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  1. Site URL: https://www.oscarmorris-theatredesign.com/ I would like the home page to stay as the main URL (no URL slug) but for the for the logo to take you to the portfolio rather than back to the home page.
  2. Site URL: https://daisy-tarpon-72er.squarespace.com/portfolio/new-build I would like the thumbnails on the portfolio sub-page slideshow:simple to remain static. It currently moves the selected thumbnail image to the centre which is quite annoying...Is this stop-able? Try the page link above for an example of what is happening... PW Help123 Thanks
  3. Site URL: http://diegotorgo.com Hi there! I'm looking for a way to use a custom font in my portfolio list on the home page. How can I do it through CSS?
  4. Hello, I have a problem with the arrows position in prev/next pagination. The arrows are very close to the link and right site borders. Where can I set a pixel value in order to have a distance from the borders? Thank you in advance Teresa
  5. Site URL: https://armadillo-deer-rbyp.squarespace.com/why-collinson-2 Hi all, Do you think its possible to add a button to a portfolio item hover? https://armadillo-deer-rbyp.squarespace.com/why-collinson-2 password is Garstang
  6. Site URL: https://www.gracelanesmithart.com Hello, I listed my portfolio pages as shop pages so it would be easy to move products from shop to portfolio and vice versa. I added CSS in an effort to hide the 'Add to Cart' button and price for items listed in portfolio pages with the tag 'portfolio' to activate this. This is code that I got from a fellow 7.0 Brine user and it works for her. Here is the code: Unfortunately that code doesn't work unless I add another set of code in Settings --> Advanced --> Inject Code. Here is the code: This actu
  7. Hi, I am trying to get the same look for portfolio pages that I can achieve with Gallery pages. The look i need is : But with portfolio pages, I get everything in 1:1 aspect ratio. Even with the custom css code .grid-image img { object-fit: contain !important; } The image will still be contained inside the 1:1 square. Would really appreciate if you anybody could help with this. Cheers!
  8. Wondering if anyone can help with some css to add icons to the portfolio grid overlay in 7.1?
  9. Hello, I want to create a portfolio page where I can split "Video" content from "Photography" content with a small text. I would like to know if it is possible to add text between portfolio grids. As i know, create two different portfolio grids inside the same page is not possible (or yes?), so i think the only way to get the result I need is to split the portfolio grid. Maybe another option is to duplicate the portfolio content with CSS and then edit the content like usual? I attach some files of what I need to do. (Made with chrome, duplicating the Portfolio container so I can put
  10. Site URL: https://www.corinnespencer.com/work/hunger Hello, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to add a link to the bottom of a portfolio page in between the two arrows that take you to the next or previous project? I want to add a link that will take the user back to a page where they can view all the work at once. Here's my site: https://www.corinnespencer.com/work/hunger and here is a screenshot of the area I am talking about. Secondarily, I am wondering if it is possible to make the bottom links just cycle back to the first work in the portf
  11. Site URL: https://casafloraliaa.squarespace.com ps: studio hi everyone, I'd like to have the hover:background portfolio layout on desktop, and the grid: simple on mobile with text alignment to the center. Is that possible?
  12. I am using 7.1 and have a Portfolio Overlay Grid on the home page. Works fine on desktop and I appreciate that the hover effect won't work on mobile, but at the moment the descriptions aren't appearing on mobile view either. Is there a reason for this? anyone know how I can force the descriptions to show?
