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  1. Hello Is there a way to customize the Orders page so that I can see what products were ordered without having to click each individual order open ? It's difficult to see the forest from the trees when receiving high volume of orders. Would rather be able to see WHAT has been ordered easily rather than who. Zapier does not have a Squarespace order integration that can send order info to a spreadsheet for easy viewing 😞 I saw an integration called Order Desk but that costs $14/mo. Any advice would be much appreciated !
  2. Site URL: https://mahadaamir.com/ I want to change the order of some of the blocks on my website when on mobile. On the homepage I want the order to be: <Title> <Image> <p> <button> I want this to apply to both the Design section and also the Photography section of the homepage.
  3. Site URL: http://tremblaysweetshop.com A few weeks ago we had an issue with orders not showing up on the "orders" page and now it's happening again. I navigate to commerce, then orders, and the page is blank. I can choose between all orders, pending orders, and fulfillfed orders. All 3 options are blank. Also, I cannot type in the "search pending orders" field. My mouse doesn't even transform into the "caret" when I hover over it. All morning I have been able to access pending orders and mark them off as fulfilled. I can view orders from my email in the meantime, but I like to be able to mark them as fulfilled from my actual website. I tried clearing browsing history and cookies and I also tried checking my orders from Firefox and still had the same issue. Last time this happened the issue seemed to resolve itself overnight. I would appreciate any insight on this--thank you!
  4. Hi, I'm wondering if there is a way to edit the site title insert on my order confirmation page? Squarespace order confirmations follow the format: Your order of $XX at SITE TITLE has been confirmed. A confirmation has been sent to you at EMAIL. Is there a way to edit the SITE TITLE on this page? Thanks!!
  5. Site URL: https://www.coolcastco.com/ This is regarding order notifications via email, to the site owner. (Not the notifications that go to customers.) As our site is complete enough to launch, the designer who built our site transferred ownership to me. We thought we had set permissions properly to cause order notifications to go to me. The only contributer/ admin who has store and billing access is me, the owner. Every test order we place still sends the notification to the previous owner - who has store and billing permissions turned off. We've scoured every settings pane within the site and on my squarespace profile. Cannot figure out why this is happening. Any ideas? I've searched but can't seem to find this issue on previous posts. If you know of a thread where this kind of issue was resolved, please share a link. Thank you!
  6. Site URL: http://118els.com Please see below: after a customer places an order, he/she sees an Order Confirmation page with a blank reference to the site/store. I can't find anywhere in Squarespace I haven't filled in this information. Order Confirmed Order Number: #00798 Your order of $55.00 at has been confirmed. A confirmation has been sent to you at xxx@xxx.com.
  7. I have a client who is launching an online game which is hosted on another platform. The purchase for the game will be via SS as a digital product. We want to ensure that once the game is purchased, the customer only has access to it for 10 days. This is the tricky part I'm facing. Ideally, in the order confirmation, we would be able to include an automatically generated URL or code which the developer can then allow access to. Anyone know if this is possible? Or have any ideas on an alternative solution? TIAπŸ™‚
  8. Site URL: http://www.its-the-thought.com Hi! Does anyone know of a way to add the product image to the order confirmation email?
  9. Hi I have a restaurant that is currently doing takeaways. I updated the pick up times etc on the customer notifications section when we changed our times. When I print off my copies of orders the old header is still there with the old info on it. I know it is just for me but I'd rather they were the same. Or I don't actually need this info on the page so would be happy to have nothing at the top, saving ink & paper. I've have been on Squarespace all morning trying to sort. The forst pic is the one i get when i print off my orders, the second pic is their confirmed order. Please help! TIA
  10. Site URL: https://millimetrearchitecture.com/online-design Hi, I have images arranged with numbers next to each other on Desktop version and appear in the wrong order on mobile device as squarespace read top to bottom instead of left to right. can some one help?
  11. Is there a way to limit the number of orders my site can accept per day? I know I can limit my stock as a work-around, but that's not the best solution for what I need. I would prefer to have my site stop accepting orders after a limit of 30 orders has been reached per day. Help? Thanks!
  12. Site URL: https://www.str8caps.com I wanted to switch template on my site so i decided to start over completely as recommended by Squarespace. I had order history on commerce on my previous site (fulfilled orders, cancelled, dicount uses, etc). I am wondering if there is a way to transfer that history onto my new site commerce?
