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  1. Site URL: https://www.fulcrumdiligence.com Hi everyone, I hope someone can help! I have moved this site from wordpress to squarespace, added it to Google Search Console (both http and https versions), ensured all the 301 redirects are working and asked it to recrawl a number of times. However, it it still showing info from the old site? However, when I click on "more results from fulcrum diligence" all the links that then show up are from the new site. Is there anyone that can help me fix it please? Thanks very much in advance!
  2. Site URL: https://myweldingyard.com/best-tig-welder Hi, I am a welder and I have kicked a blog on wordpress while hiring some freelancers online. Recently I have seen square space adv which was compelling and illustrating that squarespace is easy for a person who is not so technical about web. What if I decide to move to this platform will all of my work remain intact or I have to start from the beginning? Will I have any edge over my competitors ? Thanks
  3. Site URL: https://www.komododigital.co.uk/ Hi everyone, I'm having massive issues with 302 temporary redirects at the moment. I assume at one point the company I work for transferred from one domain to another or changed the site around. The problem is that I have recently audited my site on SEMrush and it has shown that there are 980 302 redirects. I have followed all the advice from Squarespace for the redirects and it still isn't working. For example, I have tried /agency-approach -> /approach 301 and tried to do the bulk redirect e.g. /insights-and-resourc
  4. Site URL: https://www.crozetpizzacville.com Does anyone else act as a Google My Business agency to manage multiple clients via the platform? I am trying to set up Location Management / Google My Business via SQSP for my clients for ease of maintenance after I set them up, since I won't be continuing to maintain their GMB presence. However there seems to be no way to add them from an agency (only the original owner). I have reached out to support and we'll see what they say, just wanted to see if any pros had feedback. Thanks!
  5. Site URL: https://www.excelquestions.com Hi all, So, i've built a site. Set up all the analytics and spent loads of time on google URL checker to get my site indexed and all the errors cleared up. I have SEO software. I have weaved some long tail keywords into my site and my SEO audit is saying my site is of good quality (not excellent but give it time!) I started on Thursday the 1st. My site is crawled and everything I want to be indexed is indexed. Next thing I want is my keywords in the top 100. I have none yet and I want to know my starting point. I know the battle to the top
  6. Site URL: https://www.daveandco.co.uk/ I've been configuring my site for SEO and how it appears in Google Search. However, the changes I make in Squarespace don't seem to affect the actual search. Everything looks good in the Squarespace previews and as I want it, the reality, however, is very different. How do I get the changes made in Squarespace to carry through to Google? Below I've included the current appearance in Google Search Results. Then the associated settings in Squarespace.
  7. Site URL: https://www.nathangrooms.com/ I want to learn more about good SEO when looking at the page linked below and the screenshot from the SEO tool, what should I be doing. Please advise on how best to right the meta title and meta description. We The People 1776: White T-shirt — Nathan Grooms.com
  8. Hey there! I'm putting a new website on wedding photography. Could you please recommend to me what will be the most Seo friendly way to showcase the wedding galleries around 100 images each with text+links about these weddings? I was going to use blog posts. Unfortunately, the gallery block in the blog posts doesn't have a masonry gallery option which I want to use. Gallery type webpage has a masonry option. My thoughts to make a Portfolio page with Gallery pages in it. And use a Blog Page for SEO Blog Posts like guides and recommendations. Portfolio Page and all t
  9. Hi experts, My client recently gave me a collaborator login to edit their Website. I need to set their title tag, meta etc. I see from online instructions that there should be a tab under marketing for seo, but it's missing. The only options I see are email marketing and instagram. Thanks for the help!
  10. Site URL: https://www.peterzizzo.com/ Hey Squarespace family — this site I've launched a few weeks ago is not performing as well as planned in terms of SEO ranking. I'd like to rank #1 for "Peter Zizzo". I've added an H1 tag to the text in the footer and the title is set up properly. The domain name is also set up properly. Can someone take a look and let me know if I need to modify the H1 tag in anyway? Do I need to add the tag behind the logo? https://www.peterzizzo.com/ Thanks!
