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  1. I want to redirect users to a page other than the Order Confirmation page after a successful purchase. The issue is that we have an affiliate program and have added a tracking code to the code injection of the order confirmation page that tracks when a user completes a purchase and assigns credit to the appropriate affiliate. If I put a redirect code into the code injection of the order confirmation page, will the affiliate tracking code still fire? Thanks!
  2. Hi, when exporting the orders information as a csv in Squarespace > Commerce> Orders, there is no option to include or exclude certain product information in the csv, such as weight. Can we customise the exported data that is included in the csv? We need to be able to modify the csv for our logistics partner. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi, I'd like to change the “Order Confirmed” text and hide order info on the Order Confirmation page but the CSS I'm currently using based on info found in the forum doesn't work. I still see the default Order Confirmed text as well as the Order info text. I want to override both completely and replace the text with: H1: Deposit Received p: You will be notified via email when our campaign is live to receive early access to our exclusive discounts. What I've done so far in CSS: #confirmed-page { // Order Confirmed title div#confirmed-page h1 { visibility: hidden; } div#confirmed-page h1:before { visibility: visible; content: "Deposit Received"; } div#confirmed-page p { display: none; } div#confirmed-page p:before { visibility: visible; content: "You will be notified via email when our campaign is live to receive early access to our exclusive discounts."; }
  4. Hello, This question might've already been answered, however I will ask it again in plain English for those like myself who are starting in E-Commerce. I appreciate any help I can get. I work for a holding company with a few E-Commerce sites for its different companies. In order to promote efficiency and decrease confusion amongst various production managers, all sites have to be run through Magento. Unfortunately we are now indefinitely dependent on freelance Web Developers for the maintenance and modifications of the site. I would like to know if it's possible to use a SquaredSpace Front-end, which can be modified by any employee Whilst continuing to receive new orders through Magento's Back-end, to not disrupt the current system. In short I'd like to design and maintain my website through Squared Space, however continue to process orders through Magento's admin panel. Thank you.
  5. Site URL: https://thedrive-incinema.squarespace.com/ Hey all, Maybe a question for a future release or something that's being worked towards but I wanted to enquire about Email receipts. I see in the Commerce > Customer Notification > General orders there is a list: > Order Confirmed > Order Fulfilled > Order Refunded > Digital Downloads I wonder if there's any intention to build a email template tailored towards events (like there is for digital downloads)? I have a client who wants to use QR codes sent with the email order confirmation as a way to verify the purchase at the event entry. Does anyone know a way to make this happen outside the existing framework of Squarespace? Or, alternatively is there any plan to include this kind of functionality within Squarespace? Look forward to hearing if anyone can help out here! All the best, Asa
  6. Site URL: https://cloudhousebakery.com SIte's a work in progress - Password :Nibbles I'm currently trying to set up my cart options for payment etc but want to stipulate that some products are for collection (between certain times or certain days, and some can be delivered), but can't seem to find any options or information on how this can be done and would gratefully appreciate any help . Is there a way of doing this in squarespace or do I have to do this through external apps/extensions etc!? I have connected my account to Square and Stripe for payment options etc, and just wondered if others had been able to do so, and if so how and if this option was something that had to be integrated through (Square/Stripe) rather than squarespace. Thanks in advance.
  7. Site URL: https://www.kovikai.com/ So the challenge we face is that our product is frozen and needs to be shipped express and with dry ice, which makes shipping out of state expensive (we're based in California). We would like to set an order minimum of 6 packs for all out-of-state orders, but still offer 3 packs to California residents. I confirmed with Squarespace support that setting an order minimum based on geographic location isn't currently an option. As it stands now, we only offer 6 packs on our website. Can anyone suggest a work around for this dilemma? I feel like we're missing out on a local audience that would gladly buy 3 packs (especially new customers) but might think 6 packs is too much. Thank you!!!
  8. Is there a way to limit the number of orders my site can accept per day? I know I can limit my inventory per cake but that's not the best solution. I am a home baker and would like to limit the amount of cakes that are ordered per day.. Please help.
  9. Site URL: http://blackviolettarot.com Hi all, I have a Squarespace question. I'm trying to set two separate shops on my website: one for retail, and one for wholesale. The wholesale page will not be in the main nav, and I'd like it to have a minimum quantity amount per order. The retail page should NOT have a minimum quantity per order. But I can only find a place to make this change globally, not specifically on the wholesale page. Am i missing something? Anyone else have any insight into this? thanks!
  10. Site URL: http://www.myveganhamper.co.uk Hello I sell themed hampers of vegan food items, which exist on the store as individual products. I want to construct a second store ('Create Your Own') within the site where users can create their own hampers, mixing and matching individual food items from our entire range which we will then package and ship as kind of 'personal hampers'. I want to set a minimum order value that only applies to the 'Create Your Own' store, as currently people could simply recreate the hampers from the existing store and get them cheaper. As it stands however, if I apply a minimum order value it is site-wide, which eliminates the possibility of buying some of the lower value hampers in the original store. Any advice, things i'm missing, possible workarounds? Thank you for all contributions in advance
  11. Is there a way to edit the order invoice print out? I would like to change the font size of items/title and the logo size.
