
  14. Is there a way to display product images as slideshow on mobile, but to stay stacked on desktop? I'm using Clay template (Brine template family)
  15. Site URL: https://www.wesknoll.com Hey all! Greatly appreciate any help with this question. Is it possible to add a home page to my website that allows me to have a blank background, with a series of images in the center (fixed location-not full frame) quickly passing in succession (like a rapid slide show)? Is this something that isn't possible on Squarespace or just requires a great deal of customization? Thanks again!
  16. Site URL: http://brijtrivedi.com/ Hello all, I am trying to do two things I hope it is possible as I've tried searching for it however none of the solutions have worked yet. - Firstly I want to make the slideshow on my homepage have a random image from the gallery every time it refreshes. - Secondly I'd like to go forward on the slideshow by clicking anywhere on the page instead of the arrows or the bullets. My site is on 7.0 and I'm using the Brine template. Thank you!
  17. I would love to heave a header content like title and description of the page, only when I'm in grid gallery view, but when I click on the image, can I remove header content, because it pushes down the slideshow and I have to scroll down to see the whole image. I'm using Wexley template.
  18. Site URL: https://www.annabelosborne.com/film-tv-theatre-production-stills Dear ones who know about code... I'm an Aussie portrait, landscape and dog photographer and I'm going for a very important job. I'm using version 7.0, and have creating Gallery blocks with slideshows. I'd like to make the text display UNDER the main image... not over it, as it's very distracting. 7.0 doesn't offer that option (I realise Vs 7.1 does but I don't have time to rebuild my site). I've got Eric Bana as the first photo and he can't have text over him! : ) https://www.annabelosborne.com/
  19. Site URL: https://thevisualbrand.squarespace.com/ Website: https://thevisualbrand.squarespace.com/ Password: tvb I would like to add a parallax to the home page header slideshow.
  20. Site URL: http://mattise.squarespace.com hi ! i'm facing regarding image size in reel. i want to see more images on mobile view .i done that but size of images are too small please help me code: @media only screen and (max-width: 600px) { .gallery-reel { height: 44vh !important; }
  21. Site URL: https://ladybug-leopard-nh2e.squarespace.com/work/tear-sheets I'd like to add a caption to one of my reels but there's too much padding. Also would like to decrease spacing between the other reels.
  22. Site URL: https://mustard-sturgeon-9a97.squarespace.com/ Hello, I was wondering if someone can tell me how do you make the slideshow go next by clicking on the image only. Thanks. https://mustard-sturgeon-9a97.squarespace.com/ PW is 1234
  23. Site URL: https://www.easthanajc.com/test What I have been trying to do is make it so when you click on a slide it not only brings you down but also switches to that part of the menu. I have tried all sorts of methods but I cannot seem to activate squarespace's JS through the slideshow. The password is "thisisaTest1!"
  24. Site URL: http://forward50.com Hi all, Appreciate if you guys can help me with this: I'm using the MERCER template (www.forward50.com) , and would like the slideshow to be full screen on mobile but can't seem to do so. Please help. Much appreciated!!
  25. Hey guys, I am trying to change the arrows on my slideshow; they are currently "-->" arrows, and I would like to have these arrows: "<" and ">". I would like to keep the small box / button on which the arrows are. Does anyone have an idea how to achieve that? Highly appreciate help on this 🙂
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