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  1. Hello, I'm planning to sell a service on Squarespace and I want to have a page in the website with the purpose of being a price calculator with a payment button. An example follows: Could anyone kindly explain how I can achieve that? Thanks a lot, Thomas
  2. Hi Planning to open an eshop on our website to sell cbd beers - as stripe/paypal do not allow payment on cbd products, we're looking at paytriot and was wandering if anyone has looked at custom code to integrate a third party payment provider such as paytriot? Many thanks
  3. I am looking to add Zelle or a link to Zelle to pay for my services on my website. Is there a way to do that with a code? I currently do use Paypal and Stripe, but I have clients asking for Zelle.
  4. Hi There, My Client's requirement is they have enabled the Stripe Subscription on their website which is in Square Space. Now, when customer is sign-up and make the first payment we are charging for the Subscription but for the Next month we want to charge on 20th of the month. e.g. A customer signed-up on 1st date of the month and Paid for the subscription. then their next billing will happen on 1st date of the Next Month. we want to customize it to the 20th of the Month instead the 1st. Any Help would be appreciated, thanks in advance:)
  5. Hi there, We are wanting to pre-sell items while they are still in production. We're trying to set the site & Payment gateways (Stripe and PayPal) up so that we can authorize the payment and capture funds closer to the ship date. Has anyone had success with this on SS? So far we've learned that the Stripe create customer API is not compatible with Squarespace. What about PayPal? Anyone have success with this and want to share how they've done this?
  6. I need chargeback protection from stripe but they require their new checkout to be implemented to the site. Upon contact they directed me to this: https://stripe.com/docs/payments/checkout I wanted to ask, is the new checkout already implemented in squarespace or do I have to implement it manually? (I am a trial user of squarespace so not sure if stores have the new checkout or not) Thanks
  7. Hi guys! I have a question regarding the subscription feature on Squarespace. We sell a subscription and ship a product every 3 months but want to charge monthly. The issue we have is that customers can cancel the subscription straight away but we have to ensure that the stay for at least 3 months. Is there a way with custom code to set a minimum subscription period? The customer should still be able to cancel straight away after their purchase but they would still pay for 3 months. After the 3 months a new product is sent out and this timer should start again and the customer
  8. I just finished moving one ecommerce business from BigCommerce to Squarespace. I am looking at moving other sites but what is giving me pause is that 20-30% of the revenue I am receiving on these sites is through Amazon Pay. From the limited amount that I understand, integrating Amazon Pay is not that different from integrating with Paypal from a technical standpoint. Is there anyway that Squarespace would consider integrating with Amazon Pay like many of their competitors are doing? https://pay.amazon.com/integration Thank you very much for your consideration!
  9. Hi, Just starting to work on integrating orders with my accounting and don't see a value in the JOSN export for the order payment method. Am I missing something? Thanks,Scott
  10. Hi Everyone, My client would like to use Moneris (https://developer.moneris.com/en/More/Getting%20Started/Feature%20Overview) for payments coming through his Squarespace website. Does anyone know how I can integrate this or have the ability to take this on as a freelance developer job? Thanks in advance,Kodi
  11. My store checkout page shows Apple Pay as a huge default button, with the tiny copy below reading 'Or checkout with credit card or PayPal. As most of my customers are using credit card I would like to flip the hierarchy here, or at least make it equal. Ideally I would replace the apple logo with a security padlock icon and have that go through to all payment input boxes
  12. Hello , Yesterday I have update my creditcard but the bill it is still unpayed I dont know what to do ?
  13. I am currently in the process of changing my company’s name and look and I want to change my domain name to the new company name. I’ve read that I can link the old domain name to the new one but do I have to pay for two domain names?
  14. I need to be able to accept ACH payments through my Squarespace online store. Stripe does process ACH payments, but it doesn't currently interface with the Squarespace checkout process. 3% is just too much to take out of the large transactions we routinely process. Barring ACH payments, I would be happy if the checkout process instead generated a purchase order sent to me, instead of requiring payment from the customer to check out. I could then follow up and process an ACH payment through our other processor. Squarespace is great, and easy to work with, but funneling everyone through cre
  15. I need to integrate a third-party payment gateway and front web page in the existing Squarespace application. I want to know in which Server-side language(PHP/Java etc) I can implement it and how to integrate it with the application.
  16. We developed a payment solution for our company. And we want to integrate with Squarespace for using our payment system. Our payment system is working with scripts and iframe (not with url redirections). We want to add a custom pay button to checkout page for opening our payment iframe for making payments via our system. After that notify Squarespace for payment is success or not. (with api calls or callback functions) Is there any workflow for this process (documentation, api requests) or how can we integrate with squarespace like just adding our pay button with html and scripts? Thank yo
  17. My forms page is a submissions page and I want to charge $1 for each submission. How do I go about adding this feature?TIA
  18. Hey all, New to Squarespace and have what may be a bit of a unique use case. I'm looking to host a contest - and as part of this, users have to fill in some fields in a form, attach an image and submit with payment. My question is - is this possible? From what I've been able to search I'm not sure this is possible but thought I'd ask. Also, should a refund be required - is this something that can be done through the platform? Thanks! Andrew
  19. I want a service reservation system per day on my squarespace page followed by a charge for the service
  20. Hi! Squarespace billing with the subscription option works perfectly however there is no dashboard to tell you upcoming subscriptions. Is there a free plugin which works for this? To have how many subscriptions are coming out in next week/month with potential earnings (Obviously without the customer cancelling in the meantime). It makes it hard to plan for future stock to not have these sort of figures available. Thanks
  21. I am interested in customizing the wording on the Donation form page; this is the page that follows clicking a Donation block button. 1) Is it possible to do something as simple as modify the instruction text above the amount options? 2) Is it possible to modify any of the headers on the form? 3) Is it possible to add an explanation to the "Other" amount field?
  22. I can not find the answer to this. I am designing a page for a fraternity. I would like a page that members can log into and pay dues, make donations, etc. I'm not sure if I would like to add each as a basic author or something and have a hidden page somewhere. I would rather there be a main link on my page that they can log into and either pay by the system here or by PayPal. Everyone doesn't need access to edit the page. Is there currently a way to do this without paying some huge expense and directing them to other websites? Any help will be appreciated.
  23. I've a need to add a payment option to a form. It's for an application to an educational institution and there is a fee to submit the application. What is the best way to go about this? Frank
  24. I have an event coming up in the middle of October. I would like to build a registration form so that I can keep track of all those who want to pay for this event. I would also like to accept payments into my square account through the site. What's the best way to do this?
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