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  1. Site URL: https://www.didsburyparsonagetrust.org.uk/ Our SEA additional information is being replaced by the text in the announcement bar. In the image, it is occurring within the Room Booking and Contact Us information How do I change it to the information that I want to show
  2. Site URL: https://www.darlingsigns.co.uk Hello After running a check in SEMrush there are errors with a note saying - structured data items are invalid Any ideas on how to resolve this error flag? Thanks, Paul
  3. Site URL: https://www.stefanocassaro.com Hello, I have a doub regarding SEO on SquareSpace. When I created my Homepage, I had to put a URL SLUG on it: SqareSpace dosen not allows me to create a webpage without slug. So, I put luxury-italian-wedding-photographer-italy as slug. The result is that, now, I have TWO PAGES online: https://www.stefanocassaro.com https://www.stefanocassaro.com/luxury-italian-wedding-photographer-italy Which have both the same content: in other words, Google will consider those two pages as DUPLICATED CONTENT, which is not good for ranking. My question is: how can I fix this problem? I want only ONE UNIQUE URL for my Home Page, how can I achieve it on Square Space?
  4. I am a designer and am making a new site to house my portfolio. I need to ensure that the only way someone could find/view my content is if I have provided them with my URL and password to enter the site. The company I work for restricts what work can be shared with the public, even if it wasn't considered confidential information. I am also concerned with folks downloading or pulling the images off of my site. Are there ways to prevent that? Any help is appreciated!
  5. Site URL: http://reloquence.com I am interested in white hat techniques for getting backlinks to my site for real estate referrals. Most third party vendors in real estate do not have blogs, and therefore are not set up for highlighting my services on their sites. Do you have any tips for identifying vendors with blogs? Any other suggestions? Megan
  6. Site URL: https://tinypediatrics.com I have had this website for a while now, thought it was pretty good but it just does not rank and does not help with gaining patients! I am a Pediatrician offering Virtual Urgent Care as well as house calls (LA only) to California and New York patients and am hoping to have a website that ranks and helps people to find me and to feel confident in me as a Pediatrician and to consult me. Ready to switch to 7.1 Ready to work harder on SEO, potentially adding a google ad briefly Ready to switch templates possibly to Clove Websites I like are Onemedical.com
  7. Site URL: https://www.gpsfleetsoftware.com/solutions Hi, I have created single blogs and they all are shown on the summary page (where you navigate to the single blog entries). https://www.gpsfleetsoftware.com/solutions My problem (for SEO) is that, each blog on the summary page comes with H1 Heading and that for SEO reasons too many H1 headings are on the page. How can I change the design on the blog summary page in the standard design to use H2 instead of H1?
  8. Site URL: https://arabtechnologie.com/ Can you explain https://arabtechnologie.com/wp-content/uploads/astra-addon/astra-addon-6021bab5a695e1-05618280.css?ver=3.0.1 Feuille de style Erreur de redirection  https://arabtechnologie.com/wp-content/uploads/astra-addon/astra-addon-6021bab5a6eda2-43657602.js?ver=3.0.1 Script Erreur de redirection  https://contextual.media.net/dmedianet.js Script Autre erreur  https://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/pagead/html/r20210303/r20190131/zrt_lookup.html Autre Googlebot est bloqué par le fichier robots.txt  https://ib.adnxs.com/getuid?https%3A%2F%2Frouter.infolinks.com%2Fdyn%2Fapn-usync%3Fuser_id%3D%24UID Image Googlebot est bloqué par le fichier robots.txt  https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/r20210303/r20190131/show_ads_impl_with_ama.js?client=ca-pub-9093165779712762&plah=arabtechnologie.com&amaexp=1 Script Autre erreur User-Agent: * Allow: /ads/preferences/ Allow: /gpt/ Allow: /pagead/show_ads.js Allow: /pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js Allow: /pagead/js/*/show_ads_impl.js Allow: /static/glade.js Allow: /static/glade/ Allow: /tag/js/ Disallow: / Noindex: /
  9. Why is google displaying my SERPs as both http and https. This makes it look like duplicate content. I checked and my 301 redirect is on, and these URLs lead to the same page. Also my favicon is now working but only for the https ones, is there any way i can remove these http links?
