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  1. Site URL: https://gfxbuller.com/ Hi, I need help to show all my articles by clicking on one (Mobile and desktop) Example http://mihailoandic.com/#/axe-lil-yachty-gold-edition/ Imagen https://ibb.co/J5WW3tJ thank
  2. Site URL: https://www.brookeraterman.com/ Hello! I have had my website for a while now; I am currently attempting to add new content ( nothing out of the norm ) and I am running into a road block! Squarespace tells me there is an error uploading my images; the pictures I've tried to upload show up as gray boxes. There are no spaces in the images' naming conventions, nor are there foreign numbers or letters ( it's all American English ). The pictures I am trying to upload have dimensions of 11.187 x 8,950 ... I've uploaded images this size before many times previously; I'm wondering why it's
  3. Hi. I am a new user. I was pretty surprised to see that there is no draft mode on projects, which means a work-around, which isn't great, although I will have another chance to double-check my work... so I will reframe it as a review process I guess. I really hope the next update will bring a draft mode and / or ability to move projects between portfolios. It makes no sense to me why there wouldn't be a draft mode of projects, unless I am making my website in the wrong place (not being negative, just genuinely curious). What is the typical context of a project in Squarespace? This is a p
  4. Hi there, Not sure this is the best place/thread to ask, but thought to try (let me know if this should go somewhere else etc). For context, I'm trying to create a portfolio website for my illustration work, but am finding the Blog function better suited than Portfolios since it seems to allow for unpublishing content without deleting them/sorting projects into tags if needed for future-proofing. I'm trying to add a unique image behind the title for each blog post I create, similar to how you could create a headline in a layout page/portfolio sub-page. I was wondering if there was
  5. Is there any code I can inject that would enable me to hover over any one of my portfolio tiles and an audio file specific to that tile plays automatically? I would like each tile to play a different audio file. I know this would not be applied to Mobile and I want my title and description to be kept there and not replaced by this hover effect. Thanks!
  6. I am frustrated. What I want to do with Squarespace should be fairly straight forward IF it's a system designed for presenting artwork. I'm a painter who doesn't want to spend any more time than necessary being a web developer (been there, done that professionally). My current site is... old. Creaky. Breaking. The code isn't compatible with more current versions of php and mysql, doesn't offer some responsive features, and I'd rather not rewrite everything. What I need beyond the usual (responsive, etc): 1. Multiple portfolios of images using a masonry layout (if I wanted all of my
  7. Hi there I am wondering if I can customize the size of the portfolio images in Squarespace 7.1? Is there any custom code? I would like to have mixed portraits and landscape images (instead of square images) or the exact format I am uploading. Thank you so much for your help. Sibylle
  8. Hi! Is it possible to put/connect portfolio page to my homepage like it is another section? The portfolio page in squarespace has that hovering effect with text so I wanted to use it because I don't know how to code that with gallery or other images. Or does anyone knows how to achieve this in 7.1? I am a beginner. Thank you!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new to Squarespace and am trying to set up a website portfolio for my photography but I am having some issues figuring out the best way to display my images. I created a portfolio page and I have different subpages for different types of photography that I do. I imported all my images and have them set up in a grid style portfolio page. They are JPEG files. The problem is some of my images are horizontal and some are vertical and the way the grid is set up, it cuts off my images. I wanted to know if there is some type of portfolio page I can create where I have all my images i
  10. Hey as the title says. i have been trying to get my portfolio front page to show my projektes in 2 columns. i made it so fare, but now the title seem to not want to follow the image. + the text is to big now so i need to make it a bit smaller to. The projekt is made with overlay on and i think what is the problem. Any help?? /* 2 Column Portfolio Grid */ @media only screen and (max-width:640px) { .portfolio-grid-overlay { display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap; justify-content: space-between; } .portfolio-grid-overlay .grid-item { width: 40%; } } .tweak-portf
  11. Site URL: https://lucasswindler.com/photography-places Hello, on my site I have two portfolios; one that requires 3 columns, and another that only has two. But the one with two acts as if there is three (linked here) Is there a code so that I can change there number of columns depending on which portfolio I'm on. Thanks!
  12. Site URL: https://www.annawasson.com/ As you can see on my site, when you hover over each portfolio image on the portfolio grid, there is a transparent black overlay with the caption. I have been tinkering with custom CSS to make the overlay a solid color (light blue) with the caption when you hover over it, but I can't seem to make the opacity completely opaque on hover. Let me know if this is possible.
