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Found 444 results

  1. I would like to have social links appear in the header of a template that only offers footer icons.
  2. Hi, I am working on the "BRINE" template, which i like very much.The only downside is that the navigation bar disappears once you scroll down the page. The "Pacific" template is exactly what i am looking for! It is precisely what i want to achieve with the navigation bar in "BRINE". Please help friends!Tarek
  3. The menu we’ll be creating features two sub categories that appear once the parent link is activated by a hover. The first series of sub-links appear underneath main nav bar, then the second series of links fly out horizontally from the first dropdown. How can i do it?
  4. FIVE Template: For the life of me, I can't get any of the suggested code to work for sticky top nav (Five). I've handled it just fine in Bedford, but no luck here. Can someone using Five list injection and CSS that's worked?
  5. Hi guys, I need help! I would like to remove the menu from a specific site on my homepage. I use the template Hayden and I already tried to add the following code into the PAGE HEADER CODE INJECTION: But nothing happened. I really appreciate your tips! Kerstin
  6. I am using the FIVE template and I managed to have a slideshow in place of the banner area by the use of excellent script from the following post Now I am getting extra vertical space between the logo/navigation section and the new banner area (which is actually just a gallery). Is there a way to reduce that space to the default spacing between the logo/navigation area and the banner? My website is www.cubicpixel.co You can compare the vertical space in the HOME page and HOME2 page.HOME uses normal banner area while HOME2 uses this custom solution to add slideshow in place of the banner. You can see that in HOME2 the space is visibly much larger. Is there a way to reduce such spacing? i.e. make the spacing just like HOME page?
  7. Hello! Is it possible to replace the text links (e.g. 'work', 'about', 'contact') in the navigation bar with images? I'm using Wells template. I want something similar to this (non squarespace) website: http://www.melissacastrillon.co.uk/ Thanks in advance for any help! Elle
  8. Hi, Does anyone know the custom CSS code to make my navigation fixed in Brine? Thanks!
  9. Squarespace has a few new templates, one of which is http:/hyde-demo.squarespace.com I am trying to find some css make the primary navigation fixed, when I scroll down the page. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. I'd like to have my business' phone number and a phone icon visible at the top of all of my site's pages. Is there specific code I can use? I tried a Custom CSS solution posted before, and there was no visible result. www.techiebecky.comThanks!
  11. I've been trying to get my navigation to stick to the top once it reaches that position. I tried using this solution for a Five template but have had no luck in doing so. this is where I am: header: <script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.1/jquery.min.js"></script> footer code: <script> var headerheight = 50; // number of pixels to scroll before applying classes $(window).bind('scroll', function () { if ($(window).scrollTop() > headerheight) { $('#navblock-bottom').addClass('sticky-nav'); $('#content-wrapper').addClass('sticky-nav-gap'); } else { $('navblock-bottom').removeClass('sticky-nav'); $('#content-wrapper').removeClass('sticky-nav-gap'); } }); </script> CSS: .sticky-nav #navblock { position: fixed; top: 0; z-index: 99; } .sticky-nav-gap { padding-top: 20px; // height of the navigation } Haven't managed to make it work. Any help is very appreciated. Oh and this is the site i'm working on
  12. hi Im using the wexley template and want the navigationbar right, the logo left and the content centered. like here: http://carinalyall.squarespace.com/blog/ how can i do that. who can help me center the content thanx
  13. Instead of the normal horizontal navigation bar at the top of the website, I'd like it to just appear as a burger menu (or mobile navigation). This is for the Avenue theme. Thanks for your help. :)
  14. Working in Aviator and I know this is not standard functionality but it must be possible with CSS. I want a line under the active page in the navigation instead of it being a different colour. How do I achieve this?
