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  1. Site URL: https://www.simonmetzwoodworking.com I have an issue where a scam site from China has a page that appears to link to my site but in actuality links to their home page. I need to block this as it is some kind of scan financial services site and don't want to get dinged by Google. Normally I would block spiders in robots.txt file but that's not available in SS. Anyone have any ideas on how to block spiders. I used to bloc Baidu when I coded my own site as their bot spent hours indexing my site from what my logs told me. The URL I'm trying to block is https://m.pushade.com/by/simonmetzwoodworking/ Thanks!
  2. Site URL: http://www.sys.company Hey Squarespace friends, I'm looking to change the SEO of the whole website, right now the name of the site is "SYS" but I want to add "SYS Company" to be written on the SEO on all pages, while the (text) logo still stays only "SYS": www.sys.company Is it possible? Thank you so much!
  3. I'm sure someone from Squarespace will tell me that as a platform, Google treats them differently than the rest of the world - or that in fact, SS is 'special'. Google not to long ago released Core Web Vitals. They have a good explanation of what this is here: https://web.dev/vitals/ Don't be fooled, web.dev is Google, not some third party. Guess what, Google doesn't treat Squarespace any different from any other website - whether it uses custom Javascript, PhP, Asp.net or other code vs. a builder CMS like SS, Wix, Weebly. They are all the same in the eyes of Google. So what does this chart below say about this domain? It says that the pages are slow and not built very well. That's what it says. What's the main issue? The website is as slow as a dog. 24 seconds to be interactive. Google's goal is 3-4 seconds. The main issue? Way too much CSS, way too much CSS that isn't even used. Way too much JS that isn't even used. Oh and a CMS that doesn't automatically compress images or defer loading of those below the fold. All of which are pretty common. Any thoughts here?
  4. Site URL: https://thedailyassist.com Hello everyone! I recently launched my website and submitted a sitemap for GSC to crawl and index my pages. It's been a few days and in the Coverage tab it says that only 4 pages are marked as "valid" and 13 as "excluded". Is there any reason why this would happen? The majority of pages that are marked as "excluded" say "Discovered - currently not indexed" and "Crawled - currently not indexed". I am slightly confused because when I do a site search in Google (site:thedailyassist.com), some of the pages listed as "excluded" are returned as results in my site search, which tells me the pages are indexed. Does the coverage tab take time to update? Or re-crawl? Thanks for any help you can give me!
  5. Site URL: https://julianaglorycoaching.squarespace.com Hello, I am not at all tech savvy but I challenged myself to build this website all on my own. I launched 2 weeks ago but it doesn't show up at all on google search. I have followed all videos I can find and the google analytics shows failure. I'm totally out of ideas. Please can someone have a look at it.
  6. Site URL: http://www.creativetaco.com Hello everyone, I’ve designed my own website I’m actually in video production. Unfortunately I don’t have an SCO background and my site does not come up under the key terms and search words that describe the area I specialize in. I am looking for advice and to potentially work with someone to help me get my self designed site in order so it can obtain better disability from google. Advice and inquires are urgently needed. Thanks Matt
  7. SEO is all about doing what you can to ensure your content is a top result in searches for relevant keywords. Solid SEO copy helps your intended audience find your site in the first place, pulling in those most likely to engage with your content and convert from visitors into customers. Working on your SEO copywriting is a great way to ensure your site ends up in front of the people who need or want it the most. Ultimately, you want to create content that is useful to your customers. An easy way to get started is by researching what customers are asking you specifically (via your customer service or socials) or what people are asking Google about your keywords. You can do this by searching a related keyword and looking at the ‘People also ask’ box. Once you know what information would be most useful, take the time to outline your content. This will help you keep your writing focused and avoid losing your readers through superfluous tangents. Consider using questions as headers where you can, to enforce the idea that you are providing answers. What have you found most impactful when tackling SEO copywriting? Share your favorite tips in the comments below!
