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  1. Site URL: https://www.eleonorebuschinger.com/printing hey there - some of the product images listed on my product page have a landscape format, other a portrait format? is this possible to combine both on the category page in order not to crop the images? here a link to the product page where now all product images follow a landscape format and therefore all portrait images are getting cropped: https://www.eleonorebuschinger.com/printing thank you in advance for your help, eleonore
  2. Site URL: https://www.eleonorebuschinger.com/printing hey there - is there way to create a slideshow to navigate between the products once you've clicked on one so that the user doesn't have to always go back to the category page to look at the next product? Example: here category page: https://www.eleonorebuschinger.com/printing here product page: https://www.eleonorebuschinger.com/printing/p/holiday-treats Thank you in advance for your help
  3. Hi, When I open the site on my mobile phone, the Shop page looks terrible. Strange thing is that it doesn't display like this on the mobile view on Squarespace, just when I actually open it on my phone. 1. Products and buttons are on top of each other (see below) 2. Once I click to PRE-ORDER, the button copy goes back to "Add To Cart", and not PRE-ORDER Ideally for MOBILE, the products should be 1 per row and centered. I tried this code but it didn't work 😞 @media screen and (max-width:640px) { .ProductList-grid .ProductList-item { width: 100
  4. Site URL: https://www.ezwaydriver.com/ I have a client that wants to have 16 total seats available per class and wants to offer a pay in full price and a downpayment price, which I have set up as variants. I need to have each variant deplete from the total 16 seat count. I have searched all over the interweb but cannot find a solution. I have to believe there is some custom CSS that could accomplish this so that if Variant 1 has 14 available, Variant 2 would correspond, vice versa and etc. Any assistance would be appreciated! Note: There are too many "products" available to do this man
  5. Site URL: https://www.everettfitch.tv/prints Hi there, I need help changing my product pages and subpages to a custom font. Here's the link: https://www.everettfitch.tv/prints https://www.everettfitch.tv/prints/wild-horses-no-23 And screenshots attached. I would like all the fonts to be the same. The incorrect fonts are the smaller font types under the pictures "from $100.00" , in the drop down menus under "size" and "quantity" as well as the add to cart font. Thanks! Everett
  6. Site URL: https://calliope-strawberry-54ay.squarespace.com/ Is it possible to underline the active selection for the product filter? Thank you pass: planto123
  7. Site URL: https://www.houseofflow.co/shop Hi Everyone: I am having a terrible time with the products page on my Hayden template. I would love any help with the CSS I need to extend the content (products), while decreasing the margins considerably on the page. I also am trying to figure out how to add a png file for my heading as it's been created in Photoshop and too hard to customize with just text and css. See picture below for what I'm trying to do: Thank you as always for your help. Best, Grant @tuanphan @bangank36 @creedon
  8. I want to list an event registration on my product page (using product form for info gathering) and note that they will receive an invoice rather than pay on the site. What is the best way to do this and have them not finalize the payment process. Thanks!
  9. Site URL: https://www.blksapote.com/products On this site on mobile, the product image is overlapping onto the product title, and I can't figure out how to adjust it. I went into the style settings and nothing is helping me adjust it. Can someone help me figure out how to fix this? Website: www.blksapote.com/products Only happening on mobile.
  10. Site URL: https://www.walkingwindfarm.com/shop Hello: How do I move the product name and price to the bottom of the thumbnail image on the product list page? Also is it possible to resize the thumbnail image on the product list grid? Thanks for any guidance.
  11. Site URL: https://www.bradleyjoyce.com/prints/standard-editions/lost-lake-sunset I am using Wexley template on 7.0 Is it possible to customize the product page template? I've turned on developer mode and pulled the template down via git as was expecting to find editable product pages. I've tried to search extensively through the docs and forums but haven't found any conclusive answers. My goal is to put the variant selector and add to card button above the product description.