  15. How can I make my header/navigation bar fixed in Hayden without going into developer mode?Thanks!
  16. How can I make a line under the navigation bar on all my pages?
  17. I'm using the Adirondack template and have been able to add a search bar in a page, but don't like it there and want it to be in the header or underneath the logo. Another problem I had was it wasn't displaying the prices of my products which I would really like it to show. Thank you in advance
  18. Hello Guys, I have seen a lot of posts on this subject, today I will show you how to add a search lens in the navigation bar (in the header) in Squarespace 7 using the tutorial made by the Squarespace Guru for Squarespace 6, that you can find here This is how it looks like: You will need to follow these steps: 1) Retrieve the search address for your Squarespace site, every Squarespace site has one. • If you have a custom domain it will be as follows: www.yourdomain.com/search • If you do not have a custom domain linked to your site, it will be as follows: www.yourusername.squarespace.com/search 2) Add in the Code Injection, in the header section the following code in Settings >> Advanced >> Code Injection >> Header: <link href="//maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/4.1.0/css/font-awesome.min.css" rel="stylesheet"> This video shows you how to do it: 3) Add a link under the main navigation and name it the following: <i class=" fa fa-search"></i> Here is the video that shows you how to do it in Squarespace 7: As a note, it might take a few minutes for the lens icon to display. SOURCE: Squarespace Guru
  19. Hello, As per this question: https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/34364/force-desktop-browser-to-use-the-hamburger-menumobile-navigation-drawer-instead-of-the-traditional-navigation-link-toolbar I would like to know the same thing, however I would like the three line "hamburger" menu to be default and remain at all browser/viewing sizes. I am using the Bryant template. If anybody has the answer to this it would be much appreciated! Thanks, Natalia
  20. I've created a website using the Hayden template and I would like to add a dropdown navigation to the main menu so that users can quickly navigate to a specific section within an index from the menu. Right now, the theme only supports the top level index page to appear within the main navigation, and I would like to be able to reveal the sections within the index in a dropdown menu upon hover. This would likely involve creating anchor tags for the different sections and then referencing them in the dropdown menu, but I'm not sure what code I need to inject in order to achieve this, and how to do it without breaking the navigation for tablet and mobile. I've seen others attempt to do this by creating folders and then referencing the index sections as a page within a folder, but this doesn't achieve the effect I'm looking for because, if a user clicks on the section within the dropdown navigation, it will only reveal that particular section and the user cannot scroll up or down to view the other sections. Does this make sense? In short, what I'm looking to do is to create dropdown menu navigation for the sections within an index using anchor tags. Any suggestions and coding wisdom are welcome!! Thanks!
  21. How do I center a logo and navigation in the Hayden template?
  22. I feel like this should be easy, but I cannot figure out how to change the color of my navigation text in the hover state in my Marquee template. It seems to be set at a default of a dark gray (or opacity of black). I’ve been trying to affect the “.main-nav” tag in the custom CSS, but to no avail. Any thoughts? Thank you!
  23. I want to build a single page site with an index page, but I need a navigation bar to this page, like this: http://boy-coy.com/ I’m trying but only managed two types and was not what I wanted. 1. I get the navigation bottom in the right side of the site (the little balls) 2. I create a link but the page didn’t scroll down, only transfer me to an exclusive page Thanks.
  24. Is it possible to split a main navigation to appear on each side of a logo? Please see example here: http://ninaandwes.com/ If so, which template would accommodate this? Thank you!Kelsey
  25. hello answers forum - My goal is to create additional navigation menus which appear only on specific pages. I would prefer to do this in regular mode (what do you call non-developer mode?), but have seen nothing to indicate that is possible. So, I have created a developer account and am pursuing that route. Starting with Wells template (no particular reason), I was able to add a menu by modifying the template.conf file. "navigations" : [ { "title" : "Main Navigation", "name" : "mainNav" } , { "title" : "Secondary Navigation", "name" : "secondaryNav" }, { "title" : "Subpage Navigation", "name" : "subpageNav" }] This shows "Subpage Navigation" menu in the Content Manager. I am able to add pages, galleries etc. Good so far. I'm flying a little blind, because I don't understand most of what I see at http://developers.squarespace.com/ and my understanding is there is no support provided. A few concrete examples would be great, if anyone knows where to find them. But I digress... So, via trial and error I got my new menu to show on every page via site.region file: <div id="topNav"> <nav id="mainNavigation" class="main-nav dropdown-click desktop-nav"> <squarespace:navigation navigationId="mainNav" template="navigation" /> </nav> <nav id="secondaryNavigation" class="main-nav dropdown-click desktop-nav"> <squarespace:navigation navigationId="secondaryNav" template="navigation" /> </nav> <!-- my added menu --> <nav id="subpageNavigation" class="main-nav dropdown-click desktop-nav"> <squarespace:navigation navigationId="subpageNav" template="navigation" /> </nav> </div> The big question is: How / where can I add code that will add menu/s based on current page ID? eg. I want the Cats page to include the cats-navigation-menu, I want Dogs page to include dogs-navigation-menu. I don't want Dogs page to include cats-navigation-menu. Like... if page id == dogs page id ... add dogs-menu code ... end if if page id == dogs page id ... add cats-menu code ... end if Thanks for any help with this. -- Doug (356)
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