  8. Site URL: https://seonaidrossart.com/available-works/sunset-on-the-oval Hi: I am new with SquareSpace I need to manage a website which was created by a different programmer. It seems the site is using the AVENUE template. This is a website for an impressionist painter and each paint is a product in the eCommerce module I found that every page has more than one H1, which is a NO-NO in best SEO practices. It seems that the first H1 comes from the website name in the main template. However the H1 shouldn't be in he template as it will go to all other pages. <h1 class="logo"><a href="/">Seonaid Ross Art</a></h1> How can I modify the template so I can leave the logo but removing the h1 tag? I appreciate your help
  9. Site URL: https://www.or-never.com/ Hi there, Can anyone recommend a SEO extensions for Squarespace. Is Smart SEO good, or do you have experience with some other? Many thanks! Best Sibylle
  10. Is there anyway to make this work: Our current site is ancient, hosted elsewhere and served up via their proprietary CMS. The url is http not https (no ssl). Our idea - create a squarespace site to replace the ancient site and use a different domain name. Said different domain was redirecting at the dns level to the ancient site's domain anyway. Here's the problem, the ancient site has over 140 Google indexed pages and there are several links to it from various articles all over the web. Let's call it http://ourOLDsite.com. I went to the http://ourOLDsite.com's proprietary cms and added 140ish 301s like this: http://ourOLDsite.com/variousindexedurls -> https://ourNEWsite.com/newhomeforthoseurls They don't match up page for page -that ancient site was super bloated. So now, I would like to use ourOLDsite.com as a second domain name for the squarespace content located at https://ourNEWsite.com and get rid of that old hosting provider. Can I do this and keep some of my SEO, keeping in mind that the ourOLDsite is http? Can I do 301 redirects on a squarespace secondary domain - it doesn't look like it? Do I have to keep the old hosting with its 301s until Google forgets about those old links and then make it a secondary domain for my new squarespace site? What do it do? 🙂 I hope this makes sense and I would appreciate any responses. Thanks!!
  11. Site URL: https://travelwithamnet.com/ Hi everyone!! My name is Nana, I work for a Japanese travel agency based in New York! I just finished building my first website for work purpose (I've done few as a hobby) and this is also my first time getting into CSS customization! I studied Marketing before started to work for this agency (right before Covid ironically), but though this project, I realized that I want to get into the world of IT and Web!! I like to do my best on this project so I can fully utilize this experience and hopefully get my foot stepping into the world of IT / Web one day!! (I'm also looking for front-end coding courses, if you have any recommendation or success stories in your career shift!!) I really appreciate any constructive feedback!! Thank you so much in advance!! Best, Nana
  12. Site URL: https://www.allisterfreeman.co.uk Hi there, been methodically going through my site making changes my seo software is flagging up. It's showing two h1 tags on pages, looking at the source there's an h1 applied to the logo file on the site (not using text logo) in addition to the page heading. <h1 class="logo"><a href="/"><img src="//static1.squares... I'd love to be able to get rid of it, anyone had any success here? Any pointers appreciated! Al
  13. Site URL: https://www.handyhand.pk I am planning to switch from squarespace 7.0 to squarespace 7.1 or atleast switch my website template to a different one and maybe rearrange the tabs and layout etc will any of these actions result in loss of my SEO ranking in my local area which i have achieved over time ?
  14. Site URL: https://www.westendwellness.ca/ Hi, Not sure what the problem is but the SEO text I input on the site is not what comes up on Google search. I have been patient, under the impression Google needed time to crawl the site, but this has been still the same for the past 5 months! I have included, images to show the difference and what appears. I was wondering if i have to have done something else. I did outsource the job of setting up the website to another, and they did inject code into the advanced section ( i have included an image of the code in the attachments) which maybe that is what is overriding the SEO element. BUT, I don't know if that is the case, but if it was and i was to remove it, will it effect my ranking on google. Anyone who has experience in this, please share tips or advice. Thank you, Mak
  15. My SEO advisor has suggested that we 'turn off lazy loading' as Google is not seeing any content 'below the fold'. Can this be done, or can anyone advise on this? Thanks
  16. Site URL: https://nicedayahead.com Good Morning SQSP fam! I have a quick question regarding updating pages: We have had our site running for some time now but are in the midst of a mini-update to certain pages (home, studio, and some work pages). We've decided to build the replacement pages as new pages instead of editing the current live ones as we are playing around with some unique layouts/ animations etc. My question is, when we are done building the replacement pages, can I disable the current "home" page and assign the newly built home page as the default without hurting SEO? The slug would transition to the new page and I would disable the old home page- in theory, I believe this won't be an issue but I wanted to check with everyone here before executing these changes. I hope this makes sense- please let me know if I can clarify anything and thank you ahead of time for your help!
  17. Hi all! I'm really excited for this new Club for SEO Experts. I'd love to start this thread for people to share a bit about themselves, their business, and what they'd like to get out of a subcommunity like this. Let me know if you have any questions about posting, creating Clubs, or managing Clubs! -Maddie, Circle Community Coordinator
  18. Site URL: https://flutesandflutists.com Our store sells products made by many different brands, all with several different models. We've been working on our SEO and it's been going well enough. When you search for a specific model on Google, we come up usually within the top 5 results. But when you search for a particular brand, nothing comes up and that's because we have no pages on our website dedicated to their respective brands. In our store, the brands are all sorted by Tags. What we're looking for is, to be able to have our results come up when someone searches for a brand, and then when they click on it, it takes them to our store with only products from that brand filtered. Is there a solution for this?
