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  1. Hey, I currently dont have a website page yet so have attached a screenshot, is there a CSS code to reduce the padding on the categories panel, for example where it currently says shoes, I want to move that higher up the page? This is 7.1 Thank you xxxxxx
  2. Site URL: https://seven-communications.com/home/project-two-73ezx-jskmc Hi - is there any way to reduce the padding around image blocks? I've found code to remove it completely but not to just reduce it to an exact number, globally. Thanks p/w Raspberries2020!
  3. Site URL: https://grasshopper-saffron-ffl9.squarespace.com/ Hi, How do I reduce the height of the overlay caption on these images? See screenshot:
  4. Site URL: https://www.2pt5.co.uk Hi, I have a code block with rotating text on my home page (2pt5.co.uk) Having problems with the padding being different on Chrome and Safari. No idea how to fix this! If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Site URL: https://bupaexhibition.squarespace.com/ Hi Everyone, Does anyone know how to reduce the gap between the gallery slideshow and the thumbnails below. When the client added a set of images to the gallery on the Headway Gloucester page, there is a big gap before the thumbnails? Can this be reduced easily as it looks odd currently. All I did was to create a slideshow section and turn on thumbnail view. Many thanks in advance, Jason.
  6. Site URL: https://www.bbarinaga.com/estrategia-de-engagement site: https://www.bbarinaga.com/estrategia-de-engagement password: 1234 Hi! I'm using the following code to underline my H1 page titles: h1.page-title span { border-bottom: 4px solid #ffe94a; padding-bottom: 0px } It looks great on desktop, however, the line doesn't look right on mobile (see screenshot). Is there any way I can reduce the padding bottom only on mobile? I appreciate any help!
  7. Site URL: https://www.useinpress.com/plans How can I fix the site header from displaying over the section on mobile with css?
  8. Site URL: https://www.artsconservatoryforteens.org I'm struggling to find a way to add spacing on mobile, in sections that have a background image. See attachment for example. On desktop the home rotator looks great. But on mobile it's so small. I'd like that home rotator (the image that says "study with renowned...) to be much bigger/higher which means somehow adding spacing above and below the content and stretching that background image proportionally. This particular section is a gallery. But I can't get it to work in regular sections with a background image either. Does anyone
  9. Hi, I am using this template: https://nolan-demo.squarespace.com/our-work/crosby-website Can I have a 2-column image block inside of a 1-column "Grid: Masonry" gallery to preserve padding? I tried adding a separate 2-column between 1-column sections, and it is adding the default top and bottom padding to that section, doubling the space between 2-column and 1-column blocks. Does this require a CSS fix or am I missing something in the editor? Thanks! EDIT: Image attached
  10. Site URL: https://elissethurston.com/work/digital I have fixed the top/bottom padding issues for galleries on desktop. However, on mobile, the padding issues persist. Does anyone have css recs to share to resolve this issue? Here is my custom CSS: .page-section { margin-bottom: 0px; } [data-section-id="5f9df20d98f8bd6abc88b106"] { margin-top: -40px; } [data-section-id="5f9df1be03e56c25d62925fe"] { margin-top: -40px; } [data-section-id="5f9df2e8a48e4130feede9dd"] { margin-top: -50px; } [data-section-id="5f9df30be9a0e4631af77ec9"] { margin-top: -50px; } [data-sect
  11. Site URL: https://www.poutacreative.fi/ On mobile there's too much padding (or margin) between logo and image below. How could I reduce the gap?