  13. Site URL: https://www.4couture.com/ hi there, I've got a SS site up and running recently for end users and it's great however, I'd like to set up a large store (behind a password) for our existing business contract clients, so they can browse their catalogues and make an order however, we accept a Purchase Order at the time of ordering and then we invoice them on credit terms. So we don't want to take any money via the SS shop but rather just send them an order confirmation and we would receive their order request. Does SS handle this or is there any way I can 'fudge' it so it could work? thanks :)
  14. I've created a custom order confirmation page for my using the code injection feature to redirect purchase confirmations to this new page, but I cannot figure out how to display basic order information on this new page. The HTML I'm using is below. I thought these tags would pull the referenced information: ========================= <h1>Order Confirmed</h1> <p>Order Number: <strong>{orderId}</strong></p> <p>Your order of <strong>{orderGrandTotal}</strong> at Illuman New Mexico has been confirmed. A confirmation has been sent to you at <strong>{customerEmailAddress} </strong>.</p> ========================= Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Is it possible to add orders manually to my order system, for example if someone emails/phones me or asks in person to order a product? Would be helpful to keep track of orders, stock levels and finances!
  16. I don't currently have a SquareSpace site and am shopping around for a service that provides the functionality I need. Specifically, I have a non-SquareSpace website that runs a script. This script is quite expensive to run computationally so I'd like people to have to pay to run it. I would like a storefront that: 1. Lets people purchase a "script-running code" (which could just be any sort of reasonably-difficult-to-guess order code) 2. So they can paste their code into my other website. 3. Then, my website verifies that the code has been paid for and not used yet, and then runs the script. So what I'm curious about with SquareSpace is: 1. Is it possible (or, even better, the default) to create a SquareSpace store item that is basically an order code randomly-generated upon purchase? 2. Can I access the confirmed order from my script (or even just have SquareSpace send an order email to me so I can have the script check the email)? For #2 I know SquareSpace has an API for orders but it requires the highest-tier plan. I'm not running at very big scale here so a little kludginess is okay. Thank you!
  17. Site URL: http://totalvu.tv Hi All, When we place an order through the shopping cart process, we get a page at the url:\ https://totalvu.tv/checkout/order-confirmed?..... The fonts being used are Heading 1 and body I believe, see the image attached. Is there a way to change the use of the body font to something larger and darker ?
  18. Site URL: https://neighbourhooddinners.com.au Is it possible to sort orders by shipping option? We currently offer either delivery or pickup and this would greatly help us to manage the orders and planning delivery windows. How would we go about setting this view up? Thank you
  19. When receiving an order through my shop it just shows the quantity as 1 regardless of how many items have been ordered,the price is corrected but quantity isnt?
  20. Hello, I'm going to be opening an after school and summer camp and I'm creating a website to process payments and receive camper information. Squarespace is great for creating classes as products, but the data management gets tricky. For example, if a parent signs their kid up for a class, we would need information about emergency contact, allergies etc. This works fine with the checkout forms if a parent is enrolling one child for one class, but if they are enrolling multiple children for multiple classes there doesn't seem to be a way to separate out that information. I have found online that there are different external softwares built for camp programs. Does anyone have any experience with these, and integrating them into Squarespace? Thanks for your help!
  21. Site URL: https://www.realestateanalyzers.com Hello. Is it possible to modify the order confirmation page so I can add additional text directing and linking the purchaser to another page on my site to help them get started? Thanks!
  22. Site URL: https://philshroyer.com Hello all, I would like to add thumbnails of the item ordered into the order confirmation email that my customers receive after making a purchase on my website. I sell art, so I think it's good UX if my customers can see the painting they purchased on the confirmation page. Does anyone have advice on how to do this using custom code? Thanks a million!
  23. JTMC

    Splitting Orders

    Site URL: https://mccallsmarket.com I have a physical product (food item) and created 2 variants for dietary (meat, veg). But, want the customer to split the order (total qty - 4, 2 meat, 2 veg). How do I do this?
  24. Site URL: https://www.originearth.co.nz/ Hi - we sell milk, yoghurt and cheese online and we have a number of customers who would like to be able to set up an ongoing weekly order. So the same order every week, but we know that people go on holiday or change their minds about how much they want so ideally we would like them to be able to manage their own orders if they need to change it. Thanks
  25. Site URL: https://www.crusetdecouvertes.fr Hello, i'm setting up an eshop for natural wine in France. As we are proposing very special wine from small producers with small production , we want to limit the quantity that one client can order, to avoid someone to take all the bottles in one command, and allow more customers to experience this wine. I check in eshop options and can just lowered the stock amount which doesn't reach my needs. Do you have any solution for that ? thanks in advance
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