  12. Site URL: https://skywavegin.com/shop Hi everyone. Is it possible for a product item (on a product page) to link to another page, rather than to the usual subsequent product item page? I have multiple shop pages, and I want one of the "product items" to be a link to one of the other shop pages rather than a product item itself. Is this possible?
  13. Site URL: https://maxishop.ca/shop as of late, the product sort + fillter block is not showing the categories . Does anyone know why it would disappear. I checked font colour to make sure it did not default to white, i check in design all parameters. Not sure what happened ? Any input ?
  14. Site URL: https://nathaliegribinski.art Hello, I am trying to add breadcrums on the detail product page in my store. I don't know the code. Thank you.
  15. Site URL: https://www.sweetteahostess.com/products/low-country-boil Hello, I'm trying to add a header image to each category page within a 7.1 shop. Currently, if you add an image it appears across the entire store. I would like each category to have its own image. For example products > low country boil would use one image while products > oyster roast would use a different image. Currently, we achieve this by creating standalone pages using a summary block. But this creates competing pages. Ideally, from an SEO standpoint I would like to avoid this and use the shop pages. But
  16. Page URL The gap between the main product description block and the 'additional info' appears on all devices. I've tried this code but it doesn't work. The first one only moves the bottom block up ~20 pixels /* space under product thumbnails */ .product-description { margin-top: -300px; } /* space between additional info - photo */ section.ProductItem-additional { margin-top: -300px !important; } @tuanphan
  17. Site URL: https://www.chuckgumpert.com/merch-ccb Hello, I've seen many CSS fixes for this in the forum. But none seem to work with my site. Is it only a 7.1 thing? Is it not possible with Avenue template? If the 2 column thing isn't a possibility, I'd alternatively like to add padding between products when viewed in one column on mobile. Thanks in advance.
  18. Site URL: https://www.sarahhillartist.co.uk Could someone please tell me why I can only see one product image in mobile view when I have 3 images stacked on each product in desktop view? I have tried changing the settings to carousel and slideshow and I am still only able to view one image? I would also like to reduce the size of the select size and quantity boxes. It will only let me reduce them to 50% in site syles. The password to the site is: sarahahill Thank you in advance for your help! Claire 🙂
  19. Hi, again! So grateful for this helpful community. Does anyone know if you can, and if yes, how to move the location of the product total on a product page? I have several variants so by the time a custom chooses those, they can't see the total without scrolling up (which seems odd to me). Huge thanks for any assistance anyone can provide!
  20. Site URL: https://www.betweentwonaps.com/shop/p/sleepforce1 hey friends, can anyone help me with how to add formatting to the text in the product description on product pages. like eg. here: https://www.betweentwonaps.com/shop/p/sleepforce1 if i wanted to add a title and wanted it in a different font / size / color - how would i add that above additional notes? thank you to anyone that can help!
  21. Is it possible to have the words "Sold Out" with a darker transparent overlay on a product image when it is sold out? I have been trying to figure it out for a while but I am very new to website building so I haven't made any progress haha. Any help would be amazing!
  22. Is there a way to move the code box under "Additional Info" to the right side of the page?
  23. Site URL: https://parsnip-green-be9j.squarespace.com I need to get the product pages and the blog to look the same as the rest of the website (with the purple image background) however I'm struggling to find code that can sort this. The header in the main nav is set to transparent, which of course causes a problem when you go onto pages such as product page and blogs where you're unable to do much with the design itself. Product page example: https://parsnip-green-be9j.squarespace.com/shop/p/business-cards Blog example: https://parsnip-green-be9j.squarespace.com/blog/tigerpriv
  24. Site URL: https://www.rozzad.com/prints/ahangama Hey there! When I go to select a different option on my product page from a dropdown menu, the page auto-zooms and never fixes itself. Is there a way to stop this? It's killing the mobile UX... :( I've attached the product page before a dropdown menu option is selected and then after. Thank you! Rozzad
  25. Site URL: https://urbanashramyoga.com/pricing Hi! I want to be able to display my products similar to a pricing page like the screenshot below, where the product image is hidden and the description is visible. Is this something that can be done?
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