  10. Site URL: https://www.henamedherarya.com/ Hello, I use Gallery Blocks to showcase my photography, usually the "Stacked" option. I recently discovered that what is written in each image's Title and Description does not count towards my website's SEO unless I select "Show Title and Description" in the gallery options. I'm confused because I thought the T+D counted towards SEO even if the information didn't show on the page. Is there a way to make the T+D count towards SEO without showing it all on the page or forcing me to select a different Gallery style? I am familiar with "hiding" the caption under individual image blocks but Galleries seem to behave differently. Thank you in advance for any assistance.
  11. Hello! I recently created a site for a friend who has opened a private psychotherapy practice. After being live for a couple weeks now, search results for her name and related keywords have been slowly improving, but her practice doesn’t show up on Google maps or on the map view when searching for her by location. I offered to set up a Google My Business account, but she was hesitant to do this because she was unsure if she wanted to make it easier for patients (or former patients) to leave reviews for her, due to the nature of her work. Because it’s a psychotherapy practice, HIPAA privacy laws make it difficult to respond to negative reviews while maintaining patient privacy (I think they have to say something unhelpful and generic like “Due to HIPAA regulations, we are unable to respond to individual reviews, but we take all feedback seriously...”). So just a couple of questions for anyone who knows more about this than I do... 1. Could she eventually show up on the map by default, without doing anything? And in that case, will there automatically be an option for people to leave reviews, regardless of whether she has a Google My Business account? Or does a business have to have the GMB account to get reviews? 2. In Google, there’s a link to “add a missing place” and submit a place, which I assume I could do without setting up a Google My Business account. But would doing this automatically activate the option for people to leave reviews? I guess I’m thinking that if people will eventually be able to leave Google reviews for her anyway, we might as well set up a Google My Business account now to help her show up on the map and in search results now. But just want to make sure I’m explaining this accurately to her. Thanks!
  12. Site URL: https://www.dwbehavioralhealth.com Hi all, This site went live about a week ago and I immediately connected it with Google Search Console, submitted the sitemap and requested indexing. Within a few days, all of the site's pages EXCEPT the homepage were showing up in search and show in Google Search Console as successfully submitted and indexed. Only the homepage shows up as excluded and the reason given is "Blocked due to unauthorized request (401)." When I click on the help link within Search Console, it brings me to instructions about verifying GoogleBot that unfortunately are of no help to me as a newbie at this stuff (the first step is to run a reverse DNS lookup on the accessing IP addresses using a host command? What is that?). 😭😞 Does anyone have any Squarespace-specific instructions about how I can try to verify GoogleBot to see if that is indeed the problem here? OR, is this all something that might just be normal in the first few weeks after a site goes live, and I should stop worrying and just hope Google finds everything eventually? As a side note, one thing I noticed while going through Google Search Console is that there are results for both the main homepage, www.dwbehavioralhealth.com, and for www.dwbehavioralhealth.com/home. Could the fact that the homepage has a URL slug be messing with Google somehow? Or does that have nothing to do with anything? For example, www.dwbehavioralhealth.com/home is listed in search console as "Discovered - currently not indexed" while the main URL (no slug) is coming up as blocked with the 401 message above. 🤔 Any help would be so greatly appreciated. Please let me know if more details are needed in order to help. Thanks so much in advance!
  13. Site URL: https://www.adaptiveinteriors.com.au/ Looking for advise on what best practice would be for a specific service/keyword in a specific location. Would you do a blog post? or publish as a separate page on your site (that could be unlinked if you didn't want visable from menu) For example we are an office fitout and refurbishment company, and to rank higher for office fitout in Canberra, would you get better results giving it it's own page or a blog post? Or would it not matter? Any advice appreciated.