  12. Hello all, I am about to purchase a plan to move my online shop over to Squarespace. One feature I really must have is the ability to have different delivery times per types of item. We sell one of a kind pieces of jewellery but also collections which we make to order. The one of a kind pieces are in stock and can be shipped out immediately, the made to order products need a 2-week delivery option. Is this possible on Squarespace? I watched several tutorials but I need to be absolutely certain this is possible before purchasing. Many thanks in advance ! Eve
  13. Hi there, before clients get a confirmation MAIL, a confirmation PAGE is shown which needs to be rewritten to match correct German language. WHERE can I find that wording? Thanks for any hint.
  14. Hello Is there a way to customize the Orders page so that I can see what products were ordered without having to click each individual order open ? It's difficult to see the forest from the trees when receiving high volume of orders. Would rather be able to see WHAT has been ordered easily rather than who. Zapier does not have a Squarespace order integration that can send order info to a spreadsheet for easy viewing 😞 I saw an integration called Order Desk but that costs $14/mo. Any advice would be much appreciated !
  15. Site URL: https://www.casegoods.in/ Hi Everyone, I've been trying to solve that on my own with answers I found on this forum but unfortunately nothing worked. I made a footer with 3 blocks and I would simply like a different block order for the Phone version. This is the screen version which is fine This is the automatic rearrangement on the phone version And this is what I would like to achieve, swapping the "About" block with the "insta + mail icon" block. Would someone have the right code for that ?
  16. Site URL: http://tremblaysweetshop.com A few weeks ago we had an issue with orders not showing up on the "orders" page and now it's happening again. I navigate to commerce, then orders, and the page is blank. I can choose between all orders, pending orders, and fulfillfed orders. All 3 options are blank. Also, I cannot type in the "search pending orders" field. My mouse doesn't even transform into the "caret" when I hover over it. All morning I have been able to access pending orders and mark them off as fulfilled. I can view orders from my email in the meantime, but I like to be able to mark them as fulfilled from my actual website. I tried clearing browsing history and cookies and I also tried checking my orders from Firefox and still had the same issue. Last time this happened the issue seemed to resolve itself overnight. I would appreciate any insight on this--thank you!
  17. Hi, I'm wondering if there is a way to edit the site title insert on my order confirmation page? Squarespace order confirmations follow the format: Your order of $XX at SITE TITLE has been confirmed. A confirmation has been sent to you at EMAIL. Is there a way to edit the SITE TITLE on this page? Thanks!!
  18. Site URL: https://mahadaamir.com/ I want to change the order of some of the blocks on my website when on mobile. On the homepage I want the order to be: <Title> <Image> <p> <button> I want this to apply to both the Design section and also the Photography section of the homepage.
  19. Site URL: https://www.coolcastco.com/ This is regarding order notifications via email, to the site owner. (Not the notifications that go to customers.) As our site is complete enough to launch, the designer who built our site transferred ownership to me. We thought we had set permissions properly to cause order notifications to go to me. The only contributer/ admin who has store and billing access is me, the owner. Every test order we place still sends the notification to the previous owner - who has store and billing permissions turned off. We've scoured every settings pane within the site and on my squarespace profile. Cannot figure out why this is happening. Any ideas? I've searched but can't seem to find this issue on previous posts. If you know of a thread where this kind of issue was resolved, please share a link. Thank you!
  20. Site URL: http://118els.com Please see below: after a customer places an order, he/she sees an Order Confirmation page with a blank reference to the site/store. I can't find anywhere in Squarespace I haven't filled in this information. Order Confirmed Order Number: #00798 Your order of $55.00 at has been confirmed. A confirmation has been sent to you at xxx@xxx.com.
  21. I have a client who is launching an online game which is hosted on another platform. The purchase for the game will be via SS as a digital product. We want to ensure that once the game is purchased, the customer only has access to it for 10 days. This is the tricky part I'm facing. Ideally, in the order confirmation, we would be able to include an automatically generated URL or code which the developer can then allow access to. Anyone know if this is possible? Or have any ideas on an alternative solution? TIA🙂
  22. Hello - I am working on a site for a client and I need to send a specific link based on what a user purchases. The workaround I've done for this in the past was to make these digital products, and have a download with the link, but that is pretty hack-y and I would prefer to just be able to say "if user purchases x product, send them x URL" Has anyone done anything similar?
  23. Site URL: https://www.prosserfamilyfarm.com I have products that require different information. For example- soaps need basic fulfilment email, easy. However, we also take preorders and deposits for our meats. Customers are paying a deposit and will pick the meat up on farm at a later date. The basic fulfillment email that says "shipped" doesn't work here. Id like to sent them an email with further instruction about picking up their meat. Can you send different emails for different products when you "fulfill" an order?
  24. Hi I have a restaurant that is currently doing takeaways. I updated the pick up times etc on the customer notifications section when we changed our times. When I print off my copies of orders the old header is still there with the old info on it. I know it is just for me but I'd rather they were the same. Or I don't actually need this info on the page so would be happy to have nothing at the top, saving ink & paper. I've have been on Squarespace all morning trying to sort. The forst pic is the one i get when i print off my orders, the second pic is their confirmed order. Please help! TIA
  25. Site URL: https://millimetrearchitecture.com/online-design Hi, I have images arranged with numbers next to each other on Desktop version and appear in the wrong order on mobile device as squarespace read top to bottom instead of left to right. can some one help?
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