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Found 899 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.latablehouston.com/ Hi everyone, I'm running into some issues with the button on the end of my navigation menu (and all the buttons on the site) being off centered. I'm not sure why, but is there any way to add code to center all the text in the buttons? Thank you!
  2. Site URL: https://www.360sp.com.au/home1 Hi SS trust, I'm trying to style my nav menu on a site, by adding a colour to the page last visited. I've managed to do it with code that is working fine on desktop, but mobile just won't work. https://www.360sp.com.au/home1 Code I've used is: .header-nav-item--active a { color: #69BD45 !important; background-image: none !important; } .Mobile-overlay-nav-item:last-child{ color: #69BD45 !important; } Any help would be hugely appreciated! Thanks, RAD.
  3. Site URL: https://apricots-fuchsia-m3r5.squarespace.com I'm working on hbcusoutside.com password: grizzly The nav bar breaks into two lines at an unfortunate width. There's plenty of horizontal space if the container can be extended. Failing that, I'd prefer the hamburger to kick in rather than break the nav bar into two lines. I do prefer having the nav bar visible so I don't want a solution that just uses the hamburer 100% of the time. Can the nav bar area be extended horizontally? Can the nav be restricted to never break and rather trigger the hamburger?
  4. Hello community, please help! Please see below, I am looking to remove the links below the button in the navigation of the attached image (<setup your webshop first look: Bluehost & Setup your webshop first look Wix) <--- this removed. How do I go about this? Thank you
  5. Site URL: https://bison-prism-bf6c.squarespace.com/ In the link below @tuanphan kindly gives code that allows the nav to be split into a pseudo second nav - using the nth child selector to define at which point the split happens. I'd like to do something similar, but instead of having it split onto a new line I'd like all items after the nth child to right align to the div (my main nav is left aligned). At the moment I do have one fake secondary nav item on the right but this is simply a restyle of the Button available within the Elements option found in the global nav. This serves me perfectly from an aesthetic point of view (although, on mobile it needs some work to properly blend in with the main nav items) but the thing is, I'm likely to need more that one item on the right. So, any tips? Thanks loads for your time and knowledge.
  6. Site URL: https://www.swalsh.art/ I used this code to enlarge my logo: .header-title-logo img { max-height: 400px; max-width: 800px; } But this is causing it to no longer be centered. I've tried using the position property to move the image, but this has either resulted in the image returning to the default size or the image being over the next section (over the background image) instead of in the header area. Thanks for any help!
  7. Hello I really need to know how to move the blue navigation button in my menu, to the top on mobile version. And is it also possible to remove the tlf number there, only on mobile version? Its an number-link. I need it on desktop tho.
  8. Site URL: http://www.classiccthomes.com Hi, Thank you for any assistance. On my site I have a top level navigation. It's Projects-Elements-WhatWeDo-Etc On the Projects and Elements menu items I have other items so the template uses a drop down menu (not sure that is the correct term). The width of that drop down menu appears fixed. I would like for it (the width of the menu) to scale (width wise) based upon the width of the menu items contained within the dropdown. What I really want is for the text not to wrap so each menu item will appear on one line. So, for Projects, the items contained within the drop down menu Antique Farmhouse Shingle Manor Kitchen BumpOut Etc I do not want, say, Kitchen Bumpout, to wrap. Not sure how to begin so I am grateful for any help. -ClassicCTHomes
  9. Site URL: http://https/www.sheworldhealth.org/ I am trying to hide the "campaigns lp link" item from the "Campaigns" folder of my navigation bar as shown below: This is the code I am using right now in my Design>Custom CSS area. It is not working: span.Header-nav-item.Header-nav-item--folder:fourth-child(2) a.Header-nav-folder-item:first-child { display: none; } The "campaigns" folder is the fourth child in the main navigation bar but its the third folder. I tried using third-child, 4th-child, 3rd-child and none of these seem to work. The "campaigns lp link" child of that folder is a page link. Do I have the CSS syntax wrong?
  10. Site URL: http://www.pantryphilosophy.com I am trying to have the homepage scroll down indicator in white color and keep the golden arrow in the other pages . Also, if there would be a way to add a jump to section by clicking on the arrow?
  11. Hello, I am having some trouble making a mega menu for my website to show multiple brands and the items that are available under each brand. I am thinking a mega menu would be my best option being that I can't make a sub-sub nav in squarespace. I need the code to make the mega menu. Would anyone be kind enough to help me with this? I am using Version 7.1. Thank you!
