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  1. Site URL: http://www.nearlovingsbend.net Hello, I have been hired by my local historical society for a web project to update a database of 20,000+ historical photographs. The current site was designed using CoffeeCup, and it looks like there’s a good bulk of content hosted via GoDaddy as well. The photos are uploaded to galleries using SmugMug. The current aesthetic of the site is terrible to say the least, but the search function works well. For example, I can search last names, nouns, street names etc. and this kind of functionality is integral to the society’s mission. I’m
  2. Site URL: https://www.petfoodiela.com/ Hi There. Following this tutorial "https://www.maryphilip.com/the-blog/how-to-add-search-to-71", I managed to add a search bar to my nav bar. However it look really bad on mobile. is there a way to improve it? Thanks.
  3. Is it possible to build something similar to below? I'm guessing it would fall back on a database of locations/post codes that either fall within our outside of the delivery zone. The business offers a delivery service, but this will not need a booking interface. It's purely to confirm delivery zones with a yes/no. Is anyone familiar with a plugin/code snippet that would achieve this?
  4. I'm looking to remove the sub text on the quick view search bar block - I have product codes on product pages that are searchable however the search pulls up all the codes and additional text - I would like this to either be removed so it only displays the product title in the quick view search or it displays the product title and product code that was searched for only. Appreciate the help 🙂
  5. Site URL: http://www.mourningjewelry.com pw rings The search bar does not consistently work. I can type in a word that is absolutely on site and it won't find it. Minutes later I'll use the same word and it comes up. Any idea why this is happening?
  6. Hi there, Is it possible to remove the search bar from a single page of my site? I'm using sentry login to set up a 'members only' area of the site and want users to login on a screen that has nothing on it but and image and a button. I've managed to remove the header navigation already, the search bar is still there. I'm using a Brine family template. Thanks, AP
  7. Hi there This project is yet to be begun, but I'm wondering if anyone could give me direction as to how I can achieve what I want. I will be going to the Marketplace for help with building this, but wanted to post here first so hopefully I can be clear on the Marketplace about what exactly it is I need. --- The site I will be making is a directory of beauty therapists. It connects visitors with therapists, but is not a booking site. I want to be able to search for therapists by specialism, and by postcode/zipcode. This image below shows what I'm after visually:
  8. Site URL: http://mnbound.com/wild-in-the-kitchen I'm trying to move the search bar on my website from the bottom of the page to the top. If you look at it through your mobile device, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom in order to utilize the search bar. Is there a way to fix this?
  9. I'd like to add a search bar at the bottom of my blog page. How would I do that? I assume i need code...
  10. Hello everyone, is there an option that the search bar should only show headlines without also showing the description an images, like a normal search looks like on many websites. Thanks
  11. Site URL: https://lilac-ukulele-d7n5.squarespace.com Does anyone know how can I add a search icon to my site header? I've tried some code but its not working. thanks!
  12. I have a super long web page theemailschool.com which I want to make searchable. I learned that I have to add fragment identifiers to links (#resource-xyz) . The question is how can i achieve that in the Squarespace 7.0?
  13. Site URL: https://www.matochpyssel.nu Hi, I run a small food blog in Swedish. I have come across a problem where my search function those not support åäö values. If I for example search for a swedish recipe of "Köttbullar" (meatballs) there will be no search result since the characters are not supported. Is there any way to be able to change the underlining code for this? I suppose I would have to use ISO 8859-1 if I am not mistaken? I haven't been able to find a way to do this though. Any help is appreciated! Br, EH
  14. Site URL: http://www.spiritualland.com.sg Hello everyone! I have two questions: 1) I discovered that by adding a /search the back of my website URL (www.spiritualland.com.sg/search), squarespace automatically allows visitors to search the whole website. Is there a way to disable this function, or remove such a page url? 2) When inserting a search block, I understand it is possible to search the whole site, and to search a particular page. Is it possible to search a selection of few pages instead? eg: a selection of pages under a folder. Thank you for any solutions or sug
  15. Hello all, if i click in the search bar in 7.1 i see a second frame around search bar, how i can remove this frame. thanks for you help. Best, dake
  16. Site URL: http://www.emily-nichols.com Hello, I just finished updating my site with the Brine Template and when I look at it on Mobile, the hamburger and search magnify glass are covered up by the title of my site. Any custom code to move things around? I'd also like to move the search bar to the footer if that's possible to save room on top. Thanks for your help!
  17. Site URL: https://skye-demo.squarespace.com/ Hey all! I'm moving a blogging site across from WordPress. Is there a theme that has sidebar search author block Is the latest version (assume this is best practice - to always use latest versions?) Skye family has these features, but not available in 7 .0 +. Is it being updated? If there is a theme in the pipeline I can hold off, otherwise might need to stick to WP for this one site. Cheers, Madeleine
  18. Dear All I am not technical guy. however, i am learning new. I am trying to add a search bar at the header. for which i have to inject java code and css etc. the problem i face is when i try to update css. the existing css i have already there would no longer work. (FYI: i have already pasted a css for logo transparency) when i paste a new css code the logo transparency would stop to work. Please suggest what i am doing wrong and what is the correct way to do it.
  19. Site URL: http://www.solrise.org Hii there - I am trying to customize the search bar in my footer. i want it to be just an icon and elliminate the box around it.. is there anyway to do this? thank you
  20. Site URL: https://www.4tfit.com/blog The default color of the word "Search" is gray and hard to read against the site's background. Anyone know how to change that? (Note, that text that user's input is white).
  21. Site URL: https://www.spiritofhealthkc.com/ For several months now our search bar has not been working properly. We have a title called, "Best Practices For Avoiding & Combating Viruses" but if you search the full title these ways, it says it can't find anything: "best practices for avoiding & combating viruses" "best practices for avoiding and combating viruses" "viruses" "Best Practices For Avoiding and Combating Viruses" However, if you write it exactly how the blog is written with the same punctuation (caps and & symbols), it will show up "Best Practices For Avoiding &
  22. Site URL: https://www.rainbowbridge.love/ Hey - I was surprised to hear that 7.1 templates don't have an option to put a search bar in the header nav as an always on. Building an ecomm site I figured that would be pretty standard. I don't want to put it on individual pages as that would mess with the flow and design. Any ideas for custom code to have a search bar in the header nav?
  23. Site URL: http://rewardkid.art/art I have two questions. 1) I'm trying to get the search to only show the page that is searched for (via tags, or words on that page). As it stands now, If I search orange, I get the image of that orange but not the page in the search? 2) is there a way to create in a second navigation bar a filter option which I could then filter what's shown on the art page? like, filter sports, and then on pages with a sports #tag appear? I'm using the avenues theme. Thanks
  24. Site URL: https://sustainhealth.fit/search?q=dwayne%20 Hi, Would anyone know how I can code the search bar page so as when you click the search icon the page produces a drop shadow such as the one shown here? Thanks. SH
  25. Site URL: https://www.footballshorts.org/ Hi there I need the code to add a search bar to my header. Apparently this isn't available on version 7.1. Would LOVE some help 🙂
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