  19. Hi, A few days ago I replaced the images on my home page with renamed versions of the same files - deleted the old ones, and uploaded the newly named ones. My sitemap has updated and shows the "new" images that I uploaded, but it is also still listing the old file names. Is this something that I should be concerned about, and could it affect my SEO ? Any ideas on how I correct this ?
  20. I have a number of squarespace sites that use blogs. Occasionally I want to cross-post content across these sites. I don't want to damage SEO by having multiple pages of the same content therefore looking at using canonical URLs but there is no code injection for separate blog posts. Can anyone confirm that if I add a code block with the below inserted pointing back to the original version of that post this will be sufficient for search engines to recognize the first version of the blog post and therefore not hinder SEO for multiple blog posts displaying the same content. <link rel="canonical" href="https://example.com/blog/test-blog/" />
  21. Hi Everyone, Just started using/testing out squarespace 7.1. I noticed that the only way to maintain a navigationally linked url from nav menu to sub pages and get a landing page was to create a portfolio. The folder option with sub pages just goes straight to drop down, so no landing page for the pages/items you may want to talk about before going on. The issue I found with the portfolio is that the main page/landing page carries over the title tag to every project page you add. This is going to create a duplicate title error for SEO that I don't want. Is there someway to fix/edit this? Don't know if it's something simple I'm not seeing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Site URL: https://www.thepostmarkoh.com I recently changed my template and love the effects of the parallax scrolling. I've been working REALLY hard on SEO and it seems that the index/parallax idea is messing it up. It's messing with hiding the pages so they don't get pulled up because part of the index is just a simple picture. It's messing with speed and google dings you for that. Anyone able to look at my page and give suggestions on how I can get that scrolling effect but not have to have individual pages to make this happen. Individual pages-- with low word count-- to multiple pages with only a picture for content.. Thanks!
  23. Keywords are essential for generating traffic from search engines. But which keywords should you use? And how do you brainstorm your ideas? Let’s go through some ways to generate ideas and different types of keywords you can use. To get started, there are tons of organizational note apps that lend themself to a personal brainstorm, so play around and see what works for you! I personally use Google’s JamBoard as my virtual sticky note go-to. This way I can visualize the contents of my site and see what keywords make sense for which pages. For my example photography business, I decided to break it up into the different types of photography I’m involved in and some potential keywords that would relate: Some questions to ask yourself when brainstorming: Who is your target audience? What sets you apart from your competitors? What synonyms can you utilize? For example: New York photographer and NYC photography are two different keywords. And what other words does Google autofill? Type the words you've come up with in Google and see what else pops up! When determining types of keywords, there’s “Head” and “Long-tail”, and there are benefits to using both types. Head keywords are short, usually one-word keywords that catch a wide audience like ceramics, tapestry, and shoes. Long-tail keywords are Multi-word phrases that are more specific, such as engagement photography, NYC shoe designer, and LA dog cafe. Head keywords can catch a more general audience who might not be specifically looking for you, whereas long-tail keywords cater to those who search with the intent of finding a specific product or service. How did you brainstorm your keywords? Any tools or tricks that aided you in the process? Share your thoughts and tips in the comments below!
  24. Site URL: https://belvidore.com Hello! I am the founder of a luxury furniture brand in the US. I am reaching out because I am in need of assistance with my Squarespace website. My SEO team is unable to add unique content on different collection pages for my store. For instance, when adding unique content to a specific collection like 'lighting', that content is shown throughout ALL collection pages (furniture, art, and bedding). How can I add unique content to each collection without it showing for other collections? This is very crucial for SEO growth I have attached screenshots for reference.
  25. Site URL: https://darksecretgame.com Hi everyone! Launched this website couple weeks ago and trying to fine tune the SEO, but ran into couples issues. 1. After some back and forth with Google Search Console, I was able to make it Crawlable as well as Indexable, however Sitemap is kind of an issue. Because sitemap.xml contain the domain with /home slug, it's not able to link to the actual domain without /home slug and I can't find how to work my way around it. P.S. How important the discovery by Sitemap if I have Referring page already? As long as it's searchable the same way, I wouldn't worry about it, but it still doesn't show up in Google Search. 2. It's even worse with Bing. It fails to Fetch the Page and I can't figure out why. I don't have any redirects or haven't moved any pages. Uploaded a sitemap, which has the same issue as Google regarding the /home slug and canonical / non-canonical pages. Any idea on how to fix these? Really appreciate your help!
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