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Found 3 results

  1. Site URL: https://finch-tan-bd4p.squarespace.com/ Hi, Is there a way for me to add a signature photo instead of the persons name on a photo caption? Basically this is an image block with a collage effect. So I know it's just text you can type on it, but my client wants her signature on there. If you can help this would be great. website: https://finch-tan-bd4p.squarespace.com/ password: serene
  2. I am hoping someone can suggest the best step-by-step workflow to get me where I need to be. We have a Squarespace website which is working wonderfully! We want to add a good number of anchors on an existing page. I anticipate the changes and testing will take a few days so I hope to create the altered page offline (unpublished) and then "drop" it in to replace the old version of the page. create an inactive (unpublished) duplicate of the page to be altered (e.g. create "TEST_Places_of_Interest" from "Places_of_Interest") Note: the test page will not need to interact with the active website during alterations when the new page is finished I want to smoothly replace the live page with the new version. "Smoothly", as in maintaining all of the links to the page from other website pages. - - Should I delete "Places_of_Interest" and then re-name "TEST_Places_of_Interest" as "Places_of_Interest"? - - When in the process should I activate/publish the 'new' page? I will greatly appreciate any and all suggestions and discussion. Thank you! JIm in Maine
  3. Hi Wondered how you can replace an image when hovering over. So another image will be displayed when hovering over. Cheers! Hanna
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