  11. Site URL: https://www.travelingmitch.com Hey all, I'm hoping that someone can help me out a bit here. For the last few months, I've been trying to fix an issue on my site, and I've had no luck. I'll attach a photo, but essentially, I started to notice that in Google search results on desktop, the date was appearing before the title. So, essentially, Google was scraping the date as part of the title. I talked to a developer, and they said that it was due to the Skye template. They suggested that I switched templates, but that sounded like a big undertaking. Before I try to d
  12. Hi all, I am deactivating AMP in one of my squarespace sites. Is there any way to map redirects from the amp url to the canonical url? I tried this and it is not working /blog/page?format=amp -> /blog/page 301 Thanks, much appreciated any help Javier
  13. Site URL: https://sportsshow.net/ Hi, need help in learning the best SEO steps that will really effect the ranking of any site. Need guidance
  14. Site URL: https://www.livehaughilton.com/ My SEO dosen`t come up when I google my website, why? I changed it in Marketing, SEO, then changed the SEO site description in HOME. Have I done something wrong?
  15. Site URL: https://www.marthasharpend.com Once I've updated my website from Insecure to Secure (SSL and HSTS), how long does it take for google to recognize this?
  16. Site URL: https://seamstofit.com I am an SEO beginner and I am wondering if hidden products are visible to web crawlers and other search engine information gathering tools. We are a consignment clothing store and have about 100 new products a week and rotate our sold items off of our site leaving a rolling total of about 1000 products at any one time. We would like to keep our sold items on our site but we don't want them to show up in Squarespace's search so I guess they must be hidden. Hence my question. Any help or clarification will be appreciated.
  17. Site URL: http://tanyaarya.co.uk I realised after I had uploaded all of my images to my photography portfolio that I should have renamed my image files for SEO. If I choose to add this in as "image description" in my gallery sections instead - will this be sufficient if I choose to hide the caption or do I need to rename all of my files and re-upload? Any help appreciated! Thanks
  18. Site URL: https://www.mybloggingplus.com Hi all, I am trying to block a /folder/ from my website to specific country to not see. If i do a block the/folder/ to specific country (for example: going to block all countries except India) using my hosting provider or may use cloudfare, is the Google will still crawl and index my /folder/ in SERP for all country users? or only for India users ? I would like to know that blocked page will not show in Google search result ? If we block like the above, may i receive any crawl or index issues in the Google search console? Please he
  19. Site URL: https://www.noiristhenewnoir.com/contact Hello, I'm struggling to change the appearance of my site on google/search engines so it includes my sub-headings and descriptions. I would like it to look like the following image attached... in terms of displaying sub headings.
  20. Site URL: https://www.boutwoodskitchen.com/ Good afternoon, I'm using square space to make my website, however I'm struggling to change the appearance of it on google/search engines so it includes my sub-headings and descriptions. I've tried to add in a description for each sub-heading by going into the SEO settings and writing a description for each, however it's not showing when I google search the website so I think I'm doing it wrong. Help 😕 I would like it to look like the following image attached...#
  21. Site URL: https://tinypediatrics.com I have had this website for a while now, thought it was pretty good but it just does not rank and does not help with gaining patients! I am a Pediatrician offering Virtual Urgent Care as well as house calls (LA only) to California and New York patients and am hoping to have a website that ranks and helps people to find me and to feel confident in me as a Pediatrician and to consult me. Ready to switch to 7.1 Ready to work harder on SEO, potentially adding a google ad briefly Ready to switch templates possibly to Clove Websites I like
  22. Site URL: https://www.nembol.com/ Hello everyone. As you can see, on my website all blog posts (https://www.nembol.com/ecommerce-academy) have a duplicated h1 tag. This is because Squarespace considers both the blog page title and the blog item title as an h1. Is there any way to tell Squarespace that the blog title should be an h2 (or anything else)? Thank you.
  23. Site URL: https://www.gwyl.org/ Hello, I've verified my site with Google console, I've submitted sitemaps, I've checked my robots.txt and yet still my site isn't appearing on Google. In Google Console it says some of my urls are indexed but still when I look nothing comes up in a search (see image). My site is now two months old, I was holding out thinking it was just a matter of time but it's still not working. I don't know what the problem could possibly be! Any help would be so appreciated.
  24. A site I'm working on has category pages for products, and each of these category pages has a canonical referencing /shop whereas I would rather set it as a self-referencing canonical. Is there a way of doing that in Squarespace?
  25. Site URL: https://reecasoriano.com I'm having trouble figuring out how to get my personal website to appear at the top when I search my name on Google. The website is serving as my portfolio and my name is on nearly all my page descriptions/SEO descriptions. I've also already submitted my sitemap to Google, which was processed successfully and last read a week ago. But my site still doesn't seem to show up as a Google search result. I've checked the first five pages and I don't see my custom domain anywhere. What's really weird, though, is that when I scroll down a little further on the
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