  14. Hi all, Interested to know how many people use the internal SS marketing tools to populate GMB versus ignoring that and doing it directly on GMB.... What sort of results people see as a result? Also if you populate SS's area does this limit you if you are then trying to edit directly in GMB? Cheers
  15. Site URL: http://www.luxurypropertyfinder.solutions/ hello everyone , does anyone know a good and affordable seo freelancer or company for my online real estate business ? i am tired being ripped off by some incompetent ones regards many thanks sebastien
  16. Site URL: https://www.caminodelvino.co.uk/wine Hi Squarespace forum! Is it possible to change the meta-title and meta-description for categories for a store? Haven't been able to work around this currently and it's a bit annoying that the various categories that my store has takes the meta-title and meta-description from the main store page 'Wine' (https://www.caminodelvino.co.uk/wine). Thank you ❤️🍷
  17. Site URL: https://nocturnallegal.com/content/tag/non-disclosure+agreement I'm using Uber Suggest, which runs an analysis of your website to show critical areas in which your website may not be optimized for SEO. I have a huge amount of pages that are missing H1 Titles. These are all sub-blog pages not necessarily accessible without a meta filter. They relate to each and every category and tag ever used on a blog post. The title of the page is "normal" font so not in the H1-H3 family. I cannot edit the page to add a proper title as it's auto-generated by Squarespace blog. Any thoughts/workarounds? The site is built on 7.0 in Brine. Thanks
  18. Site URL: https://www.fornobaltimore.com When my website appears in a google search, the name of the site is doubled in the results title like so: "Forno BaltimoreForno Baltimore". I can't figure out how to fix this, I've tried changing the different SEO titles, page names, etc. Anyone ever seen this? Screenshot attached for what I'm describing.
  19. Hello everyone, At the moment, we have managed to get our company on Map Listings for google local (boxed in red) but that is just that. We can't see our company listed in organic listening below from page 1 - wherever.. It is possible to not spend money and get our company name in page one of google search? Thank you in advance. Kind regards, K
  20. Site URL: https://www.joeystephensmusic.com I see a lot of youtube videos and blogs stating that changing an image title in squarespace in benficial for SEO purposes. All of these videos and tutorials seem to be done in 7.0. Can you change an image title in 7.1? Any help is appreciated! Joey
  21. The screen you are editing (CMS) is currently indexed by Google. Therefore, the SEO rating has dropped significantly. Please tell me how to handle with noindex and norobot on the edit screen so that it will not be indexed by google *The part hidden in black in the capture is site: https: // (Enter your contracted domain name)-website.squarespace.com/ is.
  22. Site URL: https://www.lifelongendurance.com/runcoaching First time posting here so hoping I can get some honest feedback from all of you. We've been using SquareSpace for about 3 years and love the simplicity of the layouts (as long as we don't muck them up)! I'm asking this forum for some brutal and honest feedback. Over the years our team has grown from our small husband & wife business and from one small sector of 1:1 Endurance Coaching to multiple sectors of business. Our bread and butter is 1:1 and I have some concerns that this page seems too long and too busy. So I'm asking for feedback on what you love, what you hate, and any feedback you might offer. Here are a few questions that might be helpful to answer for feedback. 1 - Is the readability any good? Do you naturally scroll or get frustrated/ distracted? 2 - Does it seem easy to sign up, does it make sense to have the pricing options at the bottom? 3 - Are things too cluttered, busy, and disjointed? 4 - What's missing? I'm excited to get your honest feedback as people outside of our industry. Would you sign up if you put a marathon or race on your calendar? Does this inspire you to sign up or do you get frustrated and leave? Thanks, Andrew Simmons andrew@lifelongendurance.com
  23. Is there a difference between adding an original blog link to the "source url" section in a blog post vs. code injection of the snippet below? <link rel="canonical" href="https://example.com/blog/test-blog/" />
  24. Site URL: http://bdemm.com/ HI, I'm redesigning my portfolio website to be a client converting serviced based site. I want to use my existing domain and just repoint it from my current Squarespace site to my newly designed (but not yet live) Squarespace site. Is this the best way to do this and will it hurt my existing search rankings with Google? Thanks for any insights!
  25. Site URL: http://www.pantryphilosophy.com My site is based on a booking system and I am wondering how do I improve my SEO if it's not content based like a blog.
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