  12. Site URL: http://www.magicalsantaletters.ie Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help, please 🙂 I love how the padding looks on my mobile homepage, (the space between the hamburger and the first image and the last image and the line block) Is there custom-css to make it the same on my shop page, the product pages, the about page, the 'how it works' page and the contact page? As it stands the space my website is http://www.magicalsantaletters.ie Thank you in advance, - Aoife
  13. Hi everyone, I've got this big padding issue between my navigation and first content on a one pager. Any thoughts on a padding code that would work for the logo? Thank you! Here is the preview link: https://sunfish-cyan-ykmc.squarespace.com/. password: website
  14. Site URL: https://childbirthessentials.squarespace.com/ Hey everyone! First time posting on here. I'm creating a website for a friend, and for the life of me can't seem to reduce the width of the header padding! Website is https://childbirthessentials.squarespace.com and password is birthessentials You see how large the padding is at the top? I would like to reduce that by a decent amount. I have googled and tried to inject code, but nothing seems to work! I would also ideally like to make the logo larger (especially in width), but have maxed it out in the Style Editor.
  15. Site URL: https://www.creamrelease.com/winter Hello! I have this very unnecessary spacing in my shop. I can't find any removal of it in my Squarespace settings- would this be something I can do in CSS? Right now the spacing is under "container header-menu-nav-item header-menu-nav-item--collection" which should be thrown out the window.
  16. Site URL: https://sunflower-gold-zyn4.squarespace.com/config/pages Hi Im pretty new to squarespace but Im loosing hours trying to remove the padding from the bottom of the a gallery block, searched on here and tried various css input with no joy. Is there a definitive answer for this?
  17. Site URL: https://www.davidferron.com/ Hello Friends! I have recently finished designing my site and I am having trouble adding padding to the "you also might like" products on my product page. I do not like how the additional imaged of the product touch the thumbnail images of the suggested products. Here is a link to a good example. https://www.davidferron.com/fine-art-1/the-quilt-in-the-woods Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much, David.
  18. Site URL: http://www.cure.finance/ Please the super simple page above. I try to make the e-mail form field less prominent, smaller, less padding (and eventually the submit button as well). The squarespace settings , rulers and checkboxes don't help me. I fail to find the right css to put into the custom-css field. Actually nothing works. I can't believe that this cannot be fixed. Can somebody give me a hint or just help? On a side note: I also try to get (only) the "CURE" in a different font (Bauhaus), but after tweating and tricking the hell out of the settings I will change it to
  19. Hi everyone, I am looking for a solution for this webpage www.mirohaus.com/make-1. Currently I have some gallery blocks added, but I want to decrease the padding underneath. I want to be able to have text directly under the padding. I am using Tremont.
  20. Site URL: https://www.sewbella.studio/ Hi everyone, I'm in the process of building a website using a Hester template. I've used spacers and sizers to create a gallery view (https://www.sewbella.studio/gallery) that looks good on desktop but as soon as I go into mobile view it adds lots of random white spaces/padding. Similarly, on some pages (such as https://www.sewbella.studio/home ) whenever I add a new content block it adds loads of padding to the top of the block, pushing all the text down. I can't for the life of me work out how to solve either of these issues!!! Please help!
  21. Site URL: https://apple-flower-j52s.squarespace.com/project-test password: newproject Hey there, I'm trying to reduce the excessive amount of space on the top and bottom padding of just the text block. Is there anyway to do this with CSS? And does it translate to mobile as well? Thanks!
  22. Site URL: https://www.poutacreative.fi/ Hi! I have a testimonial slider on my front page and it works perfectly on mobile and on desktop. However on smaller screens (smaller laptop, tablet) it adds extra padding to the right side for the whole front page. It also affects to text which is not fully centered anymore. How could I fix that?
  23. Site URL: https://bluebird-porcupine-yzdg.squarespace.com/home-actual_v1 Hello I was wondering if it is possible to add some spacing between two product images I have here: https://bluebird-porcupine-yzdg.squarespace.com/home-actual_v1 Pword = bluebird I have tried to add a spacer between the two images but it looks too wide. Please help! Many thanks.
  24. Site URL: https://www.helenmacqueen.com/tama Hi, I'm quite new to CSS. I would like to remove the padding around a video block which is an embedded url from Wistia. The padding only appears only on the mobile site. Could someone advise me how to do this? Please see screenshot attached. Many Thanks in advance :-)
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