  13. Site URL: https://www.michaelhcassell.com/ I am having the same issue as people on this forum. I am trying to force the hover state on my portfolio grid in mobile. Ideally when it was in mobile the image would automatically darken with opacity at .35 and the text would automatically appear in the center of the image. Essentially exactly how it looks when you hover in desktop. Does anyone know the CSS to make this happen? My site is: https://www.michaelhcassell.com/
  14. Site URL: http://www.darinboville.com O.K., I'm stumped. I want to add more "projects" to my page but I want to organize them by year. The most obvious way to do that, I think, is to have a divider of some sort with the year and then have all of the projects beneath it from that year. (Rough idea attached where the years have been added) But I can't figure out how to have a text box between portfolios without making them a separate section--which has waaaaay too much white space above and below. What am I missing? Also open to suggestions on alternative ways to organize the pr
  15. Site URL: https://echidna-gardenia-fcb4.squarespace.com I'm using the Pazari template and am looking to remove some of the hover links on select images on the main portfolio page. For example, when you hover over one of the project images, the name of the project appears and this is then clickable (takes you through to a detailed page on this project). I need this feature on some of the images, but for others I want to remove both the text and the clickable link so these appear as a flat image only. Does anyone know if this is possible and how you create custom code for this? Assuming
  16. Site URL: http://www.patrickfreemanillustration.com Hey all, Is it possible to create custom thumbnails in a gallery section? More specifically, to upload a different image as the thumbnail? I am very particular about the look and aesthetic of my gallery area and want to have a more zoomed in version of the images for the thumbnail. Thanks! Best, Patrick Freeman
  17. Site URL: http://tanyaarya.co.uk Hi, I've created a photography portfolio for the first time through Squarespace. Would love some feedback generally on the aesthetics, whether my overall style is represented through the colours etc. http://tanyaarya.co.uk Thanks!
  18. Site URL: https://wij.design Hello! I want to have all my portfolio Items have the same clickable / hoverable 'bounding box' Their block ID is 'portfolio-hover-item-title', and each have 2rem of right-padding, but I would like them all to have the same size 'box' regardless of item title length. How it currently is: | Emphatic Anti-Ad Devices ________________ | | Miol ________________ | How I want it to be: | Emphatic Anti-Ad Devices________________ | | Miol __________________________________ |
  19. Site URL: https://davidhr.co.uk/ Hi, I'm looking for some help in adding a subtitle to my portfolio thumbnails and the how I can customise their size and italics. I'm already using the <br/> command to add a makeshift subtitle, but I'm really wanting to be able to customise my subtitles size (to make smaller) and also change it to Italics, and currently im not sure how to do this, Any help would be amazing! Thank you
  20. Template used: Classon I'm trying to have the an image in the top section spill into the other sections. This is a mockup for what I want: You can see that the light flare gradually dims into the next section of the page. Currently, I have this: The section border is cutting off my flare. I've tried various CSS code to try to extend the bottom margin, make overflow visible, etc but nothing has worked. My site is not live at the moment so I'm not sure how to give the url. Essentially, I just want to know how to let my spill over the top section border. Thank
  21. Site URL: http://quintondaynemoore.com Hey all, I'm wanting to add underlining to the links on my splash page for my portfolio website, so that they read better as links. To have them underline on a hover or have them underlined all the time are both options I am considering. I tried adding the following code from another thread: .portfolio-hover[data-mode="hover-static"] .portfolio-hover-items .portfolio-hover-item[data-active="true"] .portfolio-hover-item-content { text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 1px solid; display: inline-block; line-height: 0.75;} (St
  22. Site URL: https://www.arineiditzphotography.com I'm using a hover-background portfolio section as a homepage, listing a number of projects. I want the list stacked on the left but when I select "Left" it doesn't go as far to the left as I would like. I would prefer it to line up with the left edge of the logo in the header. I would also like to tweak the vertical position of the list if possible.
  23. Site URL: http://evanwilsonstudio.com Right now my site structure looks like this: Work Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Project 4 I would like it to look like this: Work Category A Project 1 Category B Project 2 Project 3 Category C Project 4 Is there a way to create this kind of structure? Using 7.1 Thank you!
  24. Site URL: https://www.oceanistanbul.com/ I built a portfolio page with sub-pages. Everything works well, but I want to be able to navigate to each of the sub-pages from the navigation menu at the site header by hovering over the portfolio's link and selecting the sub-page title.
  25. Hi. I am a new user. I was pretty surprised to see that there is no draft mode on projects, which means a work-around, which isn't great, although I will have another chance to double-check my work... so I will reframe it as a review process I guess. I really hope the next update will bring a draft mode and / or ability to move projects between portfolios. It makes no sense to me why there wouldn't be a draft mode of projects, unless I am making my website in the wrong place (not being negative, just genuinely curious). What is the typical context of a project in Squarespace? This is a p
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