  12. Site URL: https://www.gypset.com/ Hi, I recently added the search bar to my header using this code https://www.will-myers.com/articles/adding-a-search-bar-to-your-header-in-squarespace-71 Is there any way to customize it so I can remove the search box and background, make the icon and text pink and smaller, I want to make it match my site a bit more. Im excited about getting the feature there but I want it look good. i would love it to look like the screenshot attached but it might be too much to ask! Im just happy to style it so it looks like it belongs. Thanks in advance password: gypset2020
  13. Site URL: https://www.kyliecousinsphotography.com.au/ When you look at my website on laptop (or PC) and you go to my navigation / dropdown menu my ‘Portfolio’ link is not working. It is working properly on phone, and when I look through my backend setups, it’s all working properly. I'm using the Carson template. The only thing i can see is my Portfolio is setup as an 'Index' with 3 galleries attached. All other items in my menu are 'Pages'. Not sure if that has anything to do with it? But it is only on laptop/ PC this link doesn't work? Can someone please suggest what i need to do? Thanks!
  14. Hello everyone. I'm trying to set up in my navigation for multiple category drop downs in this order as a example. (not real link) www.test.com/iwc/da-vinci This is how using categories makes URL look now as a example. www.test.com/iwc/?category=+da-vinci /brand/category/subcategory I have many brands that have many categories but I don't want the categories hidden from URL for example. I know i can make pages that will do this however there would be like 25 on drop down for each category. I hope this makes sense. Thnaks Bryan
  15. Site URL: https://porpoise-poodle-8hg6.squarespace.com/ Hello, my call to action button in the nav bar cuts off when the screen shrinks on desktop browsers. How do I maintain its size proportionally to the screen as it shrinks? Thanks
  16. Hi everyone, I have a small gallery with the arrows to change to the next slide on the side of the pictures (quite standard). I am trying to find a way to enable navigation through the gallery by pressing left and right arrow keys, but can't figure it out. Is there any way to do this? Also would be nice if it is also possible to change the image by pressing anywhere on the left/right side of it (instead of having to hit the very small arrows). Any advice on this would be also appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Site URL: https://www.gfxdatabase.com/ Hey all! I am in need of some help please. I just used a css code to remove the category-filter-list navigation. It was directly under the part I've highlighted. but now I have a huge part with padding that needs to be reduced. is there any code to reduce the padding space.
  18. Site URL: https://www.infinityhk.org/hk/home Hi All, My website = https://www.infinityhk.org/hk/home, PW = abcd1234 I created 2 menu bar, 1 is for traditional Chinese, 1 is for simplified Chinese. I would like to switch to corresponding page when I click on the switch button but now it always re-direct to the home page. Current 2nd page of Traditional Chinese --> Click "簡" --> home page of Simplified Chinese Expected Result 2nd page of Traditional Chinese --> Click "繁" --> 2nd page of Simplified Chinese. Happy to discuss. Thanks!! Ryan
  19. Site URL: https://www.stmaryscathedral.co.uk I have a product page with an item with the link: .co.uk/store/product. How can I make the link to the item on the product page simply .co.uk/product
  20. Site URL: https://bluebird-asparagus-gplf.squarespace.com/ Hello! i am trying to get elements/pages on both sides of my logo when viewing my site... I want “shopping”, “living”, and “contact” on the other side of “Tuscan Village” thanks! password - Tuscan
  21. Site URL: https://www.ciadc.org/ Help! Just edited our menus and now the "About" dropdown menu runs off the screen. Is there a way to right justify one navigation tab dropdown (About) while leaving all others left justified? Thank you!
  22. I'm having an issue with portfolio navigation. I wanted to lay out my projects differently than the default options, which I find super limiting. I talked to chat and they just said to build them manually, by using image blocks etc. So I did that. But I realize now these pages don't have the functionality of portfolio pages, specifically how they link to each other. Is there any way to tell Squarespace these are portfolio pages? I feel like it involves my site structure in the left sidebar, so I attached an image of what that looks like.
  23. Hello, Just looking for a code to stop 'contact us' going onto the next line. There is definitely space for them all to fit and still be centered.
  24. Hello, Just looking for a code to stop 'contact us' going onto the next line. There is definitely space for them all to fit and still be centered.
  25. Site URL: https://mackerel-wolverine-cfbm.squarespace.com/ Site: https://mackerel-wolverine-cfbm.squarespace.com/ Password: villa **The only custom CSS I have on this site is adding in custom fonts and adjusting padding on a specific block so I do not believe it's affecting by inability to do this** I've seen many forum posts adjusting the underline under behaviour and colour but I am unable to make any of them work with my site. What I am trying to achieve is a thick orange block "underline" under my active navigation item. Whether it be the underline itself that becomes thicker or a background colour that is behind, I don't care I just want to make it work. This is what I want my header to look like when on an active page: Instead I am unable to manipulate this header:
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