  13. Hi All, Pretty bummed out right now. Just finished a week long migration from cargo collective only to find out the portfolio sub page don't seem to be lockable. My plan is the basic one. My site structure is essentially a home page and 3 sub portfolios: art, design, and writing I see how you can lock an entire portfolio. I do not need or want to do this. I want to lock ONLY 2-3 individual projects. Please tell me I'm missing something or that all this requires is an upgrade. Otherwise why in the heck is this not possible. Seems so basic. thanks! A
  14. Site URL: https://mindfull.design Hi there, I'm having issues with one of my portfolio cover images (top right - polari). On multiple browsers it appears with no image unless I disable any adblockers in use. If I reupload the image the issue remains. What's the problem here?
  15. I have a series of portfolio item pages I have nested underneath one 'Services' Portfolio Page, so that the individual item pages are organised 'services/slug.' I'm using a pop-out style Mobile Menu across all screen sizes, and I'd like the individual Portfolio Pages to show in that menu, instead of just 'Services' so that it's easier to navigate. Alternatively I could use a Folder, but that also looks a bit bad on mobile as it has an arrow through instead of showing the pages. Does anyone have know how to display the individual Portfolio Item Pages underneath the
  16. Hi everybody, I already injected my custom font in CSS for h4-h2 and body, which worked fine. Now I like to use that font for my portfolio grid titles and the the portfolio pagination too. I tried this, and font-size has been changed, the font not. What did I miss here? h3.portfolio-title {font-family: 'ALPINA REGULAR ITALIC'; font-size: 20px !important;} Thank you so much in advance!
  17. Site URL: http://www.maddiestaszak.com Hi guys! I have been trying to figure out how to make a drop down menu for my portfolio page for awhile now. When the cursor hovers over the "projects" on the navigation bar, I want a drop down menu to come down listing all the things I've worked on. You can see an example of what I want to do on "Projects Menu" in the nav bar. Basically, I want the Projects Menu drop down to go with the "projects" page. I've made this in a portfolio in Squarespace 7.1 website url: maddiestaszak.com password: 1231
  18. Site URL: https://puma-orb-9lss.squarespace.com/projects/little-peek I have the titles of my projects named like this: Little Peek<span>Vinalhaven, ME</span> to allow a subheading on the Portfolio page. However the previous/next buttons (item-pagination-prev-next) on the project pages are showing the edited text. Is there anyway to fix this so that it only displays the main title?
  19. Hi there, really dusty with coding and this seems like it should be simple but I haven't found an answer... I am trying to create a hover on portfolio page images, where the image becomes slightly faded and the title does a quick (.5sec) fade in on a hover, center of the image. That's it. I found the code to do it with a gallery caption (although it doesn't include the fade and the margin code seems to pull the images beneath up rather than just the title) but it doesn't work when I try it with portfolio. .gallery-caption p{color:white!important} .gallery-caption {text-align:c
  20. I'd like to be able to build a Project within my Portfolio without it being published right away. Is there a way I can create drafts or leave them unpublished until they are ready? This is causing me major problems with maintaining my website.
  21. Site URL: https://tomato-aqua-2ws7.squarespace.com/ Hey! I'm trying to make the portfolio page a full-width page locked with no scroll and just a video centered in the middle of the page. I'm new to squarespace so any help would be much appreciated. Currently the background image doesn't fill the page and I can't seem to center the video properly. This is the page I'm talking about: https://tomato-aqua-2ws7.squarespace.com/work/american-portraiture-8ks5z-bwh6p Password: 123 Thanks πŸ™‚
  22. Site URL: https://magnolia-hawk-8wyh.squarespace.com/ Password: thisisart I figured out how to turn off the hover effect in my portfolio grid using the below code, but now it's hard to read on the mobile. Can someone help me with code to put a overlay gradient on mobile only or a suggestion to make the text legible? Thanks! // Portfolio Text on Mobile // @media screen and (max-width:640px) { .portfolio-text { opacity: 1 !important; } } @media screen and (max-width:767px) { .portfolio-text h3 { color: white !important; font-size: 26px ! important; } }
  23. I have a portfolio grid on my website at the moment and the title appears once the cursor hovers over it. I am looking to add a small description underneath the main title, but am having difficulties figuring out how to do so. Does anyone know how to add this to the portfolio grid? I appreciate any help!
  24. Is it possible to link to a portfolio sub-page? For example, if I have an image on my home page and I want it to link to a portfolio sub-page, is that possible? The sub-pages don’t show up when trying to establish a link, so would it mean manually inserting the url once the site is live? Or am I missing something? Thanks for any help you can offer.
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